Best Lacrosse Stick for Defense: Protect Your Goalie Like Never Before!

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Are you looking for a lacrosse stick that is perfect for defense? Look no further! The best lacrosse stick for defense can be the ideal way to help protect your goalie from those relentless shots!

We know how important it is to find just the right equipment, so we've compiled this comprehensive guide highlighting some of our favorite sticks and strategies.

Read on to learn more about finding the right balance between protection and control to maximize your skill set while keeping everyone safe out there on the field.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Lacrosse complete defense sticks are the primary tools to help you improve defensive skills and play the best games
  • Ensure you consider all critical factors to choose only the best defensive lacrosse sticks
  • There are multiple models available for both men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse, so check the reviews to find the best solution

Best complete defense lacrosse stick: Choose your fighter!

$$ - StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick - The best defense lacrosse stick has advanced features & advanced materials of shaft and pocket. The high-quality alloy shaft and the face shape offer complete control for elite players. So, if you're a pro-defense player, the best defense lacrosse equipment takes your game to the next level.

$$ - Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick - Best for scooping ground balls, longer passes, and sidewall design. The durable shaft provides a real game, and a tighter face shape helps you improve your defensive play. The safe and secure grip ensures more control of the loose balls and ground balls when assisting other defensive players.

$$ - StringKing Boy's Starter Defense Lacrosse Stick - The defense lacrosse shaft is ideal for all defensive and midfield youth players. Due to its wider face shape, the lacrosse head will better control loose balls and offer a more gradual offset, passes, or shots during the play. But, the lacrosse shaft might be prone to dents.

$$$ - STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Complete Stick - Best women's defense lacrosse shafts with improved lacrosse heads. The head and shaft offer necessary durability in the play, and no other head will provide the same strength without sacrificing the quality. Carbon fiber and mesh technology create the best control of all operations. However, these are costly shafts.

$$ - WARRIOR Regulator Max Warp Pro Carbon Complete Lacrosse Stick - Best newly improved design for maximum durability & sturdiness. The reliable defense head and shaft provide powerful performance and increased control of the lacrosse ball. The flex and the pocket are ideal for all defenders and various levels of play. Players can find respectable heads for the specific shafts.

StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick - Accent on skills improvement
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: 60 inches
  • Item weight: 155 grams
  • Material: alloy
  • Best for: maximum ball control

If you're a defensive player, this is the best stick you could ever ask for!

The StringKing Complete 2 Senior lacrosse stick provides a unique mechanism - a combination of the elite head and a more durable, sturdy, and healthy premium alloy shaft for more organizational performance and extra toughness and strength to dominate during the game.

We all know how defense sticks are a vital piece of lacrosse equipment. That's why this stick has a highly durable Legend Senior head so you can control the catch and throw, shoot, and pass skills during the game. In addition, the head allows you to moderate it as you like.

Of course, the mesh is also essential here; hence, you'll find that the head, shaft, and stick generally contain the Type 3S soft mesh, along with the mid-pocket and gloss grip for complete stick control.

Regarding the shaft, it contains 380 defense shaft series for better performance and higher presentation. Thus, if you're a beginner lacrosse, high school, or advanced player, this stick is the best lacrosse tool for you!

You don't have to prepare the stick in advance to show your performance - it's already ready for use. Experts approve this StringKing Complete 2 Senior lacrosse stick for all player types since it meets NCAA and NFHS standards, so it's legal for high school or college leagues.

Thus, if you want to be a higher-ranking defense player, choose these lacrosse sticks now, and improve your skills.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • /

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick - Best for versatility
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Product dimensions: 54 inches
  • Item weight: 250 grams
  • Material: kevlar, kryptolite
  • Best for: young players when playing defense

This lacrosse stick is ideal for beginner or high school players since it meets all NFHS and NCAA safety standards and regulations. In addition, the stick refines the catch and throw, shoot, and pass skills for younger generations and helps them become professionals.

Moreover, these Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Defense lacrosse sticks are mainly manufactured for 12U lacrosse players who search for complete lacrosse sticks that help moderate the game and promote bases for higher-level upgraded presentation during the match.

Additionally, the stick offers more extended strength and more effortless mobility so that lacrosse beginners can comprehend the game better and, therefore, update their lacrosse abilities to the next level.

Just to let you know, the entire collection of these lacrosse sticks contains a consistent pocket for players, so they can practice more and become more experienced. If you're looking for a regulation-size stick for juniors, this is an ideal option since the stick's length is 54 inches.

The shaft is also significant; hence, you can find the perfect scoop for the ground ball and a better pass. Since you have to keep both the attackers and the goalkeeper, your stick, head, and shaft must be of the most outstanding quality. That's why this defense lacrosse stick is a perfect option to achieve so.

If you're an amateur and want to be a more experienced player, help your team achieve their goals, and score more points, don't waste your time - purchase it now and win every lacrosse match!

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • /

StringKing Boy's Starter Defense Lacrosse Stick - The best performance of the lacrosse shaft
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: 52 inches
  • Item weight: 150 grams
  • Material: alloy
  • Best for: wider face shape

If your little ones need the best defense lacrosse stick for the advanced game on the field, the StringKing starter is the best new shaft for youth players!

Kiddos like the defense lacrosse stick as it has a wider face shape. Thus, the lightweight shaft and pocket increase shot speed and ensure stronger passes, and the strong head will better control loose balls. Thus, the lighter weight of the defense lacrosse shaft provides stability during the play. 

The defense lacrosse shaft is consistent thanks to the high-quality mesh and pocket, so the ball will remain stable while inside the defense lacrosse shaft and pocket. On the other hand, the right head offers stability when sending the ball away from the lacrosse head and defensive shaft. 

Not only pro-defense players can use the defensive shaft for their game, but also long stick middies. The long stick middies will assist other defenders, and due to the lacrosse head and lighter shaft, they can also control loose balls and perform a more gradual offset than the lightweight shaft provides.

Due to the type 2s mesh and a mid pocket, both the defense and midfielders do not have to change anything. The pocket comes strung, and it uses premium materials for harder defense play and maximum control of the ball.

The durability and sturdiness of the lacrosse head and defense lacrosse shaft are ideal for extreme forces, impacts, and pressure. The defense lacrosse shaft cannot damage so soon.

  • more ground offset
  • ball control
  • high flex
  • might be prone to dents

STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Complete Stick - Best women's lacrosse stick
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 43.5x7x1.1 inches
  • Item weight: 360 grams
  • Material: carbon fiber shaft
  • Best for: an improved lacrosse head

The STX Fortress 700 is the best women's lacrosse stick currently on the market! Why? Well, you remember the STX Fortress 300, right? The Fortress 700 is a better version, and we'll see why. 

The Fortress 700 women's lacrosse stick uses a deeper pocket than the 300 lacrosse shaft. Thus, the defense lacrosse shaft uses an ideal face shape, suitable for a wide scoop of catching, increased ball control, and ball retention. 

The lacrosse head is also upgraded thanks to the reduced sidewall height; therefore, the lacrosse head will not sacrifice the overall strength. Defensive female players can feel the gradual offset and perform other actions without affecting the power of the lacrosse head and overall defense lacrosse shaft.

Another benefit is that pro-defense female players have maximum durability due to the carbon fiber of the shaft and lacrosse head. As a result, even if attackers perform harder checks on you, the shaft and head cannot damage quickly. 

Of course, the female players can manage the pro-defense shaft easily due to the stable grip. In addition, the adjustable butt end and the outer texture increase stability while holding the shaft, keeping the grip harder and more secure. 

Finally, the head offers brand-new string lock technology, allowing you to set the pocket and head to prevent bagging. But, the technology is also valuable for the center overlapping system that protects the head in a fight. 

However, these defense lacrosse shafts are too expensive for some players but worth investing in.

  • grip
  • flex
  • durability
  • carbon fiber
  • pricey

WARRIOR Regulator Max Warp Pro Carbon Complete Lacrosse Stick - Best pro-defense lacrosse stick
  • Brand: ‎Warrior
  • Product dimensions: 60 inches
  • Item weight: 340 grams
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Best for

The Warrior Warp Pro head and shaft deliver the lightest defensive stick ever made. This stick contains Minimus Carbon Technology with varying weave patterns, designed to provide target stiffness and flex zones. Thus, the defense shaft is more improved than the Warrior EVO QX lacrosse stick.

Each pocket is tailored to its respective head, featuring various diamond patterns, pocket locations, and whip options for the ideal pocket feel and release. As a result, the pocket design improves every aspect of ball play.

The Warrior Pro lacrosse D-pole complete stick uses the raised texture for better grip and slightly advances the Warrior EVO QX stick. 

The pocket's location and whip-or-hold options are built for defensive players needing maximum durability. In addition, the MAX sidewall construction reinforces vital sections of the head for superior stiffness and resilience. 

In addition, a built-in Regulator Max-specific Warp pocket provides consistent performance right out of the box. Seven different diamond patterns with multiple raised shooters give a traditional feel plus smooth release, while a premium blend of materials works in all weather. 

Further features include Loc-Throat technology affixing securely without rattles, plus a Mid/High Pocket ideal for Defenders and LSMs that need quick ball control when catching or scooping ground balls.

The SYM-RAIL design contributes further weight savings while TrueOffset lowers the sidewall to promote ball control & feel. All this strength in a shaft that weighs only 340 grams - providing our best high-flex strength-to-weight ratio for any defense shaft!

  • lightweight shaft
  • improved head
  • durable and reliable structure
  • newly improved design
  • not visible

Finding the best defense lacrosse shafts: A complete buyer's guide

When looking for the best complete sticks, you should consider the following factors:

1. Material

This is the most critical factor to consider for the best defense lacrosse shafts.

Ensure the stick offers high-quality materials - carbon fiber, metal, alloy, and similar materials. The composite materials will last for an extended period and won't damage so soon.

lacrosse complete defense sticks

2. Durability & sturdiness

Best lacrosse shafts (and heads) contain premium-quality design to help the defense protect their goal and goalie from the players coming from the offensive end. Thus, the best lacrosse shafts are also made of composite materials, with prolonged life to help you against the most aggressive checks and toughest games.

3. Grip

Each defense shaft uses a different shape - octagonal, traditional shape, etc. to fit each pair of gloves and position. Thus, the defense should always try different lacrosse shafts to find the most suitable shape for their hands. They will use the shaft for an extended period, so the stick must be comfortable for the hands.

4. The main purpose

Each stick is designed for a different position and has a specific purpose. This is where the heads step in. 

For instance, defense heads may be wider to allow the defense position better control of the lacrosse ball and harder plays, if necessary, to defend their goal and defensive zone in general. Goalie's heads are the widest. 

So, check the overall structure to see if the shafts and heads fit your playing position and needs.

5. Price points

Best Mens Defense Lacrosse Sticks

Regarding pricing, the shafts can differ in cost based on overall quality and the advantages they offer. Thus, you can find various shafts ranging between less than $100 to $200 or even more

Even though the higher-end shafts deliver better performance and quality, it doesn't mean the more affordable versions are not good and optimal for use. Like other versions, the more expensive shafts usually contain more composite materials and offer more durable and sturdy uses. 

So, you should check the quality and the primary purpose first and then examine the price points.

So, what's the best lacrosse defensive stick?

The best men's defense lacrosse stick is the StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick. The stick is ideal for its premium-quality design and its various benefits. Thus, you can find the best mesh and pocket and control the lacrosse ball according to your needs. 

In addition, the stick contains durable and sturdy materials; therefore, you cannot damage it even if you play more challenging games. As a result, the stick will help you better protect your goal and goalie and prevent the hardest shots.

StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick (Black/Black)*
  • Worry-free performance. Perfectly strung with Type 3 mesh, the StringKing Complete 2 Sr. Lacrosse Stick comes ready for game-time with no break-in necessary and no complicated maintenance required.
  • The perfect lacrosse stick for every player. The StringKing Complete 2 Lacrosse Stick is available in four versions for different needs. Find the perfect stick for your age, position, playing style, and budget.
  • Unbeatable value. Each StringKing Complete 2 lacrosse stick offers high-end performance at an entry-level price, so you can get the stick you need without breaking the bank.

Final words

With so many different factors to consider, it can be tough to choose the best lacrosse stick for defense for your team.

The most important thing to remember is the stick's quality – you want something durable and withstands a lot of wear and tear. After that, you can start looking at prices to find something that fits your budget

Remember, these shafts will be your primary tool on the field, so you want to make sure you invest in something good.

Do some research and ask around before making your final decision – with a little effort, you're sure to find the perfect shafts for your team.

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