Best Lacrosse Heads 2018 – Top Rated and Buyer’s Guide

Every year, a large number of lacrosse heads from a number of top manufacturers are made available in the market. This year is no different. However, you need to consider many things before identifying the best lacrosse heads.

Before you choose the head that suits you perfectly, you will need to ask questions like: do I need a stiff head or one with a softer make? Should I go with a traditionally string head or a contemporary pre-strung model? These and other aspects need to be considered before you make the final decision.

To make things easier for you, we have carefully shortlisted top rated lacrosse heads of this year. The list includes heads for different positions and for both men and women lacrosse players. So you are sure to find one that will perfectly suit your needs. Once you have gone through these brief reviews, you will be in a better position to make the right decision and choose the right lacrosse head.

Top Rated Lacrosse Heads for 2018

Best Lacrosse Heads 2018 (Top 6 Reviews)

String King Mark 2V Strung Midfield Lacrosse Head (Assorted Colors & Options)



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The StringKing Mark 2V is one of the best lacrosse heads to have hit the market this year. This meticulously designed head is meant to give you a professional edge in picking ground balls as well as to help you retain ball control when carrying it in the pocket. The head features special ground ball vacuum which allows you to scoop up the ball easily and quickly from any angle. The aggressive angle of the head’s scoop makes it possible for you to beat opponent when it comes to picking ground balls.

Another remarkable feature of this lacrosse head is that it offers a solid amount of stiffness and strength while remaining quite light-weight. So you get to enjoy a stiff and light head all in one package. StringKing has used a special lightweight bolt through the body of this lacrosse head which eliminates head rattle nearly entirely. The pocket in this head is also designed to ensure ball retention while offering a good amount of whip at the same time.

The Mark 2V head comes with 29 stringing holes on the sidewalls, allowing you customize the head exactly and precisely according to your needs. Additional adjustable features let you customize the pocket as well. Featuring Type 3 mesh in its construction, this lacrosse head is sure to give you an edge in performance while lasting a long time.

East Coast Dyes ECD Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head



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The Mirage East Coast Dyes has been making headlines in the lacrosse industry. This premium head has been designed in light of the many years of string experience of the Mirage East Coast Dyes experts. The company has been providing the best stringing supplies for many years and has designed this lacrosse head building up on that experience and coupling it with cutting-edge technology.

The Mirage lacrosse head is meant for the elite offensive player. It has been specifically designed to give the attacking player an edge in terms of speed, ball control and the accuracy of release. Mirage East Coast Dyes has made use of 3D printing to fine-tune the design of the head and prune it precisely so that it befits the elite attacker. A great thing about this premium-grade lacrosse head is that it requires no break-in period at all. So you can start using it in professional games right out of the wraps.

The Semi-Soft HeroMesh used in this lacrosse head allows you to maintain maximum control of the ball when carrying it as well as when releasing it. The HeroStrings along the mid pocket ensure that the head remains durable and at the same time, let you release the ball perfectly smoothly.

Thompson i6 Traditionally Strung w/Thompson mesh Lax Head Iroquois Nation



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The Thompson i6 lacrosse head is a traditionally strung head designed by the industry experts, Thompson Brothers. This lacrosse head brings together the traditional wisdom of Mohawk lacrosse players with the stringing expertise of the most experience stick stringers in USA. The i6 in the name of the head signifies this and refers to the 6 nations of the Iroquois.

The scoop of the Thompson i6 head features well-placed eyelets which allow you to tighten up the mesh and ensures that the strings on the head will last for a long time. The sidewalls of the head feature 18 stringing holes, allowing maximum customizability and let you tweak the pocket placement exactly as per your needs. The scoop of the i6 head is designed at just the right angle so that you are able to pick the hardest ground balls with smooth grace.

The mesh used in the i6 head is the trademark Thompson mesh. This is a 15mm coated mesh which is semi-hard and lets you enjoy a modest degree of stiffness while keeping the head light-weight.

The real advantage of the Thompson i6 is that it offers the best stringing features in any heads this year. And at the same time, this head is perfect for use in all lacrosse positions.

So whether you are an offensive player, a midfielder or playing on the defensive position, you can notch up your performance using this lacrosse head. To top it, Thomson Brothers offers an exceptional durability in the design. So you can rest assured that this head is going to last you a long time.

Brine Dynasty Elite Strung Lacrosse Head



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The Brine Dynasty Elite strung lacrosse head is one of the best heads for women players this year. This head is designed for the elite attack player and truly delivers in terms of performance. The Dynasty head is constructed in such a way that it gives you maximum ball control and allows you to deliver releases, passes and attacks with pinpoint accuracy.

Brine has used its TruOffset technology in the construction of this head. This technology enables the players to achieve maximum control over the lacrosse ball and at the same time, infuse an astonishing amount of power in their attacks.

The use of bottom rail string holes in this head ensures that the pocket is perfectly sized to secure the ball on the go and to release it smoothly when on the attack. The Super V-Scoop further aids the well-designed pocket by ensuring that you are able to aim your shots and passes with an exceptional degree of precision.

The use of CORE-TECH in the construction of the Dynasty lacrosse head also ensures that it is quite light-weight and strong at the same time. So you can expect a great degree of durability in this lacrosse head.

Warrior Nemesis 2 Unstrung Goalie Head



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Warrior is known as the manufacturer of some of the best lacrosse heads in the market. This year is no different. The company has specifically focused on the goalies in the construction of the Nemesis 2 Unstring goalie head. This unstrung head has been designed with an eye to balance the three key features of any great goalie head. These include stiffness, reactivity and durability. So when you wield this head on the goalie position, you are able to defend against the attacks well, release shots with pinpoint accuracy and be assured that the head will deliver premium performance.

It is this balance that makes Nemesis 2 a great choice for the goalies. Warrior has made use of the new Sym-Rail Twist technology in the manufacturing of this lacrosse head. This technology ensures that the head remains stiff and durable enough while at the same time, it reduces weight in the sidewalls and enables you to wield this light-weight head at exceptional speeds. This combination of light-weight, stiffness and maximum speed is another major advantage of this goalie head.

The Nemesis 2 head comes with a huge number of string holes. This means that you can string this head exactly as per your needs and create a custom pocket that is just right for you. If you are looking to up your game as a goalie this year, look no further than the Nemesis 2 head.

Warrior Revo 3X Strung Lacrosse Head



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Warrior Revo 3X strung lacrosse head is another excellent option for this year. The company has designed this head specifically in view of the needs of the defensive players. So the Revo 3X head is meant to bring together stiff structure, great performance and an exceptionally well-designed grip zone.

The Revo 3X head features specially redesigned sidewalls. The new design brings a higher pocket placement on this head, ensuring that you are able to intercept passes and release shots with better speed and accuracy. The head also features a triple beam sidewall construction. It is this features which makes this lacrosse head one of the stiffest on the market this year. Naturally, the ultra-stiff design of this head makes it an excellent choice for the defensive lacrosse players.

Warrior has also significantly revamped the grip zone on top rails of this head. This enhancement essentially allows you to throw checks against the opponents more effectively and the head grips into the opposition successfully when you do so.

In all, the Revo 3X head packs all the essential features that a defensive player needs and then some. Featuring a stunning black outlook. It is no wonder that this head has made many top lists this year.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Lacrosse Heads

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#1 - Choosing the strung or unstrung

Most of the lacrosse heads available on the market come pre-strung right from the factory. This means that you don’t need to do any stringing with these heads and they will give a good amount of performance.

The problem is, all other pre-strung heads are similar, so you essentially get a head that is as good as any other pre-strung head. In simple words, you get what everyone else gets. And that is fine if you are playing on the defensive or midfielder position where a pre-strung head can perform quite well.

But if you are on the offensive position, you may need more than a simple pre-strung head. If you know how to expertly string a head on your own, you should go with an unstrung head. The great thing about an unstrung head is that you can string it exactly according to your needs and style, adjusting it as per the requirements of the game.

Even if you don’t know stringing yourself, you can find someone else who is good at stringing and seek their help to set up your unstrung head. Another advantage of unstrung heads is that they are cheaper compared to pre-strung heads.

#2 - Difference Between Attack, Defense, Goalie of Lacrosse Heads

Different lacrosse heads are designed specifically for different positions on the field. You can choose a head exactly designed for your position, whether you play on the offensive, defensive, midfield or goalie position. By focusing on position-specific heads, you can narrow down your choices and find a lacrosse head that exactly suits your needs.

If you are an offensive player, you should typically go for a lacrosse head that offers accuracy and maximum shot power. So a head which has a narrower pocket and good pocket placement will be a better fit for you.

If you play on the defensive position, you need a head that is wide enough to intercept the attacks and is stiff enough. A stiff head is ideally suited for a defensive player. The stiffness is also useful because it lets you throw effective checks on the opponents.

If you are a midfielder, you can choose from a greater variety of lacrosse heads. This is because as a midfielder, you will be involved in both offensive and defensive play. So at one hand, the head on your stick should be stiff enough to intercept powerful passes.

At the same time, it should be narrow enough to allow you to go on the offensive play and make accurate, quick passes when needed. So you should go with a head that offers semi-stiff qualities and offers a good degree of ball control, accuracy of shots and effective checks.

The lacrosse head for goalies is typically meant to be extra-wide. This enables goalies to effectively intercept the attacks on their goal. If you are a goalie, you should choose a head that is stiff enough to withstand the powerful attacks and at the same time, light enough to let you quickly wield it all over the net as well as towards the outlet passes.

#3 - Lacrosse Head Rules

If you are playing at the high school level, you will need to go a lacrosse head that conforms to the rules defined by NFHS. As per these rules, the minimum width of the head should be no less than 6.5 inches and the maximum width no more than 10 inches at the widest part of the head. Typically, heads which conform to these rules are known as NFHS heads.

If you are playing at the college level, you must get a lacrosse head that conforms with the rules laid down by NCAA. The lacrosse heads which meet these rules are known as NCAA heads. These heads are legal for use in college-level games but are not allowed in youth or high school games.

Finally, a special legal variety of lacrosse heads known as ‘universal heads’ are also available in the market. These heads conform to the NCAA as well as NFHS rules and are allowed for use on all level. These include youth, college level and high school level games.

Finding a head which is legal according to the rules of your respective level is important. If you carry a head which is not legal according to the rules, you may be barred from playing in the game. Alternatively, if an illegal head is discovered during the game, you and your team may be penalized for it.

What Is the Lacrosse Heads for Beginner

If you are a beginner at the lacrosse game, the best option for you is to go with a lacrosse head that comes pre-attached with a shaft. In other words, a complete stick is your best bet. Such sticks typically feature lacrosse heads which are specifically designer for the beginners.

A beginner lacrosse head typically features a wide enough face which allows you to catch the ball relatively easy in the beginning. It is also preferable if you go with a lacrosse head that is made from a softer mesh and is not too stiff. This will ensure that when you catch the ball, it will not simply bounce off the head. So you will be able to gradually develop ball control. Lacrosse heads for beginners also tend to have a flatter scoop which allows the player to easily get the ball off the ground.

What is the Lacrosse Heads for Attackmen

As an attacking player, you need a lacrosse head that will help you in the offensive play. In this position, you will need to make hard passes, shoot the ball accurately and swiftly get the ball off the ground without losing it.

Typically, attack heads are more flexible then defense heads. Attack heads come with more flexible sides. This ensures that the attacking player is able to quickly get a ball off the ground when need be. Another distinguishing feature of attack heads is that they come with narrow throats and pockets. A narrow profile ensures that the attacker is able to keep the ball safe while carrying it. Narrow pocket also enables a more accurate shooting, allowing the attacker to make accurate passes and shots.

Most attack heads also feature a slight curve along their throat where they meet the shaft. This curve enables an attacking player to channel more power into his shot and achieve better accuracy when shooting the ball.

Lacrosse Head Stringing Guide

Stringing a lacrosse head is quite easy if you follow the guidelines. Typically, you will be able to manage an awesome 10-diamond mesh on your own. It will serve you well in the game, so a 10-diamond mesh string is fairly sufficient for most players.

First of all, fold the row of diamonds into 2 rows so that you clearly see only 10 diamonds on the top. Now pass the string through the 1st diamond and pull it back over the sidewall rail of the head. Now put the string through the second sidewall hole and in this way, secure the 1st diamond of the head tightly to the 1st and 2nd sidewall holes of the head.

Now push the string through the 2nd diamond and pass it through the 1st scoop hole on the head. After passing the string through the scoop hole, pull it back and secure it tightly. Next, tie the 3rd hole to the 1st scoop hole in a similar way. Then push the string through the 4th diamond and then through the 2nd scoop hole. Secure the string tightly.

Now pass the string through the 5th diamond and then push it up through the 2nd scoop hole. Next push the string through 6th diamond and then push it under and up through the 3rd scoop hole. Pull the end back away from the scoop and tie it under itself.

Next, pass the string through the 7th diamond and the 3rd large scoop hole and tie it in a similar manner. Follow the same routine with the 8th mesh diamond and the 4th large scoop hole. Do the same with the 9th mesh diamond and the 4th scoop hole.

Finally, peg the 10th mesh diamond to both sidewall holes on either side of the head and then pull the string back over the rail. Pull as tight as possible and finally tie it in a secure 8-shaped knot. Your lacrosse head has been strung and is ready for use.


Many factors determine which head is perfectly suitable for you. As mentioned above, it is dependent upon the rules that apply to your game, the position your are playing and your personal preferences. Once you go through this guide, you will be in a position to sift through the best lacrosse heads and choose the one that is right for you.