Best Lacrosse Gloves – Buyer’s Guides

Every year, a wide range of lacrosse gloves are made available by leading lacrosse manufacturers such as STX, Maverik and Warrior. Some of these gloves are for specific positions, such as goalie gloves, whiles others are more general-purpose.

It can be somewhat difficult to determine the exact gloves which suit you perfectly. To make it easier for you, we have shortlisted 5 best lacrosse gloves for 2018. We have also compiled a comprehensive guide to help you with finding the right lacrosse gloves for you.

Best Lacrosse Gloves 2018

#1. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control



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The STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 gloves are one of the best lacrosse gloves to have hit the market this year. STX is known as one of the most reputable manufacturers when it comes to lacrosse equipment. And the company’s commitment to excellence is well reflected in these high-quality gloves.

The Surgeon 500 gloves are meant for lacrosse players who want to achieve maximum precision during their game. Naturally, these gloves are better suited for offensive players for whom precision is critically important for good performance. STX has used the seamless construction design technique on the palms of these gloves. As a result, you are able to get a very real feel of the stick and good stick feedback even when wearing these gloves.

The thumb is designed using deflective carbon-fiber reinforced material. At the same time, STX has used compression pads at the base of these gloves. The end result is that not only do these gloves feel incredibly comfortable, they also effectively protect your hands from any potential injury. The ISO Thumb Technology used in the design of these gloves also ensures 360-degree rotation, letting you maneuver your stick quickly and easily while wearing these gloves. These gloves are available in a wide range of colors including white, black, red, navy blue, royal blue and grey.

#2. Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Glove

Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Glove



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The Maverik Lacrosse men’s Rome RX3 gloves are another excellent model of lacrosse gloves launched this year. Maverik is known for manufacturing premium lacrosse shafts, heads as well as other equipment. The company is considered among the top lacrosse brands, so you can expect nothing but quality from these new gloves from Maverik.

Maverik has used PORON XRD foam in the construction of the Rome RX3 gloves. This specific type of foam is used along the thumb and index finger of the gloves. This is because the PORON XRD foam is quite soft and comfortable for the player wearing it but at the same time, it is hard and stiff upon impact. As a result, it effectively guards your thumb and index fingers against any injuries.

The RX3 gloves also come with excellent features related to ventilation and cooling. The gloves feature a 37.5 liner which rapidly evaporates any sweat from your hands and keeps them dry even when you are wearing the gloves. To top it, the FLOWCOOL venting feature on the back of the gloves allows quick ventilation and keeps your hands cool.

Finally, the palm area of these gloves features QUATTRO + PALM. This material gives you a very soft and comfortable feel when gripping the lacrosse shaft while wearing these gloves. So you get comfort as well as stick control and great feedback when using these stylish gloves.

#3. Brine King Superlight III Gloves

Brine King Superlight III Gloves



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The Brine King Superlight III Gloves are one of the more affordable premium gloves available this year for lacrosse players. Launched by Brine, these gloves naturally come with the premium quality and high performance for which Brine is well-known.

Brine has designed these gloves along the design of the famous King V gloves, using the backhand and break patterns similar to the King V model. So you can expect an exceptional degree of comfort and convenience when using these gloves. Brine has also made use of ax suede palm design with special finger overlay in the construction of these gloves. This adds a greater degree of durability to the palms of the gloves and ensures better protection for the players wearing them.

The Superlight III gloves also feature good ventilation. Brine has used Truvents in the backhand as well as the palm area of these gloves. This ensures that you experience great airflow and ventilation throughout the gloves. The design of the gloves also features a ventilator lines which helps remove the heat from the gloves and ensures that your hands stay cool and dry when wearing these gloves. These gloves are available in a wide range of colors. These include black and white, navy blue and white, royal blue and white, red and white, green and white, maroon and white, and purple and white.

#4. adidas Performance EQT Berserker G Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

adidas Performance EQT Berserker G Lacrosse Goalie Gloves



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The EQT Berserker G Lacrosse gloves from Adidas are exclusively designed for lacrosse goalies. To that end, these gloves are meant to significantly improve the performance of the goalies while protecting their hands from any injuries.

Adidas has used dual density compression molded EVA foam in the construction of these gloves. As a result, these gloves offer an exceptional degree of flexibility and are incredibly light-weight at the same time. The thumb area of these gloves features harder padding for reinforced strength, providing players with greater thumb protection when wearing these gloves.

To ensure proper ventilation of these gloves as well as the cooling of the interior, Adidas has made use of the Climacool technology. To top it, the Ice Chill liner used in the design of these gloves ensures that your hands stay cool and perfectly dry during the game. The AX suede palm also ensures that your hands are able to retain maximum breathability during the game and regulates the moisture.

These gloves are available in 12-inch and 13-inch sizes. They are further available in a wide range of colors. These include Black, Neon Green, Navy, Red, Royal Blue and Silver. These are certainly one of the best goalie gloves to have arrived in the market this year and as a goalie, these are sure to help you ramp up your performance on the field.

#5. Warrior Regulator 2 Rabil Edition Glove

Warrior Regulator 2 Rabil Edition Glove



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The Regulator 2 Rabil edition gloves are a new launch from Warrior this year. For many years, Warrior has excelled in manufacturing top-end lacrosse equipment and this year is no different. The Regulator 2 gloves come with an excellent design and an exceptional degree of comfort.

Warrior has designed the gloves to achieve a great balance between comfort, great protection and excellent feedback. To this end, the company has used a thin, single-layered ax suede palm in the manufacture of these gloves. This ensures a great stick feedback and easy movement. These gloves also feature bone protection and finger protection features on the backhand area, ensuring that the player’s hands are well protected when using these gloves.

In the thumb area, Warrior has used the new IMPAX technology which ensures that the thumb is well-protected during high-impact play on the field. Overall, these gloves offer an incredibly degree of comfort and performance. And they are able to do so while being quite light-weight at the same time. If you want lacrosse gloves which offer a fine balance of performance and comfort, look no farther than these gloves.

The Regulator 2 gloves are available in 13-inch size. They are further available in Boston Red and Grey colors.

Things to Look When Choose the Lacrosse Gloves

best lacrosse gloves

#1. Construction


Thumb is the area which is most prone to injuries during a lacrosse game. So make sure that the lacrosse gloves you get come with additional padding in the thumb area. This padding should be protective but at the same time, it should not hinder the free movement of your thumb during the game.

The gloves which offer the best quality typically come with thumb padding which is flexible, light-weight and yet, quite effective in guarding your thumb against high-impact shots.


The palm of the lacrosse gloves is the area which you will use to hold your lacrosse stick. So it should offer a good degree of padding for comfort. At the same time, the palm should not be over-padded and made too thick because this will eliminate stick feedback.

You want the palm of your gloves to be just right so that you can easily wield the stick while at the same time, you are able to get a decent amount of feedback from the stick.

#2. Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important features of lacrosse gloves. Most of the gloves from notable manufacturers such as Warrior, Brine and STX come with excellent ventilation features. Good ventilation simply ensures that when you are wearing the gloves in the heat of the game, your hands remain dry and cool.

Gloves with poor ventilation result in sweaty hands which can hamper your player and impact your performance. So be sure to look for gloves with great ventilation when finding the right gloves for you.

#3. Grip

Grip is another key feature of lacrosse gloves. You typically wear lacrosse gloves for additional protection of your hands. But if the gloves you wear don’t have a good grip, this will adversely affect your game. The grip of the gloves should be such that you are able to hold the lacrosse stick firmly and your hold doesn’t slip easily.

If you buy sub-standard gloves, you may end up with a slipper grip which, to make things worse, may rip up in no time.

#4. Size

For any player, the perfect lacrosse gloves fit in a way to ensure better performance on the field. Most lacrosse players prefer gloves which fit tightly on their hands, while some players like their gloves to be a little loose. When choosing the right size of lacrosse gloves, make sure that you try on the gloves and they fit on comfortably.

At the same time, they should be sized right to protect your hands well during the game. In general, lacrosse gloves range from 8 inches to around 14 inches in size. 

#5. Fit

It is important to find lacrosse gloves which are the right fit. This is because if you wear gloves which do not fit right, this will hamper your performance and your game. At the same time, if you are able to find gloves which are the right fit, they will instantly improve your performance.

When finding the lacrosse gloves which fit you right, try on the gloves. If your fingers touch the top edge of the finger gussets, this indicates that the size is too small for you. These should be some space between the tops of your fingers and the gussets. Also, make sure that the gloves fit your hands right without restricting the movement of your wrists. Wrist movement is crucially important in a lacrosse game and you don’t want a glove that will hinder a free movement of your wrists.

#6. Protection

One of the key reasons why lacrosse players use gloves is simply for protection. You may incur many minor cuts and bruises on your hands when playing in a lacrosse game. And if you are a goalie, you have to stop many high-speed attacks from the opponent team. Using gloves simply adds a great degree of protection to your hands.

So when purchasing lacrosse gloves, make sure you get one with good lining and padding to ensure hand protection. Also look for additional padding in the thumb and index finger area which are most prone to injuries during the game.

#7. Effective

All the factors stated above contribute to the effectiveness of a good lacrosse glove. At the end of the day, the purpose of wearing lacrosse gloves is simply to ensure better protection of your hands and more comfortable game play. To this end, an effective pair of lacrosse gloves should be light-weight, comfortable and at the same time, strong in the right places to ensure protection against high-speed shots.

Effective lacrosse gloves should also allow you to use the lacrosse stick easily and freely, and must not hamper your game play in any way. Finally, effective lacrosse gloves should come with a good degree of ventilation so as to ensure that when using them, your hands remain dry and cool.

Best Way to Clean Lacrosse Gloves

Cleaning lacrosse gloves on a regular basis is quite important. This is because over time, the sweat and dirt starts to form a biofilm inside your gloves. This ultimately becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and that’s when that nasty smell starts coming from your gloves.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean your gloves and get rid of that nasty smell. The simplest and easiest method to clean your gloves is by first hitting or pounding the gloves to take off any hard deposits of dirt. This done, now get some warm water in the sink or in any other container. Add a mild detergent and the soak the gloves in the water for nearly 15 minutes. Next, use water to wash off the detergent. You can use a high-pressure water source, such as the shower, to ensure that any loosened dirt is also taken off when you rinse the gloves.

Finally, place the gloves in the sun or in front of a fan to dry them up. Once dry, you will hopefully get no more of that nasty odor coming from your gloves.


Gloves make an important part of the lacrosse equipment. When used right, gloves can be a very good aid in improving your game and helping you perform better. However, you must find the right gloves for you in order to garner these benefits.

We have provided a list of some of the 5 best lacrosse gloves 2018 above. We have also provided a brief overview of the key factors which must be considered when purchasing the right gloves. If you follow the guidelines above, you will be able to find the lacrosse gloves which will fit you right, protect your during the game and help you improve your game significantly.