How to Tape a Lacrosse Stick? The Best Guide for Successful Results! (2023 Edition)

If you're a lacrosse player looking to give your stick that perfect finish, you must know how to tape a lacrosse stick. Without tapping the handle correctly, you could run into all sorts of issues—slipping off the ball or taking an unexpected jolt of force when shooting!

With our guide for successfully taping your lacrosse stick, we'll provide you with everything you need to ensure your stick is ready for game day.

So keep reading and prepare for peak performance on the field-It's time to take charge of your stick!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Taping a stick adds more control in the game and helps you manage the handle better
  • There are various methods to tape the handle for the game
  • Check the tape reviews to find the best one for your lacrosse gear

Best Lacrosse Tapes for All Players

Below you can find the list of the most popular lacrosse tapes multiple players use:

$ - StringKing Lacrosse Tape - 0.3 pounds - The strongest and most flexible design on the market. The tape comes precut for multiple taping styles, the ad you can adjust it to your needs.

$ - Hockey Tape - 0.5 pounds - Best for additional grip and firm handling once you place the shaft in your gloves. Due to its waterproof content, the tape is ideal for extreme training conditions and more robust use. But it has strands issues.

$ - zechy Grip Tape - 1.8 ounces - Best for ergonomic design and comfortable grip for your hands. It won't create pressure or discomfort when playing or practicing. Still, it may be tacky, and it's not as rubbery as it should be.

StringKing Lacrosse Tape - Best StringKing lacrosse tape review
  • Brand: StringKing
  • Price: $
  • Color: black and white
  • Dimensions: 10m x 3cm
  • Best for strong design

The StringKing is an ideal lacrosse stick tape for your lacrosse shaft. The tape has rough materials, so it provides a good surface. It's sticky and stable in your hands. Your grip is firm, so the lacrosse stick cannot move.

To make your taping job easier, the lacrosse players' tape comes with a precut of one centimeter and two centimeters. The one-cm precut helps you tape the butt-end of your stick, while the two-cm precut helps tap your shaft.

The lacrosse grip tape is also beneficial for multiple activities during gameplay. The lacrosse shaft will not be slippery, and the whole texture is optimal for your gloves. You can practice passing, catching, and shooting without any worries. The lacrosse shaft offers maximum performance for different styles of the game.

Many players use the StringKing lacrosse stick tape as their pre-game rituals and adjust this athletic tape to their needs. It can also be a hockey tape and fully wrap other sticks for the ultimate stick performance.

The lacrosse players' tape is also beneficial for the size pack. There are two tapes in the package, so they will last longer and help you with different taping methods.

  • Durable
  • Precut
  • Efficient
  • /

Hockey Tape - Best for water-resistance
  • Brand: Eagles
  • Price: $
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:‎ 3.86 x 3.7 x 1.93 inches
  • Best for extra grip

The Eagles athletic tape is ideal for baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. So, you can take your tape job to an entirely new level, thanks to the extra grip the tape offers.

The tape is also an ideal hockey tape; multiple players use it best for different playing positions and styles. If you re-tape your lacrosse shaft, you can add more material to control the stick better, and your grip will also improve for more stability in your hands.

Due to its non-slip, durable content, the lacrosse tape will enhance your stick skills, improve your hand work, and you can perform the best operations on the field. In addition, the lacrosse tape is comfortable for your hands, so it won't cause any pressure or discomfort while pressing the stick shaft firmly while playing.

Thanks to its water-resistance materials, the stick-shaft tape resists the harshest conditions, so you can practice and play lacrosse for an extended period. The taping will not lose its effectiveness and for. However, you can re-tape the stick if you notice a slight looseness.

Finally, the content is adaptable to various surfaces so that you can tape various glass, rubber, wood, plastic, metal, and similar sticks.

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Strands issues

zechy Grip Tape - Best for ergonomic design
  • Brand: Zechy
  • Price: $
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 6x2x2 inches
  • Best for firm grip

The Zechy lacrosse tape is an excellent choice for various athletes and multiple sticks. The training provides a firm grip and stability in your hands for all sticks, not only the lacrosse types. And, as you have a firm press while holding the shaft, you can practice catching, passing, shots, and similar drills for the best performance.

Thanks to its woven pattern, the latter tape provides the cushion and thickness necessary for fixation and stability in your gloves. Thus, the taping won't cause any pressure or discomfort to your hands.

The tape provides self-adherence, so you don't need additional tools to tape it around the stick shaft. In addition, the taping is ideal for hockey gloves, as it lessens wear.

Another benefit is that you can use the taping, even for gauze, to cover injuries when you lack first aid. The tape won't stick to your skin.

Finally, the dimensions and the ergonomic design offer a sufficient amount of tape, suitable for all exercises, so you can use it for personal preference. As a result, your hands will remain comfy in the gloves, without blisters, and you can practice more.

  • Stretch
  • Comfort
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Adhesive
  • It might be tacky

What is a Lacrosse Grip Tape?

A lacrosse tape is a supporting tool lacrosse players use to tape their sticks.

The tape gives a firmer and more stable grip to a lacrosse stick, preventing the gear from sliding out of their hands.

In addition, the tape job gives players more accuracy when shooting or passing the ball and more control over the lacrosse stick and shots.

Best Lacrosse Tape Styles

When not sure how to correctly tape your lacrosse stick, this guide can help you. Based on your personal preference, you will get the best insight into different styles of stick taping.

1. Criss-cross procedure

The criss-cross tape job is the best taping style for middle and high schoolers. Top tape your lacrosse stick; you can begin taping the whole shaft in two directions to form the criss-cross design.

Many players like this taping style, as it requires less tape, and it's perfect for sticks with sandblasted grip-covered lacrosse sticks.

However, the downside is that you must repeatedly re-tape your lacrosse stick shaft, as the taping style might wear down too soon.

how to get tape off a lacrosse stick

2. Candy cane

To tape a lacrosse stick in a candy cane taping style, take a thin section of lacrosse tape and begin taping in the desired direction of the stick shaft. But, the taping style doesn't provide too much grip, and firmness, so fewer and fewer lacrosse players tape a lacrosse stick in the Candy Cane style.

However, if you like it, you can perform a tape job on your stick. This is an excellent method when you have a lacrosse game and less tape than expected, so it's totally legal to focus on the given conditions.

3. Quarter coverage

This is an ideal taping method, as it requires less time and details, unlike other taping styles. To tape your lacrosse stick using this method, you need to cover a quarter of the stick shaft and focus on the bottom half of the handle.

After you make or find a suitable end cup, you must tape the part around the butt end to have enough tape for one hand. This might be an old style of taping your lacrosse stick, but it's ideal for those who like the one-hand form of the play.

4. Mummy

This taping method covers the entire lacrosse stick shaft with a layer of lacrosse tape. It's not so common in field lacrosse; however, it's more popular in box lacrosse. You can make the unwanted shaft graphics disappear easily, offering a firmer grip with little to no maintenance.

5. Half solid

Similar to Quarter coverage, the Half-solid taping style also doesn't require much detail or effort to tape the shaft. However, you must ensure the tape covers the shaft without bumps. For additional grip, you can tape a few inches above the handle for extra stability.

Unlike other styles, this method is ideal for box lacrosse, ensuring your lacrosse stick offers tight and durable form, stable and firm for advanced play.

6. Butt end/knob/end cup

Some players might find the standard rubber butt end uncomfortable and annoying. But, you can tape the end of the lacrosse stick easily, with the support of several things.

For instance, you can cover the hole on your lacrosse stick with something that will remain fixed. One solution includes cutting the rubber end cup before taping it over the end of the lacrosse stick.

However, many officials will check your stick to ensure its validity for the game. So, you should tape the stick with attention and slowly. First, determine the tape width and match your style.


Is it legal to tape lacrosse sticks?

Yes, it is legal to tape a lacrosse stick, but you cannot tape the head of the stick. That is illegal.

Can you use electrical tape on a lacrosse stick?

You can use electrical tape on a lacrosse stick, but it's not the best solution. The best ones are hockey tapes, as they offer the best grip, are lightweight, and are durable for more robust use.

What tape should I use for my lacrosse stick?

how to tape a long pole lacrosse stick

You should use a hockey for its lightweight design, durability, and most effective performance.

Do girls tape their lacrosse sticks?

Yes, girls also tape their sticks.

How do I stop my lacrosse tape from peeling?

You can use a crayon the same color as the tape and stop it from peeling.

Should I tape my whole lacrosse stick?

No, you should tape only the shaft and the bottom part.

Is lacrosse tape the same as hockey tape?

They are all athletic tapes, but the hockey type is the most durable, offering the strongest grip.

How to remove the tape from the lacrosse stick?

You can apply alcohol, acetone, or nail polish remover and rub the problematic surface.


It's essential to have a good grip on your lacrosse stick for better control of the game. By taping the shaft with one of the recommended types of tape, you can add more grip and feel more confident in your playing abilities.

Check out reviews to find the best type of tape to take your game to the next level.

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