Best Lacrosse Stick 2020 and All Lacrosse Equipment Reviews

A wide variety of lacrosse sticks arrive in the market each year. Some of these are ideally suited for offensive play while others are meant for defensive players.

Given the sheer variety of new models each year, it can be hard to determine the best lacrosse stick.

Here we make it easier for you by providing top rated and quick reviews some of the lacrosse sticks for 2020.

best lacrosse stick and all lacrosse equipment

Reading through these reviews, you can determine the pros and cons of the top models this year and then determine the one that perfectly suits your needs.

At the First Glance

Best Choice
Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick for Attack/Midfield with Head & Shaft*
STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft and Head*
Type of stick
Shaft material
Aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy
Plastic mesh
Soft mesh
Price not available
Price not available
Customer Rating
Best Choice
Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick for Attack/Midfield with Head & Shaft*
Type of stick
Shaft material
Aluminum alloy
Plastic mesh
Price not available
Customer Rating
STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft and Head*
Type of stick
Shaft material
Aluminum alloy
Soft mesh
Price not available
Customer Rating

Lacrosse – A Game With an Interesting History

The Iroquois Indians of North America first played lacrosse.

Some historians believe that the game was first played more than three thousand years ago, but the first written record dates back to the early seventeenth century. This is a game in the true American tradition.

Lacrosse is the perfect spring game, played between teams who pass the ball to one another and attempt to score goals.

The most important equipment in the game of lacrosse is the stick, the head of which is used to carry, pass, catch and shoot. Without the best lacrosse stick, you cannot pass the ball or score a goal.

A lacrosse stick consists of a shaft and a head, which is a frame and mesh. The heads differ. Some are curved, some off-set and others are flat.

The French Jesuit missionary who first recorded watching the game named it lacrosse, the French word for stick.

This game once had a deeply spiritual meaning for the ancient people that played it. It was played by teams of between one hundred and a thousand men, and their playing fields spanned vast areas of rough terrain (1). 

Today there are four distinct lacrosse versions - field lacrosse, women's lacrosse, box lacrosse, and intercrosse.

According to a recent survey, there are 825000 lacrosse players in the United States (2).

It is one of the fastest growing school sport in the country (2). In the United States, the game of lacrosse is governed by the regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA and the National Federation of High Schools NFHS. 

We have gone on a quest to find the best lacrosse complete stick, and we've done the reviews.

We have also put together some guidelines on what to look for when you purchase your lacrosse stick.

Top Rated Lacrosse Stick for 2020

Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick for Attack/Midfield with Head & Shaft - Best Rated Men’s Lacrosse Stick

If you’re an attack player and love the midfield, then the Powell Lacrosse Switchback is just what you are looking for. The stick is strong, light and durable.

The 7U1 alloy used in the manufacture of the shaft is lighter and stronger than 7075 aluminum.

And, the Pioneer head has been professionally strung for the perfect catch and throw. The pockets are easily adjustable in case you want to deepen it for an easier catch. The shaft is thirty inches.

Also, the head is firmly attached to the shaft, so you don't have to worry about the twist or wobble that plague other models.

The Powell Lacrosse stick comes with a Pioneer head in your choice of colors. It is fully assembled and has a ball stop and end cap.

The mesh is made from a premium quality plastic material.

The stick meets the NCAA and NFHS specifications, so it is suitable for competitive use.

Though a little expensive the Powell Lacrosse is an excellent choice for all players from beginners to advanced players.

  • Good attack stick
  • Made from strong, light and durable material
  • Professionally strung mesh
  • Great quality
  • NCAA and NFHS approved

  • Expensive

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft and Head – Best Intermediate Lacrosse Stick

The STX 200 meets both NCAA and NFHS. It is designed as an entry level stick to help male players start up in the game and learn the basics.

The head is similar to the Elite Stallion U500. This design is ideal for new players as catch and control are easily accomplished.

The sizeable universal head comes fully strung with soft mesh, all designed for an easy pass and quick pick up.

If you are a beginner or intermediate attack lacrosse player, this is the ideal stick for you.

 Suitable for any male over ten years of age, the stick length is the standard 30 to 33 inches allowed for attack sticks with the head it measures 41 to 43 inches.

The shaft and head are easily detachable. The shaft is lightweight and easy to handle. Made from aluminum, it is also durable.

If you love the action of the midfield you’ll love this nicely balanced stick. Although this stick is not designed for advanced players, it can stand its ground, and many players use it as a practice stick.

  • Lightweight shaft easy to handle
  • Good features at a decent price
  • Wide head for easy catching
  • Well, balanced Lacrosse stick for middies.
  • Adheres to NCAA and NFHS regulations

  • Aluminum can dent with rough handling
  • Not for the most advanced players

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 – Best Junior Lacrosse Stick

The head of the STX Lacrosse stallion has been modeled after the Stallion 550 version.

This stick is the ideal beginner's stick that can help your young sports lover to develop the field skills that he needs quickly.

The Stallion is explicitly designed for young boys and girls will not be permitted to use it in the game. The shorter, lighter stick makes for adept handling. It has a high gloss metal finish.

The stick is 28 inches, and the overall length is 39 inches. It has been designed to adjust to a fit any head.

Molded from softer dual brace plastic, the sidewall makes it easier to lift the ball from the ground.

Strung with soft mesh, the large head makes it easy for beginner boy players to catch the ball without giving away too much ball control.

The net is suitable for both mini and regulation lacrosse balls.

This lacrosse stick is lightweight and durable made from aluminum and molded plastic. You can remove the head and replace it if it becomes worn.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable material will last
  • Specifically designed for a beginner
  • Can handle regular lacrosse balls
  • Good value for money

  • Adjustments for whip is necessary
  • Boys only
  • Does not meet the High School lacrosse standards

Youper Complete Lacrosse Stick with Aluminum Shaft & PP Head for Adults - Best Offensive Lacrosse Stick

This durable net is very affordable. The 6000 series aluminum alloy shaft is topped by a molded polypropylene head that comes complete with terylene mesh.

Terylene is a stable and durable material.

The grip is wound with genuine leather cowhide.

This is an entry level product that is designed for beginners and intermediate players who are not yet ready to invest in the more expensive advanced lacrosse sticks.

It is good value for money and easy to use while you learn the fundamentals of lacrosse.

For those that drop the ball quite frequently, it has an excellent scooping action. This lacrosse stick is designed for attack.

This attack lacrosse stick meets NCAA and NFHS regulations which permits you to use it in tournaments.

The shaft measures 30 inches for a full length of 40.75. It weighs just over 15 ounces.

  • Strong and well made
  • Inexpensive
  • Leather grip for non-slip
  • Nice sleek design
  • Raised ball stop
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS specifications

  • Not for advanced players
  • Bulkier than some of the other lacrosse nets in the market

Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick & Ball Set - 34" – Best Lacrosse Mini-Stick

This fun and trendy entry level lacrosse stick has a thirty-two-inch ABS shaft wrapped all the way with metallic patterned material that is quite flash.

The shaft is thinner than the standard shaft to make for easier handling.

This is also a great stick for the kids to do tricks. This is the new trend and fun diversion trending on social media.

The translucent head is made of durable injection molded plastic. The head is deep strung for easier catch and control. Also, the head is equipped with an EVA stop.

This product has been specifically designed for beginners to learn the basics of the game. This toy is appropriate for a five-year-old.

The stick comes with a lacrosse ball, so your youngster can unpack his parcel and start playing right away.

  • Fun and trendy
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Low cost
  • Great beginner stick

  • The head is a bit small
  • Plastic is a flimsy

STX Lacrosse Men's Stallion 200 Complete Stick – The Best Lacrosse Stick for Defense

This is a superb stick designed for players looking to get started in the game of lacrosse. The design inspiration comes from the Elite stallion U 550 having easy passing and catching which are the basics of the lacrosse game.

The shaft on this lacrosse stick is made from a high-quality aluminum material such that it can take a heavy beating. And a head made from soft materials enabling it to capture and cradles the ball like a professional.

Although the stick is designed for entry-level lacrosse players, it can also be used by the more experienced players. Its durability and sleek design make it the perfect choice for practice or backup stick.

You do not need to create a hole in your pocket to buy the STX Lacrosse Men's Stallion 200 Stick, as it is way cheaper than other sticks offering same functionalities in the market.

Before you buy, keep in mind this stick is designed for defense in and can be used by midfielders. Determine what position you want to play in and purchase the proper stick. As a defender or midfielder, this is one of the best lacrosse stick for you.

Additionally, it comes with a tonal "memory marker" graphics, a fast pickup and passing feature, such that entry-level player development and gameplay is enhanced.

  • Sleek design
  • Meet NCAA and NFHS regulations
  • Great weight-length balance
  • Comes with a tonal memory marker graphics
  • Stick may scratch on the head because of the soft material built

STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick – The Best Lacrosse Stick for Goalies

Lacrosse is like every other team sport, all members are important, but the goalie is perhaps the most vital player on the field. His heroics can make or break a game.

The goalie prevents the opponent from scoring, it is, therefore, important to be kitted a shaft and head combination capable of making saves.

The head that comes with the STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick is one of the most popular selections for lacrosse goalies. It is commonly used by entry-level players, as well as players with developed techniques and skills.

The head is designed with an open sidewall, being one of the few sticks with this feature, it is oval in shape. This shape gives it a large surface area, one of the largest for any legal NCAA stick. The larger the surface area, the easier to make saves.

Despite the size of the head, it is lightweight and without the mesh, it weighs just under 12 ounces. The lightweight nature of the stick allows you feel the lacrosse ball nestling in the pocket without taking your eyes off the game to ensure the ball is nested where it belongs.

Overall, this is a superb stick for goalies, it is not one of the cheapest stick for goalies, but it’s well worth the price.

  • Large surface area
  • Can be used by professionals and entry-level players
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in only white color

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power Lacrosse Stick – The Best Lacrosse Stick for Kids

This is the world first lacrosse mini-stick. This lacrosse stick cannot be compared to the lacrosse sticks reviewed above. 

This lacrosse stick has rugged heads and shafts which gives it a lightweight feel.

The STX FiddleSTX lacrosse sticks are made from plastic and are anything but flimsy, in fact, it is durable and can withstand head to head beating with similar lacrosse lightweight sticks.

They can be used in youth competitions, although they are not legal sticks. However, they are excellent practice sticks, especially for kids age 8 and below. It is a two pack mini lacrosse stick with a length of only 30 inches.

This product comes with a practice ball. The handles are also plastic to enable easy use by kids.

The STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Sticks is balanced and gives the kid the sensation of what a lacrosse stick feels. In addition to a quick release and easy ground ball pickup system.

Conclusively, these are not professional level lacrosse sticks nor are they designed to be. They are made to initiate kids into the beautiful game of lacrosse.

And it is featured on this list, as we think many parents will be looking for good quality lacrosse stick for kids.

  • Mini sticks
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged head and shaft
  • Good quality for a child’s toy
  • Designed only for kids

STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick – The Best Lacrosse Stick for Ball handlers

This is one of the most sought-after lacrosse stick for women.

You will know it is for women at first glance from the vibrant variety of colors it comes in and the mesh design on the shaft. It can be used by middies and attackers alike.

Designed with a “V” scoop shape, picking of ground balls is super easy and convenient especially when on the run. This lacrosse stick was made for a ball handler, the sidewall rail drops at release points for quick passes and shots. This is one reason it is the lacrosse stick of choice for advanced and intermediate players.

Apart from a super easy ground ball pickup, this lacrosse stick offers excellent flexibility for a faster scoop. It also comes with a raised ball stop, which allows the players to have all the ball control they need to pull strings.

The STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls Complete Stick comes with 6000 handles, and an excellent grip. The sidewall design also reduces the weight of the stick while ensuring you have a rugged and strong enough unit.

It also features an STX precision pocket, which allows a no-fuss and accurate pocket.

Overall, there aren’t many negative things you could say about this stick. It remains one of the top lacrosse stick of choice for women.

  • Raised ball stop enhances ball control
  • Great grip for comfortable use
  • Can be used by advanced and intermediate players
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Might feel flimsy when used to shoot

STX Lacrosse Crux 500 Girls Complete Stick – The Best Lacrosse Stick for Women

As a lacrosse player, one of the best decision you can make is selecting a complete lacrosse stick that suits your play.

A complete lacrosse stick is that which comes with both shaft and head. This will save you time looking around for a shaft and separate head – this is what makes the STX Lacrosse Crux 500 stick an excellent choice for women.

Of course, other lacrosse components are also important such as goggles, mouthguard, socks with excellent moisture control, helmets and many more.

However, the stick is the main component used to achieve victory, and by allowing you to gain full ball control and impeccable shot accuracy, this product is your best bet.

The stick comes with a 10 Degree technology which enables players to have greater access to hard to hit corners, thereby increasing your competitive edge against opponents.

You will also find a patented Elastomer Overmold fused into the overall design to prevent ball rattle.

The STX Lacrosse Crux 500 Girls Complete Stick has a deep enough pocket to cradle the ball perfectly, but not excessively deep to have you penalized since balls must sit uniformly against the head’s sidewalls.

This product is well worth its position on this list. When you consider the features it comes with, you cannot go wrong with this stick.

It is the perfect choice for women whether you are a beginner or an expert.

  • 10 Degree technology launch pocket
  • Patented Elastomer Overmold
  • Deep pocket
  • Perfect for professional and entry-level players
  • Too much flexibility on the draw

The Best Lacrosse Stick

Despite its higher cost our choice of best lacrosse stick goes to the Powell Lacrosse Switchback.

This lightweight attack stick with professionally strung mesh is an excellent midfield stick capable of easy catch and scoop. It meets both NCAA and NFHS regulations.

Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick for Attack/Midfield with Head & Shaft*
  • Powell's 7U1 Alloy is stronger and lighter than 7075 Aluminum.
  • Includes the Pioneer head, strung by professionals to throw perfectly, right out of the box.
  • Fully assembled with end cap and ball stop

Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Lacrosse Stick

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lacrosse stick.

Are you a male or female player? Do you want a junior stick or a regulation size stick?

Up to the age of 8, the junior lacrosse stick is perfect for both boys and girls. Older than this and males and females will require different sticks.

As the players improve, the sticks become more advanced and more expensive.

Your level of play is also an essential factor in your choice of stick.

Advanced players will want more advanced sticks than those who are just beginning to play or those who have reached an intermediate level of play.

Position is an Important Consideration

When choosing a lacrosse stick the position that you play is an important consideration. Attackers’ sticks are very different from defenders’ sticks.

Defenders’ sticks are stiffer and longer, allowing the player to scoop up the ball from a distance. It also helps them to stop passes. The head of a defender’s stick must be strong.

An attack stick needs an excellent grip. You also want a stick that is as short as possible. The rules of the game put limits on the length.

The goaltender will require a goalie lacrosse stick. This stick is longer and has a bigger head. Girl's sticks have lighter heads, and according to the rules of lacrosse, they may not have a pocket.

Gaming regulations govern the length of lacrosse sticks. These differ between positions and games.

Beginner lacrosse sticks come complete, but the shaft and head of many of the more advanced sticks are sold separately. They are also considerably more expensive, but the quality is noticeably better.

The more advanced lacrosse heads are typically unstrung. This is because many players prefer to string their sticks. They also prefer to tape their shaft. 

Junior lacrosse sticks are also known as scoopers

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Lacrosse Stick

1. Handling

The grip should be good with or without gloves. Take account of the weight.

The weight is determined by the material from which the stick is made, but then so is the durability

2. The Stick

Many lacrosse sticks do not include the head. The shafts are typically made of octagonal hollow metal.

If yours does make sure that it is replaceable as the stick will outlast the head

3. The head

The head consists of three parts, the scoop, sidewall, and pocket. The pocket is made of leather or nylon mesh. The wider the pocket, the easier it is to catch the ball, but the more difficult it is to control the ball.

Make sure that the head is the right size and shape for the position that you play.

4. The Entire Stick

Purchased as a whole the whole stick is cheaper, but you can't customize it.

Lacrosse Other Equipments

  • Lacrosse Helmet
  • Lacrosse Glove
  • Lacrosse Cleats
  • Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
  • Lacrosse Elbow Pads
  • Lacrosse Goggles
  • Anything Else?

A lacrosse helmet is a type of headgear specifically designed for use in a lacrosse game.

Lacrosse helmets are more commonly used in men’s lacrosse games. Women lacrosse games feature goggles instead of the helmets.

A lacrosse helmet features a complete facemask and full chin-guard, offering full protection for the head and face of the player.

The helmet offers excellent protection against any accidental hits on the face or the head.

With the players handling each other and the lacrosse ball flying around at great speeds, it is always a good idea to don on a helmet during a lacrosse game.

best lacrosse helmets

Most helmets come constructed from light-weight materials and are aerodynamic, so it is quite comfortable to wear one during the game.


Join the all-American traditional sport of Lacrosse! All you need is a stick which suits your age, gender, playing ability and field position and a team of like-minded people.