Best Lacrosse Starter Kit for Your Kiddos: Tips & Tricks on How to Select Them

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Are your kids enthusiastic about lacrosse? Do they want to become the greatest lacrosse stars? Suppose they do, you're at the right place.

In the article, you'll find various lacrosse starter sets for beginner players. Whether they are boys, girls, or even men, these lacrosse products will help them improve their skills and become better players.

What's the heck here? Well, you need to select the best lacrosse starter kit. How so? Read below and find out more.


Best Youth & Girls Lacrosse Starter Kits

$ - Maverik Mini Lax Set - Best performance with increased versatility and different styles. The lacrosse starter kit is easily adjustable to your needs, so you can match your standards easily.

$ - STX Exult 200 Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick - Best premium-quality design, so the lacrosse stick will be ideal for all beginner women lacrosse players. The high-quality materials will last longer.

$ - Major League Lacrosse Mini Set - Most advanced starter kit for prolonged practice sessions and different recreational uses. The kit is also ideal for longer sessions.

$$ - Champion Sports Soft Lacrosse Set - Best for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for PE classes for school children. The lacrosse starter kit is advanced for prolonged practice sessions.

$ - STX FiddleSTX Three Player Game Set - The sturdiest construction with advanced design and reliable use. The lacrosse star kit is ideal for prolonged use and various drills for optimal improvement.

$ - TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit - Best for all future players and playing conditions. The lacrosse starter kit will quickly adjust to all playing conditions, and you can easily use it for an extended period.

$ - Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse Goal & Stick Set - Most comfortable and adjustable kit for all children and beginner players. Ideal for gradual improvement but not so durable.

Maverik Mini Lax Set - The best performance
  • Brand: ‎Maverik Lacrosse
  • Size: one size
  • Users: beginners
  • Best for: versatility

What is so specific about the Maverik mini lacrosse starter kit? The starter kit is ideal for its premium design and versatility.

The lacrosse starter kit offers a recreational design but uses various materials suitable for advanced practice sessions. The lacrosse starter kit uses plastic and PC composite materials, so you can use them in different weather conditions.

In addition, the lacrosse starter kit will serve you well for extended use, and you can easily adjust them for the playing and practicing conditions.

The lacrosse starter kit uses the mini goal. Two mini lacrosse sticks with a soft ball and a mini lacrosse goalie stick. These components will offer longer practice sessions, and you can easily practice different drills when playing recreational lacrosse.

The composite materials will also provide advanced durability and sturdiness to last longer. So, you cannot destroy or damage the lacrosse equipment so soon. Thus, the lacrosse starter kit can easily adjust to your needs and standards.

Of course, the construction and the overall design cannot resist hard and fastballs, and you should use the lacrosse starter kit for advanced playing conditions or professional play. But, it will serve its purpose, and you can easily adjust them to your needs. The lacrosse starter kit is also valuable for the multiple uses it offers to the users.

The Maverik lacrosse starter kit is also adjustable to your needs, and you can manage it to match your standards.

  • durable
  • valuable
  • design
  • adjustable
  • /

STX Exult 200 Youth Lacrosse Starter Stick - High-quality Content

What can girls find in this lacrosse starter kit? Read below!

The female players can find the lacrosse google, lacrosse stick, and backpack for the starter players.

Regarding the starter women stick, the lacrosse player - starter will find the ease of use during the passing and shooting, throw and catch drills. How so? Well, the starter stick contains the Crux mesh pocket with soft stringing for ultimate performance.

Concerning the starter goggle, starter lacrosse players can be confident they are of the highest-quality material. Namely, the goggle contains the 4Sight - Plus S design technology system that provides supreme visibility along with the form-fitting silicone for better adjustability. The goggles won't move around; they will stick to the right place and won't create additional pressure.

The backpack is lightweight enough and serves as an excellent storage space for your gear. The mechanism won't create any sweat or cause any troubles while wearing it due to the design. So, you can take your bag and start practicing!

Thus, if you want a perfect lacrosse starter kit for your female starter lacrosse player, this is a fantastic option since the results will astonish her!

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Minor design flaws

Major League Lacrosse Mini Set - Best for practice
  • Brand: ‎A&R Sports
  • Size: 30 inches
  • Users: beginners and children
  • Best for: durability

The A&R Sports lacrosse mini sticks are ideal for all beginner players, especially those deciding to play box lacrosse.

The lacrosse starter kit uses a durable and reliable plastic handle. Thus, you can hold it firmly in your hands, and it will quickly adjust to your hands. It will not cause pressure or similar discomfort while using the sticks, and you can practice or play recreational lacrosse for an extended period. So, nothing can go wrong with the design.

The lacrosse starter kit also contains a soft mesh pocket, pre-strung with different large or small diamonds, to create the sweet spot for the ball and perform various drills. Thus, you can practice for an extended time, and the mesh design will not damage so soon.

In addition, you can perform different drills, operations, and playing standards, to ensure the optimal use of the lacrosse starter kit. Again, nothing will damage the mesh design. However, it’s not designed for hard and fat balls, which might harm the construction.

The large lacrosse head is ideal for quick catching and throwing actions. Thus, you can easily operate different actions on the lacrosse field and practice as much as possible to ensure advanced performance and quickly become a dominant player on the field. So, the lacrosse starter kit will be ideal for younger generations or recreational plays.

In addition, the ball coming with the kit is soft and designed for practice, so you can use it freely.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable for practice
  • no bouncing effect

Champion Sports Soft Lacrosse Set - The most effective model
  • Brand: ‎Champion Sports
  • Size: one size
  • Users: beginners
  • Best for: PE classes

The Champion Sports lacrosse starter kit offers a full set of lacrosse sticks and balls, so it's ideal for prolonged use, different practice sessions, and similar options.

The lacrosse starter kit features the components ideal for equipping any team, group, or gym class with the proper equipment and requisites for fun, training, and learning.

Even if you use the lacrosse starter kit for recreation or fun, you can easily adjust it to your needs, and the lacrosse gear will help you perform better on the lacrosse field.

The Champion Sports lacrosse starter kit will also be the safest equipment for kids and beginners. The equipment used a collapsible soft plastic head with vinyl balls for lightweight, safe, and advanced performance.

The lacrosse starter kit is also stable and provides you with various actions and drills, so you can practice different positions until you find the most suitable one and start playing such positions.

You can choose different colors and designs. There are twelve sticks with six blue and six red sticks, divided into two groups, and the kit will help you work on the goal, practice more drills, attack or defend, or assist in both areas if you want to play the midfield positions. It helps you become a high school, college, major league, or professional player.

Thanks to its rubber design, the lacrosse stick is ideal for indoor and outdoor uses, so you can also use it during PE classes at school.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • stable
  • harder to catch/throw

STX FiddleSTX Three Player Game Set - The sturdiest model
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Size: one size
  • Users: competitive players
  • Best for: reliable design

The STX lacrosse starter kit is the most popular lacrosse equipment for beginner players, regardless of age.

The lacrosse starter kit can serve both children and teenagers looking for a recreational kit, and the STX is an ideal option for them.

The starter kit uses the advanced design for prolonged practice sessions and various drills, but also for improved performance on the field. The players can practice different playing positions until they find the most suitable one for their needs.

The lacrosse kit uses durable PVC goal and sleeve netting for extra resistance to hard and fast balls. The kit also serves you well for the overall construction and durable materials, as the external conditions and similar forces cannot destroy it so soon. So, the STX lacrosse kit will last an extended period, offering you the most effective uses and different playing standards.

In addition, it offers the instruction manual and game play rules for the advanced performance while practicing and using the kit for longer periods.

The lacrosse kit has one mini goalie stick and two regular sticks, so you can find the best playing positions and practice more. For example, the goalie head will allow better throwing and catching, while the other two options ensure the basic and more advanced drills.

So, you can also practice more to prevent shots at goal and increase your overall performance, regardless of other playing positions. So, the kid will be adjustable to your needs.

  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • durable
  • smaller in size

TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit - Best for all future players
  • Brand: ‎True Temper
  • Size: one size
  • Users: beginners
  • Best for: different playing areas

The True Temper mini lacrosse starter kit is an excellent option for all pickup and recreational games on various terrains. You can play games in the park or backyard.

The lacrosse starter kit comes with various parts, such as a flip goal, a zip-up goal carrying case, a foam lax yard goal, and different sticks for your needs and playing positions.

In addition, the wholesome lacrosse equipment comes with a zip-up bag to fit the equipment.

You can use the lacrosse starter kit with your friends and train with them for optimal performance and various drills, and skill improvement. Thus, the lacrosse starter kit uses the best design for practice, an advanced design open for games and practice sessions, and even school classes.

You can flip over the goal and shoot at the target or use the lacrosse starter kit for your hard training, practice, and recreation in the yard.

The lacrosse starter kit is ideal for all players and positions. Whether you’re playing attack, defense, midfielders, or goalies on the lacrosse field, the True Temper will carry a full line of top-quality lacrosse gear. Thus, the kit includes pads, gloves, arm protection, and sticks for advanced performance, different skill levels, and ages. Thus, the lacrosse starter kit includes all sports equipment for men, women, boys, and girls.

Due to the foam design combined with plastic and similar composite materials, the True Temper lacrosse starter kit will be durable, reliable, and sturdy for tougher practices and playing conditions.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • not visible

Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse Goal & Stick Set - Best for gradual improvement
  • Brand: ‎Franklin Sports
  • Size: one size
  • Users: beginners
  • Best for: comfort features

The last kit in our reviews includes the Franklin Sports youth lacrosse gear. The lacrosse starter kit is ideal for all youth athletes introduced to the game of lacrosse. The equipment has the goal, sticks, and ball necessary for different playing positions.

You can practice for an extended period until you find the best position for your better overall playing standards and different playing conditions. So, you can improve the playing style to match your standards.

As the lacrosse starter kit uses bright colors, it will help children and young athletes to focus better on their targets and improve their throwing and aim. Younger players can easily work on hand-eye coordination when aiming at a goal and improving their basic skills.

Once they master the fundamentals, the youth lacrosse players can easily switch to real recruitment for more advanced drills and skill improvement.

Thanks to its reliable design, the lacrosse starter kit is ideal for all first-time players and backyard positions.

In addition, the construction offers ideal gear for younger players to practice throwing and catching first and then improve their standards by turning to various shooting, dodging, and similar drills and actions. So, the lacrosse starter kit is the best for gradual improvement.

Due to the lightweight ABS construction and thinner shaft design, the lacrosse starter kit will allow an easier stick-handling option for smaller hands. In addition, there won’t be pressure, discomfort, or pain when smaller players use the kit.

  • comfortable
  • adjustable
  • firm grip
  • quality issues

Choosing the best lacrosse starter kit: The best 2023 buyer’s guide

Selecting the best lacrosse starter kits might be challenging, as you may not know what to look for. However, we have listed some crucial factors to consider when choosing the best equipment:

1. The type of required equipment

best lacrosse starter kits

The lacrosse starter kit can come with different parts, so you must ensure it has all the components for the best performance.

The best ones include helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, arm guards, sticks for boys and girls, goals, and softballs for more practice.

If your lacrosse starter kits lack these equipment parts, they will not be effective and suitable for further improvement.

2. Proper fit

The more comfortable the fit is for little hands, the better performance they will offer during practice sessions. For this, you must ensure the starter kits are comfortable, adjustable, and versatile, made of high-quality materials for maximum safety and mobility of your little ones.

Most of the products included in our list are of one size, so they are ideal for all beginners. But you can refer to the official size charts to find the most suitable sizes for the youngest players.

3. Stick requirements

best youth lacrosse starter set

All of our reviews use lacrosse sticks for different positions, and they come with different dimensions to match the required playing standards.

The lacrosse starter kits might come lighter or more composite for different skill level development.

You must ensure the best safety standards and materials to ensure that beginners need high-school equipment, child equipment, or more advanced gear to practice different drills.

4. Comfort benefits

The lacrosse gear should be comfortable, especially for younger players, as they might use them for an extended period until they switch to more serious lacrosse equipment.

All the gear listed above is rubber, plastic, foam, and similar materials. They will not create pressure, discomfort, or pain in players' hands.

They will come with an ergonomic design for optimal use, and there won’t be any issues with adjustable safety standards.

5. Weight

The lighter the stick and equipment, in general, is, the faster it will easily break or damage.

Lighter sticks give you more control and help you play faster. Heavier sticks can be challenging to manage, especially for youth players.

So, they will limit their development and playing needs. So, beginners must find the proper balance between their ages, style of play, position, and ages.

For instance, attackers need an overall lighter stick for after shots and quick release at the crease. The defenders need heavier, more composite sticks for checks without any damage. The middies need a lighter shaft with a more composite head to resist pressure at face-offs.

6. Budget

Of course, you cannot neglect the price points when it comes to choosing the best lacrosse starter kits. They come with different price points, depending on their overall performance, the possibilities they offer, and other benefits, such as comfort, adjustability, durable design, and similar advantages.

Once the lacrosse starter kits fulfill your requirements, you go for them. Otherwise, they might not be the best option for you and your little players. But the price points also depend on your/the child’s interest in sports.

For instance, if a young player shows less interest and uses the starter kit only occasionally, you don’t need to spend too much money on it. You can choose some cheaper versions, as they will also be reliable for less frequent use. Pay attention if you choose the cheaper model - it might break easily, and you might need to purchase another one. So you will spend more money and get less quality.

On the other hand, if you or your little one are more interested in the sport, you might use some upgraded version with better quality standards.


What are the best lacrosse youth starter kits?

The best lacrosse youth starter kits include the Maverik and STX lacrosse sets as the main two lacrosse gear types. These brands increase the overall performance and high-quality materials for more comfort and adjustable performance on the field and in practice.

What is the best lacrosse starter kit?

The best one is the Maverik Mini Lax Set for its quality, performance, and adjustable options for the youngest.

What do kids need for lacrosse?

Kids need: sticks, gloves, helmets, mouthguards, elbow and shoulder pads, cleats and cups.

How much does lacrosse gear cost?

On average, the gear costs between $400 and $600.

What equipment is needed for box lacrosse?

The equipment includes: rib and kidney pads, bicep pads, helmets, box or turf footwear, sticks.

best youth lacrosse starter set

Can you wear sneakers for lacrosse?

Only cleats, flat-soled workout shoes, and turf shoes are suitable for the turf. Sneakers are not the best option.

What is illegal equipment in lacrosse?

The penalty includes:

- too long or short sticks

- too deep pockets

- illegal strings

- illegal gloves or uniforms

- altering or refusing to wear any of the required lacrosse gear parts.

What is the youngest age to play lacrosse?

Seven is the youngest age to play lacrosse.

What is a lacrosse explanation for kids?

It’s a sport where players on two opposing teams try to score more goals and win the game.

Is boys' or girls' lacrosse harder?

Girls' lacrosse is harder due to less physical contact and more advanced skills.

Is lacrosse a good sport for girls?

Yes, it is good for their physical activities, but it might cause severe injuries.


The best kit is the Maverik Mini Lax Set. It is great for its durable and sturdy design, offering a better performance solution to your needs. In addition, the lacrosse starter kit offers reliable construction for more prolonged uses and overall support for further development.

As you can see, there are various supportive starter kits for all children and adults starting their lacrosse careers. So you can easily choose the best model to fit your standards and support you better. They will help you improve your play and performance in a short time.

Whatever your choice might be, always ensure the lacrosse starter kit is comfortable, safe, and adjustable for more extended uses. Otherwise, you and your little ones will not improve so soon.

Maverik Mini Lax Set, White, One Size*
  • Recreational Mini Lax set
  • Includes Mini Goal
  • Includes 2 Player Mini Sticks-each with a soft ball
  • Includes Mini Goalie Stick
  • Included components: 2 mini player sticks with ball, 1 mini goalie stick, 1 mini plastic goal

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