Successful Tips on How to Play Attack in Lacrosse (2023 Guide)

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Playing good attack in lacrosse is an exciting and fast-paced position. It requires good footwork, quick thinking, and a good understanding of the game.

Attackers need to see the whole field, understand angles, and confidently make split-second decisions.

And you must be wondering how to play attack in lacrosse?

To become a great attack man in lacrosse, you must hone these skills through practice and knowledge of the game's strategies and techniques. Then, with dedication, you can take your whole attack playing to the next level.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Attack players must possess a combination of speed, agility, and ball-handling ability.
  • Quickly recognize scoring opportunities and use precise shot placements.
  • Draw defenders out of position to create more space on the field for teammates.
  • Attackers should enhance ball-handling and passing accuracy.
  • Improve speed, agility, and physical strength to drive to the net with power.
  • Develop strategies and focus on recognizing scoring opportunities.

What is the Attack Position in Lacrosse?

how to play attack in women's lacrosse

Lacrosse has a specific position known as an attack. This is an offensive position, like a forward in other sports.

Lacrosse attacks are placed close to the goal and closest to their team's offensive side of the field.

These players' primary responsibility is to score goals and assist their teammate's long shots; they must constantly be in motion, looking for open spaces on the field and providing assistance wherever needed. Attacks are typically fast and strong players who can dribble and pass accurately with either hand.

As attacking players usually have the best shooting techniques and skills, they must remain calm under pressure when approaching the goal and take accurate shots when necessary.

Lacrosse attacks differ from other lacrosse positions because they are always on their team's offensive side of the field, constantly leading or being passed the ball so they have time to shoot hard or make passes when going toward the net.

What is the Role of an Attack Player?

Attack players in lacrosse have a crucial role on the field. They are responsible for bringing the ball down, maintaining offensive possession, and transitioning it up and across the field to score goals. The position of attack in lacrosse requires the most stick skill and mobility of any position besides goalie.

Their primary focus is to take great care of the ball so that midfielders and defensemen can rest and replenish their energy for future plays. When an attacker crosses the midfield line, another player on the same lacrosse team - usually a midfielder - must remain behind on the offensive side of the field until they return.

This involves protecting the stick from opponents with superb body positioning and off-ball movement, distributing the ball with skillful passing accuracy to open teammates, dodging incoming defenders, and consistently battling for ground balls.

Attackers should have good control with either hand, quick feet to beat defenders and excellent peripheral vision.

Skilled attackers use dodges, screens, and passes to score points. They are typically positioned behind the goal or near the flanks for maximum maneuverability.

To provide successful offensive support, attackmen need to be confident in one-on-one situations and physical contact from defenders. However, a lacrosse player must not use the defenseman's stick for physical contact.

All these skills combine to help keep the ball moving up and down the field in sustained offensive possessions, ultimately resulting in a positive outcome for the team.

Basic Skills of an Attacker in Lacrosse

Lacrosse attackers must possess a wide range of skills to succeed. These include stick skill, riding, conditioning, vision, and dodging.

1. Stick skills

As a lacrosse attacker, mastering stick skills is paramount to finding success on the offensive end of the field.

Lacrosse stick skills involve effectively controlling the ball with your stick, passing accurately, and scoring reliably. When you gain ball possession, keep the defenseman's stick moving and constantly faking passes!

Attackers must be proficient at handling the ball with their dominant hand and non-dominant hand to move it around the defense and attack them on all sides. After securing a loose ball, turn around quickly and assess the crease area. If no one is open on your team, advance the ball toward the net swiftly until an opposing player tries to stop your progress.

Passing must be precise for attackers to get the ball where they want it so they can set up shots on goal. Scoring goals is what attackers strive to do, so having accuracy when shooting is important as well. With mastery of these quick stick skills, lacrosse attackers can wreak havoc on opposing defenses.

2. Riding

lacrosse tips for attack

Lacrosse attackers must also master the riding skill to be successful on the offensive end. The attack depends mainly on the ability to ride opponents!

Riding ability skills are about keeping possession of the ball and denying access to it to other team defenders. Defenders will often try to pressure the attacker in possession of the ball so having good riding skills is essential to keep them at bay.

Attackers should use their bodies and stick together while controlling the ball moves in order to maximize their ability to move away from defenders and create space on offense.

Maintaining a ride hard game will allow attackers to progress upfield with possession and set up scoring opportunities for themselves or their teammates.

3. Keeping your body in shape

As a lacrosse attacker, mastering conditioning is essential to stay ahead of defenders and keep up the pace of play.

Building up strength and endurance is vital in order to outlast opponents on the field. Therefore, conditioning drills should be implemented into practice to maximize performance during games.

When balls come onto the offensive side of the field, attackers need to have the speed and agility to get there before opposing players.

Attackers should also focus on quickness and agility drills that involve a change of direction and movements that replicate game-like situations so that they can be ready for any situation.

With proper conditioning, lacrosse attackers will gain an edge over their opponents and increase their production on offense.

4. Vision

Lacrosse attackers must also master the skill of vision on the field. Having vision means being able to read and anticipate a defense man or opposing players.

Attackers need to have a good understanding of where the defenders are and where they are most likely to move to make plays. Seeing corners and openings that would otherwise be unavailable is critical for making successful passes and shots.

All attackers should have an active mind on the field, always searching for opportunities and possibilities.

With a strong vision, attackers can pick out their teammates when they make runs to create scoring chances more efficiently. Doing this will help them maximize their performance on the offensive side of the game.

5. Dodging

As a lacrosse attacker, mastering dodging is an essential skill. Dodging involves four main categories: roll dodge, split dodge, bull dodge, and face dodge. Each of these dodges requires different techniques to be successful.

  • Roll dodge: The roll dodge is akin to the split dodge; however, instead of bringing the stick in front of the body, you turn your body while securing the stick.
  • Split dodge: This type of dodging is the most often seen in lacrosse and can be likened to crossing over in basketball.
  • Bull dodge: The bull dodge effectively centers around attempting to bulldoze your opponent with sheer strength, which can be exceptionally hard for larger and more powerful players to defend against.
  • Face dodge: The face dodge is typically used when a defender focuses too heavily on one side of the field, and you move the stick to the opposite side to pass them by. This is a favorite tactic in box lacrosse.

Tips on Becoming a Better Lacrosse Attacker

Becoming a better lacrosse attacker can be achieved with practice, patience, and focus. Here are some tips and helpful tricks to help you improve your attacking skills:

  • Practice your non-dominant hand: Start. Begin by performing drills with your hands and the ball before adding a stick to the equation. Utilize both hands together or separately during practice sessions when possible. This will help build coordination and accuracy and help you become comfortable with both sides of the field when playing. Watch lacrosse legends or videos of them playing, and mimic their movements with your dominant and non-dominant hands to understand how they effectively use their stick work on both sides of the field while making accurate shots and smart passes with either hand.
  • Maximize your best stick skills: Make sure you're able to execute cradles swiftly, passes, and shots to trick defenders and score goals. Ensure that all your shots are on point by honing your form and giving yourself sufficient time to get the ball off your stick before shooting it and keep your field balanced.
  • Training, training, training! Develop endurance with cardiovascular exercises such as running and interval training. This will help build the muscle needed to stay in top form during attacking play. In addition, strengthen grip strength with activities like hand grippers or repeatedly picking up small objects from around the ground to increase dexterity in your hands, which is important for both shooting and passing at the lacrosse close attack position!
  • Play against better players as much as possible: This will allow you to experience different levels of speed, intensity, physicality, strategy, etc., and thus help you become a more well-rounded player overall.
  • Sharpen your dodging techniques: Utilizing fakes and various dodges is essential for quickly getting around defenders and into scoring positions. Don't cut at half speed. Instead, make all passes sharp and change the pace of your run!


What is an attacker in lacrosse?

An attacker in lacrosse is a player positioned at the front of the field and primarily responsible for scoring goals.

Attackers have creative freedom on the field as they often act as playmakers. They are responsible for dodging defenders, making accurate short passes and shots, and creating offensive plays.

How many attacks are there in lacrosse?

how to play a lacrosse game

On a lacrosse field, each team has three players at the front of the field responsible for offensive plays. These attackmen typically stay towards the offensive player side of the field and act as playmakers, creating offensive opportunities and scoring goals. However, they must remain aware of their surroundings and be able to react swiftly to make successful plays.

On the other hand, defenders use longer lacrosse sticks to guard the three attackers.

How do girls get better at lacrosse attacks?

Girls can become better lacrosse attackers by honing their skills and knowledge of the game, which is a very effective method.

They should focus on improving their ball-handling abilities, developing accurate passing techniques, quickly recognizing scoring opportunities, mastering good shot placements, and understanding how to draw defenders out of position.

How do I get better at lacrosse attack?

To become a better lacrosse attacker, you should focus on developing your skills and understanding of the game. Practicing ball-handling drills and working on passing accuracy are essential first steps to improving your lacrosse attack effectiveness.


To become a great lacrosse attacker, you must possess a combination of skills, knowledge, and athleticism.

You should focus on refining your ball-handling and passing accuracy, developing strategies to recognize scoring opportunities, and communicating with your fellow defensemen!

Attackers should also enhance their speed, agility, and physical strength to drive to the net with power. With commitment and determination, everyone can learn how to play attack in lacrosse.

Attackers can become formidable offensive lacrosse players on the field.

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