Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts for All Goal Protectors! (An Exclusive 2023 List)

Are you a lacrosse goalie looking for the best shaft on the market to give you the strength and control you need to defend your net?

Look no further! We've put together a list of the 6 best lacrosse goalie shafts – all designed specifically with goal protectors in mind.

From lightweight carbon fiber models to strong aluminum offerings, we can help you find the perfect shaft to unleash your inner superhero and dominate your game.

With this ultimate guide, learn everything there is to know about what makes each model unique so that you can bring home victory after victory!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Goalie shafts are critical for goalie performance
  • They come in various materials and structures
  • Check the reviews & find the best models

Best lacrosse goalie shaft for the 2023 season!

$ - Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Goalie Shaft - Best ball control and ideal as an attack shaft, too. But, it might splinter.

$$ - StringKing Metal 3 Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Best for collegiate levels and offers three shafts. Durable for adverse conditions. Still expensive.

$ - A1 SHAFT 2020 GOALIE (EA) - The new design for hard shots and the lightest option. But prone to dents.

$ - StringKing Metal 3 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Best performance and ideal for youth lacrosse. Sturdy and reliable for extreme impacts.

$ - STX Outlet Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Best design and advanced actions due to improved texture. For various operations. Anyhow, limited to goalies.

$$ - ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Excellent for long actions and reliable due to its carbon structure. However, pricey.

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Goalie Shaft - Best for ball control
  • Brand: ‎Burd Wood Works
  • Product dimensions: 30 inches
  • Item weight: 11 oz
  • Best for: all players

The Burd Wood Works Hickory Goalie Shaft is an excellent choice for any lacrosse player looking for a quality shaft. It is hand-crafted from the finest kiln-dried hickory available, making it strong and durable.

The hex-cut design makes it heavy enough to develop strong muscles and teach control while playing defense. Additionally, the shaft comes with a one-year replacement warranty, so you can be sure that your purchase will last.

The lacrosse goalie stick is sturdy and well-made. The hickory wood is handpicked to ensure quality and prevent splintering, unlike other wooden lacrosse shafts. Additionally, the hex-cut design makes it easier to grip and hold onto during play. Finally, the light shaft ensures the best stick control. 

The lighter shaft is a cheaper version compared to other options on the market. And some users have reported minor wood splintering if not wearing goalie gloves when handling the shaft.

Overall, the regular-attack length shaft is an excellent choice for any lacrosse player looking for a high-quality product that will stand up to wear and tear over time. In addition, many goalies use this goalie shaft to throw powerful and harder shots toward their teammates.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • lighter shaft
  • good grip
  • excellent ball control
  • prone to splintering

StringKing Metal 3 Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Best for a college-level goalie
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: 36 inches
  • Item weight: 162 grams
  • Best for: three goalie shafts

The StringKing Metal 3 Pro goalie shaft is the perfect choice for any goalie looking to take their game to the next level. This shaft is made with premium alloy and precise manufacturing, making it both strong and lightweight.

It has multiple strength and weight options to find the perfect fit for your playing style. The goalie shaft also provides smarter construction, thanks to the new textured grip zones. They make it even more durable while still being lightweight.

The metal shaft is durable. With its upgraded alloy and construction, it will last through many games without breaking or becoming damaged. In addition, these attack-length shafts are lightweight and easier to move around quickly on the field. The multiple strength and weight options also make it easy to find a shaft that fits your needs perfectly.

This lacrosse shaft's only downside is that it may be a bit pricey for some players. However, considering its quality and durability, it's worth the investment if you're serious about taking your game to the next level.

Overall, the StringKing goalie shaft is ideal for any goalie looking for a reliable and durable lacrosse shaft.

  • good grip
  • shorter shafts
  • light shafts
  • pricey

A1 SHAFT 2020 GOALIE (EA) - The lightest shaft
  • Brand: ‎Maverik Lacrosse
  • Product dimensions: 40 inches
  • Item weight: 6 ounces
  • Best for: hard shots

The Maverik goalie shaft is an excellent option for any lacrosse goalie striving to improve their performance. The goalie shaft is made from Scandium Alloy, making it incredibly lightweight without sacrificing strength. 

The Maverik goalie shaft features Grit Grip technology for a strong grip and an adjustable butt end that has been redesigned for maximum stability with a silicone liner to keep it from sliding. The Grit Grip technology also provides excellent grip, allowing you to dig in and get a good hold on your stick.

The goalie shaft is lightweight. It's much lighter than other goalie shafts on the market, which makes it easier to maneuver and control during games. In addition, the adjustable butt end allows you to customize the length of your goalie shaft to fit perfectly in your hands.

But the goalie shaft might be a bit expensive. There are cheaper lacrosse shaft types available, but it's worth investing in if you're serious about taking your game up a notch.

Overall, the Maverik lacrosse goalie stick is an excellent choice for any lacrosse goalie looking for a lightweight yet strong shaft for improved performance.

  • longer goalie shaft
  • excellent grip
  • improved texture
  • comfortable
  • sturdy
  • prone to dents

StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - The best performance
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: 36 inches
  • Item weight: 142 grams
  • Best for: younger goalies

The StringKing Manufacturers believe preference is everything when choosing the best lacrosse shafts.

This time, the StringKing goalie shaft offers two metal goalie lacrosse shafts, both available at different weight counts. This is so each lacrosse goalie shaft can accompany a different style and offer every player a bit of variety in their game. The goalie shaft is advancing youth and college goalies to show their best performance. 

As for the materials, the one used for these shafts is the only alloy.

The whole purpose of using alloy instead of different metals is to keep the lightweight maneuverability while retaining the shaft's sturdiness. Furthermore, since highly-durable materials were used in the production, StringKing Metal won't weigh you down when you are on the field.

One of the most admirable features of this goalie shaft duo is the previously mentioned weight. If you are a player who favors a lightweight shaft for quick hand movements, this is the perfect pick for you.

But if you want something heavier that withstands all slashes, guess what? This is still the right one for you. With dual lacrosse goalie shafts, your performance will get all the versatile ability it needs.

  • Two goalie lacrosse shafts
  • Versatile use
  • Alloy material
  • /

STX Outlet Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Goalies-exclusive lacrosse shaft
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 34 inches
  • Item weight: 0.45 pounds
  • Best for: powerful and hard shots

In lacrosse, goalies certainly have a special list of requirements for the gear they use on the field.

For this reason, STX has developed a lacrosse shaft designed exclusively for goalies and adapted to fit the best-selling lacrosse goalie head Eclipse II. The combination of these two will equip you with the leading armor on the market, making you unbeatable on the field.

The first feature worth mentioning is the ergonomic teardrop profile.

The STX Outlet was shaped to resist twists and provide better grip and stability. Combine this with the innovative textured grip zones, and you get unmatched control without additional weight.

We have seen that STX Outlet sticks to the features that prove efficient in the game. They manufactured the STX Outlet shaft in the goalies' preferred length, which is 34". They had also decided to stick with the well-proven 7075 Alloy, providing durability and strength.

This stick is available in black and platinum color and exhibits a straightforward, minimal design, not at all showy.

The price is in the mid-range, pretty reasonable for such a high-quality product, so I believe it's a pretty good deal.

  • Alloy
  • Preferred length
  • Ergonomic teardrop profile
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Textured grip zones
  • For goalies only

ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - Excellent for long releases
  • Brand: ‎East Coast Dyes
  • Product dimensions: 36 inches
  • Item weight: 5.6 oz (160 grams)
  • Best for: carbon shafts

Remember the ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0 Attack Shaft? Well, they designed another shaft in the same line, but for goalies. And it's just as good.

Like the Carbon 2.0 for attackers, the ECD Carbon Pro also has a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, optimized shape, and textured structure.

The Impact+ layer improves durability and adds strength without compromising weight. Simultaneously, the ECD Carbon Pro uses a mid-kick point allowing faster saves and more precision in passes.

The ECD Carbon Pro is genuinely durable, yet compared to Carbon 2.0 for attackers, the ECD Carbon Pro is more flexible. While the attacker shaft is 5/10 on a flexibility scale, the ECD Carbon Pro scores 8/10. This is essential for quick passes and won't impact the durability since the ECD Carbon Pro is not brittle.

Improved texture and durable paint create a neat, elegant design. In addition, the ECD Carbon Pro offers two colors: black and white.

To sum up the entire design and engineering of the ECD Carbon Pro to a single purpose, we would say long releases. You won't find a shaft as optimized for long releases as the ECD Carbon Pro, which makes it perfect for goalies.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Mid kick point
  • Flexible
  • Long releases
  • Expensive

Discovering the best lacrosse goalie shafts: A complete buyer's guide

When looking for the perfect shafts, you must consider various factors to make the best decision. Here is what you need to consider:

1. Goalie length

lacrosse goalie shaft length

When picking the best lacrosse goalie sticks, ensure you find the correct length. Our best goalie shafts range between 30 and 40 inches. Thus, lacrosse goalies can use the attack shaft or the longer goalie sticks.

The final decision is your preference. Some use the regular goalie shaft, while others use a longer shaft for shot deflections, throwing hard outlet passes, and long and accurate floaters.

2. Weight

Most goalie shafts are lighter to ensure the best performance, throwing outlet passes, streaking defenseman, scooping the ball, and changing its direction. Thus, goalies prefer lightweight shafts, up to six or seven ounces.

You can find a heavier shaft proportional to the goalie length, but choose the lightest versions to perform better. These shafts help you send faster outlet passes, throw long passes, and save goals from scores faster.

3. Material and durability

Our top-tier shafts are all composite shafts made of the strongest materials to ensure longer uses and the best performance on the field. For the best uses, you can select carbon fiber shafts, metal shafts, and hickory options.

Of course, the alloy shaft mixed with aluminum or other metals also features extreme resistance to adverse conditions. But, the carbon fiber shaft proved the best for all impacts, forces, and pressure. Other shafts may be prone to dents, while these do not.

4. Grip

what is the best lacrosse goalie shaft

Metal shafts typically use a gritty and sandy feeling making them rougher. Composite shafts typically use a smoother finish but use extra textures for a better grip. Thus, a carbon fiber shaft uses advanced technology such as TeXetreme, impact plus layup, and other design types to offer the best grip.

For this reason, the carbon composite shafts are extremely popular shaft models among players and goalies, offering upgraded structure, unlike the traditional grip. Once you find what the outer layer feels like, you can easily choose the best one for your goalie needs.

5. Shape

Shafts come in various shapes - octagonal, rigid, concave, asymmetrical, etc. You should try multiple shapes until you find the best one for your needs. You need a shape that provides maximum leverage and comfort while holding the stick and moving it around the cage.

6. Price

Your lacrosse shaft should be strong and durable enough to resist hard shots and prevent the opponent from scoring. Although such shafts might be a bit pricey, they provide a better composition to ensure maximum force while on the field. 

If you have a cheaper shaft, you can use cheap goalie heads for the proportion, but ensure your lacrosse goalie head has more stringing holes to provide powerful and sharp shots for better control. Otherwise, you might encounter a head twist due to force and pressure. 

If not, please choose high-end ones to ensure the best performance and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best goalie shaft length?

The best length is between 40 and 72 inches without the lacrosse goalie heads.

What is the lightest goalie head in lacrosse?

The lightest lacrosse goalie head is the StringKing Mark 2G goalie head. The lacrosse goalie head weighs only 4.5 ounces.

What are lacrosse shafts made of?

They are made of scandium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, alloy, fiberglass, wood, or plastic.

How do lacrosse goalies get faster hands?

The goalies get faster hands when practicing the following:

- Hand-eye drills (driving shaft to the ball)

- Clearing drills

- Weighted D-Pole for off-stick hip drive simulation.

So, the final winner is...?

The best goalie shaft is the Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Goalie Shaft. The shaft has improved its hickory design and cannot damage so soon. It is affordable, and the texture offers the most comfortable grip for goalies.


In conclusion, the goalie shaft you use will significantly impact your game. When choosing a shaft, you need to consider various factors like size and weight.

The best lacrosse goalie shafts are constantly changing, so you must stay up-to-date on the latest options. With the right lacrosse goalie shaft, you can take your game to the next level.

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