Choosing the Best Lightest Lacrosse Shaft 2023: All You Need to Know!

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Are you a passionate lacrosse player searching for the best lightest shaft? Then, you've come to the right place!

This blog post will dive into all the details you need to know before choosing the new lightest lacrosse shaft. We will cover materials, weight options, flex ratings, and handle grips.

We'll also explore the most popular models available on the market today. So if you're looking for an informed approach to making your decision, read on!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Lightweight lacrosse shafts are more popular among players as they offer more speed and power when playing than regular shafts that might slow down the game's pace
  • Ensure you choose the reduced-weight versions to help you perform better on the field
  • These shafts will not damage so soon, as their texture and flex are increased even for the rough games

Best lightest lacrosse shafts for all players!

$$ - ECD Lacrosse Carbon LTX Lacrosse Shaft - Best for attackers and increases the strength without changing the overall weight. Increases performance and dominance on the field.

$$ - STX mens Sc-Ti Alloy Handle lacrosse shafts - Best for midfielders, offering the highest flex for various operations on the field. It has improved structure to keep the play optimal.

$$ - BURN PRO ATK HANDLE 19 CARBON - The lightest lacrosse shaft on the market. It offers the best texture for the most secure grip in the game. But it lacks extra rubber caps.

$$ - StringKing Men's Metal 3 Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft - Best for overall performance and design due to strong and more durable materials. The improved content ensures prolonged life. Still, it is prone to dents.

$$ - Maverik Lacrosse Hyperlite Attack Shaft 30" - A more improved version, lighter and more flexible than the previous model. Higher flex to effortless bending.

ECD Lacrosse Carbon LTX Lacrosse Shaft - Best lightweight shaft for offensive players
  • Brand: ‎East Coast Dyes
  • Product dimensions: 30x1x1 inches
  • Item weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Key features: strength-to-weight ratio

The ECD carbon shaft is one of the best attack lacrosse shafts, thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio. These carbon fiber attack shafts are full of composite material, yet the lightweight shaft does not add extra weight to the overall performance.

The carbon fiber attack lacrosse shaft has reinforced TeXtreme technology. The composite shaft offers increased stiffness but decreased weight and increased strength. The best lacrosse shaft increases the power and speed while shooting at the goal.

Lacrosse attack players typically utilize a longer shaft with a greater speed for extra accuracy and consistent performance. But, these key components define only the best use of the attack lacrosse shafts.

The carbon attack lacrosse shaft provides durability and sturdiness, as it is rated the Flex-1 at the manufacturer's scale. In addition, the attack lacrosse carbon fiber shaft won't break. An offensive player bends it for the elite level of play; the carbon fiber shaft will not change its quality and strength.

Due to the smooth matte feel and the adjustable butt end, the lightweight shaft provides a secure grip once you use it. The tough shaft offers a non-slip grip. It will be firm in your hands.

  • durability
  • light shaft
  • grip
  • flex
  • /

STX mens Sc-Ti Alloy Handle lacrosse shafts - Best lacrosse shaft for midfield players
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 32.4x1.7x 0.8 inches
  • Item weight: 0.18 kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Key features: the best flex

The STX lacrosse shaft is one of the best midfield lacrosse shafts. The shaft length is ideal for short-stick attacking midfield lacrosse players and regular offensive lacrosse players.

When playing lacrosse, midfield lacrosse players will feel the new R-grip profile. It ensures maximum surface contact for improved feeling and the best control of the lacrosse ball when passing, dodging, or shooting at the opponent's goal. In addition, the light lacrosse shaft offers optimal ball control. 

The grip is also crucial when using the best shaft for the elite levels of the sport played by the elite athlete. The STX alloy shaft uses a non-slip grip surface. 

These two components make the STX lacrosse gear an optimal lacrosse shaft for all conditions. The best shaft remains firm in your hands if defenders perform various checks and tough play on the lacrosse shaft.

The STX is one of the best composite shafts for its strength-to-weight ratio. The same-length shaft works well both for middies and attackmen, so the lacrosse shafts increase power and speed when passing and shooting. And, thanks to its durability, the lacrosse shaft is bendable with flex.

  • durability
  • grip
  • flex
  • adjustable butt end
  • comfortable in hands
  • minor design flaws

BURN PRO ATK HANDLE 19 CARBON - Best lightweight carbon fiber shaft
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Product dimensions: 32x1x1 inches
  • Item weight: 125 grams
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Key features: best texture for the most secure grip

The Warrior Burn Pro is the lightest shaft in the lacrosse world! The lightest lacrosse shaft weighs only 125 grams. Thus, the lightest lacrosse shaft is ideal for all players - from youth to more elite shafts used in professional lacrosse.

The lightest lacrosse tool provides the best-in-class durability for tough and more aggressive games. The lightest lacrosse shaft will not break so soon, even if defenders perform tougher checks on the middies and attackers.

To improve the grip and security in your hands, the lightest lacrosse shaft provides the diamond structure to ensure the best grip and non-slippery texture while inside the gloves. Thus, you won't drop the lightest lacrosse shaft. 

The lightest lacrosse shaft uses adjustable end caps to improve comfort and overall performance. The first adjustable butt end ensures the maximum shot leverage, while the other ensures the easiest lacrosse setup.

The lightest lacrosse shaft is also popular for the high flex it offers. The STX lightest lacrosse shaft ensures more shot power when swaying, and you can manage the shaft to meet your standards. Even if you play occasionally, the shots shake off the opponent's net.

  • grip
  • more power
  • lightweight
  • flex
  • durable
  • lacking a rubber cap

StringKing Men's Metal 3 Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft - Best performance
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: 30 inches
  • Item weight: 135 grams
  • Material: metal, scandium alloy
  • Key features: best design

The StringKing metal shaft combines this material with the new, improved scandium alloy to offer the best composition, strength, and reduced weight while on the lacrosse field. Thus, one of the lightest lacrosse shafts ensures maximum performance. 

The StringKing shaft is more durable than most lacrosse shafts, thanks to its overall design. The shaft is more durable due to improved alloy and material distribution. In addition, the content covers all weak parts of the shaft to improve its strength, sturdiness, and toughness. 

Players can bend and use the shaft for all actions without adding weight to the existing scheme and structure. Thus, the shaft will enforce and speed up the passing, shooting, and dodging while on the offensive side of the field. As a result, the players can present their best lacrosse.

Due to the better flex and specific texture, the shaft will be sturdy and stable in your hands, and bendable without breaking points. Thus, the shaft lasts for an extended period. And youth and professional players can find the best dimensions for their level of play. You can check the table chart to find the proportions.

  • grip
  • flex
  • comfortable
  • secure
  • durable
  • lightweight
  • strength and power
  • prone to dents

Maverik Lacrosse Hyperlite Attack Shaft 30" - Best improved texture
  • Brand: Maverik
  • Product dimensions: 30 inches
  • Item weight: 4.9 ounces
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Key features: durable & stronger flex

The Maverik lacrosse shaft is another version of the previous model, the upgraded one. The new carbon fiber shafts are eight percent lighter than the former ones, so the manufacturer has covered all the weak areas of the old carbon fiber shafts.

The Maverik shaft is ideal for attacks and offensive midfielders, as it's thirty inches long. Thus, the players can maneuver the whole stick once they place the lightest lacrosse heads to create their sticks. The addition of the lightest lacrosse heads will not change the overall size and weight of the Maverik lacrosse shafts.

As the shaft is a direct extension of your hands in the game of lacrosse, the Maverik model offers an enhanced texture for a stable grip. The technology also ensures high flex during play and bending options for improved sturdiness.

The Maverik lacrosse shaft is also one of the best lacrosse shafts due to its reliability and matte finish. Thus, the composite shaft will not slip easily in your hands and will remain stable and secure in defensive plays. Defenders cannot endanger you even with tough plays. So, the new Maverik lacrosse shafts combine durability and reliability for the best performance.

  • grip
  • texture
  • flex
  • strong
  • /

How to choose the lightest lacrosse shafts? Best buyer's guide

Choosing the best lacrosse shafts might be a bit challenging. However, the best lacrosse shafts include these four key components for the best experience: durable design, strength-to-weight ratio, quality, and versatility across various playing levels.

But before we explain these components, let's review the most crucial factor - weight

1. Weight

lightest lacrosse stick

The weight should be your top priority when buying lacrosse shafts. They should be lightweight enough to speed up your game and provide your shooting and passing skills. If you use lighter shafts, you can maneuver them better, and they will not slow down the overall game and performance.

They should be lightweight enough to ensure the kids can also use them to match their needs and game standards. The best lacrosse shafts do not weigh more than one pound if you want the best performance.

Don't worry - they have a unique design and materials so as not to break easily and last for an extended time. They will also offer better overall performance.

2. Durable & sturdy design

The lightest shafts must be reliable and solid enough to resist external impacts, forces, and pressure during the play.

You must check the texture and flex to ensure the shaft will not break during the harder moves and checks. So, you can choose carbon fiber, scandium alloy, and similar materials for a similar experience.

3. Strength-to-weight ratio

The lightest shafts have a proper ratio of weight and strength. Thanks to the new, improved designs, the weight of the lightest shafts remains the same.

As a result, the overall design of the shafts gains more strength and power when using them, and the shafts will not slow the game's pace.

4. Quality

Quality and value are other critical factors to consider to choose the best shafts. The best shafts might be higher-end models, but their quality will match the value. They will offer the best texture, flex, and grip to ensure outstanding performance.

So, if you're hesitating when choosing the best models, go for those including these elements.

5. Versatility for different levels of play

How to choose the lightest lacrosse shafts

It would be better to pick the shafts that can be used for all leagues and levels of play.

For instance, the attacking shafts will be ideal for professional and collegiate players, but if youth can also use them, that's a perfect combination. The same refers to the long shafts used by defensive players and the long stick middie versions. And the lightest goalie shafts can also serve adults and kids who play goalies.

But you must follow the official shaft dimensions rules. Thus, the National Collegiate Athletic Association - NCAA presents the following size chart to help you narrow down your search:





30 inches

26-30 inches


30 inches

26-30 inches


42-60 inches

26-60 inches


40-72 inches

40-72 inches


What's the lightest shaft?

The lightest shaft is the BURN PRO ATK HANDLE 19 CARBON. The lacrosse shaft weighs only 125 grams, which is only 0.27 pounds.

What is the lightest lacrosse stick in the world?

The world's lightest shaft (and stick) is the BURN PRO ATK HANDLE 19 CARBON, weighing less than a pound.

And, the best light lacrosse shaft is...?

The best lacrosse shaft is the extraordinary ECD Lacrosse Carbon LTX Lacrosse Shaft. Due to its proportions and weight, the shaft can be used in different leagues and levels of play. 

In addition, the shaft weighs only 0.75 pounds, so it will offer more speed and power when using it. And, due to its design and reliability, the shaft will not break so quickly. As a result, it provides the best performance on the field.

ECD Lacrosse - Carbon LTX Lacrosse Shaft - Black - 30"*
  • Reinforced by TeXtreme - Means decreased weight, increased stiffness, and increased strength.
  • Lightweight - This is the lightest shaft in our lineup and that is saying something.
  • FLEX1 - Rated as a FLEX1 on our 10-point flex scale, this is the stiffest shaft in our lineup.

Final Words

With all these features, the best lightest lacrosse shaft is an excellent choice for any player looking to improve their game.

The shaft's durability and power make it perfect for advanced moves, while its light weight makes it versatile enough for different uses.

So whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the best lightweight lacrosse shaft is a great option for you.

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