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Lacrosse Runner (www.LacrosseRunner.com) is a fun and informative online source for all lacrosse enthusiasts searching for the perfect equipment, protective gears, accessories, professional advice, and handy tips and tricks.

Unlike other internet sources, we provide first-hand information exclusively since our team includes the former lacrosse athlete, amateur players, and experienced researchers.

Our mission is to bring back to the American fields the indigenous "Game of Gods" by promoting only the highest-quality equipment and providing essential information to all the people interested in this extraordinary sport.

What Exactly is Lacrosse? And Why is It Important?

Did you know that Lacrosse is one of the oldest organized sports in North America? 

That's right! This noble game can be traced back to the indigenous tribes. Needless to say, its cultural value is priceless.

For this reason, perhaps, and its growing popularity in youth sports, this game has been brought back to life in the past decade.

We work to make our contribution to the revival of this gem of American history and help you understand the game better.

How Do We Do It?

We provide the complete beginner's guide to Lacrosse.

On our blog, you can find all the information about the lacrosse rules, how to get started, positions, and different versions of the sport.

How do you know the data is viable? We have Freddy, a former lacrosse athlete, in our team to filter out the information and actively test the products we recommend.

As for the products, our team is honestly passionate about Lacrosse.

We enjoy looking for the most advanced and up-to-date information, products, deals, and accessories. Therefore, you won't find the sponsored fake deals that only disappoint you once they arrive.

We recommend the tested and genuinely high-quality products and write comprehensive, unbiased reviews with advantages and disadvantages we notice to help you get the real image.

Let's Talk Finance!

Whatever people do nowadays, the first question they ask is, what's in it for me? As you can imagine, we do make a symbolic amount of money out of this site.

When you buy through our affiliate links, a small commission goes to our fund. This commission adds no additional cost to your purchase whatsoever; it is paid to us by Amazon and other stores that we link you to.

The profit that we make we use to pay for the domain, server, SSL, maintain the team operations, and other types of "Internet taxes." So we have to earn some money in order to support our page on the internet, yet we are not in it for the money.

We are not sponsored, and all the products we review we personally choose, never recommending anything we do not genuinely find reliable.

Freddy tries out a range of new developments in the industry from leading brands such as STX, Warrior, Brine, East Coast, Maverik, Epoch, etc. and only then he gives his verdict.

So, you can count on our honesty!

Get to Know Us!

We at LacrosseRunner keep everything transparent because we believe that you should know the people who are giving you advice. 

Keep reading, and get to know us!

Freddy M. Woods LacrosseRunner

Freddy M. Woods

Editor in Chief

Freddy is the heart and soul of our website. He grew up in Ontario, California, where he lives even nowadays. That's because Freddy stays loyal to his environment and habits.

It is no surprise then that he decided to share his piece of wisdom gained during twelve years of playing Lacrosse. An honorable guest of sportsmanship!

As a former athlete, Freddy is very passionate about Lacrosse. He keeps up with the sport's changes and innovations and often tests the new equipment released by the leading manufacturers.

No review ever gets published before Freddy approves it; he can be very critical and insists on professionalism.

Wanda J. Frazier LacrosseRunner

Wanda J. Frazier

Managing Editor

Wanda is a successful accountant and a dedicated mother of a smart, nine-year-old Emma. They live in Belmont, California, where Emma practices female Lacrosse.

Her daughter is obsessed with Lacrosse, so Wanda had to learn everything about this traditional sport to keep up with her wishes and demands.

She brings diversity to our team, and we often treat her as a chief consultant for female lacrosse matters since it is the field of her expertise.

Wanda buys only the highest-quality equipment for her daughter and selflessly shares her experience and thoughts on available products right here on LacrosseRunner.

Jonathan M. Smit LacrosseRunner

Jonathan M. Smit

Marketing Manager

Jonathan is definitely the factor X that keeps us going. He is working as a digital marketing specialist in Sacramento, California, and he loves Lacrosse.

He plays for fun since there were no lacrosse camps at his college, which is the main reason why he is determined to help the popularization of this sport today.

Jonathan does our marketing; he checks the market needs and helps us optimize the content flawlessly so you can get precisely what you are looking for.

Thanks to this awesome dude, you won't read dull, heartless reviews but light and fun content.

Barry S. Persaud LacrosseRunner

Barry S. Persaud


Barry is another former athlete on our team. He practiced Lacrosse for five years, but his passion for sports never left his soul. He lives in Otranto, California, and was brought to our site by our editor in chief Freddy.

Berry does all the hard work, honestly! He finds the products, compares the brands, prices, and deals, then writes honest reviews with countless details to cover it all for you.

We can guarantee you will never make a mistake choosing one of his recommendations because he is very thorough and focused.

Agnes W. Kinney LacrosseRunner

Agnes W. Kinney


And last but not least is another lady in our team, charming Agnes from Sacramento, California, a full-time blogger and mother of two lacrosse enthusiasts Jim and Berry.

Jim is nine years old and practices Lacrosse for a year now, while his six years older brother is a "Lacrosse veteran" already with five years in the sport.

Agnes has a genuine passion for writing. When her sons became interested in Lacrosse, she knew she would write about it.

Besides her fantastic blog posts, Agnes contributes to our team with her honest, in-depth reviews!

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Freddy Woods

Freddy is the heart and soul of Lacrosse Runner. As a former athlete, Freddy is very passionate about Lacrosse. He keeps up with the sport's changes and innovations and often tests the new equipment released by the leading manufacturers. Read more here