What’s the Best Lacrosse Water Bottle for the 2023 Season? (Best Reviews)

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Are you a lacrosse player looking for the perfect water bottle for the upcoming season? There are so many options to choose from, and it can seem overwhelming!

Whether you're searching for an insulated hot/cold water bottle or just a classic and simple design, we've got you covered

In this blog post, we'll review the best lacrosse water bottles of 2023 and offer up our top picks based on features like durability, price point, and versatility.

So keep reading to find out which one will serve your needs this season – no matter what level of play!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Lacrosse water bottles are not negligible pieces of equipment
  • They keep players hydrated and optimal for further play
  • Check the reviews to find the best one for your needs

Most popular water bottles on the market! Find your match!

Here you can find the best lacrosse water bottles for your needs.

$ - STX Water Bottle With Long Straw - The STX water bottle is the best easy squeeze bottle on the market. It has a long straw so kids can get a drink without removing a helmet for maximum convenience. But, the product is not as durable as other models.

$ - SkunkWerkz Water Bottle - Most durable item for the price, mandatory for your son or daughter. The style is ideal for a cold drink, but kids must remove the helmet while drinking. Still, there are no accessories for more convenience.

$ - Pro Impact Boxing Hockey Lacrosse Water Bottle - The squeeze bottle is great for the whole lacrosse team, thanks to the straw and store amount to keep the lacrosse players hydrated. The water input and cleaning of the lacrosse item are also ideal and easy. Nonetheless, it might not be as durable as some other versions.

$ - Lacrosse Unlimited Marble 17oz Water Bottle - The durable form and the store capacity make the lacrosse product ideal for all players and other officials as well. The safety standards and improved design offer the best performance and keep players hydrated on the go. Still, it is not a squeezable product.

STX Water Bottle With Long Straw - Best for goalies and youth players
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Item weight: 6 pounds
  • Best for: an easy squeeze

The STX Water Bottle with Long Straw is a great product for athletes looking to stay hydrated without taking off their helmets. The long straw allows players to get a drink without removing a helmet, making it ideal for goalies and youth players. The bottle is also easy to squeeze.

This water bottle is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It also has a wide opening, making filling up with water or other liquids easy. In addition, the long straw makes it easier to drink while wearing a helmet, which can be difficult with regular bottles.

But, some users have complained about the quality of the plastic used in this bottle. It's not as durable as some other items on the market and may need replacing sooner than expected. Other users have found that the straw can be difficult to clean after multiple uses, making it hard to keep hygienic.

Overall, the STX Water Bottle with Long Straw is an excellent choice for athletes who want a convenient way to stay hydrated during games or practices without taking off their helmets.

  • easy squeeze
  • max length of the straw
  • easy to clean
  • sturdy design
  • not as durable as other materials

SkunkWerkz Water Bottle - Best for double-wall construction
  • Brand: ‎SkunkWerkz
  • Product dimensions: 500 ml capacity
  • Item weight: N/A
  • Best for: stainless steel construction

The SkunkWerkz Water Bottle is the perfect companion for lacrosse players. It's lightweight, durable, and designed to keep your beverage cold and fresh throughout the game.

The bottle features a unique design adding a stylish touch to any player's equipment. Plus, it comes with a personalized engraving included in the purchase, so you can ensure your water bottle stands out.

The bottle is easy to use. The wide-mouth opening makes filling up with ice and water simple before each game. Additionally, its double-walled construction helps keep drinks cold for hours on end - perfect for those hot summer days on the field!

This water bottle is affordable. With free delivery and laser-engraved gifts included in the purchase price, you won't have to worry about breaking your budget when stocking up on supplies.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider when purchasing this product. First, it doesn't come with additional accessories like a strap or carabiner. Therefore, it's not useful for attaching it to your bag or belt loop during games. Additionally, its size may be too small for some players. 

  • excellent for extended practice and game
  • cheaper than competitors
  • durable
  • excellent store
  • no accessories

Pro Impact Boxing Hockey Lacrosse Water Bottle - Best for box lacrosse
  • Brand: ‎Pro Impact
  • Product dimensions: 11.14 x 6.34 x 3.82 inches
  • Item weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Best for: safety standards

The Pro Impact bottle is excellent for athletes and outdoor lovers. This durable water bottle is made of heavy-duty material that provides long-lasting use and can carry up to 35.5 ounces of liquid. 

It is also an easy-squeeze bottle, leak-proof, and BPA-free for maximum safety. So you can quickly get your drink without removing your helmet during games or when working out. 

The bottle has a long bendable straw to make it easier to hydrate on the go. In addition, the wide mouth makes filling up the bottle with ice cubes and water simple, ensuring your drink stays cool for a more extended period.

Additionally, its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling and drinking due to its ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in one's hand. This bottle can be used for sports such as baseball, lacrosse, basketball, football, gym, yoga, boxing, lacrosse, football, hockey, cycling, and outdoors.

Made out of BPA-free material, it is safe for adults and children. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable grip and drinking and is easily portable due to its lightweight construction.

  • store capacity
  • price
  • safe
  • durable
  • ease of use
  • sturdy
  • minor design flaws

Lacrosse Unlimited Marble 17oz Water Bottle - The safest lacrosse product
  • Brand: ‎Lacrosse Unlimited
  • Product dimensions: N/A
  • Item weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Best for: stainless steel construction

The Lacrosse Unlimited product is an attractive, practical, and convenient way for athletes to stay hydrated on the go. It features a unique triple-layered 18/8 food-grade stainless steel construction with a copper wall layer. Thus, it keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12.

The product fits in standard cup holders and has a specially designed mouth that fits most ice cubes while also reducing the need for single-use plastic models.

The marbled design adds a touch of style to this product and makes it the perfect accessory for any athlete. Its size makes it easy to carry around without being too bulky. It still provides enough capacity for staying hydrated throughout even the longest lacrosse practices or games.

The condensation-free exterior ensures you won't have sweaty hands after using your lacrosse product. The durable construction ensures you can refill and reuse it multiple times without any issues.

The lacrosse bottle is also ideal for the whole team, as its price makes it easily available to all team members. Lacrosse players and their coaches can use the same lacrosse product.

  • safety standards
  • durability
  • store capacity
  • durable form
  • not squeezable

How to choose the best lacrosse water bottle? A complete buyer's guide

When selecting the best lacrosse water bottles, you must consider various factors to ensure the best use later. So, here is what you need to know:

1. Safety standards

lacrosse water bottle long straw

Various bottles come with BPA-free content, ensuring maximum safety standards for further use. Thus, you don't have to worry whether the products will damage your health or the liquid poured inside. So, ensure the bottles are secure for extended uses.

2. Durability

Various lacrosse bottles use different materials for their overall instructions. While plastic and lighter materials might be easier to squeeze and use, steel and similar materials will ensure a prolonged life for the lacrosse items.

Thus, plastic lacrosse bottles might not be as durable as other sturdier models and might damage sooner. An easy-to-squeeze bottle is great, especially when it comes with a straw, so players don't have to remove their helmets to drink. But, the more durable versions will resist different impacts and pressure for prolonged use.

3. Convenience and ease of use

If bottles come with various accessories such as straws, straps to carry them around easily, and other accessories, they will be easier to use and more convenient to carry around. In addition, the players will not have to remove helmets constantly to stay hydrated, and efficiently squeezable bottles provide the best use.

However, if players have difficulties with the general use of the bottles, it may affect their performance. So, always choose the water bottles that are the most convenient and easiest to use.

The main advantages of lacrosse water bottles

best lacrosse water bottle

Lacrosse players know how important it is to stay hydrated during vigorous practices and games. The lacrosse water bottle offers several advantages, which make the process of doing so easier.

It is explicitly designed with lacrosse players in mind, providing a secure fit and easy access to your beverage. 

Drinks stored in lacrosse water bottles remain colder longer, meaning athletes can stay hydrated more efficiently without taking time away from playing.

The lacrosse water bottle also has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in players' hands and is easy to grip, even when sweaty.

Finally, lacrosse water bottles come with a spiral straw that allows players to sip on their drinks without having to tilt their heads back, giving them one less thing to worry about while participating on the field.

So, who's the final winner?

The best bottle for lacrosse players is the STX Water Bottle With Long Straw. The bottle uses a long straw, so the player does not need to remove the helmet while using it. 

In addition, the bottle is easily squeezable, so the players will have maximum convenience while playing extended matches.

Finally, its affordable price makes it available to all players, so the bottle is the most popular currently on the market.

Final thoughts

While some might see a water bottle as simply another piece of lacrosse equipment, it is clear that they are so much more.

Water bottles play an essential role in keeping players hydrated and ready to perform at their best.

So the next time you reach for your lacrosse stick, make sure you have a full lacrosse water bottle by your side.

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