Best Lacrosse Helmets – Buyer’s Guides

A wide range of lacrosse helmets are made available each year.

These include helmets of various sizes and qualities, so it can somewhat hard to find a helmet that specifically meets your needs.

To make this task easier, we have brought together a list of 6 best lacrosse helmets along with brief reviews.


Best Lacrosse Helmets 2020

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Professionals

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Women

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Best for Overall

Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask

The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Under 12s


Best for Comfort

Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

Best Helmet for Youth

Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

If you want a good looking helmet, you should buy the Cascade CPX-R Helmet, it is a lacrosse helmet with a matte finish and a chrome color.

This helmet is meant for adult players. It is highly adjustable and will keep you safe during gameplay.

The helmet features a SevenTechnology padding system that helps you manage impact forces due to its groundbreaking impact attenuation system responsible for smooth impact transfer through the helmet.

The construction of the Cascade CPX-R Helmet combines a chin system, visor, and mask to provide the player great lines and better visibility needed to adjust to any game.

In fact, you will find a bombproof HDPE case housing the components of the lacrosse helmet and a liner system designed to help you build stamina after successive impacts – as it laterally displaces the energy from the impact force taken with the helmet itself.

The cascade R series also uses Swiss Precision Ratchet or SPR fitting Ratchet for its headgear fitting system, this increase a players’ performance and evolution for longer playing years to come.

This lacrosse helmet is quite popular, and because of its ton of convenient features, it represents excellent value for money.

  • A superior energy displacement system
  • Inner linings that compress to absorb impact
  • Customizable adjustment
  • Comes with a Chinstrap
  • Comes in only one size

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

This is a superb women's lacrosse helmet with a flexible outer covering which provides full protection for the back, front, and sides of the head.

The front covering has a face mask designed from a high-quality steel material which withstands high impact forces during collisions. In addition to being long-lasting, and an excellent head protector, it gives the player optimized sight lines with zero potential blind spots.

The Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear features a Poron XRD technology, this helps to disperse linear force from the point of impact uniformly. And to ensure it does not slip during play. It is fitted with an adjustable strap and three interchangeable cheek pad sets to hold the helmet in place.

As this is a women's lacrosse headgear, you will find dual rear slots to accommodate various hairstyles and lengths for comfortable wear and great fit.

The helmet also comes with strategic vents, whose sole function is to keep your head pleasantly cool and comfortable during play. With your head adequately protected, you can concentrate on winning the game.

Most conventional women's lacrosse headgear exerts facial pressure on the player when worn, but with the Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear, you need not worry. It has an integrated goggle system – a one-piece design which eliminates all forms of facial pressure.

  • Poron XRD for maximum comfort which dissipates impacts
  • Accommodate various hairstyles and lengths
  • Strategic vents to keep your head cool
  • An integrated goggle system to prevent facial pressure
  • Face mask is designed from high-quality steel material
  • Meant for only women

Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask – The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Youths

Top on our list today is an adult lacrosse helmet with the prime quality that is preferred by many professional players, Cascade R Matte Helmet.

The Cascade R Matte helmet is the improved version of PRO7, the best seller of the Cascade lacrosse helmet in 2014. And of course, it inherits a lot of incredible features from the predecessor and also includes advanced technology in thoughtful features.

Like other products from Cascade, the Cascade R helmet features the SevenTechnology, which can disperse the energy from impacts. Thus, it acts as an excellent shock absorber to protect users against heavy hits. Meanwhile, Poron XRD foam handles low-energy impacts and offers comfortable experiences.

Besides, Cascade R is equipped with a high-quality shell, SuperMono R Shell. The one-piece design creates a sturdy system that can withstand frontal impacts and distribute energy around the shell body. Also, a chinstrap which extends over the ear can protect the key zone against damage.

Last but not least, the HardTail SPRFit adjustment system is the most remarkable feature of this 5-star helmet. It is an occipital pad that can be adjusted with one hand to provide you with the best fit.

  • The upgraded version of PRO7, the best-selling product
  • SevenTechnology for efficient shock absorption
  • Poron XRD foam offers extra comfort and dissipates low-energy impacts
  • HardTail SPRFit adjustment system for a perfect fit
  • High price
  • Only have one size

WARRIOR BURN JR HELMET 19 - The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Under 12s

Next on our list today is a specific helmet for the young player under the age of 12, WARRIOR BURN JR Helmet 19. From a renowned brand in hockey and lacrosse equipment, this product boasts a wide range of features that satisfy many users.

When considering a helmet, the first and foremost thing you are concerned about is protection. With high-quality Vinyl Nitrate foam liner, WARRIOR BURN JR 19 can protect you from impacts and shock. The thick and well-crafted inside material also makes it comfortable for users during the game.

Moreover, BURN JR 19 features Viconic protection that absorbs and disperses across a wide surface area. It also comes with an extra layer of protection to prevent jaw injury.

Although it only has one size, you can customize the fit of this helmet with only one hand. The AdaptFit 270 by BOA is a velcro pull-tab adjustment system that allows you to adjust the fit in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, WARRIOR BURN JR 19 is made in the USA and is certified by SEI to meet all NOCSAE standards.

  • Vinyl Nitrate foam liner for better shock absorption
  • AdaptFit 270 by BOA to fit well with various head sizes
  • Extra layers of jaw protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits only players under the age of 12
  • One size only

Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet - Best for Comfort

Cascade CPV-R helmet is an affordable choice for boy lacrosse players from 6th grade to late middle school, which is mostly used in college lacrosse for some good reasons.

Cascade CPV-R is the only series that offers users with 4 different sizes from XXS to M/L to fit boy players with the head size from 21” to 23.5”. The different sizes can provide boy lacrosse players with a great fit as well as more comfort and protection during the game.

In terms of user experience, the CPV-R can satisfy all users as it has some thoughtful features. Apart from an EEP liner system to enhance protection and comfort, the R-series shell with free-flowing venting makes the four games as comfortable as the warm-up round.

Moreover, the CPV-R features a Chevron mask that can offer a better downward vision. With a slight V-shape in the center, it can fit a wide range of head sizes and provides the ease to take off.

Besides, the SPRFIT system allows you to adjust the ratchet with only one hand. Also, the minimal design with no unnecessary details and the simple fit can eradicate all the distractions during your gameplay.

  • 4 sizes for the variation fit of 21” to 23.5”
  • EPP liner system for extra comfort and protection
  • Free-flowing venting system to keep you cool
  • The Chevron Mask with a V-shape offers more downward vision
  • Only for boys youth lacrosse players

Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet - Best Helmet for Youth

For parents whose kids love playing lacrosse, keeping their children safe is one of the most important concerns. However, parents can rest assured when equipping their kids with this Cascade S-Youth helmet.

Cascade S-Youth is an ideal helmet for kids at the age of twelve and under. Although it comes in only one size, the HardTail SPRFIT and adjustable jaw pads allow easy customization for the perfect fit. So, you won't have to worry if your kid’s head fits this helmet or not.

The most remarkable feature of Cascade S-Youth is the incredible protecting system. It is equipped with a tri-liner system to protect users against impacts. The GEN4 EPP at the front of the helmet and facemask can manage force impacts effectively.

While the NV3 impact foam provides the helmet with maximum protection at the crown head, Seven Technology is placed in key zones to reduce impacts.

Cascade S-Youth features an XFLO ventilation system with more ports to enhance air flowing and cool down the helmet. Moreover, the S-series jaw with reinforced materials offers extra stiffness to protect users from jaw injuries. 

For young lacrosse players, Cascade S-Youth provides them with regulation protection, incredible support, and the best comfort.

  • Tri-liner system and Seven Technology can protect players against force impacts
  • SuperMonoTM shell to manage frontal impacts.
  • Include ventilation ports for 2X breathability
  • Well-aligned design for better balance
  • Only have one size
  • Suitable for young boys only

How to Choose the Lacrosse Helmets

1. Shell Material

The shell material of the helmet is an important factor to consider when purchasing a lacrosse helmet. Different lacrosse helmets featuring different shell materials are available in the market. 

Typically, you want a helmet that is both light-weight and strong. So the shell material in a good helmet should be durable so that it can withstand the impact of collisions during the game.

It should also be light-weight enough so that you can wear it easily without getting fatigued.

Typically, good lacrosse helmets come with ABS shells which offer both of the aforementioned features.

2. Mask

best lacrosse helmets

The mask is that area of a lacrosse helmet which is directly in front of your face.

A facemask protects your face from any direct hits during the game. Most lacrosse helmets come with facemasks featuring bars.

These bars ensure that the lacrosse ball does not reach your face and at the same time, the bars have sufficient interspaces to allow you a clear vision of the field.

You can go with few or more bars in the mask depending upon your choice.

If you go with more bars, such a mask will offer better protection but it will be heavier and obstruct your line of vision more.

On the other hand, a mask with fewer bars will be light-weight and offer a better view of the field.

3. Chin

The lacrosse helmet is meant to protect your head as well as your face, including the chin.

Most helmets come with chin straps which help you attach the helmet securely to your head. Many helmets also feature an additional chin piece to guard your chin from any injuries.

If you are looking for good protection on the field, choose a lacrosse helmet with the chin piece.

Also, be sure to position your chin piece well when you wear the helmet. If you wear the helmet incorrectly, the chin piece may obstruct your line of vision and affect your performance in the game.

4. Liner

The liner is the material used inside the shell of the lacrosse helmet. It is essentially the material that sits between the shell of the helmet and you.

So it is up to the liner to absorb the shock of the collision impacts during the game.

A good liner is a great shock absorber and ensures that the player gets little to no impact of the collision.

Good lacrosse helmets typically pack liner material which is able to compress upon impact and absorb the shock, and then decompress instantly to protect the player again.

It is highly advisable that when wearing a lacrosse helmet for protection, you should go with liner material which offers the best shock-absorbing capabilities.

5. Weight

The weight of the lacrosse helmet is an important factor. The basic purpose of a lacrosse helmet is simply to protect your head and face.

As a result, the helmet is required to be durable and strong enough to withstand the collision impacts on the field.

A good helmet is essentially a good balance between durable material and a lightweight body.

It is important that the helmet is not too heavy or your neck will start feeling the fatigue in no time and you won’t be able to wear the helmet through the entire game.

So make sure to buy a helmet which is durable but at the same time, is lightweight enough to be worn easily for the duration of the game.

6. Fit

Finding a helmet that is of the right size is important. This is because if you are going to use a lacrosse helmet for protection, it must fit your head perfectly.

Many companies offer helmets with interior lining that automatically adjust to the contours of the player’s head.

If you go for one of these helmets, make sure to try it on before purchasing it. The size and fitting of the helmet is important because a loose helmet will get in your way and fail to offer adequate protection on the field.

So if you really want to use a helmet for protection during a lacrosse game, make sure you get one that fits you perfectly.

7. Vision

When you wear a helmet, your line of vision is naturally limited than when you are not wearing one. So this is a compromise you have to make in return for the protection offered by a helmet.

When using a lacrosse helmet, try to strike a balance between a good line of vision and adequate protection.

There are many helmets available in the market offering a wider field of vision. Go for one of these if you want to be able to play well enough while wearing the helmet.

Having a helmet with good vision will ensure that while being well-protected, you are able to make clear and accurate passes, intercept the opponents successfully and if playing on the goalie position, are able to intercept the attacks in time.

8. Comfortable

The degree of comfortableness of a lacrosse helmet is also an important factor for you as a player. This is because you will be wearing your helmet for the whole duration of the game.

So it has to be comfortable enough not to bother you during the game.

Typically, a lacrosse helmet is comfortable is its interior is lined well with padding.

Other factors that contribute the comfort of a lacrosse helmet include the right fitting, a lightweight body and heat-resistant shell material.

9. Safety and Protection

One of the primary reasons why you use a helmet in the game of lacrosse is simply to protect your head. So a helmet which doesn’t offer a solid degree of protection is no good.

Make sure that when you purchase a lacrosse helmet, it is sturdy enough to withstand the expected abuse it will face on the field. 

Most lacrosse helmets come with specific certifications which prove that they can protect the wearer well. One of these, for instance, is the NOCSAE certification.

If a helmet has this certification, this means that it has undergone a number of tests and offers a good amount of protection.

Best Feature

Product Name


The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Professionals

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Women

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Best for Overall

Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask

The Best Lacrosse Helmet for Under 12s


Best for Comfort

Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

Best Helmet for Youth

Cascade S-Youth Boys Lacrosse Helmet


A lacrosse helmet is an important part of a lacrosse player’s equipment. It will protect your face and head from any injuries, and it will also save your head from heat during high temperatures.

So make sure that you get a helmet that is the right fit for you and suits your needs perfectly. Our list of best lacrosse helmets provided above may help you narrow down your search significantly and find the one helmet that offers all the right features.

And if you are looking for a high-quality helmet, CASCADE CPX-R Helmet might be a worth-to-buy gear. 

It is one of the most reliable products from Cascade equipped with a wide range of advanced technology. With the CASCADE CPX-R Helmet, you will receive the best protection and support to win your game most comfortably.

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