The Best Lacrosse Shafts for Your Ultimate Field Performance (2021 Picks)

Lacrosse is one of those sports that requires a lot of determination, passion, and skill with every step you take on that field. Whether you are a pro lacrosse player or just a recreational one, you are still going to need the best lacrosse equipment that can cope up with your active lifestyle.

For this reason, we have written a comprehensive guide that will help you choose between the best lacrosse shafts market has to offer. Below is the table of contents providing you a detailed review of one of the finest models.

So, kick back and let us help you make the best decision for your lacrosse career.


Table of Contents

Best Attack Lacrosse Shafts & Best Lacrosse Shafts for Middies

Best Feature

Product Name


Best Pick

Epoch Dragonfly Elite Attack

Innovative Layering

Epoch Dragonfly Select Attack/Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft

Maneuverable Use

STX Lacrosse Shaft SC-Ti Attack Handle

Simple Design

Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft

Best Lightweight Lacrosse Shaft

WARRIOR LACROSSE Evo Pro Carbon Attack Handle

Reinforced Weight-to-Strength Ratio

ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0

Epoch Dragonfly Elite Attack - Best Pick

Next up, Epoch Dragonfly Elite! If you think that the classic Epoch attack lacrosse shaft will not fulfill your field expectations, let's see what the upgraded version has to offer.

Firstly, the Epoch Elite lacrosse shaft is built with Intelligent Weave Technology for elite players and optimal results.

Unlike the previous model we reviewed, this technology supports activated carbon layering, surface veil technology, and reload technology. Combine all this, and you got yourself a highly-durable lacrosse shaft that will always help your moves.

Furthermore, Weave Technology is designed to stabilize hands and push energy towards the head of the stick. By that, it offers impeccable performance, such as passing and shooting.

Not only this, but the technology is also helpful in keeping the shaft flexible at specific points but sturdy at others. Other points, such as release point, are also ensured to be in your total control.

This shaft is an absolute must-have for all high-level players. The essential piece of equipment will ensure you maximize your performance on the field with one of the lightweight lacrosse stick shafts.

  • Lightweight
  • Amazing slip/grip
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Carbon layering
  • Stabilized hands and push energy
  • /

Epoch Dragonfly Select Attack/Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft - Innovative Layering

If you are looking for alteration in the field, the Epoch Dragonfly is the perfect choice for all offensive players.

The lacrosse shaft is engineered with Epoch's core technology incorporating advanced carbon layering. The carbon shaft allows you to control swiftly every aspect of the performance. Plus, you will have all the control over the weight, flex, durability, and release point.

Along with the innovative layering, Epoch Dragonfly bends when it needs to, but it does not lose its stability. It's created to follow your every move while remaining firmness necessary for control.

Most of the lacrosse shafts on the market use fiberglass or cheaper material and increase the product's breakability. But luckily, that's not the case with Epoch Dragonfly.

Moreover, the HD resin enhances the strength of the shaft and offers improved durability throughout the game.

So, who is this lacrosse shaft perfect for?

Well, it's an excellent choice if you are a dynamic player who likes to play offense or transition. Plus, if you are still between options, the Epoch Dragonfly combines the benefits of both Dragonfly Pro and Elite.

  • Controlled movements
  • Perfect for offense players
  • Lightweight
  • More suitable for beginners

STX Lacrosse Shaft SC-Ti Attack Handle - Maneuverable Use

STX presents to us a Shift SC-Ti lacrosse attack handle that combines the best of both worlds. Want to know how? Stick around to read the full review.

The attack shaft weighs around 6,8 ounces, which may seem a bit heavier when you look at other shafts. However, there is a reason for this. The SC-Ti presents a tail of two shafts, sort of say.

On one side, there are two very defined concave slots, while the front side has a rounder finish of the slots. So, when you turn it around, you can notice you get two individual profiles on only one shaft.

Talk about versatile ability!

This is precisely where the name SHIFT comes into play. The shaft design allows you to flip the stick when you want to and determine what kind of performance you want to be added to your lacrosse game.

Moreover, the shaft is made from an alloy material, which adds to the durability. With thickened sidewalls, it's evident that the shaft is made for some aggressive players that always give their best. Nonetheless, the lacrosse shaft will last you for a season or even more.

  • Durable scandium and titanium materials
  • Alloy shaft
  • Dual shaft use
  • On the heavier side

Maverik Lacrosse Mission (Blank) Shaft - Simple Design

If you are looking for a performance-driven lacrosse shaft, look no further than Maverik Mission. This is the first lacrosse stick shaft in the industry designed to be all white, with no graphs or logos.

The Maverik attack lacrosse shaft is made of alloy material and contains a non-slip grip for all the control you will need in the game. The bead-blasted coating makes the grip feel locked-in, so you won't have to worry if the shaft will slip out of your control.

As you can see, this is a traditional-looking lacrosse stick

There is an adjustable butt end on one side and a tool to adjust the head. This is extremely helpful if anything gets wobbly on the field, and you don't have the time to run to the locker room. With Maverik Mission, you have it all.

The Maverik Company works hard in pleasing every player's needs.

Though some brands tend to focus on making the logo big and loud on the shaft, the Maverik concentrates solely on material and performance. No funny business whatsoever.

So, if you want a plain traditional but trustworthy choice, this is your best pick.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Performance-driven
  • Adjustable butt end
  • Alloy material
  • Simple design
  • /

WARRIOR LACROSSE Evo Pro Carbon Attack Handle -Best Lightweight Lacrosse Shaft

When you are playing lacrosse, you don't want any piece of equipment's weight to interfere with your performance. For this reason, I always recommend players go for lighter versions of shafts, heads, or other gear. You already know the trick; light does not always have to mean low-quality.

A premium example in presenting a high-quality but lightweight lacrosse shaft is the Warrior Evo Pro. By weighing only 125 g, this is probably one of the lightest attack shafts on the market currently.

The lacrosse shaft is made out of carbon fiber layup

Many look past this, but it's quite nifty to have carbon layering to your lacrosse shaft for several reasons. Firstly, it adds to the quick release system by being positioned in the lateral and transverse direction.

Second, by having all the control you can have over the stick, you will ultimately elevate the level of play no matter how strong your opponent is.

Not only is the shaft lightweight, but it's also one of the most durable ones from Warrior shafts for 2020 edition. It utilizes unique layering technology, which protects the shaft from breaking or bending.

  • Lightweight
  • Made out of durable material
  • Comfortable geometrical shape
  • /

ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0 - Reinforced Weight-to-Strength Ratio

East Coast Dyes released their Carbon 2.0 lacrosse shaft in 2018, making a huge step forward from the previous line. The new line of sticks is more durable and lighter than ECD Carbon shafts, and it features innovative ImpactPlus technology for more strength.

This shaft weighs only 154 grams, being the most lightweight lacrosse stick on the market. Attackers and midfielders can especially feel the reinforced design benefits since it supports swift actions and accurate passes.

So, how did they improve the strength-to-weight ratio?

ECD has done extensive research and determined that their shafts predominantly break in the upper half. So, what they did was add another layer of carbon fiber only to the area where strength is of critical importance, uncompromising the weight. They call this innovation Impact+ technology.

Although more durable than its predecessor, the shaft preserved the carbon shafts' flexibility, providing additional torque when needed.

It is available in three colors and three sizes. You can purchase a black, gray, and white one, matt finished and minimal.

After two years, this stick still dominates the market, which certainly proves its quality.

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Available in three sizes
  • Might not deliver during a more aggressive action

Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts

Best Feature

Product Name


Best Defense Shaft

STX Lacrosse Surgeon ScTi Raw Alloy Lacrosse Shaft

Better Durability and Comfortable Grip

STX Hammer 700 Composite

Most Durable Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Lacrosse - Dragonfly Nine Shafts

STX Lacrosse Surgeon ScTi Raw Alloy Lacrosse Shaft - Best Defense Shaft

For the best defense lacrosse shafts, we are starting with the well-known STX. The company presents a new model called Surgeon ScTi Raw, bound to level up each play's performance.

First of all, the lacrosse shaft offers an exceptional sandpaper grip.

Unlike other shafts, they tend to be more slippery and fall out of control. Not this one. This one will let you know there is a texture to the shaft only enough to prevent the gloves from slipping.

The Surgeon ScTi Raw Alloy handle is designed with a thinner wall profile to achieve lightweight strength. To be honest, you could not ask for a lighter shaft. Any lighter than this simply won't do the trick.

The shaft reaches 30 inches, which is just enough for pro performance.

The price point may be a bit over the top when you look at other models, but this is a one-in-a-season investment. If you want to play with the big guys, make sure you have the proper equipment.

  • Lightweight
  • Thin walls
  • 30 inches long
  • Offers impeccable performance
  • Alloy material
  • Gritty texture for a secure grip
  • Can be prone to dents

STX Hammer 700 Composite - Better Durability and Comfortable Grip

STX Hammer 700 Composite is the elite defense shaft released by the STX for the 2019 season. This shaft is perfect for defense players who require untamed strength combined with a lighter design and comfortable grip.

Like the last line, Hammer 700 shafts feature a concave octagon shape profile, straightforward, monochrome design, and carbon structure. By keeping these features, STX managed to stay loyal to the shaft design that has proven effective in the past.

On the other hand, this line is 30% lighter than the previous one, and since it also incorporates carbon fibers, equally durable.

One innovation that attracted particular attention is the raised 3D grip at the bottom of the pole. It eliminates the need for tape use, excessive weight and provides a more comfortable feel to the players, making a significant impact on the performance.

The shaft is definitely on the higher end of the market, but it does come with significant benefits when you think about it. The improved grip gives you more control, while the reduced weight facilitates hand switching and maneuvering in general.

  • Lighter than the previous line
  • 3D raised grip
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Meets NCAA, NFHS specs
  • Very expensive

Epoch Lacrosse - Dragonfly Nine Shafts - Most Durable Lacrosse Shaft

The Dragonfly Nine is one of the most advanced shafts currently in the game, built on years of experience, innovation, and engineering and perfect for any defensemen.

This shaft uses Epoch Intelligent Weave technology by being made mostly out of carbon fiber. By designing the model as a carbon shaft, the manufacturers reduce other not-so-important materials that unnecessarily add to the overall weight. In this way, you get a lightweight, durable piece of equipment by your side for every play-off.

Dragonfly Nine shafts offer gritty texture to their lacrosse sticks. It allows the shaft to sit comfortably in your hands with total control-no matter the weather. However, many would-be considered with the free movement in hand due to the textured cover.

But, there is nothing to stress over about. The lacrosse shaft texture allows the stick to move freely in your hands while choosing your position.

Whether you are shooting or passing, the carbon fiber lacrosse shaft is designed to create a natural-kick point just above your hand. A load has been introduced in this shaft to prevent it from breaking when flexing while also retaining firmness.

  • Retains firm shape upon bending
  • Gritty texture
  • Prone to breaking

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts

Best Feature

Product Name


Best Goalie Shaft

StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Goalies-Exclusive Lacrosse Shaft

STX Outlet Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Excellent for Long Releases

ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2 Goalie

StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Best Goalie Shaft

The StringKing Manufacturers believe that preference is everything when choosing the best lacrosse shafts.

This time, StringKing offers two metal goalie lacrosse shafts, both available at different weight counts. This is so each shaft can accompany a different style and offer every player a bit of variety in their game.

As for the materials, the one used for these shafts is the only alloy.

The whole purpose of using alloy instead of some different metal is to keep the lightweight maneuverability but still retain the shaft's sturdiness. Since highly-durable materials were used in the production, StringKing Metal won't weigh you down when you are on the field.

One of the most admirable features about this lacrosse shaft duo is the previously mentioned weight. If you are a player who favors a lightweight shaft for quick hand movements, this is the perfect pick for you. 

But, if you would like something heavier that withstands all slashes, guess what? This is still the right one for you. With dual shafts, your performance will get all the versatile ability it needs.

  • Two goalie lacrosse shafts
  • Versatile use
  • Alloy material
  • /

STX Outlet Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Goalies-Exclusive Lacrosse Shaft

In lacrosse, goalies certainly have a special list of requirements for the gear they use on the field.

For this reason, STX has developed a lacrosse shaft designed for goalies exclusively and adapted to fit the best-selling lacrosse goalie head Eclipse II. The combination of these two will equip you with the leading armor on the market, making you unbeatable on the field.

The first feature worth mentioning is the ergonomic teardrop profile.

This profile was shaped to resist twist and provide better grip and stability. Combine this with the innovative textured grip zones, and you get yourself unmatched control without any additional weight.

We have seen by now that STX sticks to the features that prove efficient in the game. Hence, they manufactured this shaft in the goalies' preferred length, which is 34". They had also decided to stick with the well-proven 7075 Alloy, providing durability and strength.

This stick is available in black and platinum color and exhibits a straightforward, minimal design, not at all showy.

The price is in the mid-range, pretty reasonable for such a high-quality product, so I believe it's a pretty good deal.

  • Alloy
  • Preferred length
  • Ergonomic teardrop profile
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Textured grip zones
  • For goalies only

ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2 Goalie - Excellent for Long Releases

Remember the ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0 Attack Shaft? Well, apparently, they designed another shaft in the same line, but for goalies. And I can tell you, It's just as good.

Just like the Carbon 2.0 for attackers, this model also has a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, optimized shape, and textured structure.

The Impact+ layer improves durability and adds strength without compromising the weight. At the same time, a mid kick point allows faster saves and more precision in passes.

I can assure you this stick is genuinely durable, yet compared to Carbon 2.0 for attackers, it is more flexible. While the attacker shaft is 5/10 on a flexibility scale, this stick scores 8/10. This will be essential for quick passes, and it won't impact the durability since the stick is not brittle.

Improved texture and durable paint create a neat, elegant design. It is produced in two colors: black and white.

If I could sum up the entire design and engineering of this shaft to a single purpose, I would say long releases. You won't find a shaft as optimized for long releases as this one, and that solely makes it perfect for goalies.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Mid kick point
  • Flexible
  • Long releases
  • Expensive

The Best Women's Lacrosse Shaft

Best Feature

Product Name


Durable Female Lacrosse Shaft

STX Crux 600 10° Women's

The Best Women's Lacrosse Shaft with Small Diameter

Under Armour Regime

Excellent Stability

STX Fortress 700 Women's

STX Crux 600 10° Women's - Durable Female Lacrosse Shaft

What we have here is one extraordinary lacrosse shaft, particularly optimized for female lacrosse. It was engineered to provide maximum comfort and prolonged durability, essential for ladies in lacrosse.

What makes this shaft extraordinary?

Well, the first thing that catches your eye is the handle featuring a fully-integrated design. There is also an innovative, molded end cap that improves grip and stability.

Next off, the STX Precision Flex Technology really brought this stick to another level. Passes and shots will be supported by additional snap, potentiated by this technology.

The shaft is made of composite materials that perform better in different weather conditions and provide the consistency that is essential. Also, the handle is coated in a 'rubberized' material that many players find advantageous.

Finally, the stick can be used with 10 degrees heads exclusively, but the end of the shaft was designed for a flawless handle to head connection, so don't worry.

When it comes to the price, the product is pretty costly, but also very well-built, durable and, most importantly, it delivers, which is the whole point, after all.

  • Durable
  • Well-built
  • Precision Flex
  • Weather-resistant
  • Fully-integrated handle
  • 10 degrees head only

Under Armour Regime - The Best Women's Lacrosse Shaft with Small Diameter

Under Armour is another brand of choice when it comes to female lacrosse. They have a rich offer of lacrosse gear for women, so I often find a bunch of high-quality, reasonably-priced products in their webshop. For this article, I found one high-quality women's lacrosse shaft, specially designed for female convenience.

The shaft is very lightweight and small in diameter to provide easy maneuvering and added control. What is more, Under Armor even included a foam core insert for less demanding assembly.

It measures 32 inches, which is a full-size female lacrosse shaft, and the diameter measures 7/8", enhancing thus the performance.

Under Armour Regime is a composite shaft, performing equally well in different weather conditions and remaining intact over time. Thanks to the materials, when it is cold, the shaft will retain heat and won't break.

You can find this shaft in white, black, grey, and royal color, featuring a pretty neat design and strong materials. The price is mid-range, so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

  • Foam core insert
  • Effortless assembly
  • Small diameter
  • Lightweight design
  • Many colors
  • Affordable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Too narrow for some players

STX Fortress 700 Women's - Excellent Stability

Here we have one fantastic stick for female defenders, optimized for unmatched force and reinforced control. STX Fortress 700 was particularly developed for defense since it provides more stability, essential in this position.

If I could distinguish one feature only as a unique advantage of this shaft, it would be the grip technology. Namely, the STX Fortress 700 has a targeted grip, special technology coated around the bottom handle. The grip was precisely placed to provide the essential stability for defensive players.

Furthermore, the shaft features a 1" profile for more power and again control. It is specially optimized for female lacrosse, so it does not weigh too much.

Suppose you're wondering what heads you can combine this shaft with. It features the patented 10 degrees technology like other women's lacrosse shafts from STX. You can combine it with the STX Fortress 700 head or buy a complete stick consisting of these two.

The head includes a narrow pitch for excellent ball retention and a wide scoop with a deeper pocket.

When you combine this heavy-duty stick with the highly optimized head, you get an honestly high-quality stick, perfect for defense.

  • Targeted grip technology
  • 10 degree
  • 1″ profile
  • Excellent control and stability
  • Not compatible with many heads

The Best Youth's Lacrosse Shaft

Best Feature

Product Name


Incredibly-Optimized Alloy Shaft for Beginners

Nike Vandal Attack Lacrosse

The Best Youth Shaft for Middies

Maverik Wonderboy Attack

Simple and Lightweight

Maverik Mission Blank Attack

RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick - Best Youth's Pick

Young players come with their own list of requirements.

As a beginner, you really should not rush for the professional equipment that won't suit you well. To develop good technique, you should stick with lighter gear at first and slowly build your way towards the more professional pieces.

Nike Vandal Attack Shaft imitates the Vapor lacrosse line in many aspects, yet it has an optimized strength-to-weight ratio. It is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market, yet very strong and durable. How did they succeed in making it so?

Nike Vandal features 7075 series alloy that is generally very light, but it doesn't break easily, thus preserving the durability you would normally get with aluminum shafts.

For beginners, ease of maneuvering and speed is critical for developing good skills. For this reason, Nike optimized the standard concave octagonal shape with a crease along the top of the stick to enable swift motion and more powerful attacks for beginners.

The stick features a simple, neat design, available in black and platinum versions. It is genuinely affordable for how optimized and durable they made it. So, I definitely recommend this shaft to all youth players in need of a lightweight yet strong shaft, easy to work with.

  • Optimized shape
  • Lightweight
  • Alloy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • The weight won’t work for some players

Maverik Wonderboy Attack - The Best Youth Shaft for Middies

As a leading brand for lacrosse equipment on the market, it would be strange for Maverik not to make a promising, forceful stick for youth. The Maverik Wonderboy Attack Lacrosse Shaft, like the name suggests, is among the most-optimized lacrosse shafts for beginners, perfect for all-around midfielders.

What makes this shaft unique is the Signature Series shape that keeps this stick on the top of the market two years after it first appeared.

The secret lies in concave corners with flat faces that significantly improved the grip and maneuvering. This is essential for young players still learning the proper dodging, passes, ground ball pickup, etc.

The material is anodized Maverik's 9000 series alloy. It has a significantly reduced weight but unmatched durability.

Matt finish, together with a silicone liner, provides better grip and stability in the game. Plus, the unique Adjustable Butt-End (ABE+) allows the player to adjust the feel of the stick to his preferences.

Even though incredibly optimized, the Maverik Wonderboy Attack costs little more than the average youth lacrosse shaft. Still, it is recognized for its unmatched quality and innovative design, being the youth's favorite for two years.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Better grip
  • ABE+ technology
  • Matt finish
  • For midfielders specifically

Maverik Mission Blank Attack - Simple and Lightweight

Here we have another youth lacrosse stick from Maverick. Unlike the previous shaft we reviewed, this one is for the attack players and on the higher end price-wise.

What makes this stick unique is the completely blank design with no graphics, letters, or stickers. Maverik, in such a way, aimed for the lighter, simpler shaft, entirely focused on performance.

This shaft is made of the superior Scandium Alloy, known for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, and coated in Bead Blasted Finish for more control and better grip. When we combine these two materials, we get one of the lightest shafts on the market, perfect for all-around attackers in need of accuracy, speed, and comfort.

Like the Maverik Wonderboy Attack, this shaft also includes the Adjustable Butt-End (ABE+) and silicone liner that you can lock wherever you find it the most convenient.

With tags and caps included, this shaft weighs around 202 grams, which is almost the weight of the women's lacrosse shafts. It's not the lightest lacrosse shaft on the market, yet it is highly optimized and will equip you with an unbeatable set of skills.

It does cost a bit much but think about the benefits you get with this model, and set your priorities.

  • Lightweight
  • Optimized
  • No graphics
  • ABE+ technology
  • Adjustable Silicone liner
  • A bit expensive

Lacrosse Shafts 101

Lacrosse has a rich history in the United States. It is currently one of the most popular sports in American universities.

It is often recognized by its most iconic piece of equipment the lacrosse stick.

The Lacrosse Stick

best lacrosse shafts for attack 2020

In the past, lacrosse sticks consisted of one piece of wood with strips of leather that were used to make the loop at the end.

However, in the 1970’s it was revolutionized when the plastic head was developed. Since then this headpiece was mounted on the top of the shaft.

Traditionally the stick was made from wood. Although this is still used by brands today, many alternative materials are now also used in production. Some of the well-known ones are platinum, scandium, aluminum, and titanium.

Nowadays equipment is rigorously tested during the design and production phase.

One of the critical factors in designing shafts is the balance between stiffness and flexibility. It needs to be durable enough so that it does not snap while still being able to give a little.

People often underestimate the calculations that go into creating these shafts. That is why it is vital to buy products that are made by trusted manufacturers.

Requirements for Different Positions

The shafts for different positions have distinct features. The three primary roles in lacrosse are attack, goal, and defense.

Equipment is often produced with the specific requirements of players in mind. Here are some of the requirements of the different roles:

1. Goalie

  • Goalies typically want a balanced stick. One of the key concerns is that it will offer you speed.
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Player preference varies, so shafts are anywhere between 42 to 72 inches long.

2. Defense

  • Stick should be strong, durable, and able to cover a large area.
  • Long shafts are utilized that are between 52 and 72 inches in length.

3. Attack

  • For this position sticks should be lightweight, flexible, and very precise.
  • Short shafts are often used by these players that 40 to 42 inches.

Besides this, sticks are often made in distinct ways for men and women.

Men use either long or short staffs. But women’s only get short sticks that are between forty and forty-three inches in length. Because of this, the shafts for women’s sticks are generally much lighter than those used by men.

How to Replace Your Shaft?

best lacrosse shafts for lsm

If you are shopping for a new shaft you might be looking for an upgrade or your old one might be damaged. Luckily you will often be able to keep the lacrosse head that you currently own. So you can just fit it to your new stick.

The headpiece is typically attached with screws. These need to be loosened if you want to replace the shaft. After, this you can remove it. If it is too tight, you might want to lubricate it with some spray or oil to loosen it up.

If you want to continue using your old head, you should check whether it will be compatible with the new product. You need to check whether the shaft is hollow or not, the shape of it, and the width of the staff.

If the head rattles a bit or doesn’t sit tightly on the stick, you can try to use some insulation tape and screws to fix it securely.

Check out this video on more help in fixing the headpiece to a shaft.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Lacrosse Shafts

If this is your first time buying a lacrosse shaft, so for this reason alone, let's see what you need to consider before your final purchase.

For those of you who are looking to upgrade your existing equipment, don't worry. We did not leave you out.

1. Know Your Position

Knowing your lacrosse position before you purchase a shaft is a must! All the features will depend from that moment on. If you still don't know your position, you might want to hold on to this purchase. There is nothing better than coming prepared for a game, and we are here to teach you how to do so.

You can check above to see which are the recommended sizes for shafts in different positions.

2. Weight

lacrosse shaft runner

This is also a feature most beginners tend to overlook. They think-the lighter the shaft- the less quality there is to it. Wrong! This is not the case.

For example, carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are considerably heavier than wooden shafts, but that does not mean they are low in quality. Both have their pros and cons, and you should always consider what you can handle on the field rather than go by logic-the more, the better.

As materials play a crucial role in the weight, so does the construction of the lacrosse sticks. If lacrosse shafts are hollow, it is only logical they are going to be lighter.

3. Маterials

Knowing what kind of materials the shaft comes from is also one of the most crucial steps in picking the best model.

You are still likely to come across traditional wooden lacrosse shafts such as RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick. However, not all wooden shafts will be as quality as this one. Some are prone to splits, which is why brands such as STX, Brine, or Warrior decided to stick to carbon fiber layering.

Players nowadays usually go for these shafts due to their lightweight feel and durable use. There are a few other out there, such as aluminum shaft covers, but we would not recommend them. They are known for quick rust and quite frankly cannot be trusted in the long run.

4. Grip Types

If you wish total control in your lacrosse shafts, then you should know about these few types of grip coatings:

  • Sandpaper: this is one of the most reliable grips. Sandpaper texture prevents lacrosse shafts from slipping out of your hand.
  • Rubberized: rubberized grip is specific for its sticky coating. This type of grip is perfect for rougher weather conditions.
  • Smooth: in this case, there is no texture whatsoever, and none of the gripping styles are added.

5. Shape

best lacrosse shafts for faceoffs

Next is the shape of the lacrosse shafts. When it comes to shape, most well-known players like to stick to the particular and familiar shape of lacrosse shafts since they know what to expect.

Therefore, the most common shape of lacrosse shafts is circular or oval, while some are made in an octagon shape.

The shafts' shape may not be your determining point when choosing lacrosse shafts, but it sure will become over time.

Although materials and grip are more critical to a lacrosse player, the shape is also another thing that is easily neglected but can make a big difference in performance.

FAQs About Best Lacrosse Shafts

What is the best lacrosse shaft for attack?

Best lacrosse shafts for the attack are those who are flexible, lightweight, and precise. Usually, they are between 40 and 42 inches in length.

What are the best defense lacrosse shafts?

best lacrosse shafts for attackmen

Best defense lacrosse shafts are considerably longer than shafts meant for other positions. If you plan on purchasing defense shafts, consider ones between 42 and 62 inches.

These requirements are the same, whether you are playing in a youth league or high school and college games.

What is the best lacrosse shaft for middie?

The best lacrosse shaft for middies should be between 37 and 42 inches.

Whether you plan on playing lacrosse at NCAA or high schools, your lacrosse shaft should be somewhere between 30 to 32 inches.

What is the strongest lacrosse shaft?

The strongest lacrosse shaft in our review has got to be the remarkable Epoch Dragonfly Select Attack/Midfield Concave Lacrosse Shaft.

With carbon fiber layering, the Epoch Dragonfly's design will elevate every player's game to the maximum.

What is the lightest lacrosse shaft?

best lacrosse shafts for youth

We had the chance to review the lightest lacrosse shaft, the WARRIOR LACROSSE Evo Pro Carbon Attack Handle.

The astonishing attack midfield handle weighs a whopping 125 g and offers impeccable results upon each lacrosse match.

Final Words

Well, that's all from me.

I have listed one of the most popular brands of the best lacrosse shafts in the past few seasons and offered a comprehensive review regarding lacrosse shafts.

Depending on your position, whether you are attack midfield, goalie, or whether you play for women's league or college, hopefully, the list was helpful enough.

A personal favorite is the Epoch Dragonfly Elite Attack. With the combination of carbon layering and stabilized hand-push energy, there is no doubt this will be your best pick on the field.

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