Best Attack & Midfield Lacrosse Heads of 2023 – Top Rated and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you looking for a new lacrosse head for your stick?

If you are, then chances are, you would have been overwhelmed by all the options available on the market. That is perfectly normal, as long as you don’t settle for mediocre lacrosse heads. Any experienced player will be able to tell you how important it is to buy high-quality gear.

So, without further ado, here is your guide to the best lacrosse heads of 2023.


At First Glance - Top Picks

Technically, you have to consider a variety of lacrosse head features before you find one that suits you best.

Please read our articles on best goalie heads, best defensive heads, or best face-off heads if you want to find one of them.

This review will look at 12 of the highest-rated attack/midfield lacrosse heads on the market. But before we get to them, here is a summary of the top 3 items.

Best Attack & Midfield Lacrosse Heads for Men: Top 12 Picks for 2023

$$ - STX Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Best performance with increased quality to play for an extended period and more robust use.

$ - Warrior Burn Face Off Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Best flex technology for a face off players and tough playing conditions.

$ - East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head - Best flex technology for stiffness of attackers and middies.

$$ - ECD Lacrosse Mirage 2.0 Lacrosse Head - Best reliable and sturdy design, offering reliable and lightweight quality and structure.

$ - Warrior Evo 5X Unstrung Lacrosse Sticks - Best value and improved structure for advanced design technology.

$ - Evo Warp Pro 2 Strung - Best system for increased performance and improved value for robust uses.

$ - STX Lacrosse Ultra Power - Best for midfielders to assist defenders and attackers and improve overall gaming standards.

$ - Maverik Lacrosse Tank Universal Unstrung Head - Best for defensive players offering improved head design.

$ - Warrior Evo 5 - Budget-friendly and advanced for increased performance and different actions.

$ - STX Lacrosse Stallion Omega - Best design and reliable uses for increased performance on the field.

$ - Maverik Lacrosse Optik - Best for attackers due to advanced structure, power, accuracy, and speed. 

$ - Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head - Best face shape and resistance for multiple uses and different standards.

STX Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head - The best performance
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Dimensions: ‎13.5 x 6.97 x 2.28 inches
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Best for: tough play and practice sessions

When choosing the best lacrosse head for your shaft, do not skip the STX Stallion 900 lacrosse head. This lacrosse head is ideal for all players and tougher playing conditions. In addition, it will serve you well for the more robust use of its improved technology.

The lacrosse head is ideal for its EnduraForm system and materials, making it strong, sturdy, and durable for an extended period. As a result, the lacrosse head will have improved toughness and not be damaged so soon, regarding playing or external conditions. So you can perform various operations on the field.

Thanks to the redesigned Speed Scoop technology, the lacrosse head will be ideal for easier ground balls, and later throwing, catching, passes, and similar operations. You can successfully continue the game and score more points when shooting at the opponent's goal. So, you can manage the lacrosse head to match your needs, regardless of the attacking angle.

Due to the InnerLock design, the lacrosse head offers the easiest stringing to the inside rail, narrowing the channel for more hold and offering better use and performance of the overall design and features of the lacrosse head. Thus, you can perform different drills when playing or practicing longer without obstacles or similar issues.

As the head offers the deepest legal offset, it will increase the ball retention and provide a better feel for optimal use.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • unstrung

Warrior Burn Face Off Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Best for face-off players
  • Brand: ‎WARRIOR
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Best for: flex technology

The WARRIOR lacrosse head is ideal for all face-off players fighting for ball possession during the match. The lacrosse head uses a specific, strong design, making it suitable for checks and different operations on the lacrosse field, especially for attackers and midfielders assisting them. So, nothing can go wrong with your head in the rougher game conditions.

Thanks to the universal punch design, the WARRIOR lacrosse head features multiple face-off styles, featuring different face-flex, traditional, and other styles. Thus, the WARRIOR lacrosse head is ideal for multiple performance options, making the best use of the lacrosse head. And you can easily adjust it to your needs.

Due to the increased throat stiffness, the lacrosse head provides superior strength and powerful design, ensuring optimal 50/50 battles. Thus, the head will also promote a face shape and speedy recovery and ensure maximum strength and power while using the head for an extended time.

As it offers an asymmetrical structure, the lacrosse head also features a better balance between flex and strength. So, the part of the lacrosse equipment can easily be adjusted to your needs, and you can use it to match your needs and standards.

Since the sidewall construction also increases the performance, you can easily get ball possession and control the ball efficiently, especially during the face-off. So, once you send the ball away, it will follow the direction, and you can perform various operations with the stick.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • flex design
  • ball control
  • not visible

East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head - Best flex technology
  • Brand: ‎East Coast Dyes
  • Dimensions: 14.21 x 7.4 2.83 inches
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Best for: attackers/midfielders

Why should you choose the East Coast Dyes lacrosse head as your number #1 choice? There are multiple benefits, so let’s list all of them and see the crucial ones.

The lacrosse head comes with a specific construction, offering extra flexibility and different curves of composite materials, adding more strength and power when catching, passing, throwing, or shooting at the opponent's goal.

In addition, the sidewall design offers extra stability and support, utilizing maximum ball control, ensuring the ball will have the necessary accuracy and speed, and following the best direction when sending it away.

In addition, the attacking/midfielder lacrosse head is ideal for its higher stiffness and improved flex technology. So, you can manage the lacrosse pocket to find the best use of it and ensure the proper velocity of the lacrosse ball. Although unstrung, the lacrosse head offers mid, high, or low pocket placement, adjustable depth, and maximum ball control. So, you can operate well on the lacrosse field.

This is only part of it, as the lacrosse head comes with various compost materials, preserving its strength, quality, and sturdiness while playing for an extended period.

In addition, the lacrosse head will be durable and reliable for all external pressure, impacts, and forces, making it ideal for further use and all tough conditions. So, you cannot damage the wholesome structure so soon, don’t worry.

The design is also ideal for its lightweight features, so it will not add more weight and pressure once you place it on the shaft.

  • stable
  • sturdy
  • flex
  • might break at the throat

ECD Lacrosse Mirage 2.0 Lacrosse Head - Best quality
  • Brand: ‎ECD Lacrosse
  • Dimensions: 13x6x2 inches
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Best for: reliable and lightweight structure

The ECD Lacrosse head is ideal for its reliability and lightweight structure. The lacrosse head won't add extra pressure and weight to the chosen shaft. In addition, it's pre-strung, so you don't have to waste your time and re-strung the matching design.

Thanks to its dimensions, and overall structure, the lacrosse head is the best option for attackers and shooters at the goals. They will have the maximum ball control and ensure the best performance for their team and members.

In addition, once you send the ball away, it will follow the designated direction, and you don’t need to worry about possible complications.

As it’s made of composite materials, the lacrosse head will last for an extended period, protecting you from all external conditions, pressure, forces, and impacts. Moreover, it will offer higher UV protection so you can use it throughout the year, on and off the season. If you’re in a camp during the summer months, the lacrosse stick will also preserve its quality, shape, and overall quality.

Made in the USA, the domestic production and manufacturer ensures the best standards and performance. The lacrosse head can endure all harsh playing conditions. So, you cannot damage the construction so soon.

  • resistance
  • durability
  • reliable
  • breakable mesh design

Warrior Evo 5X Unstrung Lacrosse Sticks - Best for Value
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Dimensions: 10.5x6.8x0.5 inches
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Best for: improved design

Warrior is a familiar name with professional lacrosse players with great reliability and high-quality products. Continuing the tradition, Warrior Evo 5X is among the best-sellers on the market.

Warrior Evo 5X is an upgraded version of Evo 4X released in 2018 with the help of advanced technology. It still has the Sym-Rail design in Evo 4X, which can reduce weight but also add more stiffness and stability. Moreover, it offers extra durability that can withstand several games.

What makes Evo 5X the outstanding product on the list is the Loc-Throat technology that removes shaft rattle. Moreover, this feature will provide internal and external pressure for a snug fit. However, you should know that Evo 5X cannot be used with solid shafts and screw holes.

Another remarkable feature of Evo 5X is the Tilt-Tech string hole design. This feature allows you to string your lacrosse head the way you want it. You can customize the tension for your reference and achieve the perfect ball release.

In general, Evo 5X is a great choice for midfield positions and professional attackers. It also comes in several colors that allow you to choose the one that matches your gears.

  • Sym-Rail design to reduce weight and add stability
  • Loc-Throat technology for a secure fit
  • Tilt-Tech string hole design makes it versatile to strung
  • Suitable for offensive midfielders and attackers
  • Comes with no string
  • Not suitable for defenders and goalies

Evo Warp Pro 2 Strung - The Most Ambitious Budget-Pick
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Dimensions: 14x9x2.5 inches
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Best for: its value

Next off, we have a strung attack lacrosse head, one of the Warrior’s warp models. Even though warp models are generally unpopular among lacrosse players, Warrior continued changing and upgrading the line implementing the advice from word-class athletes and their own research.

The Evo Warp Pro 2 was released in 2019, ready to help you dominate the field with its novel design, specially built for better hold, release, and ball control.

As an attack-man, you need to release the passes and shots quickly. With that in mind, Warrior made the Evo Warp Pro 2 with a tighter face and a mid-low pocket that allows a better grip of the ball, general control, and hold.

Deciding not to leave anything to chance, Warrior implemented three different whip options to this warp lacrosse head: ML1, ML2, and ML3.

The ML1 was specially designed for swift attack-men and midfielders who need to get their feeds and shots off quickly, while the ML3 was intended for players who shoot from the outside and need a bit of an added hold-shot speed. The ML2, as you can assume, represents the balance between these two.

The material resists all weather conditions, and the fantastic diamond configuration with a premium pocket screams durability. Still, Warrior additionally incorporated the Sym-Rail technology that guarantees longevity and consistency, making it worth the money.

Personally, I am not a fan of warp models, but I have to admit that they really put some effort into this one, and it is worth considering.

  • Three whip options
  • SYMRAIL technology
  • Mid-low pocket
  • Better ball control
  • Durable
  • Stiff
  • A bit expensive

STX Lacrosse Ultra Power - Fantastic Mid-Ranger
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Dimensions: 11.65 x 7.32 x 3.03 inches
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Best for: midfielders

The next pick is Will Manny’s and Marcus Holman’s attack lacrosse head of choice, the Ultra Power Lacrosse head by STX. All the power this head has to offer hides in the merging of four critical design features: channel lock, EnduraForm, PowerRamp, and SpeedScoop.

Incredible PowerRamp technology significantly improved the consistency and shot speed, elemental for every lacrosse offense man. Yet deep offset allows reliable ball retention and better feel since good ball control matters in every position.

Ground balls are sort of a defensemen's focus, but the offense can also have a perfectly fast pickup with the SpeedScoop that minimizes drag for more scooping efficiency.

If you’re not familiar with the Channellock system, it’s a stringing system that allows more precise and advanced control of the pocket.

The final thing I’d like to mention is the EnduraForm system, a feature well-known when it comes to the STX equipment. It represents an innovative proprietary formulation that enhances the toughness and temperature-resistance of the heads.

When it comes to the price, I would say this lacrosse head is a mid-range to high-end product, definitely worth buying. It is perfect for both high-school and college players since it meets both NCAA and NFHS specs.

As for the brand, it is all a matter of preference.

With STX, you can never go wrong, yet some people like Warrior or Maverick models more. Luckily this product is a part of the exclusive TEST DRIVE Program, so you can test it out and return for credit money if you are not satisfied.

  • Strong
  • Reliable
  • SpeedScoop
  • Channellock
  • EnduraForm
  • PowerRamp
  • Some customers complain about durability.

Maverik Lacrosse Tank Universal Unstrung Head - Best Head for Defensive
  • Brand: ‎Maverik Lacrosse
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Best for: improved head design

Maverik is a rising star in the lacrosse equipment field with a lot of great-value products that satisfy professional players. And the Maverik Tank Universal head is a lacrosse head that is specifically designed for elite defensemen.

Tank Universal is a machine that offers you ultimate power and agility. With the help of this Tank Universal, you can deliver fierce checks and scoop the ball with ease.

The Tank U possesses a wide surface for intercepting passes and disrupting your opponent. It is why the Tank U is valued as one of the best options for defensive players.

As you can see, the Tank U features a Maverik’s 4-strut design that offers the stiff design to withstand extended use. You won't have to be worried about bending your head during the game.

Moreover, the Tank U lacrosse head is equipped with a level-5 bottom rail design that offers greater control off the ball. Thus, you can channel the ball into the pocket every time in your games.

Besides, the Tank U allows you to have multiple options to string your head to meet your requirements. You can also customize the pocket options from mid to high to fit your games.

Lastly, you can rest assured about the quality of the Tank U lacrosse head. It is 100% made in the USA and comes with a six-month warranty.

  • No string included
  • Only for defensive

Warrior Evo 5 - Affordable Option for Midfielders
  • Brand: Warrior
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6.8 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Best for: a budget-friendly price tag

Next off, we included another fantastic model from Warrior, this time one from the Evo line, the Warrior Evo Five. This is a reliable, high-quality lacrosse head, specially built for midfielders with all the essential features, built to enhance your performance.

Comparing Evolution four with the Evolution five line, we noticed only two innovations: the LockThroat and TiltTech technology.

The LockThroat technology is an honestly beneficial addition. It eliminates the rattle and keeps the head more stable. Namely, as you lock the head to a shaft with a screw, the LockThroat flares out and puts external and internal pressure on the pole, keeping the head ultra-stiff.

When it comes to TiltTech technology, it gives stringers a chance to get creative and optimize the tension of the pocket, enhancing the ball release.

The head is designed with a mid-low pocket for advanced control and stability. Therefore the offensive midfielders or goal-scorers will find it incredibly convenient and handy.

Like other Warrior models, this lacrosse head also incorporates the SYM-RAIL technology that provides additional stiffness and, at the same time, reduces the weight. The head weighs barely 5.5 ounces.

When it comes to the price, the product is pretty affordable, not the most cost-efficient offer you can find, but still way cheaper than high-end models. It was released in 2018, so I would not consider it the first option for professional use.

  • SYMRAIL technology
  • TILTTECH technology
  • A mid-low pocket
  • Stable
  • Better ball control
  • Affordable
  • Not the highest quality available

STX Lacrosse Stallion Omega - Unmatched Design
  • Brand: STX
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.5 x 2.32 inches
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Best for: overall performance

As the cherry on top, I saved another STX model, this time the Lacrosse Stallion Omega. This lacrosse head for midfielders comes with a set of super balanced features that will support the incredible performance. Let’s look into it.

It is no secret that all STX heads feature incredible proprietary polymers that enhance the strength. But, Omega proprietary polymers show absolutely the best weight to strength ratio of all STX models.

Next, it includes the redesigned SpeedScoop that makes ground balls incredibly easy to gather even from higher angles.

The interlock system makes stringing on the inside rail effortless thanks to the tightened channels for better hold and accuracy.

But, this is not the end of innovations. This advanced STX head also includes the deepest legal offset, improving the ball retention and general ball feel.

You can string this head in many different ways thanks to the optimized stringing hole placement. At the same time, the updated stallion rail geometry offers enhanced force and durability, all you need as a midfielder.

The price is pretty adequate, given the model’s specifications, so this is the most expensive model on this list. Yet, I wouldn’t hesitate a second since the model shows honestly high quality and won’t break easily.

All in all, STX Stallion Omega is a lacrosse head worth buying with a bunch of innovations that most certainly count on the field.

  • Many stringing options
  • Strong
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ball retention
  • Easy scooping
  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty (sixty days)

Maverik Lacrosse Optik - Top Pick Attacker Lacrosse Head
  • Brand: Maverik Lacrosse
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Best for: attackers

The fact that this lacrosse head is used by one of the greatest dodging attack-men, Jordan Wolf, speaks for itself. We are dealing with a high-quality, elite lacrosse head here, designed to provide better ball control, velocity, and accuracy.

Since lacrosse is a traditional sport, I guess that you'd rather buy domestic equipment manufactured in the USA.

Who knows more about lacrosse than Americans, right?

Well, all Maverik gears are produced in the USA, promising superior quality, premium materials, and challenging testing.

This lacrosse head was made of DURATOUGH materials that provide essential strength and stiffness while retaining its properties in different weather.

What is more, the head owns its stiff design to the XRAIL TECHNOLOGY as well, since it distributes the pressure to the opposite rail, reducing the weight significantly while enhancing the sturdiness.

As for the catch and release, the LEVEL 2 BOTTOM RAIL creates a low-mid pocket, which allows the players to perform a powerful, quick release and focus on the game.

Finally, the tension lock provides more precision in stringing, making it easier to locate a defined shooting channel.

All in all, this is one fantastic budget-friendly attack lacrosse head, clearly designed to resist the passage of time. Every penny spent on the design has been wisely used, resulting in a long set of features you can find in the high-end models.

Importantly, this lacrosse head meets both NCAA and NFHS specifications.

  • Affordable
  • Well-designed
  • Quick-release
  • XRAIL technology
  • The tension lock
  • DuraTough material
  • Not as reliable as the high-end models

Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head - Best face shape
  • Brand: ‎Maverik
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Best for: resistance

The amazing Maverik lacrosse head uses the 2.0 version, including more composite material than the previous lacrosse head model. Thus, the 2.0 model will last longer, offering the best resistance and reliable structure in tougher playing conditions.

The Maverik 2.0 lacrosse head is also ideal for its tiger face shape, which creates a perfect channel and improves ball control. The lacrosse head uses the evolved scoop system, enhancing the attacking angle of the ground balls from one coast to another.

Based on the top-stinger technology, the 2.0 model features the sidewall ergonomic design for improved stringing options and optional tension locking. Thus, the lacrosse head uses a more improved structure than the previous model.

More stringing holes will also help you and give you more options for the pocket pattern, creating an ideal sweet spot to make the ball rest in the designated position. You can perform various operations on the field. The performance will also offer the high, mid, and low pocket types, and you can easily choose the best technology for your needs.

The weight and mass from the scoop and throat will reduce the overall weight, adding increased stiffness and strength to the sidewall system. Thus, the lacrosse head ensures optimal performance and consistent accuracy while shooting, passing, or catching the lacrosse ball.

The Mavrik 2.0 is ideal for all players looking for speed, accuracy, and velocity. So, it uses improved energy transfer and incredible hold for various operations.

  • flex
  • stable
  • durable
  • /

Lacrosse Head 101

The central piece of lacrosse equipment for a lacrosse player is the stick. It is what players use to catch, pass, and throw the ball. It is impossible to play the sport without it.

The purpose and structure of the lacrosse stick have not changed much. It is made up of two parts: the shaft and, of course, the headpiece, which will be the focus of this content.

In the past, the headpiece was constructed from wood and leather. Nowadays, their design is modern and streamlined, and the material from which they are made has been revolutionized. It is now made of a variety of substances. Most products are manufactured from materials like plastic and carbon.

Lacrosse stick heads are typically shaped like a scoop. The shape allows you to catch, scoop, stop and throw the ball.

1. When do you need to buy a lacrosse headpiece?

best lacrosse heads ever

While you enjoy the thrill of the game, your gear takes a beating. It will be bumped, scraped, strained, and exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. And no matter how sturdy it is, you can’t expect it to last forever.

Eventually, your headpiece might start to show cracks or even break. It may also start to show discoloration. If you see any of these signs, then it is time to invest in a new headpiece.

However, it is also best to remember that a beginner stick might probably not be able to take the strain required of an experienced player’s equipment.

2. Lacrosse head rules

If you are playing at the high school level, you will need to go a lacrosse head that conforms to the rules defined by NFHS.

As per these rules, the minimum width of the head should be no less than 6.5 inches and the maximum width no more than 10 inches at the widest part of the head. Typically, heads which conform to these rules are known as NFHS heads.

If you are playing at the college level, you must get a lacrosse head that conforms with the rules laid down by NCAA. The lacrosse heads which meet these rules are known as NCAA heads. These heads are legal for use in college-level games but are not allowed in youth or high school games.

Finally, a special legal variety of lacrosse heads known as ‘universal heads’ are also available in the market. These heads conform to the NCAA as well as NFHS rules and are allowed for use on all level. These include youth, college level and high school level games.

Finding a head which is legal according to the rules of your respective level is important.

If you carry a head which is not legal according to the rules, you may be barred from playing in the game. Alternatively, if an illegal head is discovered during the game, you and your team may be penalized for it.

3. Types of lacrosse heads

best lacrosse heads 2023

Manufacturers often make sticks for different roles like a goalie, defender, midfielder, and an attacker. This is because the dimensions and contour of the head can affect the way a player handles the ball.

Here is some information on the heads used by players in specific positions:

a. Goalie

Goalies use a unique type of stick. Their headpieces are broader to help them catch and stop the ball. These headpieces typically have fewer contours. You can find best lacrosse goalie heads in this article here.

b. Defender

Defenders need to use their sticks to handle ground balls and checks. They need a sturdy stick that can survive this type of pressure.

c. Face-off midfielder

The primary requirement for a face-off headpiece is that it should be flexible enough to bend without breaking or cracking.

d. Attack/midfielder

Attackers need equipment that is exceptionally lightweight. Their sticks and headpieces often weigh the least and are narrower than defenders and goalies’ gear. If you are an attacker, then look for a product that is arched and contoured.

As an attacking player, you need a lacrosse head that will help you in the offensive play. In this position, you will need to make hard passes, shoot the ball accurately and swiftly get the ball off the ground without losing it.

Typically, attack/midfielder heads are more flexible then defense heads. Attack heads come with more flexible sides. This ensures that the attacking player is able to quickly get a ball off the ground when need be.

Another distinguishing feature of attack heads is that they come with narrow throats and pockets. A narrow profile ensures that the attacker is able to keep the ball safe while carrying it. Narrow pocket also enables a more accurate shooting, allowing the attacker to make accurate passes and shots.

Most attack heads also feature a slight curve along their throat where they meet the shaft. This curve enables an attacking player to channel more power into his shot and achieve better accuracy when shooting the ball.

e. Beginner

If you are a beginner at the lacrosse game, the best option for you is to go with a lacrosse head that comes pre-attached with a shaft. In other words, a complete stick is your best bet. Such sticks typically feature lacrosse heads which are specifically designer for the beginners.

A beginner lacrosse head typically features a wide enough face which allows you to catch the ball relatively easy in the beginning. It is also preferable if you go with a lacrosse head that is made from a softer mesh and is not too stiff.

This will ensure that when you catch the ball, it will not simply bounce off the head. So you will be able to gradually develop ball control.

Lacrosse heads for beginners also tend to have a flatter scoop which allows the player to easily get the ball off the ground.

f. Stringing

Some holes run along the side of the scoop through which you can thread the string or mesh. Unfortunately, most lacrosse heads that you can buy come without any mesh. You will probably need to string it yourself.

You can choose between different types of netting. It is much easier to install mesh than string. Most stringing kits will come with instructions on how to do this.

Check out this video for easy to understand instructions for stringing your stick.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lacrosse Head

1. Shape

You might think that all lacrosse heads are the same shape, but that is just not true. Remember that equipment for different roles come in different dimensions.

To play the sport optimally, you need the ideal gear to set you on the right track.

best lacrosse heads

2. Weight

The weight of the headpiece depends on its dimensions and material. Most of them are very light, but you might be surprised how big a difference a few ounces make. It can significantly impact your game style.

You should make sure that the product is suitable for your role and style.

3. Colors

The color of the headpiece is not the most critical factor, but it is still worthy of consideration. You will preferably want to buy a product that matches the stick and perhaps even your uniform.

Remember that when you look good, you feel good.

4. Mesh or No Mesh?

As I have mentioned lacrosse heads are often sold without any net. In this case, you need to string it yourself. There are also services that will do this for you.

But all of this means that there will be extra costs involved.

Lacrosse Head Stringing Guide

Stringing a lacrosse head is quite easy if you follow the guidelines. Usually, you will be able to manage an awesome 10-diamond mesh on your own and this will serve you well in the game.

best women's lacrosse heads for attack

Step 1: Fold the row of diamonds into two rows so that you clearly see only 10 diamonds on the top.

Step 2: Pass the string through the 1st diamond and pull it back over the sidewall rail of the head.

Step 3: Put the string through the second sidewall hole and in this way, secure the 1st diamond of the head tightly to the 1st and 2nd sidewall holes of the head.

Step 4: Push the string through the 2nd diamond and pass it through the 1st scoop hole on the head.

Step 5: After passing the string through the scoop hole, pull it back and secure it tightly.

Step 6: Tie the 3rd hole to the 1st scoop hole in a similar way and then push the string through the 4th diamond and then through the 2nd scoop hole. Secure the string tightly.

Step 7: Pass the string through the 5th diamond and then push it up through the 2nd scoop hole.

Step 8: Push the string through the 6th diamond and then push it under and up through the 3rd scoop hole. Pull the end back away from the scoop and tie it under itself.

Step 9: Pass the string through the 7th diamond and the 3rd large scoop hole and tie it in a similar manner.

Step 10: Follow the same routine with the 8th mesh diamond and the 4th large scoop hole. Do the same with the 9th mesh diamond and the 4th scoop hole. Finally, peg the 10th mesh diamond to both sidewall holes on either side of the head and then pull the string back over the rail. Pull as tight as possible and finally tie it in a secure 8-shaped knot.

Your lacrosse head has been strung and is ready for use!

Check out the video HERE for easy-to-understand instructions for stringing your stick.


How do you put a shooter on a lacrosse head?

Follow the steps below:

- Use the shooter strings and pull it out from the first 9 diamond rows 

- Put the shooter string in between the sidewall and mesh 

- Take the end that’s facing opposite to you and take it out towards you. 

- The other end must go down from the following diamond.

- Weave the shooter string across all the diamonds in the row till you go to the next side of the head. 

- Tie a tight knot over there.

- Use the second shooter string and repeat the same process on the following 9 diamond rows.

How do you tighten a lacrosse head?

Pull the top and the bottom strings to find the best depth and make the strings stiffer. Then, adjust them to meet your needs and tight knots. Also, remove the old strings and the excess strings, if any.

How do you screw in a lacrosse head?

You must find the proper screws to match the hole attaching the lacrosse head to the shaft. Then you can use the screwdriver to screw the tools and make the tight connection between the head and the shaft.

How to boil a lacrosse head?

First, prepare the water in the pot and heat it until it starts boiling. Then you can place the head inside the boiling water and leave it for twenty to thirty seconds inside the water. Finally, use the kitchen tongs to remove the head.

How much does a lacrosse head weigh?

The heads weigh around 150 to 200 grams on average, but they might weigh more if their construction contains composite materials. Then, they can weigh more than 200 grams.

How to remove dye from a lacrosse head?

Do not use bleach to remove the dye color on the head. You will destroy it. You should dye it black, as you might not remove the dye from the head.

How do you break a lacrosse head?

There are various methods to do so, including: pounding, unstringing, breaking the mesh, testing the whip.

How do you make a lacrosse head fit a shaft?

Follow the steps below:

- Remove the screws that connect your existing stick shaft and head

- Pull the head off of the shaft

- Neglect the part you're replacing, or save it for emergency or spare parts

- Slide the throat of the head into the top of the shaft

- Turn the head so that it is aligned flush with the shaft

How do you widen a lacrosse head?

You can cut a plywood form in shape, fit it into the head, and bake or boil it as you would for pinching.

What lacrosse head does Matt Rambo use?

He uses the Epoch Z1 and Dragonfly head and shaft.

How do you remove a lacrosse head from the shaft?

Remove the screw connecting the two parts, and step with the heel while pulling the shaft away from the head.

How much does Lacrosse Unlimited charge to string a head?

They might charge you between $10 and $25.

When should I restring my lacrosse head?

You need to restring it before any lacrosse season, on average, two to three times a year, depending on how often you play.

How do you put the top string on a lacrosse head?

Follow the steps below:

- Feed the string through the mesh and into the fifth hole

- Loosely thread the string through the bottom of the mesh

- Leave a little slack on the string to create a loop

- Pull the end of the string through the loop

- Push the string through the top of the fifth hole of the side of the head

Can you hydro dip a lacrosse head?

Yes, you can, but you must spray a coat over it to hold it up.

Final Thoughts

The best head is the STX Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head for its overall performance and increased durability. You can use it for tougher playing and practice sessions, and the head will not damage so soon. In addition, it’s affordable for all players and adjustable for different needs.

You can choose among various units to find the best solution. Ensure the benefits match your style and required standards for optimal use on the field.

STX Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head,White*
  • EnduraForm - a proprietary material for improved toughness
  • Redesigned Speed Scoop for easier groundballs, regardless of angle of attack
  • Innerlock makes stringing to the inside rail easy, narrowing the channel for more hold
  • Deepest legal offset increase ball feel and retention

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