Best Lacrosse Sticks for Absolute Experts on the Field

Are you searching for a perfect lacrosse stick?

No matter whether you’re a beginner player, intermediate, or more advanced player, selecting the right stick might be challenging. You have to consider various factors, such as quality, brand, price, size, and many others.

What’s the heck?

The truth is some lacrosse sticks are better than others, but how can you know?

best lacrosse stick and all lacrosse equipment

Hmm, that’s why I’m here. Stay with me since I’ll present the best lacrosse sticks, the reviews, and pros and cons to make your task easier on this page.


Lacrosse: A Game With an Interesting History

The Iroquois Indians of North America first played lacrosse.

Some historians believe that the game was first played more than three thousand years ago, but the first written record dates back to the early seventeenth century. This is a game in the true American tradition.

Lacrosse is the perfect spring game, played between teams who pass the ball to one another and attempt to score goals.

The most important equipment in the game of lacrosse is the stick, the head of which is used to carry, pass, catch and shoot. Without the best lacrosse stick, you cannot pass the ball or score a goal.

lacrosse stick consists of a shaft and a head, which is a frame and mesh. The heads differ. Some are curved, some off-set and others are flat.

The French Jesuit missionary who first recorded watching the game named it lacrosse, the French word for stick.

This game once had a deeply spiritual meaning for the ancient people that played it. It was played by teams of between one hundred and a thousand men, and their playing fields spanned vast areas of rough terrain.

Today there are four distinct lacrosse versions - field lacrosse, women's lacrosse, box lacrosse, and intercrosse.

According to a recent survey, there are 825000 lacrosse players in the United States.

It is one of the fastest growing school sport in the country. In the United States, the game of lacrosse is governed by the regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA and the National Federation of High Schools NFHS.

We have gone on a quest to find the best lacrosse complete stick, and we've done the reviews.

We have also put together some guidelines on what to look for when you purchase your lacrosse stick.

Best Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Sticks

Best Feature

Product Name


Best For Performance

StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick

Fantastic Design

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Lacrosse Stick

The Most Durable Stick

StringKing Complete 2 Senior Attack Lacrosse Stick

The Highest-quality Material

ECD Rebel Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

Supreme System Technology

Warrior Burn Warp Pro 2 Complete Lacrosse Stick

Impressive Stability

Maverik Tactik Alloy Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick - Best For Performance

What is so awesome regarding this lacrosse stick? Let's see.

Above all, StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate has a perfect performance. How so?

The lacrosse attack shaft contains premium aluminum alloy content and a versatile head for more consistent and better presentation. The stick will adjust to your techniques and skills so that you can maneuver as you like.

Another big plus is the high-end performance during the entry-level price so that it's budget-friendly.

Moreover, the StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate stick fits all beginners and intermediate players and more advanced players; therefore, it's suitable for both men and women, or boys and girls. Being available in four different versions will suit all your needs - position, budget, playing style, and age.

Since the stick contains the mid pocket with the 3s type soft mesh, it comes ready for the match time, without any additional maintenance or necessary break-in.

As the stick also contains an A 135 attack shaft and the legend intermediate head, you'll find that the lacrosse shaft and complete stick, in general, follow your commands and are easy to operate.

During the passes or shots, the lacrosse head presents the superior strength and power; hence, the ball control is on its maximum level. So, it's a perfect option for both youth players, beginners, and intermediate or more advanced players.

That's why various lacrosse players recommend this lacrosse stick as one of the best lacrosse sticks on the market. So, don't miss it!

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Fast
  • Excellent fit
  • Durability issues

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Lacrosse Stick - Fantastic Design

What's so special about this lacrosse stick?

This Warrior Evo Warp Next LAX stick is one of the best complete lacrosse sticks nowadays.

The attack/midfield stick is designed especially for a 12U player searching for a complete lacrosse stick that ensures you have the accurate elite-level presentation every time you play, followed by the ideal fundamentals for better game level and quality.

Those 12U specifications also provide swift mobility, durability, and reliable strength to help players better take in the game and improve their skills.

Of course, the pocket plays a crucial role concerning the lacrosse shaft and head. Thus, the mesh pocket comes entirely with the whip; therefore, you don't have to change the whip in this stick.

The shaft and head have the highest quality material, along with the exceptionally well-crafted strings. It's an impressive stick, and thus, an excellent pick for different level players, such as youth players, beginner players, intermediate players, and a high school play, men, women, boys, or girls lacrosse players.

The throws are accurate and consistent; the stick also benefits an easy release and a great hold. You'll see that the stick is lightweight and easy to use; hence it's convenient for more extended cath sessions.

Besides, the ball control is full, and the ball will listen to you. Thus, when you practice heavily to improve your catch and throws, passes, and shots, you'll improve your skills and offer a better performance during the match.

  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • /

StringKing Complete 2 Senior Attack Lacrosse Stick - The Most Durable Stick

The following complete lacrosse stick will wow you!

The stick features an elite lacrosse head and the most durable premium aluminum alloy shaft for the higher-ranking presentation. The additional toughness to dominate the match and score as many points as possible in the field.

With the Legend senior head and A 155 attack shaft, this junior stick provides better ball control and game handling, improving your skills and adding more strength to players.

Of course, the mid pocket contains the 3s soft mesh so that you don't have to maintain the complete stick in advance - it comes ready for the match without any break-ins or modifications before use. It comes pre-stung and instant service.

Moreover, the StringKing Complete 2 Senior complete lacrosse stick provides the supreme-end performance and an entry-level price, so it's affordable to all players, regardless of their positions, age, playing style, etc.

The ball control is also convenient and superior as you can fastly pass or shoot, catch or throw it due to the shaft and head, and of course, the lightweight style and design.

But, experts recommend the attack lacrosse stick for youth players since their youth lacrosse sticks should last longer - for a few seasons, so beginners don't have to change the youth lacrosse sticks often.

Thus, if you're a beginner lacrosse player, intermediate or advanced player, and you want to participate in and compete with your college leagues, this is one of the best complete sticks to achieve your goal. These attack sticks will help you become professional.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Versatile
  • /

ECD Rebel Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick - The Highest-quality Material

From the start, you must know that this ECD Rebel lacrosse stick has a unique combination of a semi-hard mesh and harsh tactics mixed to create a perfect shaft to enable you to dominate on both sides of the lacrosse field.

This type of stick benefits and provides a slightly pinched scoop shape, along with an aggressive and fast flare, thus making it deadly, precise, and accurate. Moreover, the pinched scoop includes an extra velocity in shots and a consistent channel for passing the goalkeeper and pinpoints with ease, without losing the ball handling.

This stick holds the defensive side of the ball, too.

The ECD Rebel complete stick is robust and reliable enough to throw ground balls and checks, thanks to the high-quality engineering material. This is possible due to the rounded scoop that becomes a guide to the ball straight into the head, creating a better feel of the ball and faster release time.

The head and the mesh are equally vital, and you can find the Hero 2.0. Mesh for ultimate control and feel. The LTH fibers are water-resistant; you can use the complete stick even in more extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, the fibers are excessively durable and lightweight for quicker shots and increased feel without disturbing the strength.

If you need the best lacrosse sticks for middies, you have to obtain this one! The stick is a real mechanism for ground balls and the whole game as it has the superior head, premium pocket, rougher checks, and faster shots.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Durable
  • /

Warrior Burn Warp Pro 2 Complete Lacrosse Stick - Supreme System Technology

The Warrior Burn Warp Pro 2 lacrosse stick has a particular diamond design, premium material blend pocket, and water-resistant locations so that you can use the stick in all weather types or various whip options to provide the ideal release and feel.

Its system and design make it perfect for attack or midfield players, and the lacrosse stick reviews show that this is the most dangerous stick in the collection. It's lighter than the regular lacrosse sticks; therefore, this type of stick key features the best head and shaft for increasing the ball feel, control and hold.

You'll find lower, medium, and higher whip options concerning the central pocket locations and select between these three to improve your shooting accuracy and speed. Make sure you use the lowest amount of whip if you're an attack or a midfield player who needs to shoot quickly.

If you use the M3 whip, you'll see the fast release and added speed for shots from the outside, and the M2 whip makes a perfect balance between these three modes of use.

Various lacrosse players - advanced players, boys, girls, men, women, high school lacrosse players, intermediate players - use these Warrior Burn Warp Pro 2 complete sticks to make sure they have full control in their shots. The upgraded narrow face shape provides this possibility.

The complete stick meets all NCAA and NFHS standards, Canada, and World Lacrosse men's regulations. SYMFLEX technology provides the flex zones for power, shots, accuracy, and control. Amazing stick!

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Expensive price point

Maverik Tactik Alloy Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick - Impressive Stability

This is the ultimate offensive complete stick!

The Maverik Tactik Alloy stick is designed for mid-range shots and most precise passes; therefore, attack and midfield players will always threaten their opponents. Due to the brand new updated Control Core system technology, the stick benefits supreme ball handling when shooting, passing, or cradling.

With the twenty sidewall holes, the pocket and head options are limitless! Your game will be superior, and your skills unsurpassed!

You can enhance the ball direction, increase the stiffness, and reduce the weight thanks to the reduced mass in the throat and scoop. The scoop technology enables various players - men and women, boys and girls, to effortlessly pick up the ground ball.

As the content is tough and durable, these Maverik Tactik Alloy sticks have the lacrosse shafts ideal for consistency and accuracy regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the X-rail system removes the stress to the opposite rail and allows the stiffest and lightweight design.

Naturally, the optimal release point provides an added hold and increased ball and game control. When you shoot, you'll get the advanced energy transfer. Level three of the rail design will allow the wanted accuracy and blend of the mid-pocket.

All players - men, women, high school girls, or boys can moderate the stick's feel due to the Adjustable Butt-End Plus design.

Finally, the semi-hard mesh pocket and aluminum alloy shaft make these lacrosse sticks more stable. When you want the best game and outcome, use these lacrosse sticks and lacrosse shafts - you won't regret them!

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • /

Position Is an Important Consideration

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lacrosse stick:

Are you a male or female player? Do you want a junior stick or a regulation size stick?

Up to the age of 8, the junior lacrosse stick is perfect for both boys and girls. Older than this and males and females will require different sticks. As the players improve, the sticks become more advanced and more expensive.

Your level of play is also an essential factor in your choice of stick.

Advanced players will want more advanced sticks than those who are just beginning to play or those who have reached an intermediate level of play.

When choosing a lacrosse stick the position that you play is an important consideration. Attackers’ sticks are very different from defenders’ sticks.

Defenders’ sticks are stiffer and longer, allowing the player to scoop up the ball from a distance. It also helps them to stop passes. The head of a defender’s stick must be strong.

An attack stick needs an excellent grip. You also want a stick that is as short as possible. The rules of the game put limits on the length.

The goaltender will require a goalie lacrosse stick. This stick is longer and has a bigger head. Girl's sticks have lighter heads, and according to the rules of lacrosse, they may not have a pocket.

Gaming regulations govern the length of lacrosse sticks. These differ between positions and games.

Beginner lacrosse sticks come complete, but the shaft and head of many of the more advanced sticks are sold separately. They are also considerably more expensive, but the quality is noticeably better.

The more advanced lacrosse heads are typically unstrung. This is because many players prefer to string their sticks. They also prefer to tape their shaft.

Junior lacrosse sticks are also known as scoopers.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Lacrosse Stick

best lacrosse stick 2023

- Handling: The grip should be good with or without gloves. Take account of the weight. The weight is determined by the material from which the stick is made, but then so is the durability.

- The stick: Many lacrosse sticks do not include the head. The shafts are typically made of octagonal hollow metal. If yours does make sure that it is replaceable as the stick will outlast the head

- The head: The head consists of three parts, the scoop, sidewall, and pocket. The pocket is made of leather or nylon mesh. The wider the pocket, the easier it is to catch the ball, but the more difficult it is to control the ball. Make sure that the head is the right size and shape for the position that you play.

- The entire stick: Purchased as a whole the whole stick is cheaper, but you can't customize it.


What would be the best brand of lacrosse sticks nowadays?

The best lacrosse sticks brand is either the StringKing or the STX since they have the best reviews.

What is the stick used in lacrosse called?

The lacrosse sticks are called "crosses."

How much does a fair lacrosse stick cost?

It depends on their quality. Sometimes more expensive lacrosse sticks cost more, sometimes they cost less.

You have to check the sticks' quality before the price since the best lacrosse sticks are the most quality ones.

best lacrosse sticks for defense

What is the best lacrosse goalie stick?

That is STX Eclipse II Complete Goalie Lacrosse Stick since it emphasizes skills and abilities improvement.

Why are lacrosse sticks so expensive?

They are expensive because of the material they consist of.

It is the highest-quality material that is durable, reliable, and strong enough to endure and withstand the pressure and weather conditions.

Lacrosse Other Equipments

1. Lacrosse helmet

A lacrosse helmet is a type of headgear specifically designed for use in a lacrosse game.

Lacrosse helmets are more commonly used in men’s lacrosse games. Women lacrosse games feature goggles instead of the helmets.

A lacrosse helmet features a complete face mask and full chin-guard, offering full protection for the head and face of the player.

The helmet offers excellent protection against any accidental hits on the face or the head.

With the players handling each other and the lacrosse ball flying around at great speeds, it is always a good idea to don on a helmet during a lacrosse game.

Most helmets come constructed from light-weight materials and are aerodynamic, so it is quite comfortable to wear one during the game.

best lacrosse helmets

2. Lacrosse glove

Lacrosse gloves are meant to protect the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms of the players during the lacrosse game.

Such gloves are particularly used in men’s lacrosse games where body checks are legal and players need to secure themselves against potential injuries during body and stick checks.

Lacrosse gloves are typically constructed from lightweight material and feature impact-absorbing padding.

Modern glove designs also feature air ventilation on the back of the gloves as well as mesh palm designs to offer a solid grip of the stick.

The goalie gloves come with extra padding especially in the thumb area to protect the goalie against any thumb injuries.

Women’s lacrosse games usually lack body checks, so gloves are not wore for protection as often as they are worn for better grip or to ward off the cold.

3. Lacrosse cleats

Lacrosse cleats are specially-designed shoes meant for use in lacrosse games. These shoes feature a sole with a number of nubs or cleats.

These cleats enable a player to run around at great speeds while maintaining good stability and posture.

Lacrosse cleats are designed to provide traction to the players on a variety of surfaces.

The cleats are also designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of ankle or foot injury during the lacrosse game, serving as an extra layer of protection for the players.

4. Lacrosse shoulder pads

Lacrosse shoulder pads are typically used to protect the upper body of the players during a lacrosse game.

These pads are mostly used in men’s lacrosse games because it is only in men’s matches that body checks are deemed legal.

Lacrosse shoulder pads cover the shoulder area, the chest, upper back area as well as upper arms.

These pads come with plenty of padding to help you absorb the shock from body checks and to ensure that you don’t sustain any serious injury during the game.

Lacrosse shoulder pads are also constructed with light-weight and breathable materials so as to allow players complete freedom of movement even when wearing these pads.

These pads are suited for lacrosse players on all positions, including attacking players, midfielders, defensive players as well as the goalies.

5. Lacrosse elbow pads

Lacrosse elbow pads, as their name suggests, cover the arm and elbow area of a player with a protective layer of padding.

These pads are particularly popular among the attacking players and midfielders who have to engage in aggressive playing while fending off the defenders.

The elbow pads help the players avoid any injuries during body and stick checks during the game. These pads are constructed from light-weight materials and are fairly comfortable to wear.

Elbow pads usually cover only a small area and slide on and off quite easily. As a result, players are able to enjoy elbow protection along with maximum mobility.

6. Lacrosse goggles

Lacrosse goggles are worn in women’s lacrosse matches. They are almost the counterpart of the lacrosse helmet used in men’s lacrosse matches.

These goggles are designed specifically to guard the face and eyes of the female players.

A typical lacrosse goggle is constructed using wire cage with a wide frame that acts as an effective barrier between an incoming lacrosse ball and your face.

As a result, you are safe against any wayward shots which may otherwise hit you directly in the face and cause significant injury.

Most available lacrosse goggles come with customization option so that you can adjust the goggles exactly to your size.

7. Anything else?

Below are some other useful items for lacrosse players.


Here we are! Let's wrap up and see what you found out!

First of all, the best lacrosse sticks are high-quality, robust, durable, and sturdy materials.

Secondly, the best lacrosse sticks have the new design technology and updated system so that you can moderate and adjust them to your gaming styles and necessities.

Finally, the best lacrosse stick for all players is StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick, thanks to its benefits and performing features.

So, check it out today and see why it's the best lacrosse stick on the market!

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