Best Lacrosse Helmets – Buyer’s Guides

A wide range of lacrosse helmets are made available each year.

These include helmets of various sizes and qualities, so it can somewhat hard to find a helmet that specifically meets your needs.

To make this task easier, we have brought together a list of 5 best lacrosse helmets along with brief reviews.

Best Lacrosse Helmets 2018

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet



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The STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 is one of the best helmets to have hit the market this year.

The company, STX, is well-known for manufacturing some of the best lacrosse equipment every year. And this year is no different.

STX has used the revolutionary D3O material in the construction of this helmet.

The great thing about this helmet is that it is incredibly soft and flexible but as soon as it receives an impact, it locks together and distributes the shock of the impact throughout the helmet, minimizing any affect on the player.

The helmet features an ABS shell with special impact modifiers which further mitigate the effect of any impact.

Along the jaw section, this helmet packs adjustable EVA jaw pads. These pads ensure that your jaws are well-protected against any injuries during the game.

Another great thing about the Stallion 500 helmet is that it adjusts well to the head of the player.

The helmet is lined with Surfeit Air Liner on the interior which comes with an air pump.

This means that the helmet adjusts as per the size of the player’s head and fits perfectly.

Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet w/ Black Mask - Navy Blue



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Cascade CPX-R lacrosse helmet is another excellent helmet for lacrosse players this year.

Not only does this helmet offer superior protection and a well-designed structure overall, it also packs incredibly awesome looks which are sure to rock your game.

Cascade is known as the manufacturer of top lacrosse products every year, so you can rest assured that this helmet from a brand offering superior quality year after year.

The Navy-Blue helmet features the trademark Seven Technology of Cascade.

This technology makes use of multiple interior features to evenly distribute the shock of any direct impact, therefore ensuring that the player is not affected by the impact.

To further protect the players, Cascade has also made use of the Seven Technology liner system in the helmet.

This liner material instantly compresses upon impact and absorbs most of the impact force. Not only that, it decompresses within seconds and is ready for further impacts, keeping the players safe throughout the game.

The helmet comes with a black face-mask and a white chin strap which perfectly complement the stunning navy-blue shell of the helmet.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 600 Lacrosse Helmet



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The STX Lacrosse Stallion 600 is another top-quality lacrosse helmet this year.

STX has designed this helmet as a logical evolution of the iconic Stallion 500 helmet. Therefore, the new Stallion 600 helmet packs many new and innovative features as well as a better degree of protection and comfort.

The Stallion 600 helmet is constructed from polycarbonate material.

This ensures that at one hand, the helmet remains incredibly light-weight and at the other hand, it is strong enough to protect the player from any injuries.

On the interior, the Stallion 600 helmet features the Surfeit Air Liner which is adjustable and comes with an air pump.

As a result, this helmet adjusts perfectly to the contours of the player’s head. The helmet further comes with a comfort liner padding and TPU cushioning.

These dual features ensure that the shock of any direct impact on the helmet is mitigated and distributed through the shell, safeguarding the player effectively.

For a more comfortable feel, STX has used TPU side pads inside the helmet. These side pads also make the helmet fit more securely.




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The Cascade R lacrosse helmet is another excellent offering on the market this year.

This helmet from Cascade comes with a number of quality features and is designed for the offensive player on the field.

Cascade has used the Seven Technology in the construction of the R helmet.

This is a cutting-edge technology featuring a special impact attenuation system. This system ensures that when the helmet receives a direct impact, the energy of the impact is instantly distributed throughout the shell, mitigating any shock to the player.

Another excellent feature of the R helmet is the liner system along the interior. The specially-designed liner material compresses upon impact and absorbs the shock. It then instantly decompresses and is ready for any further impacts.

The R helmet comes with a white chin strap and is available in a number of shell colors. These include black, white, navy blue, royal blue, green, maroon, red and athletic gold.




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The Cascade CS Junior lacrosse helmet is specifically designed for the younger lacrosse players.

The helmet is one of the best this year for players under the age of 12. Keeping in view the age of the younger players, Cascade has constructed this helmet to be incredibly light-weight, comfortable and strong enough for protection.

The helmet features FutureStar Mono shell and chin. The special material used in the construction of this shell and chin ensures that the helmet is light enough and fits well on the player’s head.

Cascade has also used a Generation-3 EPP liner on the interior of the helmet.

This liner adds an extraordinary degree of comfort and protection to the helmet’s interior.

It is also designed so that a player can make super-quick adjustments to the liner and the fitting of the helmet.

Moreover, the helmet is designed to naturally fit the players automatically when they wear it.

How to Choose the Lacrosse Helmets

best lacrosse helmets

#1. Shell Material

The shell material of the helmet is an important factor to consider when purchasing a lacrosse helmet.

Different lacrosse helmets featuring different shell materials are available in the market. 

Typically, you want a helmet that is both light-weight and strong.

So the shell material in a good helmet should be durable so that it can withstand the impact of collisions during the game.

It should also be light-weight enough so that you can wear it easily without getting fatigued.

Typically, good lacrosse helmets come with ABS shells which offer both of the aforementioned features.

#2. Mask

The mask is that area of a lacrosse helmet which is directly in front of your face.

A facemask protects your face from any direct hits during the game. Most lacrosse helmets come with facemasks featuring bars.

These bars ensure that the lacrosse ball does not reach your face and at the same time, the bars have sufficient interspaces to allow you a clear vision of the field.

You can go with few or more bars in the mask depending upon your choice.

If you go with more bars, such a mask will offer better protection but it will be heavier and obstruct your line of vision more.

On the other hand, a mask with fewer bars will be light-weight and offer a better view of the field.

#3. Chin

The lacrosse helmet is meant to protect your head as well as your face, including the chin.

Most helmets come with chin straps which help you attach the helmet securely to your head. Many helmets also feature an additional chin piece to guard your chin from any injuries.

If you are looking for good protection on the field, choose a lacrosse helmet with the chin piece.

Also, be sure to position your chin piece well when you wear the helmet. If you wear the helmet incorrectly, the chin piece may obstruct your line of vision and affect your performance in the game.

#4. Liner

The liner is the material used inside the shell of the lacrosse helmet. It is essentially the material that sits between the shell of the helmet and you.

So it is up to the liner to absorb the shock of the collision impacts during the game.

A good liner is a great shock absorber and ensures that the player gets little to no impact of the collision.

Good lacrosse helmets typically pack liner material which is able to compress upon impact and absorb the shock, and then decompress instantly to protect the player again.

It is highly advisable that when wearing a lacrosse helmet for protection, you should go with liner material which offers the best shock-absorbing capabilities.

#5. Weight

The weight of the lacrosse helmet is an important factor. The basic purpose of a lacrosse helmet is simply to protect your head and face.

As a result, the helmet is required to be durable and strong enough to withstand the collision impacts on the field.

A good helmet is essentially a good balance between durable material and a lightweight body.

It is important that the helmet is not too heavy or your neck will start feeling the fatigue in no time and you won’t be able to wear the helmet through the entire game.

So make sure to buy a helmet which is durable but at the same time, is lightweight enough to be worn easily for the duration of the game.

#6. Fit

Finding a helmet that is of the right size is important. This is because if you are going to use a lacrosse helmet for protection, it must fit your head perfectly.

Many companies offer helmets with interior lining that automatically adjust to the contours of the player’s head.

If you go for one of these helmets, make sure to try it on before purchasing it. The size and fitting of the helmet is important because a loose helmet will get in your way and fail to offer adequate protection on the field.

So if you really want to use a helmet for protection during a lacrosse game, make sure you get one that fits you perfectly.

#7. Vision

When you wear a helmet, your line of vision is naturally limited than when you are not wearing one. So this is a compromise you have to make in return for the protection offered by a helmet.

When using a lacrosse helmet, try to strike a balance between a good line of vision and adequate protection.

There are many helmets available in the market offering a wider field of vision. Go for one of these if you want to be able to play well enough while wearing the helmet.

Having a helmet with good vision will ensure that while being well-protected, you are able to make clear and accurate passes, intercept the opponents successfully and if playing on the goalie position, are able to intercept the attacks in time.

#8. Comfortable

The degree of comfortableness of a lacrosse helmet is also an important factor for you as a player. This is because you will be wearing your helmet for the whole duration of the game.

So it has to be comfortable enough not to bother you during the game.

Typically, a lacrosse helmet is comfortable is its interior is lined well with padding.

Other factors that contribute the comfort of a lacrosse helmet include the right fitting, a lightweight body and heat-resistant shell material.

#9. Safety and protection

One of the primary reasons why you use a helmet in the game of lacrosse is simply to protect your head. So a helmet which doesn’t offer a solid degree of protection is no good.

Make sure that when you purchase a lacrosse helmet, it is sturdy enough to withstand the expected abuse it will face on the field. 

Most lacrosse helmets come with specific certifications which prove that they can protect the wearer well. One of these, for instance, is the NOCSAE certification.

If a helmet has this certification, this means that it has undergone a number of tests and offers a good amount of protection.


A lacrosse helmet is an important part of a lacrosse player’s equipment. It will protect your face and head from any injuries, and it will also save your head from heat during high temperatures.

So make sure that you get a helmet that is the right fit for you and suits your needs perfectly. 

Our list of best lacrosse helmets provided above may help you narrow down your search significantly and find the one helmet that offers all the right features.

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