How to Fix a Broken Lacrosse Head? The Most Successful 2023 Guide!

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Playing with a broken lacrosse head can be frustrating and can lead to costly repairs. But don't worry, there is hope!

We've put together this comprehensive guide to walk you step-by-step through the process of fixing any issue that arises in your lacrosse head.

By the end of this post, you will feel confident about tackling any repair needed for your sticks!


Take Away Key Points:

  • The guide below offers the best answers on how to fix a broken lacrosse head
  • There are various steps to complete the procedure
  • Fixation is possible with glue, tape, and other tools, but remember that you cannot use a fixed head for the game and practice. You can only use it for a wall ball drill.

How to fix a wobbly lacrosse head: A wholesome process 

Instead of buying a new head when your stick breaks, you can try to fix it, and make the lacrosse stick valuable for stringing practice, wall ball drills, etc.

Let's see the entire fixing procedure.

Step 1: Evaluating the breakpoint

Examine the broken lacrosse head to find the place where the crack is located. You will start repairing that sport first.

Step 2: Drilling a hole and ink the surface

You should drill a hole into the middle of the surface of the cracked sidewall strut. Do not fill the entire hole with ink. Instead, use a marker to put a considerable amount of ink into the crack.

how to fix a broken lacrosse head

Step 3: Transfer hole

You should line up and press the strut pieces together to transfer ink on the opposite side of the strut. Once you complete the step, the ink will leave its trace on the white circle directly on the other side where you drilled the hole. 

Step 4: Drill a hole

After you perform the transfer hole operation, you can drill the hole into the circle. An extra tip after drilling both holes is to perform a test fit with a toothpick, match stick, or similar small items. You can inspect how well and if the two holes align.

Step 5: Prepare the screw

Apply a 4.75-inch wood screw and carefully screw it into the inked hole without extending too far from the sidewall strut of the lacrosse head.

Step 6: Remove the screw head

Carefully remove the head of the screw. Ensure you use a hacksaw or bolt cutter to complete the procedure. Ensure the screws match the driven holes and allow a quick connection of the parts.

You can also enlarge the hole if mandatory, but do not make it too large. Instead, use the crazy glue and put it into the transfer hole and on both surfaces of the crack to create a firm connection between the parts. Before that, ensure the screw aligns correctly and fits the holes well.

Step 7: Fit the strut together & evaluate

You should line up the strut edges and correct the lacrosse head structure. Fit the screw into the transfer hole.

Hold the opposite sides of the head of the shaft together for an extended period until the super glue is dry.

Use a vise or clamp to glue and hold the two sides of the shaft head when you don't want to hold them with your hands.

Step 8: Examine and fix the imperfections

You should remove any excess glue and other issues once you attach the two sides and complete the cracks. To fix the cracks, sprinkle a baking soda on the glue to help strengthen the attached point.

The baking soda will react with the glue, and harden in the wrong places, making the cracks full of hard materials, similar to plastic, keeping the fixed figure tight.

However, the combination will also sand down faster and firmer, so it's helpful for further repair procedure.

Step 9: Try out the new lacrosse head

You can only use your fixed lacrosse head in the wall ball drill or stringing process. However, using it in the game or practice will be illegal. For these reasons, you will have to replace your broken lacrosse head with a new one.

Fixing a broken lacrosse head with a tape

fix a wobbly lacrosse head

Below you can find the procedure to fix the broken lacrosse head with electrical tape or athletic tape. Follow the steps instead of using a replacement head.

1. turn the screw counterclockwise - you will undo the connection between the shaft and the lacrosse head 

2. wrap the tape around the end where the shaft joins the lacrosse stick 

3. ensure you get less room for an empty area and a firm base on the head. The head won't wander around, or make noise. 

4. ensure there is no annoying clicking sound that the lacrosse stick and shaft might produce 

5. make sure there is no rattle after you tighten the screw and reattach the head to the shaft

Valuable tips for lacrosse head maintenance

To prevent crack and break issues with your lacrosse head, you can follow these instructions:

- Replace the ball stop when you notice it's falling off the head 

- Examine the screw and ball stop before the game day. Find them on the back of the head, and make sure there is no crack. Ensure the connection is tight enough to hold the stick together. 

- Before each season starts, replace your old head with a new one. If you're a more aggressive player, you might need more than one head. Remember that the external temperature also affects the plastic in your stick, so it might break soon when you don't pay attention. 

- Clean the head with an all-purpose cleaner, and wipe it with a rag. You will remove the dirt and potential stains. Do not use bleach to prevent the quality of the material, and whiten the color of the stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace your lacrosse head?

You should replace your head at the beginning of every lacrosse season.

Do lacrosse heads have a warranty?

Yes, most lacrosse heads have a six-month warranty period, and if they are broken, you get a replacement within thirty days from the date of purchase.

What is an illegal lacrosse head?

An illegal lacrosse head is a type of gear higher than 2.75 inches from the highest point or fixed by your hands. The referees and other officials can conduct various tests to determine the legality of the heads.

how to fix a broken lacrosse head

Why is my lacrosse head loose?

Your head might be since the screw connecting the shaft, and the head might be loose or stripped.

How to break in a lax stick?

You can break in a lax stick by bringing it in the shower. You can lather the mesh in a conditioner and then knead the pocket with the ball. The conditioner and water will soften the mesh and cause its stretching out.


With advanced knowledge and tools on how to fix a broken lacrosse head, you can fix most broken lacrosse heads. However, doing so may take away from your competitive edge in the sport. Fortunately, there are plenty of other pieces of equipment available on the market should you decide you don't want to risk using a repaired stick.

Before purchasing something new, ensure you factor in quality, warranty, and cost.

With that information at hand, you'll be able to find the best lacrosse head that fits both your playing style and budget. Until then – keep practicing!

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