Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet Visor Rules You Need to Know About (Top 3 Best Picks)

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As a lacrosse player, it's essential to understand the proper rules and safety regulations regarding lacrosse helmet visors.

A great quality visor can protect your eyes from flying balls, branches, or other debris that can cause serious injury. With so many options available on the market today, you want to ensure you buy the right one for your needs.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the ultimate lacrosse helmet visor rules you need to know about and provide our top 3 picks for best-in-class headgear with protective shields. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your game will be safe and your vision clear when out on the field!


Take Away Key Points:

  • NCAA, NOCSAE, and NHFS rule book guidelines allow for clear visors, but tinted shields are prohibited.
  • Dark visors reduce visibility and increase risk during games, so all players should ensure their helmet meets the required criteria before playing.
  • Protective eyewear is a must when playing lacrosse to protect players from potential injuries caused by flying balls, sticks, or other objects.

What is a lacrosse helmet visor?

A lacrosse helmet visor is a protective covering worn on the facemask of some lacrosse helmets.

The visor helps to protect the player's eyes from sticks and other objects flying at them during a game. It also provides added privacy, reducing glare and eliminating distractions.

Visors come in different sizes and styles and are usually made of lightweight materials such as polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or plastic. The right size visor will offer optimal protection without compromising vision or range of motion.

Basic rules of wearing a helmet visor

Wearing a lacrosse helmet visor in lacrosse is not only crucial for safety but also necessary to abide by the general rules of the game.

- According to the NHFS rulebook, Lacrosse helmet visors are allowed as long as they are clear, molded, and pliable. When wearing one, players may also have clear eyeglasses but cannot wear a tinted eye shield or glasses. Tinted shields are not permitted.

- Even if you have an eye condition, such as retina sunlight sensitivity or other serious injuries, wearing tinted eye shields and tinted glasses is still not allowed in lacrosse!

- Beyond being tinted, there are several other requirements for lacrosse helmet visors. These include meeting ASTM specifications and standards, having a clear molded eye shield, and passing NOCSAE testing. The label must declare this clearly if the visor has not passed this test.

- Make sure the helmet and lacrosse visor are properly fitted. The lacrosse helmet and lacrosse visor should fit snugly on your head, with the chin strap securely fastened. In addition, the lacrosse helmet visor should provide adequate coverage of your eyes and face without interfering with vision or range of motion.

- Wear the lacrosse visor with protective eyewear underneath it at all times. In addition, goggles or shatterproof glasses should be worn beneath the clear visor to protect your eyes from sticks, balls, and other flying objects.

- Be aware of any restrictions on wearing a lacrosse helmet or eye visor when playing in certain leagues or tournaments. In some cases, clear or tinted lacrosse helmet visors may be prohibited, so make sure to check beforehand.

- Regularly change your clear lacrosse helmet visor to ensure maximum protection and comfort during play. Lacrosse-specific visors that become scratched or cracked can easily break apart, putting you in danger of serious injury.

How do you put a visor on a lacrosse helmet?

Putting a visor on a lacrosse helmet requires the following steps:

- Acquire a visor that fits your helmet.

- Align the holes of the visor with those of the helmet.

- Secure the visor to the helmet using the screws provided with it.

- Adjust the headband of the helmet to ensure a proper fit.

How to pick the best visor for your helmet?

When it comes to selecting a lacrosse visor for your lacrosse helmet, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are the most important ones:

1. Comfort and fit: Make sure that your lacrosse helmet is snug against your head. A comfortable fit will ensure the lacrosse visor can protect without impairing your vision or performance.

2. Visibility: Look for a lacrosse visor that offers good visibility without causing too much glare or distortion of objects around you. You should clearly see what's happening during gameplay in all directions.

3. Durability: Lacrosse visors can take much punishment on the field, so make sure you choose one built from durable materials such as polycarbonate or carbon fiber. This will help ensure it stands up to rough play without cracking or becoming damaged over time.

4. Adjustability: Ensure that you select a lacrosse helmet with an adjustable lacrosse-specific visor so you can easily adjust its height and angle if needed during games and practices.

Finding the right lacrosse visor for your lacrosse helmet requires careful consideration of all these factors, so take the time to do your research before purchasing one!

Top 3 lacrosse helmet visors

Elitetek Chrome Football Eye-Shield Visor - Best lacrosse visor

The Elitetek Chrome Football Eye-Shield Visor is a great choice and the best lacrosse visor for football and lacrosse players looking for superior protection and comfort. It is made with a special chrome finish, ensuring maximum visibility and reducing fogging.

The EliteTek Chrome Eye-Shield Visor is the ideal lacrosse visor for those searching for maximum protection and comfort. Not only does it bolster your confidence on the field while helping you concentrate better, but it also decreases any chance of head or neck injuries caused by face mask grabbing. With this visor, you can rest assured that your eyes will be shielded from finger pokes, particles, and objects.

The EliteTek lacrosse visor is crafted with a unique chrome "mirror" finish giving players the desired advantage. With 38% light transmittance, distracting glares are cut out, and brightness regulation is achieved. Constructed from 3mm thick polycarbonate plastic for maximum safety, this visor effectively shields against hazardous UV rays and provides resilient impact protection.

The lacrosse helmet sun visor is the best clear visor that is also designed to provide an adjustable fit, allowing players to adjust the shield to their needs quickly. Additionally, the anti-fog coating provides improved clarity while playing. Overall, the Elitetek Chrome Football Eye-ShieldVisor is an excellent option for any player who wants optimal protection on the field.

Although bigger brands do not offer lacrosse helmet visors, this is the only lacrosse-specific visor that follows all the regulations!

  • Provides protection from sticks, balls, and other flying objects.
  • Can improve visibility during gameplay by reducing glare and controlling light intensity.
  • Universal fit
  • Non-rigid
  • Made with the most durable and best impact-resistant materials and UV protection.
  • Visor may fog up if the weather is humid.
  • The chrome finish can become scratched or worn over time.

BARNETT Visor Black - The runner up

Meet your coolest accessory! The BARNETT Visor Black is a great choice for lacrosse players looking for superior protection and comfort.

This visor not only provides maximum protection from finger pokes, particles, and objects, but it also eliminates annoying glare. Additionally, the BARNETT anti-fog Visor Black offers adjustable fit straps to ensure optimal security, as well as 38% light transmittance to reduce fogging.

It is made with a high-grade composite material that is both lightweight and impact-resistant. Overall, the BARNETT Visor Black is an excellent option for any lacrosse player who wants ultimate protection on the field.

The BARNETT Visor Black features a fog, scratch resistant and UV coating for maximum clarity and protection from the sun. Thanks to the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, this lacrosse visor ensures clarity and durability even in the harshest conditions.

It also eliminates annoying glare while controlling light intensity. This best lacrosse visor is designed to fit both youth and adult helmets with its two-clip system that allows for fast and easy attachment or removal.

  • Protects from finger pokes, particles, and objects.
  • Extremely tough
  • Made with a high-grade composite material that is both lightweight and impact resistant.
  • Molded and non-rigid
  • Universal fit with adjustable straps
  • Fog, scratch resistant, and UV coating for maximum clarity
    write cons
  • The two-clip system can be challenging to adjust for some players.
  • The chrome finish can become scratched or worn over time.

CNAHIWO Football Visor - The most comfortable one

The CNAHIWO Football Visor is a great option for lacrosse players who want superior protection and comfort. 

Its unique design consists of one-piece construction that offers optimal peripheral vision, impact resistance, and cushioning on the field. Additionally, this visor features an anti-fog coating that allows maximum clarity, while its anti-scratch technology helps keep it looking new even during intense play.

The CNAHIWO Visor is designed to provide superior protection and comfort for lacrosse players.

Thanks to the scratch-resistant coating, it is not easy to damage, blocking out UV rays and glare and protecting your eyes from injury. It also fits both Youth and Adult helmets with its two-clip system allowing fast attachment or removal without needing tools. Additionally, this visor has been approved by high school/CIF and youth lacrosse leagues. Please note, however, that the lacrosse helmet is not included (the image is only meant to demonstrate visor installation).

Moreover, it is designed to fit both youth and adult helmets with its two-clip system that ensures secure attachment or removal. With its lightweight construction and superior protection, the CNAHIWO Visor is an ideal choice for players looking to stay safe and perform at their best.


Why are colored visors not allowed?

In lacrosse, all players are required to wear clear visors on their helmets. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of players, referees, and spectators during gameplay.

Clear lacrosse visors offer more visibility than colored ones, which can limit the view and impair the player's judgment.

Additionally, clear lacrosse visors help to keep communication between the player and coach consistent, as tinted visors can make it difficult to see facial expressions or read lips.

Can you wear a tinted visor in high school lacrosse?

No, it is not allowed to wear tinted visors in high school lacrosse. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules require that all athletes must wear clear lacrosse visors on their helmets to ensure the highest degree of safety for both players and referees during gameplay.

Can you wear a dark visor at night?

No, wearing a dark visor at night is not recommended. The darker colors of the visor will impair your vision and reduce visibility, which can be dangerous in low-light conditions.

Additionally, the tinted colors can make it difficult for referees to view your face or read lips during gameplay. For these reasons, choosing a clear visor when playing night lacrosse games is important.

What visors are legal in the NCAA?

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), tinted visors and eye shields are not allowed for lacrosse players. All facial protection, including goggles or helmets, must be clear to provide sufficient visibility and to ensure player safety.

Despite having a doctor's prescription specifying that you are light sensitive, tinted visors remain off-limits.

Players are also not allowed to wear tinted glasses, but they can wear sunglasses with clear eye protection.

Additionally, all helmets must meet the standards set by the NOCSAE and must display the appropriate certification sticker on them.


When it comes to lacrosse helmet visor rules, it is crucial to select one that meets the NCAA guidelines and standards set by the NOCSAE. Specifically, clear lacrosse visors are allowed, while tinted shields are prohibited and against visor rules.

These three best lacrosse helmet visors will help you stick to the lacrosse helmet shield rules and avoid wearing clear glasses during the match!

Wearing dark and tinted visors at night can reduce visibility and put players at risk during games. Therefore, for safety reasons, all players should ensure their best lacrosse helmet visor kits meets the stipulated criteria before participating in any game.

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