The Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector for Bulletproof Security

best lacrosse goalie chest protector

Commotio Cordis has been the center of NOCSAE's attention for years now. As one of the sports with a high risk of heart failure, lacrosse has adequately enhanced the safety measures to prevent this from happening.

Because of the nature of their position, goalies often get hit by a ball that can develop the speed of 100 miles per hour; hence they need the most protective gear. With that in mind, major lacrosse brands have been producing the lacrosse goalie chest protectors to comply with the latest standards.

Stay with us to learn what the best lacrosse goalie chest protector is and the strong and weak points of each.

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Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors for All Players: My Top 6 Picks

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Goalie Chest Protector for Mobility

Maverik Max EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad

The Best Cest Pads for Youth

STX Shield 200

Top Elite Chest Pads

Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad

Simplicity at Its Best

Maverik MX EKG Goalie

Immensely Durable

STX Shield 400 Goalie

Advanced to Perfection

STX Shield 600 Goalie

Maverik Max EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad - The Best Goalie Chest Protector for Mobility

Next off, we have another lacrosse goalie chest pad from Maverik, the revolutionary Max EKG. It's a perfect blend of safety and maneuverability that brings peace of mind to all goalies and their parents with the patented EKG chest guard.

This chest pad allows the widest range of motion with minimum bunching. It includes Maverik's EKG chest plate that does an amazing job dispersing the energy of a shot and protecting your heart. It was designed to address the commotio cordis, and it meets the NOCSAE ND200 standard.

Players are amazed by the chest plate's efficiency, claiming they honestly don't feel a thing when they get hit. However, the part that goes over your shoulders is a bit thinner than you'd want, but it allows air ventilation for more breathability and less sweat. Yet, it is not protective enough if the ball hits this area.

The lower abdomen is also protected with dense padding that offers additional safety on the field, yet it is not very thick either, so players are not thrilled with it.

All in all, this padding serves its purpose perfectly as a chest pad, yet given that the other parts of your upper body need protection, Maverik could upgrade its design to even out the quality and the price.

  • EKG chest pad
  • Breathable
  • Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Thin padding in the shoulder and abdomen area
  • Expensive

STX Shield 200 - The Best Cest Pads for Youth

The STX Shield 200 chest protector is the ideal chest pad for beginner goalies who need a protective shield that won't limit their movement yet will perform well. It's a budget offer, very affordable to high school and college students, so I recommend it to all entry-level players.

It's imperative to mention that this chest protector meets the NOCSAE standard. Its smart design provides protection to all critical areas yet keeps the equipment light to allow unlimited mobility.

When it comes to protecting itself, this padding includes a hard plastic plate throughout the chest pads and shoulder pads. Also, you can add a stomach pad to reinforce the level of safety further.

I love that the padding includes multiple hinges so lacrosse goalies can adjust the fit to have more or less mobility. Also, the strap system provides vertical adjustability, making the equipment even more customized.

You can find this lacrosse chest protector in small, medium, and large size, and only one color. As I mentioned, the price is very reasonable, perfect for youth players.

  • Adjustable
  • Provides mobility
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Multiple hinges
  • Optional stomach pad
  • Beginner level

Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad - Top Elite Chest Pads

Here we have an elegant, protective, and very high-end product from Warrior, the Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad. Without the smallest doubt in my mind, I will say this is one of the topmost elite lacrosse goalie chest protectors that screams safety.

The chest pad was built of an Impax foam plate that protects the sternum and chest region, absorbing the energy from low and high-impact shots and spreading it all around the chest plate.

Due to enhanced absorption, high-speed shots are not a threat to your heart, yet the force is dispersed in seconds without you feeling a thing.

Since the Warrior Nemesis includes a 3-piece design, it offers more maneuverability for saves, catches, and general movement. Plus, the adjustable strap system allows customization for the most comfortable fit.

Warrior Nemesis is available in small, medium, and large size; it complies with NOCSAE safety standards and meets all-level players' requirements. It is one of the most expensive models on the market, but it's worth it.

  • More mobility
  • Comfort
  • Enhanced impact absorption
  • Safe
  • Expensive

Maverik MX EKG Goalie - Simplicity at Its Best

The next protector on our list is from a reliable, well-known manufacturer, Maverik, and it has a lot of similarities with the STX Shield 200. Namely, this is a chest pad from the EKG line, specially designed to address comotio cordis and comply with the latest NOCSAE standard.

Every player wishes for protective equipment that is not too heavy and doesn't impede mobility. Well, the Maverik MX EKG goalie guard was made with these categories in mind; it is comfortable and designed for maximum mobility.

The heart of the Maverik MX EKG is the AnaForm chest plates protecting the player from the external impact without affecting mobility. Also, the patented EKG pad offers maximum heart protection, complying with ND200 NOCSAE standard.

Just like the STX Shield 200, this model from Maverik has elastic straps that offer genuine comfort and a secure fit. You won't feel trapped in a stiff piece of plastic, unable to move and perform properly. This chest guard offers protection and comfort without compromising your freedom of movement.

You can find this model in all standard sizes from extra-small to extra-large; it's not the most affordable shield on the market, but not too expensive either, so both beginners and more professional players can afford it.

  • EKG pad
  • Complies with NOCSAE
  • Straps for comfort
  • Maximum mobility
  • Not very advanced

STX Shield 400 Goalie - Immensely Durable

What we have here is another STX product from the Shield line of goalie chest protectors, this time the upgraded 400 model. At first glance, this protector seems identical to the previous 200 Shield, yet it includes some innovative features, so let's see what these are.

When compared to its predecessor, STX Shield 400 seems a bit tighter with more plastics and padding incorporated. However, it is not the case. While Shield 200 includes hard plastic throughout the chest pad, Shield 400 includes a floating chest plate for improved flexibility and more movement.

It also includes a removable stomach pad and shoulder caps for more safety in the game, while adjustable straps offer a comfortable fit and customization.

Customers are thrilled with this protector. Although it is predominantly bought by youth, players end up using the padding season after season, for it exhibits fantastic durability.

I couldn't find any serious complaint. A player did notice that the shield is a bit bulky, yet he claimed it did not influence the quality of his performance in any way.

Personally, the most important segment is that the padding provides protection and offers decent mobility, and this mode definitely does.

  • A floating chest plate
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable stomach pad
  • Durable
  • Mobility
  • Bulky

STX Shield 600 Goalie - Advanced to Perfection

Here we have the last goalie chest protector from the STX's Shield line, improved and immensely efficient. STX is proud to present its upgraded design, engineered to allow more mobility and minimize chances for injuries.

Before we discuss the peculiarities, it's essential to mention that the STX's top lacrosse chest protector meets the NOCSAE standards, equipping the players with the highest level of protection.

It includes a floating chest plate designed for flexibility. This is essential for goalies, as they move a lot and need the gear that won't impede their mobility. Additionally, the strategically placed stretch zones allow even more freedom to move.

This model has a compression molded design, which means it has a low profile and does not look bulky as the STX 400 does. Plus, the strap system can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for more comfort and a personalized fit.

The innovation that the STX Shield 600 brings is the padding on the inside. It is more stout than the one in the previous model. In such a way, Shield 600 complies with the 2021 Commotio Cordis Standard.

  • Low profile silhouette
  • Upgraded design
  • Flexible
  • More mobility
  • Complies with the latest standards
  • Expensive

What You Must Comprehend About the Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors - Buyer's Guide

Commotio Cordis is a cessation of the heart rhythm that may occur when someone is suddenly hit in the area right above the heart at a critical moment in a heartbeat cycle. Even though this phenomenon is not that common, the measures of precaution have been taken in sports where there is a high probability for commotio cordis to happen. These sports are baseball, lacrosse, softball, rugby, football, etc.

Lacrosse goalies are the most vulnerable lacrosse field players because they are directly exposed to the shots that sometimes can be extremely forceful. For this reason, goalies, especially youth, are required to wear protective padding and heart guard that can prevent injuries.

But what differentiates an efficient heart guard from the low-quality gear?

best lacrosse goalie chest protector 2021

To ensure your lacrosse goalie chest protector is designed for maximum protection, check if it complies with ND200 NOCSAE standard. This is a new standard, in force as of 2020, demanding that all lacrosse goalies must wear chest protectors that are designed to protect the players from the shots in the heart area and consequently remove the chances for commotio cordis to happen. As of 2022, this standard will apply to field players as well.

High-end products usually have a thick impact-absorbing foam padding in the torso area and a hard chest pad/plate. In such a way, shots are dispersed, and the energy is spread throughout the padding, leaving you intact.

Superior gear also includes shoulder pads with a high coverage and abdomen guard for maximum protection. You can find some models that make these extensions removable so that you can customize the equipment how you like it.

Other categories that make a difference in protection and performance are flexibility, adjustability, and breathability. These things are a matter of preference, but they seriously affect your performance and make you feel more comfortable on the field.

Lacrosse goalie chest protectors that do not have a one-piece design tend to be more flexible and offer better mobility on the field. However, these models usually have thinner shoulder protection without the hard caps that are a critical segment of your lacrosse gear. This is not a rule, though, so as long as your gear allows mobility and protection at all essential areas, it's good.

Adjustability depends on the straps. Adjustable strap design allows vertical and horizontal modifications that enable the player to customize a perfect fit. Best lacrosse goalie chest protectors should be designed to allow at least some degree of adjustability.

Finally, the size is what matters too. Don't miss to carefully check the size guide to know exactly what category you fall into. Here is a video size guide you can look into.

If you follow the categories we listed above, there is no doubt you will get the most efficient protection gear on the market. And as you can see, each product listed above exhibits top quality, a wide size range, and efficient design.

So, whatever pads from our list you eventually choose, you can't go wrong.

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Goalie Chest Protector for Mobility

Maverik Max EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad

The Best Cest Pads for Youth

STX Shield 200

Top Elite Chest Pads

Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Pad

Simplicity at Its Best

Maverik MX EKG Goalie

Immensely Durable

STX Shield 400 Goalie

Advanced to Perfection

STX Shield 600 Goalie

Frequently Asked Questions

How should a lacrosse goalie chest protector fit?

The properly sized chest protector should cover the front torso, neckline to below the navel. The collar should lie flat on the collar bones with straps attached to provide a snug but comfortable fit. The chest protector should not be too tight since it would limit the movement, nor too loose as it would allow the pads to move and expose you to injuries.

Here is a very informative video on how to fit the goalie equipment.

What is the best lacrosse chest protector?

best youth lacrosse goalie chest protector

The best goalie chest protector contains thick padding and preferably a chest plate that absorbs the forces and disperses them to protect your heart. It should not be too stiff as you wouldn't be able to move properly, but also not too loose, because in that case, you won't get the appropriate protection.

The best lacrosse chest protectors are currently Maverix Max EKG, Warrior Nemesis, and STX Shield 600.

Is lacrosse goalie chest protector working?

Definitely YES! According to players' feedback, a high-quality lacrosse goalie chest protector can diminish the high-speed shots' forces completely, leaving the players without a scratch.

Maverik's EKG line has proven especially efficient, but many positive reviews have been noted for the Brine King chest pads.

Final Thoughts

Goalies are the cornerstone of men's lacrosse, and as such, they deserve the gear that guarantees protection. As a goalie, one of the essential pieces of gear you need to get right away is the best lacrosse goalie chest protector. It guards your shoulders, abdomen, and most importantly, heart, and even if you don't consider it essential, the new standards oblige you to get one.

We recommend the Maverik Max EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad for it has a safe design that complies with NOCSAE standards, offers chest protection, and allows mobility.

Be responsible, protect yourself, and grow up to your potential carefree.

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