How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Mesh for You?

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Part of playing a sport like Lacrosse is maintaining your equipment. Over time you might need to replace either the whole headpiece or mesh for your stick.

Luckily there is a variety to choose from on the market. The following article will review the best lacrosse mesh.


Editor's Recommendations

Before looking at all 10 in detail, here is a summary and comparison of the main features of top 4 choice.

Best Lacrosse Mesh of 2023: Our 10 Choices

Best Feature

Product Name


Fantastic Quality-per-Value Ratio

East Coast Dyes Hero Strings

Enhanced Design for Superior Performance

ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0

Unmatched Pocket Responsiveness

StringKing Type 4S

Best Mesh for the Game

ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0 Complete Kit

Soft and Consistent

StringKing Performance Shooters

Good Hold and Durability

East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Semi-Soft HeroMesh

Best for the Price

Ninjalax Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh (Semi-Soft)

Best Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Ninjalax Shogun Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit

Best Lacrosse Mesh for Rain

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh 15mm Semi-soft Wax Field Mesh

Best Lacrosse Mesh for Youth

Jimalax Lacrosse Money Mesh Patterns Liberty

East Coast Dyes Hero Strings - Fantastic Quality-per-Value Ratio

East Coast Dyes confidently dominates the market when it comes to lacrosse mesh. Their products exhibit high-quality, durability, and optimal consistency that guarantees unmatched performance. One of their best-selling mesh kits is the East Coast Dyes Hero Strings, so let’s see what makes it extraordinary.

These strings are made of premium material, resistant to abrasion and external degradation. Abrasion-resistant fibers provide longevity and topmost durability, which proves essential during a busy season where a tight schedule leaves no space for restringing.

These strings are also woven with hydrophobic fibers. This means that your mesh is weather-resistant and consistent in all climate conditions.

Now, the strings are tightly woven, featuring LockTec for incredible knot retention and ultimate sidewall tension. That being said, these strings offer maximum durability but also necessary flexibility that will provide magnificent ball release.

One nifty addition that will make stringing significantly more manageable is the plastic tip design. It allows effortless sidewall stringing without the hassle and complications.

Due to its multi-color, attractive design, this string kit from East Coast Dyes has become the star of high school and college lacrosse players. The kit includes three shooting strings, two shooting nylons, five sidewall strings, and one self-tapping screw.

The price is very affordable. And given the superior design and high-grade materials, it’s the best offer you can find on Amazon.

  • Hydrophobic fibers
  • Abrasion-resistant fibers
  • Multi-color design
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Plastic tips
  • No wax coating

ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0 - Enhanced Design for Superior Performance

Another product from East Coast Dyes enters our list, and it comes with style. Here we have a lighter, stronger, and more resistant Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh. So, let’s see the innovations that Hero 3.0 brings to the yard.

What you need from lacrosse mesh is durability, consistency, and a bit of flexibility that improves passing and shooting. All of the mentioned had been taken into consideration when this mesh was designed.

The new fibers include the repellent coating for ten times better water-repellency and consequently weather-resistance. You can use this mesh in any weather conditions with peace on your mind.

I was impressed with the strength-to-weight ratio of this product. Thanks to the improved Innegra Core Weave, the mesh is significantly lighter but very stable. This unique design has also reduced the bagging and secured an optimally flexible pocket.

Another great property is the Textured LTH Fibers design. With these new fibers, you get a lightweight, semi-soft mesh that remains consistent but offers just the right feel. Throwing, catching, passing, whatever you do on the field, this mesh provides support and performs flawlessly.

Now, this model is available in four different color variants. The offer isn’t as versatile as the Hero Strings are. Still, you shouldn’t really bother with looks when such a high-quality product is in question.

It’s a high-end mesh; thus, the price is accordingly high. But, customers had no complaints that I could find, so it will most certainly deliver.

  • Semi-soft
  • Lighter
  • More repellent
  • Durable
  • No bagging
  • Pricey
  • Only four colors

StringKing Performance Shooters - Soft and Consistent

String King is another brand that won my trust over the years. I can guarantee that whatever you choose from their offer, you won’t be disappointed. Here, I singled out one fantastic lacrosse mesh kit, particularly designed for faster shots, better ball control, and shooting accuracy.

This lacrosse mesh is a perfect match for players who prefer a softer pocket. The fibers are not too tender but have a rather semi-soft consistency. These fibers create a shifting pocket with an overall better feel.

The performance is notably enhanced due to innovative Tri-Twist technology. This technology twists three individual fibers before they are actually woven together. As a result, the mesh is lighter and more suitable for faster shots. It also offers more ball control and generally a better feel due to a perfect balance of texture and elasticity.

Players witnessed better pocket responsiveness with this mesh. The secret behind this phenomenon is a unique channel construction that is thinner than the outer rails. In this way, the lightest and thinnest mesh offers more control and faster response.

It is no surprise that String King worked on this mesh for two years. Its improved design and advanced structure pushed it to the very top of the lacrosse market and made it many players’ favorite.

You can order it in white and black variants, and it features a universal size. However, the price is very high, even for a high-end product, so if you’re on a budget, this is not an offer you want to consider.

  • Tri-Twist technology
  • Lighter
  • Thinner
  • More responsive pocket
  • Better ball control
  • Expensive
  • Only two colors

ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0 Complete Kit – Best Mesh for the Game

If you want to release the ball with a high level of consistency, accuracy, and control, ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0 Complete Kit is an interesting choice.

This kit includes a piece of semi-soft hybrid lacrosse mesh, 2 shooting nylon, 3 shooting strings, 5 sidewall strings, and 1 self-tapping screw.

The mesh is made from a lightweight fiber – Innegra, which is less elastic than LTH fiber. Especially, these solid fibers easily convey the ball into the channel and then deliver a light and consistent pocket that can bag out less gradually.

Meanwhile, the channel is made from LTH fibers that add to the total responsiveness of the mesh. Moreover, they are put in strategic places to give soft touches.

Another highlight of this product is that it is 100% weatherproof. That’s why it doesn’t expand or contract in any extreme conditions.

In sum, all these features make the ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0 the excellent pick for those in the search for a great mesh to bring their game to a new level.

  • A complete kit
  • High-end mesh
  • Easy to string
  • Durable
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced players
  • Made in the US
  • A bit expensive
  • No bottom strings to close the pocket

StringKing Type 4s - Unmatched Pocket Responsiveness

In contrast to the previous model, here we have a more colorful and less expensive offer from StringKing, super-efficient Performance Shooters.

Pocket performance largely depends on the shooters. If the shooters are too stiff and thick, the pocket responsiveness is not good enough. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be too loose either because you won’t be able to shoot accurately.

These shooting laces from StringKing are soft enough to melt into the pocket and create subtle bumps, improving the mesh’s overall consistency and, consequently, performance. They are not too thick, nor loose, just perfect.

Aside from three shooting laces, the kit also includes two shooting cords. The cords are thin and very tightly braided to reinforce the structure of the mesh and improve durability. Thanks to these cords, the pocket allows consistent release and accurate shots.

You can find these shooters in fifteen different colors. The size is universal, and the price is very affordable.

I couldn’t find a single negative critique on the Internet. The players who tried these shooters out are generally satisfied with the release smoothness and the consistency and durability of the shooters. They are very soft and lay nicely on the mesh without catching on the ball like nylon models.

  • Affordable
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Consistent
  • Multi-color
  • It would be even better if they came in a spool form

East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Semi-Soft HeroMesh

Again, East Coast Dyes is one of the major producers of lacrosse gear. One of these products is their BeElite Hero Mesh.

The net is semi-soft. Therefore, it is easier to handle and break in. It is also quite flexible but still tight enough to give you adequate control over the ball. It is an excellent option for intermediate players who have outgrown their use of soft pockets on their lacrosse sticks.

The mesh is weatherproof. It has been coated with so it will be unaffected by adverse and unusual weather conditions like rain and snow. So this is a brilliant option if you live in a wet area. You should note that it isn’t waxed as many modern products are.

Despite this coating, the LTH fibers that are used to weave the product are incredibly lightweight.

The whole thing only weighs about 0.88 ounces. The mesh is 15 mm long. You can choose from a variety of colors like white, black, and blue. It is available in some solid color options as well as a combination of colors.

You will more likely than not find one that matches your team or school’s uniforms and your taste.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Semi-soft
  • 0.88 ounces
  • Weatherproof
  • 15 mm long
  • 10 Diamond
  • Doesn’t include stringing materials
  • Not coated with wax

Ninjalax Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh (Semi-Soft) - Best for the Price

The next product on the list is by Ninjalax. It is one of the items from their Sensei range.

The specific lacrosse mesh is a semi-soft one. As it is a bit harder, it is a definite upgrade from soft netting. You should consider this one if you are an intermediate or a more experienced player.

It doesn’t take that long to break in but you need to put in some effort.

The manufacturers have not coated the strings with mesh. So keep this product in mind if you dislike the waxy feel on your pocket. Despite this, it is still waterproof. The synthetic material from which it is made helps to repel moisture.

It is a sixteen-millimeter long mesh and it comes in at an average weight of 1.6 ounces. The net has a ten diamond pattern.

If you look at the pictures you will notice that the fibers are braided in a unique way to make the mesh. The fibers overlap a lot which makes it far less likely to tear.

The item is very inexpensive. As a matter of fact, it is the cheapest one on the list which is a great plus. But the quality is not as premium as some of the other products and will probably not last as long.

  • Very inexpensive
  • Semi-soft
  • Water resistant
  • 1.6 ounces
  • 16 mm
  • 10 Diamond pattern
  • Not coated with wax
  • Doesn’t include a stringing kit
  • Only available in white

Ninjalax Shogun Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit - Best Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Instead of buying the lacrosse mesh only, a complete kit is an ideal choice. But if the kit from ECD goes beyond your pocket, you can consider another affordable option that is Ninjalax Shogun Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit.

Why do we highly recommend it?

First, let’s find out what the kit includes. It comes with one piece of Shogun lacrosse mesh, one shooting cord, 3 tipped shooting laces, 5 33-inch tipped sidewalls, and one Ninjalax ball stop.

Although this product doesn’t have the bottom strings like the ECD, it serves players at any level very well thanks to the excellent mesh.

Made with both Dura-Bridge and Accu-Weave technology, you are guaranteed to get the ultra-lightweight yet high-quality fibers.

Since it weighs only 19 grams, the fibers are 40% stronger against Kevlar and even 15 times stronger as compared to steel wire. Indeed, they are the same fiber availed in the body armor worn by Special Forces.

Is there anything outstanding? The Ninjalax Shogun Mesh is abrasion-resistance, steady in all weather conditions as well as not compatible with water.

That’s why this kit boasts the lightest yet strongest and most technically advanced mesh. Importantly, its price is suitable for everyone.

  • Lightweight yet high-quality mesh
  • Softer than the Ninjalax Sensei 2
  • Easy to string
  • 100% hydrophobic
  • Great hold
  • No stretch or shrink over the time
  • An affordable price for a kit
  • Only white color

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh 15mm Semi-soft Wax Field Mesh – Best Lacrosse Mesh for Rain

If you love lacrosse gear from East Coast Dyes, don’t miss East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh 15mm – another good-quality unit that can satisfy any player.

This mesh is soaked in a mixture of wax and other materials, giving a great waterproof net where water only beads right off it. And when the net cannot absorb water, the fibers will not stretch and keep the shape for a long time.

Aside from the waterproof quality, you are guaranteed to get consistent and superior performance in every single time.

Another cool feature is how this product is firm, yet not too hard, so it delivers a nice hold and absorbs impact well in order to decrease the chances of rebounds. Especially, it is able to break in fast so that you can enjoy the game right after stringing the mesh.

What’s more, the semi-soft mesh gives pinpoint throw accuracy, making it ideal to all levels in the game. Wonderfully, the stickiness of the unit permits it to carry the ball well, and when the ball is controlled, you can feel it with ease.

Thanks to all these features, you will get a durable lacrosse mesh while still paying a pocket-friendly price tag.

  • High-quality mesh
  • Soft, yet holds form well
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Ideal for all levels including defense and offense
  • Made in the USA
  • Some reported that it is not standard industry
  • It is not for facing off middies

Jimalax Lacrosse Money Mesh Patterns Liberty - Best Lacrosse Mesh for Youth

The last product on the list is Jimalax Money Mesh. The manufacturers boast that they constructed it from new material. However, they don’t specify what this is and how they made it.

The fibers are sturdy and durable. They also seem to be weather resistant. But you should note that it is a soft mesh. So it is more likely to be affected by wet and rainy conditions.

More experienced players usually dislike more flexible and looser netting. They are easy to use and break in, but it gives you less control over the movements of the ball. These types of mesh also wear down more quickly.

Luckily, the way in which it Jimalax constructed it reinforces the pocket. The knitting has been overlapped which means that it is quite robust. The reinforcement protects it from sagging.

The mesh is exceptionally light. It only weighs about 1.6 ounces and is undoubtedly the lightest one in this review. So if you're young or don’t want to add extra weight to your stick, you should consider this net.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the enormous range of color options. It has more than most other products on the market. There is practically a rainbow of choices available including pink, blue, and mixed ones.

  • Soft mesh
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Very lightweight
  • Available in multiple colors and color combinations
  • Weather resistant
  • Reinforced knitting
  • 15 mm
  • Doesn’t come with a stringing kit
  • Not coated with wax
  • Fibers feel rough

All About Lacrosse Mesh

best lacrosse mesh

In lacrosse players aim to shoot a small rubber ball into your opponent’s goal to gain points.

The team with the most points win. Players run across the field passing the ball to their teammates and trying to intercept the ball from the opposition. The three main positions are attack, defense, and goalie.

The critical piece of equipment in the sport is the lacrosse stick. It makes up of a shaft with a headpiece with mesh attached to it which you use to catch, throw, and scoop the ball.

What Is the Purpose of Lacrosse Mesh?

The shaft is traditionally constructed out of wood, but nowadays alternative materials are often used. For example, platinum, aluminum, and carbon are favorites. 

The head is made up of a loop of plastic or other synthetic material with a pocket between the two that is used to hold the ball.

Net is strung between the sides of the loop. There are two primary ways in which this netting is constructed.

In the past, a type of string was always used. The thread is braided through holes on the side of the head to form the pocket. The string method is still used today. It is a combination of leather and nylon thread.

The second method involves attaching a premade mesh to the head. The mesh is typically easier to connect than having to braid the string through. It is much more convenient to replace and use. It also requires much less time and effort to break in than traditional stringing mesh.

You should note that the construction of the pocket can affect your performance. That is why individual players often prefer one over the other.

Some coaches and teams even have rules and regulations regarding your equipment and stick.

Overall mesh appears to be the more popular option today.

Requirements for Lacrosse Mesh

  • It needs to be sturdy enough to catch the ball even at high speeds.
  • The mesh needs to be durable. It shouldn’t wear out to the extent that it will break or tear under strain.
  • The holes need to be small enough so that the ball can’t go through.
  • The netting should be a bit flexible and give a bit when the ball it in the pocket. However, it should not be wholly loose nor elastic.
  • There should be enough tension in the mesh so that it can be used to throw the ball.

If you are in the market for mesh, you need to keep these requirements in mind.

Types of Lacrosse Mesh

Not all meshes are equal. Players on different levels and in different positions require other features from their sticks.

Besides traditional stringing, there are three primary types of mesh available namely soft, semi-soft, and hard.

Let’s take a closer look at each one in more detail

1. Soft

These are the most malleable category of mesh. It is usually looser and is quite flexible.

Because of this it is easily used to catch and cradle balls and is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. One downside is that it can become too loose and impossible to work when it is wet.

2. Semi-Soft

These are the in-between products. The string that is used to make the net has a thicker coat of wax on than soft ones. It is not as negatively affected by rain, but wet conditions will make it more pliable.

It takes a while to break in so is preferred by intermediate players.

3. Hard

The hard mesh is the most widely used option. It has a thick wax coat and is tight and durable and remains unaffected by the rain. However, one con is that it takes the longest to break in.

You need to replace the pocket of your headpiece if it has become so damaged that its functionality is affected.

Replacing it is typically a simple matter of threading the mesh and strings through holes in the loop. Luckily, products are often sold with instructions.

Check out this video to see for yourself how this is done.

Attributes to Look for in Lacrosse Mesh

1. Type of Mesh

Before you make a purchase try to find out what type of mesh it is soft, semi-soft or hard.

The more experienced you are, the harder the pocket can be that you buy. It is a good idea to test out the different kinds beforehand.

2. Pattern

Another factor to consider is the pattern of the net. The holes are usually diamond-shaped but come in different sizes and arrangements.

3. Stringing

If you have never replaced the pocket on your stick before you will want to acquire mesh that is easier to string. The more pliable type of net is generally better to work with.

4. Quality

The mesh should be of sufficient quality. The companies that produced they should have tested the products. Both its material and construction should be carefully considered in the design process.

Best Feature

Product Name


Fantastic Quality-per-Value Ratio

East Coast Dyes Hero Strings

Enhanced Design for Superior Performance

ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0

Unmatched Pocket Responsiveness

StringKing Type 4S

Best Mesh for the Game

ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0 Complete Kit

Soft and Consistent

StringKing Performance Shooters

Good Hold and Durability

East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Semi-Soft HeroMesh

Best for the Price

Ninjalax Sensei 2 Lacrosse Mesh (Semi-Soft)

Best Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Ninjalax Shogun Lacrosse Mesh and Complete Stringing Kit

Best Lacrosse Mesh for Rain

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh 15mm Semi-soft Wax Field Mesh

Best Lacrosse Mesh for Youth

Jimalax Lacrosse Money Mesh Patterns Liberty

Frequently Asked Questions

What side of lacrosse mesh do you use?

Usually, the rough side of the lacrosse mesh is considered the front side. This is the side that gets in contact with the ball.

However, some players consider this a matter of preference, as the rough side provides a better hold, while the smooth side has a better release.

What is the best lacrosse mesh?

The best lacrosse mesh should exhibit an optimal balance of flexibility and tension. It should be water-resistant and durable so that it survives the whole season or more.

Players prefer coated strings that are water-repellent and generally last longer. I prefer semi-soft meshes as they are giving me the best pocket response and a great feel.

East Coast Dyes Hero Strings are my favorite.

What is the best lacrosse mesh for attackmen?

As an attacker, you need a lacrosse mesh that supports precision and accuracy. That being said, I recommend looking for a lacrosse mesh that is reinforced with high-quality shooters.

StringKing Performance Shooters that I reviewed today are a fantastic aid for precise, fast shots that will make you every defense man's worst nightmare.

Is semi-soft mesh better than semi-hard?

It’s all a matter of preference.

Semi-Hard meshes are better for accuracy and smooth releases. On the other hand, Semi-Soft meshes offer more ball control and generally a better feel as they allow the ball to move in your pocket.

Rounding Up the Options

Of all the items in the list above, my favorite is the East Coast Dyes Hero Strings.

The first reason is that this product allows players to string easily and instantly since it requires no break-in time. It comes with everything you need to restring a head.

Second, Hero Strings are far superior to all other strings, they last forever and aren’t affected by the rain/snow.

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