Select the Best Youth Lacrosse Shafts Now! We Will Guide You! (2023 Edition)

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Starting your lacrosse career might be a very challenging job. First, you need to choose the best equipment, and selecting the best youth lacrosse shaft is the first step to completing your lacrosse dream. But how can you choose the best youth lacrosse shaft?

We’ve got your back!

In this article, we will discuss all the crucial factors to consider when buying your first shaft. You will learn about their composition, weight, performance, maneuverability, and all other performance points necessary to be a dominant player on the lacrosse field.

So, let’s start our shaft research here.


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are various youth lacrosse shafts available for the youngest players
  • You must consider different factors and requirements to choose the best solution for your needs
  • Read our reviews to find the most popular models and decide more easier

Best Youth's Lacrosse Shaft: Top 5 Choices

$ - Silverfin Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft - Most valuable and flexible, allowing you the ease of use and adjustability. The firm grip offers better stick control.

$ - EVO ATK SHAFT - The most reliable and advanced design, allowing you different playing performance tips and more practice. Optimal performance for robust use.

$ - Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft - Best for increased control when using the shaft and operating on the field. The end caps offer better control and better management of the stick.

$ - Warrior Switch Comp Attacker Lacrosse Shaft - The end cups use the most advanced system to prevent pressure and keep the shaft optimal in your hands. The shaft offers new technology for robust uses.

$ - Brine Swizzbeat Headstrong Attack Lacrosse Shaft - Best stability and versatility for different performance needs. The shaft is also durable for different external conditions.

Silverfin Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft - Best value
  • Brand: ‎Silverfin Lacrosse
  • Dimensions: 30 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Best for: flexibility

Why should the Silverfin lacrosse shaft be your first choice? The Silverfin lacrosse shaft is ideal for all youth players, as it offers a specific design.

The Silverfin lacrosse shaft uses durable construction. In addition, the lacrosse shaft is lightweight, effective, reliable, and sturdy. So, you can use it for different levels of play and different leagues.

In addition, the Silverfin lacrosse shaft is made of advanced scandium titanium alloy. The advanced design will not add extra weight and cause more pressure when operating on the field.

On the contrary, the construction will make the use easier, as it covers the weaker points, making them stronger and more reliable for advanced playing conditions. For this reason, you can efficiently perform on the lacrosse field.

Thanks to the unique shape and the firm grip, the Silverfin lacrosse shaft is designed for all elite offensive players looking to keep their overall performance optimal and sharpen their skills.

However, the lacrosse shaft is also ideal for all youth players to learn basic and more advanced and improve their skills faster. So, they can operate the stick better, thanks to the firm and stable grip.

You will have maximum ball control and manage the shaft better since it comes with a rubber butt-end. So, there won’t be additional discomfort, pain, or pressure on your hands, especially when you’re playing or practicing for an extended period.

In addition, there won’t be any blisters while wearing the gloves and managing the shaft in your hands.

  • value
  • adjustable
  • durable
  • /

EVO ATK SHAFT - The most reliable model
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Dimensions: 30 inches
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Best for: integrated construction

The Warrior lacrosse shaft will be ideal for youth players due to its composition. The lacrosse shaft uses composite carbon materials, creating stability and security while playing or practicing and providing the best usage conditions.

The lacrosse shaft will last for an extended period, as it offers a durable and sturdy design, so nothing can damage it so soon. No external force, impact, or pressure can damage the construction, and it will be optimal for fast, hard balls and checks.

In addition, the Warrior uses the Krypto Pro-Diamond construction and system, so it will be ideal for lightweight yet effective performance. You will get the power, speed, and accuracy when dodging, catching, passing, or shooting.

The lightweight design will not cause pressure, pain, or discomfort for your hands and gloves, but it will be strong and effective enough to perform better on the field. So you can easily adjust it to your needs. No weather conditions can affect its performance.

You will also find the best strength-to-weight ratio, and you can control the shape as well. As the Warrior lacrosse shaft uses a lightweight design, it will cover all weaker points and prevent damage.

Moreover, it will only support your actions and make the overall performance faster and more powerful. So, it will give you the strength to shoot and score more goals without potential issues with the design. This way, you will make the lacrosse shaft more reliable.

  • effective
  • lightweight
  • composite
  • durable
  • no sand finish

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft - Best shaft control
  • Brand: ‎Burd Wood Works
  • Dimensions: 30 inches
  • Weight: 0.99 pounds
  • Best for: end cups

The following lacrosse shaft will blow your mind as it uses hand-crafted construction, full of the finest hickory.

The Burd Wood Works lacrosse shaft will be durable, strong, and reliable enough to perform in various weather and paying conditions, offering strong and more advanced performance.

The hickory uses the best materials to create the most reliable performance, assure premium quality and prevent warping. The lacrosse shaft is solid and offers more power, accuracy, and power when shooting, passing, or catching, and you can adjust it to fit your needs.

The Burd Wood Works lacrosse shaft will be ideal for all attackers and short-stick midfielders assisting their designated players. So, you can use the shaft to create more scoring opportunities.

This premium-quality Burd Wood Works lacrosse shaft will ensure the best fit of the lacrosse head, thanks to its specific design.

The lacrosse shaft is hex-cut for overall performance. It offers a mounting screw and comes with the best adjustable to attach various lacrosse heads. So, you can ensure the best attachments without any breaks or slipping, and the lacrosse head will be firm and fixed on the shaft.

However, there is no finish on the Burd Wood Works lacrosse shaft. So, when overusing the shaft, your hands will create pressure and sweat so the shaft will absorb the oil, and there won’t be any damage to the handle. So, you can use it for more robust uses and extended periods - you cannot harm the quality or material so easily.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • solid
  • ball control
  • poor customer service

Warrior Switch Comp Attacker Lacrosse Shaft - Best for advanced end cups
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Dimensions: 34 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.51 pounds
  • Best for: shaft control

This Warrior attacker lacrosse shaft is an excellent option for youth players looking for the instant and best performance on the lacrosse field.

The Warrior lacrosse shaft uses a lightweight yet reliable design, covering its weaker points and offering an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Thus, it will be optimal for further uses and more robust conditions. Moreover, you can control the lacrosse shaft better, which will be faster for different actions on the field.

In addition, the construction offers the new Dual DYE design, so it’s ideal for advanced performance and more robust uses.

The construction uses a unique design at each end of the lacrosse, offering a uniquely customized grip. The lacrosse shaft will be stable and fixed in your hands, and you can perform different operations, as it allows different custom options.

One end of the Warrior lacrosse shaft uses the specific Kung Fu kid design. Thus, the lacrosse shaft provides rounded edges for rotation while cradling. Hence, you can perform other actions and drills too, switch hands, and ensure the proper use of the lacrosse shaft for various playing standards.

It will remain stable and reliable in your hands, and it will not cause extra pressure or discomfort to your hands when you wear gloves for an extended period. So, the shaft provides optimal use.

You can find the brand-new Groove die system on the opposite side of the lacrosse shaft. It will provide maximum lacrosse stick control due to deep finger grooves.

  • end cups
  • reliable
  • durable
  • grip issues

Brine Swizzbeat Headstrong Attack Lacrosse Shaft - Best for versatility
  • Brand: ‎Brine-Warrior Lacrosse
  • Dimensions: 30.3 x 1.4 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.44 pounds
  • Best for: stability

Finally last but not least, the Brine lacrosse shaft uses a rich design with composite materials, making it optimal for more robust uses.

The Brine lacrosse shaft has advanced technology, making it optimal for further use and more robust playing conditions. Even if you practice different drills for an extended period, the lacrosse shaft will be ideal for more requirements and take your game to the next level easily. So it will advance your overall performance.

The Brine lacrosse shaft comes with advanced materials, yet the design is lightweight. So the lacrosse shaft will not create extra pain, pressure, or discomfort to your hands when wearing lacrosse gloves, and it will not slip away in your hands.

It will be reliable and stable for more prolonged use, and you can easily have the necessary control over the game and the ball. Thus, you can perform different drills with your hands, and the lacrosse stick will follow your moves.

In addition, the Brine lacrosse shaft comes with full ball control, as you can attach various heads with different pocket management.

Once you perform different operations on the field, the ball will get the necessary power, accuracy, and strength necessary for shooting, passing, or catching, and you can perform similar moves as well. The lacrosse shaft will be optimal for all playing conditions.

Of course, you can use the stick for external weather conditions, forces, and impacts, too. nothing can damage its construction so easily.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • stable
  • /

Finding the best youth’s lacrosse shaft: A complete buyer’s guide for little ones

You can refer to the guide below if you don't know where to start in your youth lacrosse shaft search. We will lead you through this process and ensure you are equipped with all information. Let’s learn together.

Choosing the best youth lacrosse shafts might be challenging for both little players and their parents. Luckily, our guidelines include critical factors to consider before you make the final decisions and choose the best solution for your children.

Read below to know more, as our key factors include:

1. Materials

best youth’s lacrosse shaft

Design and materials are always the number #1 factor to consider when choosing the youth lacrosse shaft. However, this rule applies to men’s and women’s lacrosse shafts as well. The materials and design, in general, will dictate the longer use, more robust gaming conditions, and long-term investment in your future shafts.

The youth shafts come in different material types, less or more composite, but overall sturdy for different operations. The best shafts always include carbon fiber materials, but those made of alloy and aluminum are also great options. The carbon fiber stands out as it offers a specific design for more prolonged uses.

The materials cover weaker points but don’t add more pressure or weight to the construction. Thus, you won’t feel any pain, pressure, or additional weight while holding the shaft. As a result, you can efficiently perform different operations.

2. Durability & sturdiness

The next factor relates to the previous one, as more composite materials ensure greater durability and reliability. The carbon fiber and similar shafts will not break easily, even if different players perform various hard checks, and neither can hard and speedy balls destroy the construction so soon.

In addition, such youth lacrosse shafts can last longer, as weather conditions and elements cannot harm them so soon. And your performance will be optimal for furthermore prolonged and robust uses.

3. Weight & size

The weight and size of your youth lacrosse shaft is the key factor for your playing position. For example, you need shorter sticks and more lightweight models if you are an attacker or short-stick midfielder.

On the other hand, you can use longer and heavier models if you are a defender or a goalie. Goalies also use a wider head, so check the compatibility with lacrosse heads to ensure the best playing models.

4. Stability and ease of use

best lacrosse shaft for beginner

It would be best to find a stable and reliable youth shaft to help you play and practice more. The firm and reliable grip will help you in this process. Always check the grip and the finish material of your lacrosse stick. It might stay stable in your lacrosse gloves for an extended time. It easily slips away. You cannot perform well. But if it’s reliable and stable regardless of the playing conditions, you are good to go.

When you have a stable shaft and stick in general, you can ensure ease of use and adjust the shaft to your needs. You’ll be able to perform without any issues, and the shaft will provide you with the best ball control, speed, and power necessary for more shooting opportunities.

5. Budget

Of course, you must consider your budget when you choose the best youth lacrosse shaft for the little ones. However, the price points should not be your top priority; instead, you should look for quality and performance points first.

If a lacrosse shaft offers better playing standards and increases the overall performance on the lacrosse field, you should go for it, regardless of the price. Thus, you’ll know the shaft won’t damage or break so soon and will last for an extended period.

Also, the higher-quality options will offer more adjustability and ease of use than regular shafts. So, pay attention to the maneuverability as well, and examine the price points later.

So, what’s the best youth lacrosse shaft?

The best youth lacrosse shaft is the wonderful Silverfin Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft. The lacrosse shaft is ideal for your players as it offers the best valuable and advanced performance on the field.

The shaft is the most reliable due to its flexible and adjustable design, so you can use it for various lacrosse operations, and perform various moves during the match. In addition, it offers lightweight design, yet it’s durable for more robust playing conditions.

Finally, the Silverin youth lacrosse shaft is affordable to all players, coaches and parents, so the price tag only increases its overall quality and ease of use. Try it now for better gaming standards.

Silverfin Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft, Lacrosse Handle, Lacrosse Stick for Men, Youth Boys Lacrosse Stick,...*
  • Silverfin's newest handle release is perfect for the elite offensive player looking for a lightweight shaft with a great shape at a value price point. Made of a military grade scandium/titanium alloy, this handle checks in as one of the lightest handles currently available on the market.
  • Engineered for the elite offensive player looking for a strong, light, cost effective option for their setup.
  • Combine with Silverfin's Camber 1.0 head and two-piece butt end for the ultimate rig.
  • 30" shaft comes with generic white rubber butt end. Silverfin's two-piece plastic butt end is sold separately.

Final verdict

Although choosing the best youth’s lacrosse shafts requires time and energy, you can refer to our reviews, read them thoroughly and find the best models for your little ones.

Ensure you find all key benefits and other factors to help you select the best solution, and help your young players become dominant players on the lacrosse field. They can play and practice more without any issues.

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