Your Complete Guide to the Best Lacrosse Goggles for Women and Girls in 2023

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Lacrosse is a fast-paced contact sport. Players run the length and breadth of the pitch looking to pass and catch the ball. The ball travels at high speed, no one can predict where the ball will end.

Therefore, men wear helmets to protect the head, while women are required to wear less padding in the women lacrosse.

But you need to protect the face, hence the importance of purchasing the best lacrosse goggles - that ones will fit properly and provides optimal visibility.


The best lacrosse goggles available: My top 6 picks

Lacrosse is a team sport, and it is essential you are adequately protected to avoid injuries.

When playing lacrosse, one of the most critical protective gear is the goggles worn by players. It does not only protect the eye from injuries but also protect the nose and temple regions of the face from flying balls.

Below are the top 6 lacrosse goggles at a glance:

$ - STX Focus XV-S Lacrosse Goggles - Best for all required standards and safety features. Ideal for improved performance on the field.

$ - STX Field Hockey 2See-S Dual Sport Goggle - Best multifunctional model for field hockey and women’s lacrosse. Ideal for face and eye protection.

$ - STX Focus Ti-S+ Lacrosse Goggles - The most adjustable model for your head and face. The goggles meet safety and security standards for extended uses.

$ - STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Goggles - Best quality offering maximum durability and sturdiness for an extended period. You can manage the goggles to meet your standards.

$ - STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle Silicone - Best for youngest players thanks to its soft touch and adjustable design to meet their needs and demands.

$ - STX Focus S Women's Lacrosse Goggles - Most comfortable and sturdy model, offering maximum durability of more robust use. Easy to use and adjust to your needs.

STX Focus XV-S Lacrosse Goggles - Best for performance
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: aluminum
  • Age range: adult
  • Best for: meeting all standards and requirements

The STX Focus lacrosse goggles are an excellent piece of lacrosse equipment for women’s lacrosse for multiple reasons.

The STX lacrosse goggles offer a silicone frame that allows maximum comfort and stability while wearing them for an extended period. The lacrosse goggles will not create extra pins or pressure on your head or eyes while wearing them. And you can sue them for an extended period.

In addition, the STX lacrosse goggles have a low profile of the double bar cage design providing supreme visibility on the lacrosse field. So you can anticipate all moves and see clearly where the ball travels so that you know what your next step will be.

The goggles will not create pressure or limit your eyesight, and you can perform various operations while on the field.

Thanks to the form fitting silicone padding, the STX lacrosse goggles are easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, the silicone frame and the padding will not absorb sweat or moisture. Thus, the lacrosse goggles minimize potential breakouts, making them ideal for extended use. So, the lacrosse goggles ensure the best performance on the lacrosse field.

Since the STX lacrosse goggles meet all ASTM F3077 safety standards and features, they comply with all women’s lacrosse requirements and are legal for pro and advanced players. So, you don’t have to worry about the tournaments and different matches: you can wear the goggles freely.

In addition, the lacrosse goggles are also SEI certified, so there won’t be any issues with their use.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • /

STX Field Hockey 2See-S Dual Sport Goggle - The best multifunctional model
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: silicone
  • Age range: adult
  • Best for: multiple sports

The STX dual sport lacrosse goggles are ideal for both lacrosse and field hockey. The silicone goggles provide exceptional safety standards and will not limit your eyesight and visibility. So, the STX lacrosse goggles can easily adjust to your needs, protecting you from injuries and offering the best possible support on the lacrosse field.

Of course, you will like the STX dual lacrosse goggles for their advanced design. The lacrosse goggles do not absorb sweat or moisture, and the content is easy to clean and maintain.

Thanks to the silicone padding, the STX lacrosse goggles will offer maximum fit and comfort, so they will not create any extra pressure, pain, or discomfort to your head or eyes while wearing them.

As the STX lacrosse goggles come complying with both the field hockey and women’s lacrosse standards, the piece of lacrosse equipment follows all STM, SEI, and NFHS field hockey standards. So, you can use them freely for various types of players and different leagues, and your piece of equipment will always be legal for use on the field.

Thanks to its lightweight yet durable design, the lacrosse goggles will be easy to wear and adjust to your needs, making your head and eyesight optimal for extended play.

In addition, the lacrosse goggles will resist all external pressure, impacts, and forces, making them resistant to different uses and weather conditions.

The lacrosse goggles are excellent for eye and face protection when the play is tough, and there won’t be any eye-for-face injuries.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • reliable
  • heavy

STX Focus Ti-S+ Lacrosse Goggles - The most adjustable model
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: aluminum
  • Age range: adult
  • Best for: ease of use and maintenance

Another STX lacrosse goggles will blow your mind due to its comfort and security features. The lacrosse goggles use the double bar design. Thus, the piece of lacrosse equipment enhances maximum safety standards to protect your face and eyes from speed and hard balls.

The STX goggles are especially important when the playing conditions are tougher, and you need extra protection to avoid even the smallest possibility of injuries.

The STX lacrosse goggles improve comfort and visibility. You can adjust them around your head and face to ensure the maximum playing standards, so you can easily operate on the field. The lacrosse goggles will not restrict your visibility or limit your eyesight - they will only serve as additional support to your eyes and face.

The STX lacrosse goggles also add a titanium cage for high performance and operating strength-to-weight ratio. So, the goggles will not be heavy when wearing them or create additional pressure, pain, or discomfort to your eyes and face. In addition, you can easily adjust them to your needs and playing style.

The lacrosse goggles are SEI certified for extended use, meeting all ASTM safety standards for women’s lacrosse. So you will find them valuable and supportive while wearing them on the lacrosse field. In addition, they will not cause any injuries to your face, so don’t worry about the possible issues.

You can easily clean and maintain them for prolonged life, making them suitable for more robust uses.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • safety features
  • protection
  • security standards
  • /

STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Goggles - Best quality
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: steel
  • Age range: adult
  • Best for: adjustments

Why should you opt for the STX 4Sight lacrosse goggles? Well, read below to find out!

The STX lacrosse goggles offer a silicone lens and frame to ensure maximum comfort and prediction to your face and eyes.

The material will be durable and sturdy yet soft enough to prevent pressure, pain, and discomfort to your eyesight and head. In addition, it will not limit the visibility when playing in various conditions on the lacrosse field.

The STX lacrosse goggles include the oval wire design.

The structure is superior for increased visibility and will not limit the eyesight on the field. So, the lacrosse goggles can easily adjust to your needs, and you can manage them to get the best insight into the happenings on the field, even if you’re a goalie.

Thanks to the form-fitting silicone, the STX lacrosse goggles offer an easy-to-clean and maintain design. The padding will help you manage the overall performance of the goggles easily.

In addition, the silicone padding will not absorb any sweat or moisture while wearing them so nothing can go wrong with the cleaning and maintenance process.

The lacrosse goggles meet and exceed all ASTM F3077-17 requirements for women’s lacrosse. The goggles are also exceptional for their security standards, offering different adjusting and managing possibilities for your needs. So, nothing will go wrong when using and wearing them for an extended period.

If you need to protect your eyes and face better while performing, ensure you choose the STX lacrosse goggles.

  • reliable
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • /

STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Youth Goggle Silicone - Best for youth players
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: silicone
  • Age range: youth
  • Best for: a soft touch

The STX youth lacrosse goggles act according to their title - these are the best lacrosse goggles for young girls and even the youngest female players.

The STX lacrosse goggles are also SEI certified for the new rules and became an exclusive part of the newer 2020 rules three years ago. So, they are relatively new, but their design makes them exceptional in the field.

In addition, the STX lacrosse goggles use an oval wire design, allowing maximum visibility and exceptional eyesight protection for an extended time. You can perform better on the field, and see the events around you, even if you’re a goalie. The lacrosse goggles will not limit you in any way, and you can freely follow the happenings around you.

The STX lacrosse goggles are also easy to use, clean, and maintain, thanks to their foam-fitting silicone padding.

In addition, the goggles are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture or sweat. So, there won't be any pressure, discomfort, or pain while wearing the goggles, and you don’t need to put extra effort into washing them and making them suitable for more robust use.

As the lacrosse goggles are SEI certified, they also meet the ASTM F3077-17 safety standards for women’s lacrosse. So you can use them on the field freely. They will comply with all the required rules and regulations. The equipment will be legal for all uses, especially for youth players starting their female lacrosse careers. So, nothing can go wrong with the goggles.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • reliable
  • /

STX Focus S Women's Lacrosse Goggles - Most Comfortable & Sturdy Goggles
  • Sport: ‎lacrosse
  • Material: silicone
  • Age range: adult
  • Best for: durability

Do you know anything about STX’s products certification? Well, like many other STX products, this Focus-S model meets all the requirements for the 2021 rule, from the SEI Certification of NOCSAE to ASTM requirements for lacrosse goggles!

So basically, STX pieces are mostly allowed on any lacrosse field! This STX Focus-S is one of the lastest model from the manufacturer, yet they are slightly modified compared to the previous version.

We still have that sturdy oval wire to protect your face, cheekbones, and teeth from those fierce balls! The lightweight frame comes in only one color - black, fortunately, that it is a basic color that everyone loves.

The silicone padding fits the head perfectly and is really comfortable. There is also much visibility when you wear this protective gear on your head.

With all these features, it doesn’t surprise us that there are a lot of players saying that they feel pleased with this choice. We do not mean that this product is bad, but conversely, its features are evenly good, and you will feel comfortable and secure while wearing it!

  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy & snug fit
  • Well-designed
  • Only one color and size option

Consider the following before making a buying decision

1. Size

Lacrosse goggles come in different styles and sizes. Whether it is designed with metal cages or plastic lenses, it should meet ASTM standards and fit comfortably on the eyes without shifting.

The googles often come with glass-like polycarbonate lenses or, titanium wire cages for protection. Whichever you buy, it should stay fit on your eyes.

2. Durability

best youth lacrosse goggles

This is a feature you should look for in all lacrosse protective equipment before your purchase.

The google should be able to withstand high-velocity impacts from player collisions, projectile balls which is a regular occurrence during play. The silicon frame makes it comfortable to wear, while the glass-like polycarbonate lenses offer the protection you seek.

Comfort and safety are features the best lacrosse google should satisfy in addition to durability to withstand the rigor of lacrosse game.

3. Clear vision

The lacrosse google is not only meant to protect the eyes from injuries, but also to offer an optimal viewpoint on the field.

Some lacrosse googles often come designed with polycarbonates which help to reduce sun glare and exposure to UV rays.

4. Weight

Lacrosse google must be lightweight and comfortable to use.

You need to select one made with lightweight materials like silicone, in addition to moisture-resistant padding to give a crisp sporting look for optimal and clear vision.

5. Designs to look out for

Players are often drawn to designs rather than comfort and function of the protective gear. It is imperative to consider the function first, before design.

The best lacrosse goggles will protect your eyes as well as compliment your outfit.

6. Lenses

best lacrosse goggles to wear with glasses

Some players prefer google frames due to its excellent visibility and lightweight feature. Goggles that come with this design look more like a hockey veil instead of a goggle. It gives players a full view range and may even be used in place of standard glasses.

Polycarbonate lenses may alter your style to look more like wearing a scuba or ski covers, but it’s perfect when looking to combine your goggles with remedy eyeglasses, as they prevent scratches and bowed arms.

Whatever design you choose, it should not impair your line of sight. If you can, stroll around with the glasses before purchasing them. The only thing worse than an injured eye is limited vision during play.

7. Padding

Lacrosse goggle padding is mostly foam, silicon or rubber. When making a buying decision, look for one that has enough velocity impact which doesn’t shift during impacts.

Look for padding with water-resistant, anti-microbial and easy to wash features. You need to have absolute confidence in your goggles irrespective of sweat, weather, or intensity of impacts.


What is the difference between field hockey and lacrosse goggles?

In lacrosse, you don't have to wear goggles with a vertical wire piece. However, the situation is different in field hockey. Therefore, you can wear field hockey goggles for lacrosse, but vice versa is not possible.

The difference is also in safety standards and regulations since all the goggles meet the NFHS F2713 regulations; therefore, you need to check which goggles are convenient for lacrosse and which for field hockey.

Which women's lacrosse goggles prevent breakouts?

You have to clean your goggles properly.

When you're playing, you're sweating a lot. The sweat goes into your open pores, and then pimples come out due to sebum. So, it's vital to use a good cleanser and stay hydrated daily. If you don't use the cleanser for your skin and goggles, you will have a breakout.

The experts recommend cleansers for silicone LAX goggles as well as for your skin.

How to clean lacrosse goggles?

You will have to go to an optical store and require the cleaning since they have a plastic lens cleanser. This way, they will clean and remove all the scratches for you.

You can also use hot water, soap, and an alcohol swab to clean the face part. It may not work with the band; however, you'll always have perfect eyesight.

How to wear lacrosse goggles with glasses?

It would be better to wear lenses or prescription sports goggles. Any part of the frame of the eyeglasses should be protruding from the goggles. The lacrosse goggles should not touch the frame of the glasses. The contact to the frame of the lacrosse goggles from a stick, ball, or player could cause damage to the eyeglasses or the player.

How are lacrosse goggles supposed to fit?

The lacrosse goggles should rest on your cheekbones and press gently against your forehead, just above your eyebrows.

How to attach a mouthguard to lacrosse goggles?

The mouthguard cannot be attached to the goggles.

How much do lacrosse goggles cost?

The price ranges from a couple dozen to a couple of hundred dollars based on their quality.

What are the best lacrosse goggles?

The best goggles are the STX Focus XV-S Lacrosse Goggles. They offer the best performance and protection on the field. As they comply with all standards and regulations, the goggles ensure the best security features. Besides, they are durable and sturdy for extended use.

STX Focus XV-S Goggles Graphite/White*
  • Low profile double bar cage design for superior visibility
  • Form-fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture, minimizing potential breakouts
  • Meets ASTM F3077 requirements for women’s lacrosse
  • SEI certified


Goggles are a necessary part of lacrosse equipment, so ensure you find the best model for your needs. Otherwise, you will risk severe injuries while performing tough matches.

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