These Are the 7 Best Lacrosse Balls on the Market

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Are you looking for the best lacrosse balls to buy? Are you looking to buy a bucket load of this ball? Do you want to know where to buy top quality lacrosse balls?

If you answer yes to any one of these questions, this post is for you!

A low-quality lacrosse ball will reduce the quality of your practice. An official lacrosse ball will bounce and rebound on game day in a way you are not accustomed to if you practice with a poor ball.

For this reason, we have made your search easy by putting together the 7 best lacrosse balls on the market.


Top 3 Recommendation - Overview

If you are in a hurry, below is a comprehensively summarized table of the best 3 lacrosse balls.

Editor's Choices
Champion Sports LBSET Colored Lacrosse Balls - NCAA, NFHS and SEI Certified - Assorted, 6 Pack*
100% rubber
NOCSAE Certified
Best Feature
Customer Rating
Franklin Sports Lacrosse Balls - Soft Rubber Lacrosse Balls for Kids - Perfect for Beginners & First...*
100% rubber
NOCSAE Certified
Best Feature
Multi-count packs
Customer Rating
Best Selling
Champion Sports Colored Lacrosse Balls: Multi Color Official Size for Professional, College & Grade...*
Molded rubber
NOCSAE Certified
Best Feature
Dense Structure
Customer Rating

7 of The Best Lacrosse Balls on The Market

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls – Top Rated

This multi-colored official lacrosse ball is manufactured by Champion sports. It meets the official weight and size of NOCSAE standards. 

Also, Champion Sports Official lacrosse ball is SEI, NFHS and NCAA certified to improve handling and shooting accuracy during gameplay and practice. These certifications are stamped on the ball.

This ball isn’t fanciful, but it comes in a variety of colors that makes it generally acceptable to children, girls, boys, women, and men.

Whether it is an indoor practice game or an official match, these colors will undoubtedly make your outfield game cool and fun.

This ball is 100% rubber, long lasting and durable. This also makes it suitable for other concerns such as rubbing your back after a tough lacrosse game or weightlifting to ease fatigue and pain.

Furthermore, you can choose from a 3, 6 or 12 count set. Leaving plenty to play with and for backup whether you are having a running drill or a physical education class.

The quality lacrosse balls come in purple, pink, green, red, orange, blue and yellow color. You can select any color which can help improve your visibility hence gameplay on the field.

This ball is versatile and can be used across many platforms such as health, massage, juggling, myofascial trigger points, sore muscle relief, back pain relief, and physical therapy to improve the quality of life.

This lacrosse ball is preferred by many players. Although, there are some complaints about a chemical smell accompanying certain colors. It is one of the few balls that allows for responsive and pliable performance during play.

  • Official sized lacrosse ball
  • Comes in different colors that improve visibility
  • Great for body massage after a tough lacrosse match
  • Durable and made from high-quality rubber
  • Some colors have an Offensive chemical smell
  • Cost more when buying per ball than when purchased in a larger set

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Balls - The Best Set of Balls for Beginners

If you’re just starting off with lacrosse, and you need a pack of balls to help you develop impeccable skills without putting you at risk of getting hurt, this is the product for you. Franklin Sports has this amazing offer of three and/or six lacrosse balls, softer and lighter than the regulation balls, thus perfect for beginners.

As a beginner, you shouldn’t spend a ton of money on professional equipment that you still don’t know how to use.

It is way more efficient to practice with the basics, designed to get you started and help you develop some awesome skills. Franklin Sports balls are not too heavy and not too hard, therefore perfect for practicing.

What is more, these balls are slightly smaller than the regulation lacrosse ball. They measure seven inches in diameter, so it will be easier to practice throwing and catching.

There is no age regulation regarding the use of the Franklin Sports’ Lacrosse Balls, and I find them perfectly safe for children of all ages. You can order them in a pack of three or six, and each ball is in a different color.

The pack of three costs a little less than five dollars, which is super-affordable. And, you get a mesh bag with a drawstring for convenient transport, which is kind of cool.

No customers had complaints about this set except for the ones who did not realize these are not the regulation lacrosse balls.

  • Smaller
  • Softer
  • Lighter
  • Three in the pack
  • Affordable
  • Only for recreational use

Champion Sports Colored Lacrosse Balls - The Best Regulation Balls in Color

Champion Sports is a reputable manufacturer producing high-quality sports equipment, among which these fantastic lacrosse balls.

Although following the regulations regarding the size and weight, the balls are a bit unconventional when it comes to colors. People love the new multi-color design Champion released, which definitely explains the high customer rating on Amazon. But let’s see If the balls are that good.

First things first, these balls follow all the regulations.

They meet the NCAA, NFHS, NOCSAE standards, and they are even SEI certified. If you’re a professional player, this is very important since you should be practicing with an official ball to get used to the weight and size.

The balls weigh four pounds and are specially designed to help you with your shooting accuracy.

Also, due to their very dense structure, they can be used for massage, physical therapy, back pain, and sore muscle relief. Trust me, try these out the next time you have sore muscles or back pain, and thank me later.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Balls are available in many colors, and you can order them in sets of three, six, or even twelve and get the offer that fits your wallet the best.

I honestly believe you shouldn’t do a lot of thinking when it comes to this offer. The price is reasonable, the balls are top-quality, and you can choose how many of them you want in the pack; what else one may ask for?

  • Regulation balls
  • Can be used for massages
  • Multi-color
  • High quality
  • /

Signature Lacrosse Balls

If you can not stand the smell of chemicals found in some lacrosse balls, the Signature Lacrosse Ball is perfect for you.

This lacrosse ball is created from high-grade materials. Signature Lacrosse employs a novel method to develop balls that are durable, long-lasting. Making balls free from chemical smell.

Also, it is developed to help players keep their grip longer.

It meets all 2017 lacrosse balls regulations such as the SEI, NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE standards. Which make the ball grip last longer. You can play lacrosse indoor or outdoor without compromising quality gameplay.

It is made explicitly for the game of lacrosse, but also suitable for the neck, feet, and back massage. After that tough lacrosse game, why not get a soothing body massage with the soft Signature Lacrosse Ball.

Available in different bright colors and in 1, 2, 4, 8, and 12 parks variant. You can choose a color that will improve your visibility on any day and any field of play.

This ball is a little bit softer than the conventional lacrosse balls designed to previous NOCSAE standards. Its tight specifications ensure it comes with the official weight and bounces for professional play.

Signature Lacrosse Balls gives you everything you will ever need from a top-quality lacrosse ball except an excuse for a wild shot.

  • Softer based on the new NOCSAE standard
  • Therefore, it is safer
  • Comes in bright colors which make it easy to spot in a field or grass.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Has no chemical smell
  • A larger sized dog may rip the ball apart

Victorem Lacrosse Balls - Multi-purpose Lacrosse Balls

Here we have a set of high-quality standard lacrosse balls from Victorem. Super-durable and dense, these balls can be used for far more than lacrosse. They are excellent for physical therapy, myofascial release, and different forms of massages.

All standard lacrosse balls are made of solid rubber that enhances density and improves durability.

But, these balls do not include just any rubber, but superior, top-quality material that honestly makes a difference. For example, Victorem balls do not have that rubber-typical smell we all hate because it used an odor-minimizing technology to eliminate it.

As I already mentioned, Victorem balls follow the size and weight regulations for lacrosse; hence, they can be used professionally and for practice. Due to their dense structure, these balls do not soften under pressure and make a perfect tool for massages and physical therapy as well.

You get twelve balls in this pack, in four different colors. There are white, yellow, green, and orange ones, and you also get a mesh bag for easy carrying and transport.

When it comes to the price, this is a pretty good offer. You get twelve regulation lacrosse balls that can also be used for physical therapy for a little over thirty bucks. Very budget-friendly, I have to say.

As for the negative sides, no customers had a complaint about this product. It is genuinely durable and high-quality, so I haven’t found any disadvantages.

  • A standard size and weight
  • No odor
  • High-quality rubber
  • It can be used for physical therapy.
  • Affordable
  • /

SWAX LAX Lacrosse Training Ball – The Best Lacrosse Training Ball

If you need a training ball to help you develop your lacrosse skills with confidence. This should be your ball of choice. It is a patent-pending soft practice ball which makes lacrosse easy to learn for beginners.

Manufactured with novice and beginners in mind, you will feel less pains when hit by this ball.

Also, it is built from materials that are softer than hard-rubber, which is what most conventional lacrosse balls are made from. This makes it gentle on wood, gym floors and suitable for gym practices and indoor games

The SWAX LAX Lacrosse Training Ball bounce and rebound less making it the ideal ball for practice. All levels of players can play and have fun with this lacrosse ball in training, practice or indoor.

Furthermore, this softball is of the same weight and size of regulation balls. You do not need to be worried about being daunted by a different bounce and rebounds of official balls used in real gameplay.

Even though it is made from a material softer than rubber, it is highly durable, long lasting and shock absorbent.

The SWAX LAX Lacrosse Training Ball comes in 3 variants: "the Pro-Grip," "the goalie kit," and "the mini."

The pro grip was created to cater to the needs of advanced players who need a training ball with the same tacky texture as a new lacrosse ball offering more grip in the stick.

While the goalie kit was designed to have the same size and weight as regulation balls but don’t bounce. It comes in white, blue, and yellow color.

And finally, the mini which is the perfect size for a mini size pocket. It is 10% smaller and 25% lighter than the original lacrosse ball.

  • Perfect for players of all ages
  • Comes in three variants which makes training easy and fun
  • Created from a material softer than rubber
  • Causes less pain when it hits during playing
  • Expensive
  • Not designed for actual gameplay

CrankShooter Lacrosse Ball Set

The CrankShooter Lacrosse Ball Set is a perfect addition to a player lacrosse equipment setup.

The balls are created from top quality vulcanized rubber instead of the commonly seen synthetic rubbers in other lacrosse balls. This gives an incredible grip while shooting which increases your performance during gameplay.

This vulcanized rubber is specially designed to give the balls longer lifespan. When you combine the perfect grip for every shot with high accuracy and handling, you are set for a winning lacrosse game.

Also, CrankShooter ensures all its balls meet NCAA, NFHS, SEI and NOCSAE standards. And every other regulatory and governing body necessary to ensure smooth gameplay and safety. These are official lacrosse balls for gameplay.

This game ball comes in orange, yellow, white color, suitable to all players be it, men, or women. Once you try playing with this lacrosse ball, there is the possibility of not looking back. No matter what color you prefer, this lacrosse ball has all you ever need to complement your lacrosse equipment setup.

You won't find a better deal for lacrosse balls out there. When you purchase a dozen, you get a significant price slash. Whether you are looking to have fun with your kids, the dogs, supporting a team in the league or just unwinding at home; the dozen is a great deal you don’t want to miss.

  • Made from vulcanized rubber
  • Meets NCAA, NFHS, SEI and NOCSAE standards
  • Comes in orange, yellow, white color
  • Presentable as a gift to a young man
  • Available in a limited number of colors

Consider the Important Following Factors When Buying Lacrosse Balls

There are many lacrosse balls on the market, many of which have different color and built for a variety of purposes. Some balls are designed for training, others are official game balls. Whatever the properties of a ball, it should be geared at helping professionals and trainers achieve a high degree of performance during play.

To choose the best ball for your game, it is therefore vital to understand the various properties of lacrosse balls and as well try a few out.

1. Consider the Construction

top lacrosse balls

Lacrosse balls are made from different materials depending on what category of players it is aimed at. Some are made for beginner lacrosse players, massages, and official gameplay.

A lacrosse ball made from a molded rubber construction is unsuitable for a learner, because of the hard rubber. A learner needs a ball that has a soft feel when hit.

Furthermore, a ball meant for official gameplay should provide adequate grip, durability, and more shot distance. And most balls which fall under this category are made from 100% rubber. Determine your reason for buying a lacrosse ball, and select the one whose construction suits your needs.

2. The Outside of the Ball

Lacrosse balls may look similar, but the outside of these balls is different and play a significant factor in grip when shooting.

Also, consider the fact that softballs will provide more feel and may even be useful for other health reasons. It might be susceptible to abrasions and scrapes unlike a ball with a harder cover.

Some balls tend to have more grip than others, which may affect the way it flies through the air or how long you can keep a hold.

Also, the aesthetics of a ball is in the cover, yellow balls are usually used for women lacrosse games, and other colors may improve your visibility when playing on the grass or field.

3. Think About the Price

best price lacrosse balls

Purchasing a lacrosse ball is a pricey affair, especially for beginner lacrosse players who tend to play wayward shots into the water, woods or anywhere else. As a result, it is a common sight to see such players scoop up any lacrosse ball to play.

The water is one of the most common places to find lacrosse balls, be it a course pond or a lake. However, keep in mind that a lacrosse ball that spends a significant amount of time submerged in water will not travel a far distance during play.

This might not be an issue for beginners, but for professional lacrosse players losing a shot, distance is not an option.

4. Consider the Grip

An excellent lacrosse ball has good grip and will not slide easily against your skin, wall, or wood floor. This makes it easy to control its movement and prevent the ball from slipping under you when you are using it against the wall. The lacrosse balls with the best grip are those which comes from 100% natural rubber.

5. Weight

The heavier a lacrosse ball the likely it will stay where you put it. Some lacrosse balls are manufactured to NCAA, NFHS, SEI and NOCSAE standards. You may find little or no differences in the weight of these balls. Solid lacrosse balls are preferable to inflatable or hollow because of its weight which meets gameplay regulations.


What is the best type of lacrosse ball?

There are many different lacrosse balls on the market.

Some are designed for beginners, others for professionals, some for practice only, but it’s always best to go with the ball that follows the regulations.

The best and currently official lacrosse ball is the solid rubber lacrosse ball made of polyurethane. It should be either white, yellow, orange, or lime green in color and between 7 ¾ and 8 inches in diameter.

If you are a beginner, though, it is recommendable to opt for something softer and less heavy to get you going.

Are all lacrosse balls the same?

All official lacrosse balls are exactly the same size-wise and weight-wise; they only differ in color.

However, not all the balls you can find on the market as "lacrosse balls" follow the regulations.

There are lacrosse balls for beginners, kids, or recreational use, and these usually weigh less than official balls and incorporate softer materials.

What is the best lacrosse ball?

The best lacrosse ball we found on the current market is the Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls.

It meets all the regulations, has almost seven thousand customer reviews on Amazon, and a high rating, indicating the superior quality.

How big is a lacrosse ball?

best brand of lacrosse balls

The regular lacrosse ball should be between 7 ¾ and 8 inches in diameter and should weigh between 5 and 5 ¼ ounces.

Lacrosse balls for beginners tend to vary in size, being usually smaller and lighter than the regulation ball.

How to shoot a lacrosse ball?

Many lacrosse players consider shooting the most powerful segment of lacrosse. Yet, like all the other steps, it requires certain skills and techniques.

When it comes to these things, I believe that the best way to learn is visual, so I suggest watching the following video with detailed instructions on how to shoot a lacrosse ball like a pro.


Lacrosse balls are vulcanized, solid, hard rubber and not something to be argued with when they fly at you. Though the newer NOCSAE regulation calls for a softer ball. There are not many quality balls that meet this new standard. The information in this guide will help you decide the best lacrosse ball for your gaming need.

Our top-rated lacrosse ball is the Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Ball. It is certified by SEI, NFHS, and NCAA to improve handling and shooting accuracy during gameplay and practice. It is suitable for women and men, old and young and comes in a variety of colors.

If you think any of the above-listed quality balls deserve the number one spot, please indicate in the comment box below.

Champion Sports LBSET Colored Lacrosse Balls - NCAA, NFHS and SEI Certified - Assorted, 6 Pack*
  • Official size: Every ball is official size and weight, meets NOCSAE standards, is NCAA and NFHS approved, and SEI certified to improve shooting accuracy and handling during practice and game play
  • Multi count packs: Choose from a 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 count set to outfit players in youth gym classes and summer camps, competing on collegiate teams, or completing training regimens to improve skills
  • MANY COLORS: Men, women, boys, girls, and children will enjoy the uniquely colorful variety of colored gear available, making every game on the indoor court or outdoor field cool and fun
  • VERSATILE - Use across many platforms to help support health and quality of life, including cross training, and massage targeting of backs. Can even be used for juggling or as a dog toy.

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