Learn How to Scoop Ground Balls with Ease! (2023 Guide)

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It's every ballplayer's dream to have the confidence and ability to scoop up ground balls easily when they hit the dirt. So how do you cradle a lacrosse ball?

Whether you are an amateur player looking to up your lacrosse game or a Team Mom helping out in fall scrimmage, learning proper technique on how to scoop ground balls is essential for getting those hard-to-reach balls without hurting yourself!

This comprehensive guide will cover the dos and don'ts of ground ball scooping—from preparing for success with warm-ups and drills to how best to position yourself on different types of surfaces.

By the end of this article, you'll be prepared with tips from top coaches on how to become a master at groundballs.


Take Away Key Points:

  • When scooping a ground ball, it's necessary to keep the stick nearly flat to the ground.
  • The benefit of scooping ground balls is that it helps players maintain possession of the ball while avoiding turnovers and using proper mechanics.
  • Regularly practicing scooping ground balls can improve an offense and defense player's control and accuracy.
  • Practice moving the ball upfield with your teammate for the best results!

Ground Balls 101: What You Need to Know

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In the game of lacrosse ground balls are a critical part of the lacrosse game. As per the name, ground balls refer to loose balls on ground level, usually resulting from missed shots or failed ground checks/draws attempts. Each player and team needs to know how to get the ball correctly to gain possession control.

Scooping ground balls consists of using a stick to tilt the ball up from the ground and ideally trapping it underneath the stick head or the butt end.

Good ground ball technique requires players to maintain their body balance and always keep their heads up to be aware of their surroundings and see potential threats.

With proper ground ball knowledge, mechanics, and training, teams have better chances of successfully claiming possession and countering any offensive threats issued by opponents.

How to Scoop a Ground Ball?

Scooping a ground ball is one of the most fundamental skills that any lacrosse game player must learn.

It may seem like a simple task, but there are some points to remember when attempting to scoop a ground ball correctly and quickly.

1. Use weight and momentum for success

To do so successfully, you need to make sure you have your stick in front of you with your gloved top hand on top and your bare bottom hand underneath.

Then, as the ground ball rolls into contact with your stick, use your weight and momentum to scoop up the ball while following through with the motion after contact has been made.

2. Learn how to stay low and wide for maximum coverage

Additionally, it helps if you stay low and wide to maximize coverage area for potential ground balls.

With practice, scooping ground balls will become second nature and can be an invaluable asset for those looking for success on the field.

Ground Balls Win Games: How to Be Better?

Scooping ground balls is an essential part of any baseball player's skillset. It requires quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and excellent technique.

Here are some tips to help you become a better scooping master and get the ball:

  • Practice your form: First, practice your form. Stand straight and bend at the knees for easy mobility. Ensure your glove hand is slightly higher than your throwing arm, and keep the glove open when approaching the ball.
  • Focus on the ball: focus on the lacrosse ball with your eyes. Watch the ball travel into your glove, and remember to follow through with each scoop. By watching the ground ball down into the glove, you will be able to quickly determine whether or not you have secured it in time to make a throw.
  • Practice fielding grounders: practice fielding grounders from various angles and distances. This will help improve both your reaction time and accuracy in multiple scenarios where a grounder could come up unexpectedly. Work with someone else who can hit ground balls closer or further away so you can get used to reacting quickly when necessary.
  • Vary stances to react quickly and with power: vary up stances depending on pitch location and runner speed. For example, if a ball is hit right at you with no runners on base, then use a ready position—this involves facing forward while keeping one foot slightly off the ground rather than being bent over in an athletic stance—so that you may react quickly when necessary. However, if there's a runner on first, use an athletic stance that keeps your weight shifted back so that you may generate more power for a faster throw toward first base if needed! 
  • Give yourself room to field a ground ball: Finally, ensure that you give yourself enough room to properly field a groundball by moving backward if need be or even out of its path by stepping aside as soon as possible upon initial contact with the grass before it is too late! Doing this consistently will guarantee that you are always in an excellent position for any potential grounder coming at you!


What is the correct form when scooping the ball in lacrosse?

The correct form for scooping the ball in a lacrosse game is to keep your elbows in, feet wide, and a lacrosse stick parallel to the ground.

How do you practice ground balls by yourself in lacrosse?

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Start by placing several balls on the ground at varying distances from you.

Then practice scooping each ball up one at a time, gradually increasing the distance between them until you can scoop up all the balls at once confidently.

What degree should your stick be at when scooping the ball off the ground in lacrosse?

The lacrosse sticks should be at a 45-degree angle when scooping the ball off the ground in lacrosse.

How do you cradle a lacrosse ball?

To cradle a lacrosse ball, hold the stick with one hand at the top of the shaft and the other at the bottom. Curl your sticks out of the cradle so that its head is facing straight up, then slide your top hand down to just above your bottom hand.

Next, pull back your stick over your shoulder and whip it forward in the direction you want to throw.

What are the 5 proper techniques for fielding a ground ball?

The proper techniques for fielding a ground ball are:

- Get your body in front of the ball;

- Stay low, bending at the knees and waist;

- Keep your stick blade flat on the ground;

- Grab the ball with both hands on the stick so that it is securely held; 

- Quickly bring the ball back towards your body by rolling it off the face of your lacrosse stick.

How do you field a ground ball like a pro?

To field a ground ball like a pro, keep your stick blade flat on the ground, get your body in front of the lacrosse ball and bend at the knees and waist to stay low. Keep your bottom head at the butt end of the stick.

Quickly catch the ball with both hands on your stick, securely holding it in place. Then bring the ball back towards your body by rolling it off the face of your lacrosse stick. This will help you control the ball better and move it upfield quickly.

Final Words

Scooping up the lacrosse ball is an important skill for every lacrosse player to learn.

Following the above steps on how to scoop ground balls, players can ensure that they are correctly positioned and that their stick is ready to field a ground ball.

Keeping your body low and using two hands on the stick will aid in securely catching and controlling the ground ball. With practice and drills, both offensive and defensive players can scoop up ground balls easily and control them.

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