Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves for the Perfect Performance on the Field! Best 2023 Guide!

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Are you looking for the best lacrosse goalie gloves to give your performance on the field an extra edge?

We know that goalies need protective gear that not only keeps their hands safe but also gives them superior grip and dexterity. So, we've got the scoop on some of the best goalkeeper gloves out there! 

This blog post will walk you through all the features to look for when purchasing a pair and provide in-depth reviews on some of our top picks.

Whether you're just starting or have years of experience, this guide will help you find the ideal setting for your playing style. So read on to discover what makes these gloves stand apart from all the rest!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Gloves are crucial pieces of equipment for all goalies, as they prevent injuries and keep your thumb and hands in general safe
  • To choose the best options, you must consider various factors before making the final decision
  • We have presented the top five models, so check the reviews to find the best model

Best goalie glove types for all goalies out there!

$$ - Epoch Integra Elite Goalie Lacrosse Gloves - Best flexibility due to design and structure. Keeping hands optimal and safe from hard shots and preventing seams while wearing the gloves for an extended period. The gloves last longer since they offer durable materials.

$$ - Maverik M5 Lacrosse Player Gloves - Best protection with increased safety standards and optimal use. Solid and adjustable design for the best control and pressure-free use.

$$ - STX Lacrosse Girl's Sultra Lacrosse Goalie Glove - Ideal for female players, thanks to its specific design. The glove offers supreme protection of the thumb and provides comfort while playing and holding a lacrosse stick. The content and outer part make the glove durable and resistant enough to prevent injuries and hand pain. However, the glove lacks enough paddings for increased comfort.

$$ - STX Lacrosse Shield - Best for advanced construction with brand-new protective technology and an energy-absorbing system. Keeping hands optimal and pressure-free for more extended uses. But, you will have issues with the proper firm grip of the stick.

$$ - Epoch Integra Pro Goalie Lacrosse Gloves - Best advanced technology for superior protection and safety standards. The gloves also use dual-density foam keeping the hands intact and preventing injuries. Still, there is room for improvement in overall safety benefits.

$$ - STX Lacrosse Cell V Gloves - Most flexible and versatile pair of goalie gloves you can find on the market. The goalie gloves are ideal for their advanced GeoFlex II system and the C3 Cuff system for the best wear. The goalie gloves offer increased thumb protection and prevent fractures and pain. But, their customer service needs to improve more.

$$ - Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves (2025) - The gloves offer the most comfortable design, thanks to various new technology conditions, making the overall use optimal and advanced for different playing conditions. In addition, the solid construction will reduce all impacts and forces, preventing hand injuries.

Epoch Integra Elite Goalie Lacrosse Gloves - The best performance
  • Brand: ‎Epoch
  • Style: protection
  • Material: suede
  • Size: medium
  • Best for: free movement of thumbs and fingers

To best protect your hands from the ball, you need the Epoch lacrosse goalie gloves! The Epoch goalie glove is an ideal piece of gear for all goalies, especially those in a rough game. 

When goalies wear the Epoch lacrosse goalie gloves, they can feel the Ariaprene design. The goalie glove is created to feel like a second skin to the goalies, allowing unlimited mobility while playing the game of lacrosse.

The impact properties provide an extra layer of protection in key areas, so the goalie glove keeps the thumbs and another finger optimal when playing lacrosse.

Thanks to the Player Core Control, the technology keeps the player's hands cool, optimal, and ventilated for longer games. Also, the technology provides UV protection during the game. 

The Epoch lacrosse gloves are popular on the market due to their non-rigid stabilized composite material, flexible and lightweight for prolonged use. The lacrosse gloves also offer a tri-layer dual-density foam stack. Thus, it prevents players from impact or hits for added protection.

The Ax suede composition is ideal for moisture, control, and feel, increasing the overall quality of the lacrosse gloves. So, the gloves will eliminate seams on the palms and hands while holding the lacrosse stick and improve handling.

You should find the size chart for the best models for your thumbs and fingers. The sizes will give you the best experience and optimal ball control, offering complete protection from hard shots.

  • durability
  • protection
  • padding
  • /

Maverik M5 Lacrosse Player Gloves - Best protection
  • Brand: ‎Maverik
  • Style: protection
  • Material: polyester
  • Size: medium
  • Best for: solid construction

The Maverik lacrosse goalie gloves are ideal for all goaltenders when the game is tense from the start.

Thanks to its composite design, and hard materials, the lacrosse goalie gloves will offer premium protection to your hands once you wear them. The outer materials will prevent different severe injuries to your hands and fingers, keeping your hands optimal for further gaming conditions.

The Maverik lacrosse gloves use advanced thumb protection, and you can easily protect your goal for strong, hard, and fast shots.

The gloves will reduce the hitting impacts and other forces, making your hands safe and sound on the lacrosse field. In addition, the inner foam material will absorb the energy, directing it to all of the gloves, protecting your hands on the field for more robust conditions.

Thanks to their ambidextrous design, the lacrosse goalie gloves will be ideal for all players who need to perform different actions and drills with both equally to improve their performance and ensure maximum safety standards for rougher games with more contact.

Also, you can easily adjust the Maverik lacrosse globe gloves, as they come with adjustable straps with hooks to ensure the proper fit and prevent sliding, slipping, and other similar issues. Thus, the lacrosse goalie gloves use maximum adjustable standards and won’t create additional pressure, discomfort, and pain in your hands.

Finally, you can firmly hold the lacrosse stick in your hands, and the grip will be stable and firm.

  • durable
  • solid
  • protection
  • sturdy
  • adjustable
  • /

STX Lacrosse Girl's Sultra Lacrosse Goalie Glove - Best for female players
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Style: protection
  • Material: silicone
  • Size: medium
  • Best for: increased hand and thumb protection

The STX lacrosse goalie gloves are ideal for women and young girls striving to protect the last line of defense! 

The STX lacrosse gloves will not allow any fracture of the thumb or any other finger, as they are created to offer maximum flexibility and superior comfort. Thus, girls won't suffer from pain and discomfort when an attacker attempts to score with a harder shot.

As the lacrosse gloves have thinner palms and fingers, the lacrosse goalie gloves offer a better fit for female players. In addition, the hands won't be stiff or painful, as the glove provides free movements for all operations. 

The STX lacrosse gloves are valuable for their padding that protects the thumb and index finger. So, lacrosse goalie gloves are extremely popular on the market.

You won't feel any thumb fracture, as your hands might be gentler than men's. Although the lacrosse goalie gloves might be thinner in structure, they are powerful enough to protect your thumb, so don't worry.

Since the glove features silicone as the primary material, it also features gel printing on the palm, forefinger, and thumb. Thus, the glove provides the goal-keeping specific grip necessary for holding the lacrosse stick firmly while playing the sport.

Durable materials provide extended use, so the goalie glove will not damage so soon. You can use it for adverse conditions, as the external impacts, pressure, and forces cannot damage the overall design. You can find your fitting size in the chart. 

  • thumb protection
  • excellent stick grip
  • durable
  • safe use
  • reliable design
  • padding issues

STX Lacrosse Shield - Best improved construction
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Style: protection
  • Material: other
  • Size: small
  • Best for: protection

The STX lacrosse goalie gloves are an excellent choice for all lacrosse goalies, specifically designed for their needs.

The lacrosse goalies can easily protect their hands, as the lacrosse goalie gloves use fixed thumb protection technology. The brand-new fixed thumb guard uses extra thumb tip protection locks to prevent thumb injuries on the finger.

In addition, the reduced cuff length will allow extra mobility that the lacrosse goalie needs. So, there won’t be pressure, pain, or discomfort to hands once the lacrosse goalie wears the gloves. 

As the STX lacrosse goalie gloves come with reinforced protection in different critical areas in the back of the hand, the gloves will be supportive and protective of your hands.

In addition, they will reduce the forces, impacts, and pressure made by different hits from hard and fast balls or different checks. So, the inner and outer design will keep your hands optimal for further playing conditions. 

The STX lacrosse goalies use the inner foam with an outer combination of composite materials, making your hands intact. As a result, there won’t be bone and finger fractures, as the lacrosse goalie gloves absorb the impact and energy and distribute it along the wholesome construction. For this reason, there won’t be inequality in distributing forces and possible pressure put on your fingers and wrists. As a result, you can play and protect your goal in more advanced conditions. 

And, as the STX lacrosse goalie gloves use a flexible design, they will not limit your movements, and you can freely move your fingers.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • adjustable
  • grip adjustment issues

Epoch Integra Pro Goalie Lacrosse Gloves - The best advanced technology
  • Brand: ‎Epoch Lacrosse
  • Style: protection
  • Material: suede
  • Size: small
  • Best for: dual-density foam

The lacrosse goalie gloves are an excellent option for you due to the most advanced design.

The gloves use the ARIAPRENE system to act like the second skin, allow the user to experience unrestricted movement control, and allow updated side-impact properties. Thus, the lacrosse goalie gloves will provide an additional protection layer in all critical slash areas in all integral protective lines.

So, there won’t be pressure, discomfort, or pain in your hands, and you can use the gloves for an extended period. 

As the Epoch lacrosse goalie gloves use the player core control system, the gloves feature the safe system, combining coffee grounds for general optimal performance. This way, the lacrosse goalie gloves will eliminate odor, dry quickly, cool faster, and provide extra UV protection during the gameplay. So, the new design will easily adjust to your needs, and you can freely operate on the lacrosse field. 

The Dual-density foam will attack back the forces, impacts, and other external pressure that can attack your hands. Due to the advanced engineered design of the dual-density foam, the lacrosse goalie gloves will layer up the foam in stocks with the softer form on the bottom layer.

In addition, the denser polyethylene on the top layer will absorb and redistribute the impact and hit forces for extra protection. 

Since the Epoch lacrosse goalie gloves use suede materials, they will offer moisture-wicking features, supreme feel, and control of the wholesome stick.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • protection
  • safe
  • issues with layers of protection

STX Lacrosse Cell V Gloves - Most versatile goalie gloves
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Style: protection
  • Material: polyester
  • Size: Small
  • Best for: advanced design technology

What's so specific about the STX cell pair of lacrosse goalie gloves?

The STX Cell lacrosse goalie gloves use premium-quality material for advanced protection while holding the stick and playing extended games. The Cell glove will protect your thumb and hand in general and offer the best performance on the lacrosse field.

In addition, the glove uses the GeoFlex II system, offering flexible protection for all players. And, thanks to the C3 cuff system, you can decide how to wear the glove.

Due to the ventilated palm design, the goalie will have maximum airflow and circulation to prevent moisture and keep his hands optimal during the match. The ventilated glove also increases the comfortable wear and makes the goalie free for various movements.

The free movements are also available due to the power fit profile, offering more space at the back of the hand to ensure the hand can complete all necessary operations with the stick and ball.

The glove also uses the Ax Suede design to hold the shaft better for extra grip and durability. Thus, the STX goalie glove is ideal for all kinds of performances, and you can hold the shafts for an extended period.

When you're not on the field, the goalie glove offers you an improved guard lock strap. Thus, the goalie glove also secures your mouth guard and provides superior protection to your gear. So, the STX goalie glove is versatile for multiple purposes.

  • durable
  • safe
  • snug fit
  • grip
  • thumb protection
  • customer support issues

Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves (2025) - Most comfortable
  • Brand: ‎Maverik
  • Style: protection
  • Material: polyester
  • Size: medium
  • Best for: reinforced construction

And we’re closing the reviews with the Maverik lacrosse goalie gloves. The goalie gloves are ideal for all goalie players seeking instant comfort once they wear them for an extended period. The gloves will provide maximum protection, highly technical features, and optimal usage for more robust playing conditions.

Since the Maverik lacrosse goalie gloves use the traditional profile and extra volume of the fingers and the back of your hands, the lacrosse equipment will provide an improved design.

The lacrosse goalie gloves use the Durastretch panels across the knuckles. The knuckle will improve flexibility and control for a broken in-fit. So, the gloves will ensure unrestricted movement, reduced pressure, and more freedom while wearing them.

In addition, the anaform ridges are excellent in construction, providing slash protection and simultaneously keeping mobility and flexibility at advanced levels. For this reason, the gloves use the most advanced design and structure to keep your hands and fingers optimal in the game and provide more safety standards for overall use.

Thanks to the triple-density foam and the rigid inserts, the lacrosse goalie gloves will manage impacts in crucial zones across the thumb and back of the hand. So, there will not be additional pressure for the pressure-free use.

The gloves also use the agentic cuff and velcro snags cuff to be more adjustable and ensure maximum protection or a flared fit for unrestricted wrist motion. Finally, the suede palm technology ensures a soft feel with unmatched consistency and control.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • reliable
  • adjustable
  • /

How to choose the best lacrosse goalie gloves? A complete buyer's guide

Selecting the best lacrosse goalie gloves on the market requires special attention. The goalie gloves will prevent injuries and save your hands from pain.

So, here are critical points to consider for the best goalie gloves.

1. Protection

Protection is the top priority you should look for when choosing the best lacrosse goalie gloves. Your hands must be fully protected from slashes and shots. Above all, your goalie gloves should provide advanced protection to your thumb and reinforcement to other key areas while playing the goalie position.

As the goalie is known for thumb fractures and similar injuries in this fragile area, as this part of the hand is the most exposed when holding the sticks. So, to eliminate even the slightest risk of pain and injuries, choose only goalie gloves with enhanced thumb protection.

2. Size

best women's lacrosse goalie gloves

To be the best, lacrosse goalie gloves should have a snug fit. The snug fit protects your hands better from various checks and high-impact shots. So, refer to multiple size charts to find the best model to fit your needs.

3. Comfort

All goalie gloves must be comfortable and fit your hands. The goalie's hands must be free to catch balls and prevent shots, so the comfier gloves enable free movement of the whole hand, providing a calm feeling. Thus, choose goalie gloves with breathable materials and ventilation to prevent pressure and sweaty hands.

4. Durability

Goalie gloves must be made to last longer, as they must resist external impacts, pressure, and forces. Expensive gloves would last a couple of years, even in extreme uses, as gloves are made of premium-quality materials. So, ensure the quality comes first.

5. Price

Of course, the price point is the last thing to consider, although this is easier said than done.

For professional players, the high-quality structure will prevent injuries and provide more comfort, so choose higher-end gloves if possible. However, younger players often choose more affordable gloves, as their games are not that intense, which is also valid.


Do lacrosse goalies need special gloves?

Yes, lacrosse goalies need special gloves with extra paddings and reinforced thumb areas to prevent injuries and offer better protection of their hands.

What is the difference between lacrosse goalie gloves and regular gloves?

The main difference between goalie gloves and field gloves is that goalie gloves have the additional protection of thumb area and paddings and layers protecting hands from injuries and fractures, as their play is tougher.

How do you clean lacrosse goalie gloves?

To clean the gloves, follow the steps below:

- fill a sink or bathtub with warm water and mix it with detergent 

- rinse the gloves to wash mud and dirt 

- soak the gloves for ten to fifteen minutes in the mixture 

- put the gloves on and squeeze them to excess water and dirt - if any 

- scrub the exterior with a brush 

- lay the gloves out to let them air dry

Why do goalie gloves smell?

lacrosse goalie gloves vs regular gloves

The goalie gloves might not breathe well. For this reason, the hands will sweat excessively, causing bacteria to gather and provide a bad odor.

Can I use hockey gloves for the lacrosse goalie?

Yes, you can use hockey gloves in lacrosse. However, the experts do not recommend hockey versions, as they are stiffer than the lacrosse versions. So, they will not be as comfortable as lacrosse pairs.

And, the best pair of goalie gloves is...?

The best lacrosse goalie gloves are the Epoch Integra Elite Goalie Lacrosse Gloves. The gloves are specific for the most advanced flexibility due to reliable construction. They will keep the hands safe and optimal for hard shots. They will also prevent seams while wearing the gloves for an extended period.

In addition, the gloves last longer since they offer durable materials.

Epoch Lacrosse Integra Elite Lacrosse Unisex-Adult Sport Activity Glove for Goalies with Tri-Layer...*
  • MADE WITH ARIAPRENE: Designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control with impact properties; Provides an additional protection layer in key slash areas in the integra protective line
  • PLAYER CORE CONTROL: Epoch's lacrosse protective gear has Player Core Control which features the S.Cafe Technology that combines coffee grounds that helps cool, reduces odor, dries quickly and provides UV protection during game play
  • COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND TRI-LAYER DUAL DENSITY FOAM: The Epoch lacrosse gloves uses a non-rigid stabilized composite material that is extremely lightweight and flexible; Features a Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack for hit/impact protection
  • AX SUEDE ONE-PIECE PALM: The Integra Elite Gloves feature a one-piece palm made with Ax Suede for its moisture wicking characteristics, superior feel and control; Eliminated the seams on the palm by using a sonic weld to improve lacrosse shaft handling
  • SIZING CHART: To get the most accurate fit for your Epoch Integra lacrosse gloves, make sure to consult with our handy sizing chart before making a purchase

Final verdict

To find the best lacrosse goalie gloves for you, it is essential to consider all of the available features. For example, the thumb area is necessary to reduce your risk of injury, and it is also vital to ensure that other parts of your hand are protected.

By taking all of these factors into account, you will be able to choose the right pair of gloves for your needs and help keep yourself safe while playing.

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