Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants & Shin Guards – A Complete 2023 Guide

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We all know that lacrosse is a physically rigorous sport, and you cannot avoid physical contact. That's why you must use protective gear; otherwise, you might quickly get hurt. Of course, goalies are particularly vulnerable, and they need specific goalie gear to save themselves from severe injuries.

That's why the article reviews the best lacrosse goalie pants and lacrosse goalie shin guards for all goalie players. You can find all that you need to play without any disturbance. You can select various products that deliver safety, comfort, budget, design, and many other benefits.

But, how to select the best goalie gear? Read below and find out.


Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants: My Top 3 Picks

$ - STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants - Maximum safety standards for all goalie players, thanks to multiple sizes and adjustable system.

$ - STX Lacrosse Youth Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pants - Best for youth goalie players, comfortable and safe for more robust use. Durable and reliable for the best quality. 

$ - STX Deluxe Lacrosse Goalie Pants - Most breathable materials offer more comfort while operating on the goal. You can play pressure-free.

STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants - Best safety features
  • Material: spandex and foam
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Playing position: goalie
  • Best for: all goalie players

The STX lacrosse goalie pants are the best option available on the market due to their overall safety standards. The goalie pants come with durable and reliable content, safe and secure for more robust use. Thus, the lacrosse goalie pants will prevent you from hard and fast balls while playing in front of your goal.

In addition, the foam material will keep your legs secure and offer a soft touch to your skin. Thus, there won't be any pressure or discomfort while wearing the lacrosse goalie pants; you can wear them for an extended period.

They will not cause any issues and affect your overall performance. On the contrary - they will keep you safe and sound while performing and guarding your goal.

The spandex material companies well with other durable options, making the lacrosse goalie pants comfortable and breathable for further use. So, your skin will not itch or irritate, and you can rest assured there won’t be any damage to your body and health when you wear the lacrosse goalie pants for an extended time. They have been tested and proved safe, so don't worry.

And the lacrosse goalie pants come in various sizes, from XS to XL. So they are ideal for all goalie players and all leagues or levels of play.

And, as they offer adjustable straps to make them fit your lower body, you can manage them better for the best match. But you can refer to the size chart for more guidelines.

  • protection
  • safety
  • durability
  • comfort
  • minor design issues

STX Lacrosse Youth Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pants - Best for youth players
  • Material: foam and other composite materials
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Playing position: goalie
  • Best for: children goalies

These STX lacrosse goalie pants are ideal for all kids lacrosse goalie players. You can find all options from XS to XL, but the lacrosse goalie pants are made only for children.

They might not have as sturdy and durable composite materials as the other components, as the experts consider the games easier than in pro and advanced players. But they will offer maximum protection and comfort for the youngest.

The lacrosse goalie pants offer foam and similar soft. But composite and durable materials will protect the lower body part and make your little ones stay on the goal protected and safe. So you don’t need to worry about the children’s safety standards - the goalie pants will cover every inch of their body.

In addition to the safety standards, you will see that the lacrosse goalie pants are comfortable for more extended uses.

Thanks to its soft materials, the content is also durable and breathable. Thus, the goalie pants provide the required air flow and circulation, making kids cool, calm, relaxed, and optimal while guarding their goal on the lacrosse field of lacrosse. Besides, they can use the lacrosse goalie pants for an extended period. The pants will not create extra pressure, discomfort, or pain while wearing them.

The lacrosse goalie pants offer high quality, and although they are imported, they will not damage or destroy them so soon. So they can last longer than a season, and your little ones can use them robustly.

  • protection
  • safety
  • durability
  • size chart issues

STX Deluxe Lacrosse Goalie Pants - Best For Breathable Material
  • Material: foam and other composite materials
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Playing position: goalie
  • Best for: ventilation

The following STX LAX goalie pants are unique for various reasons. Let's find them out together.

The STX goalie pants for goalies have a unique design that helps you quickly take them on and off. Lacrosse goalies will find the waist pull-tabs designed for better and easier maneuverability. Thus, you don't need to worry whether you can wear them under your shorts - you can.

Since the STX lacrosse goalie pants are comfortable to put on or take off, they offer the relaxed fit and full mobility of the lower body parts. The STX lacrosse goalie pants consist of anatomical materials that are user and skin-friendly so that they won't create additional pressure on your skin and body.

Concerning the protective part, you need to know that the STX lacrosse goalie pants benefit the floating and protective foam pads that will withstand all external constraints, forces, and impacts. Even when the ball hits goalies or they have physical contact with other players, the equipment will protect all goalies so that they can endure during the whole game.

The STX goalie pants contain the multi-zoned mesh, full of airflow and air circulation; hence, you'll get a relaxed fit, and the moisture-wicking system technology will absorb all sweat and moisture while you wear the STX lacrosse goalie pants.

Suppose you like the protective and breathable youth lacrosse goalie pants; these would be great gear for all lacrosse goalies.

  • Protective
  • Excellent material quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Breathable
  • High price
  • Uncomfortable
  • Poor craftsmanship

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards: My Top 3 Picks

$ - STX Contour Lacrosse Shin Guards - Most comfortable for ergonomic design and ideal for extended uses. 

$ - MyLec MK3 Shin Pad - Best for increased ventilation, allowing players to play pressure-free and offering more safety standards. 

$ - STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards - Best upgraded design and a better fit for all goalies. The shin guards provide more protection than the regular models available on the market.

STX Contour Lacrosse Shin Guards - Best For Ergonomic Design
  • Brand: STX
  • Material: ergonomic with composite content
  • Extra protection: yes
  • Best for: protection

And now, something completely different. Along with the lacrosse goalie pants, you need another piece of lacrosse gear to protect yourself during the lacrosse match.

No matter whether your a lacrosse goalie, an attackman/midfielder, or a defense lacrosse player, this protective product will also help you achieve better results and save yourself on the lacrosse field. We talk about the best lacrosse goalie shin guards.

The STX lacrosse goalie guards have superior material that is user-friendly and provide a comfortable touch to your skin. Designed with ergonomic materials, the STX lacrosse goalie guards reduce the pressure and adjust to your skin.

Moreover, the STX lacrosse goalie shin pads increase comfort and adapt to various environments. Thus, you can quickly wear the lacrosse goalie when you play or practice.

Due to the material, you'll have the ultimate comfort too. How so? Well, the content consists of the breathable mesh system and open holes so that the padding will allow air circulation and airflow; thus, you can feel the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

All goalies or other lacrosse players will find the highest mobility and performance to the lightweight design technology. As you might find, this piece of lacrosse gear adjusts and follows your body and allows you full mobility and better presentation.

Thus, to get this brand new protective equipment, please hurry up, to like every lacrosse game with no disturbance.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Quality issues
  • Comfort issues

MyLec MK3 Shin Pad - Best for airflow and ventilation
  • Brand: Mylec
  • Material: velcro
  • Extra protection: yes
  • Best for: advanced safety standards

Why should you choose the Mylec lacrosse goalie shin guards? There are multiple benefits, but protection is the top priority for all goaltenders.

The lacrosse goalie shin guards are an ideal option for all goalie players, thanks to their comfortable fit. You can wear the shin guard for an extended period, and the adjustable construction will not allow them to move or slip away during the performance.

So, the lightweight but durable construction ensures top safety standards without blisters, pressure, or discomfort. In addition, you can adjust the shin guards to your leg fit and shape.

Thanks to its improved design, the shin guards are built with highly advanced thick foam adding, adding an additional foam layer in the knees area. Thus, the lacrosse shin guards will be ideal for rougher games and different playing conditions, and no external forces, impacts, or pressure can harm your legs.

The shin guards will prevent any kind of injuries, and they will be ideal for extra protection.

Due to the air flowing, ventilated construction is engineered to keep you cool, calm, dry, and relaxed while staying and playing in front of your goal.

Furthermore, as the shin guards come with a breathable mesh construction, the breathable materials will provide moisture management and supreme ventilation. Therefore, they can only increase the overall performance and proper wearing.

Finally, the shin guards are crucial for all goalies due to their elastic velcro straps, so they are adjustable for multiple uses. And the hard front shells will keep you safe on the field.

  • comfort
  • fit
  • protection
  • design issues

STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards - Best For System Technology Fit
  • Brand: STX
  • Material: polymer with other materials
  • Extra protection: yes
  • Best for: improved design

And last but not least, the STX lacrosse goalie pads that will undoubtedly wow you. When you see the features, I'm confident they will blow your mind.

As you can see, the STX lacrosse goalie pads have the supreme rib system that features remarkable benefits.

Designed to provide the ultimate comfort and pressure-free atmosphere, the system will adjust to your shins, allowing for ventilation. Hence, the pads allow maximum air circulation and airflow during the lacrosse match; the equipment ensures a cold, relaxed, and insensitive player on the field.

The design is also notable for the removable and adjustable straps that you can moderate and operate upon; hence, you can adjust the pads to fit your needs and stick to your shins. They won't move away or slip since the system will keep them in the regular place where they should be.

Naturally, the lacrosse goalie pads are specific for the high-density foam - the High-Def Polymer that offers the multiple-surface support. Due to this benefit, the pads are ultra-lightweight and provide complete mobility to your body with no suppression.

And, yes, the same low-profile system protection and the high-density foam will absorb and transfer all the external impacts, moisture or sweat. Thus, you'll stay relaxed and cold when you put on the lacrosse goalie pads during the lacrosse match or practice, and you won't sweat much.

  • Affordable
  • Great performance
  • Excellent quality
  • Lightweight
  • Not so comfortable
  • It might hurt you when too tight

How to select the best lacrosse goalie pants & shin guards? The buying guide

Choosing the right lacrosse goalie pants and other equipment seems to be a challenging task. You have to consider various features when searching for the right product.

But that's why I'm here to help you.

Please, read the buying guide thoroughly since you can find various critical information about the lacrosse equipment and lacrosse protection.

1. Protection

The protection part is always #1 when selecting the best lacrosse product. It would be best to search for goalie pants, pads, or any other equipment that will absorb and withstand the external forces and pressure. But how to do so?

You can always check the foam padding. If there are extra pads or foam in the pants, you can choose them freely. The padding will endure all the impacts and provide the highest protection during the lacrosse match.

You could see various protection features in the article, and you won't make a mistake whatever product you choose.

best lacrosse goalie pants best lacrosse goalie shin guards

2. Size

Of course, you cannot choose the right lacrosse goalie pants or guards without checking the size chart.

Some lacrosse pants or guards might fit all players; however, you might find them too big for youth players. My advice is to check the size before you get the pants or padding to the youth since the size might vary from one standard to another, and not all pants will fit all lacrosse teammates.

However, you often find that the pants fit you from the upper thigh to the hip; thus, it covers all the crucial body parts.

3. Waistband

If you get the lacrosse goalie pants, make sure you choose the ones with the elastic straps. The straps will provide a snug fit, and it will make you more comfortable. 

Additionally, the pants won't move around your body, slip away, or fall off. Once you tighten them properly with the elastic straps, they will remain fixed in the right position and won't cause you any trouble.

There's a high possibility that you'll enjoy wearing pants under your shorts with the proper fit.

4. Content

When choosing the lacrosse goalie pants, pay attention to those designed of Synthetic- composite materials that increase the stretchability of the pants. Of course, when you add high-density foam padding, the pants and padding will offer the extra protection of the vital body parts.

The materials are mostly resistant to water, heat, moisture, humidity, sweat, allergens, and dirt. Thus, the content is both skin and user-friendly and won't cause you extra coercion.

Moreover, the content will save your time and energy since it's machine and hand-washable.

5. Comfort

best lacrosse goalie pants best lacrosse goalie shin guards

The lacrosse goalie pants or guards you select must be comfortable; otherwise, you'll have issues during the lacrosse match. To prevent this, you must follow the next features:

- You can search for pants that are ergonomically designed. As you know, this system will reduce the pressure and increase the pleasurable and comfortable conditions and atmosphere in the working or gaming environment. So, pick those pants.

Air ventilation also goes here. If you select the products that allow high airflow and circulation, your skin will breathe, and you'll feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm during the lacrosse match or practice.

- The lightweight technology is also crucial since the light features allow your body's full mobility, and you can achieve the ultimate performance and show all your abilities and improvement.

6. Construction

The thighs, scrotum, pelvis, and quadriceps are the most vital body parts to protect during the match or training session. Hence, you must protect them with either foam padding or shock-resistant layers.

Therefore, if you want the best protection for these body parts, please select those pants.

7. Seams

The structural security and stability of the lacrosse goalie pants are inevitably related to the internal pants' seams. The inner seams are closely connected with the stretchability of the pants.

Next, you will be running, jumping, or bending your legs all the time; thus, you must check whether the pants are stretchable enough. Therefore, you must check all the internal seams before you select the right pants.

8. Durability & strength

Naturally, you must discover whether the pants are designed with reliable and durable content that can endure and withstand outside impacts. If that is the situation, then you can obtain the lacrosse pants. Otherwise, you won't need them because they won't last for an extended period.

Always look for those pants that will not break or crack easily if you have physical contact with the opposite player if you fall down the ground or the ball hits you. If the pants are reliable and robust enough to endure these factors, you can choose them.

However, if' that's not the case, just skip them. Trust me; they will do not suitable for your body and match presentation. In fact, you might only get hurt. Thus, my recommendation is to check the durability and sturdiness of the pants' materials.


Do goalies wear shin guards?

It is up to goalies whether they will put on guards or not. In most cases, goalies do not wear them since many pants cover the crucial body parts, so they don't need additional protection and support.

They ascribe it to sweat, but if they choose to take these on, they have the absorbing foam protection and material.

Do lacrosse goalies wear pads?

best lacrosse goalie pants best lacrosse goalie shin guards

Each lacrosse player, except the goalkeeper, must use the pads. Arm, rib, and shoulder pads are highly recommended and officially required, so yes, goalies must put them on too.

Why are lacrosse goalie pads so big?

The pads contain extra foam and padding on the inner and outer parts protecting your legs, so they must be bigger in design.

Do you wear shin pads under goalie pads?

No, you should not wear shin pads under the goalie pads.

Do girls' lacrosse goalies have to wear shin guards?

The lacrosse shin guards are optional pieces of lacrosse equipment, so goalies do not have to wear them, although using them for more protection at the goal is recommended.

What pants do lacrosse goalies wear?

Lacrosse goalies wear baggy pants with extra foam and padding to protect their legs better from hard and fast balls at the goal.

Is goalie the hardest position in lacrosse?

Yes, various experts believe this is the hardest position as they can cause multiple severe injuries to such players.

What is the best lacrosse goalie pant?

The best ones are the STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants due to maximum safety standards and the best protection overall.

What is the best lacrosse goalie shin guard?

The best ones include the STX Contour Lacrosse Shin Guards due to their comfort and ergonomic design for more robust use.

Final thoughts

The best pants and shin guards include the STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants and the STX Contour Lacrosse Shin Guards. They offer maximum safety standards, comfort features, and durability for more robust wearing. In addition, they are affordable and available to all players, so they are very popular options among all lacrosse goalies.

As you see, these are necessary parts of equipment to protect you on the goal. Ensure you know all benefits and advantages to choose wisely the best solutions. Enjoy the search!

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