Finding the Best Women’s Lacrosse Heads: What You Must Know (2023 Update)

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Are you an aspiring women's lacrosse player looking to choose the best head for your stick?

With hundreds of options available, choosing the right one can be daunting. Considering comfort, control, balance, and weight is important when evaluating potential heads.

To make it easier for you, we've rounded up some of the best women's lacrosse heads on the market.

We'll provide all the info you need regarding each option so you can make an informed purchase decision and get out on the field confidently.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Best women's lacrosse sticks & heads are crucial for the best performance in the game
  • You can find various available models to choose from and pick the best solution
  • Please consider crucial factors to ensure only the best play

Best girls' lacrosse heads for the best women's lacrosse sticks

$$ - StringKing Women’s Mark 2 Midfield Lacrosse Head - Best for versatility and adjustable pocket, so you can manage it to match our standards. The head is durable for prolonged use. The mesh might be stiff, but it breaks in fast.

$$ - STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Strung Head - The best quality will deliver the necessary speed, accuracy, and strength required for advanced and elite players. The stick will be versatile for various operations and drills on the field.

$ - adidas Performance Women's EQT Strike Lacrosse Head - The pocket is the best lacrosse stick part here. The pocket uses advanced technology to keep the strung head optimal and increase the accuracy and strength of the ball during the play. A good face shape is ideal for various actions and the youngest players.

$$ - STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Girls Complete Stick - The women's lacrosse stick is perfect for defenders, and it offers an excellent mesh pocket for all ball operations. You can throwcatch and pass the ball quickly, with maximum accuracy. Anyhow, the mesh pocket doesn't have a reverse design for advanced draw control.

$ - Epoch Women's Purpose Pro Mesh Strung Lacrosse Stick Heads - Best for all players and all actions, regardless of the playing position. The brand-new technology will make it long-lasting and reliable for various uses. Still, it might show specific durability issues.

$$ - STX Crux 600 Women's Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Best double sidewall technology creates better game control, and enhanced stiffness provides the best ball control. All lacrosse players can use the head, even youth players, thanks to its quick release. However, the women's head is too expensive.

$$ - ECD Lacrosse Infinity Women's Strung Lacrosse Head - Best weatherproof gear with advanced sweet spot technology and a high-quality mesh. The strung pocket is sturdy and reliable enough to offer stronger shots. It is ideal for all players.

$ - Brine Women's Dynasty Head - Best for new technology, ensuring maximum ball control for advanced performance. The combination of TrueOffset and V-scoop design make the head suitable for all players and different actions.

$$ - STX Exult 600 Women's Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Due to the advanced technology, the head offers a wider range of proportions, so it's ideal for a wide scoop of ground balls. In addition, the head offers maximum ball control, full offset, and a perfect launching angle for more power. Still, some customers find it a bit pricey.

StringKing Women’s Mark 2 Midfield Lacrosse Head - Best for advanced performance
  • Brand: ‎StringKing
  • Product dimensions: N/A
  • Item weight: N/A
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: versatility

If you need the best lacrosse head for your women’s lacrosse stick, don’t miss the StringKing’s Mark 2 model!

The lightweight design will not add extra pressure and weight to your performance and stick, so you can perform different drills and actions on the lacrosse field. In addition, the Mark 2 is lighter than the previous model, ensuring faster hands and harder shots. Thus, the lacrosse stick with the head will deliver the speed and accuracy you need for maximum strength and optimal performance.

In addition, the Mark 2 lacrosse head is ideal for midfielders operating on both sides of the field. The lacrosse women’s head will ensure the consistency, speed, and versatility needed for increased performance thanks to the moderate face shape and the sidewall design. So, the lacrosse head will also be flexible and versatile for catching, passing, throwing, or even shooting when you need to, offering maximum ball control.

Thanks to the pre-strung lacrosse pocket, the Mark 2 women’s lacrosse head uses a specific mesh design with bigger and smaller diamonds for the best sweet spot and adjustability of the pocket and mesh. The stringing hole and side profile ensure players can create their unique pockets, matching their playing styles. Thus, you can adjust the pocket to match your standards and needs.

Although the women’s lacrosse head offers maximum durability and sturdiness due to the composite materials, you will get a limited warranty period. And you can replace the head if it breaks during the warranty.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • versatile
  • stiff
  • /

STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Strung Head - Best for premium quality
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 12.48 x 7.17 x 2.64 inches
  • Item weight: 190 grams
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: defenders

The STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 will blow your mind due to its advanced design and quality. The lacrosse head is ideal for defensive players, allowing various drills, checks, and similar actions in their designated zone when defending their goalie and goal.

You will notice that the women’s lacrosse head comes with an advanced face shape featuring a narrow pinch ball system. Thus, the lacrosse head is a perfect ball retention option and a wider scoop for ground balls. It’s also ideal for catching, throwing, and passing, especially long distances, and the ball will follow the chosen direction. So, there won’t be any issues with the ball control, and you can offer your best performance.

As you will also see, the women’s lacrosse head offers a reduced sidewall height. This is crucial for a deeper pocket, and the lacrosse head comes with such a benefit. A deeper pocket will ensure maximum strength and power without sacrificing performance and speed. So, you will get the perfect accuracy needed to perform different actions on the field. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the overall game standards.

The lacrosse women’s head combines plastic with other composite materials but is not heavy. It’s lightweight, durable, and sturdy to reset all pressure, forces, and impacts and offer the best performance. So, the lacrosse head will not damage so soon, and you can use it for an extended period, even if the gaming conditions are tougher.

  • adjustable
  • flexible
  • sturdy
  • strong
  • accurate
  • not visible

adidas Performance Women's EQT Strike Lacrosse Head - Best women's pocke
  • Brand: ‎Adidas
  • Product dimensions: 11.1x6.9x2.6 inches
  • Item weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: youth players

What's so special about the Adidas women's game head? Well, the head is unique due to its aggressive scoop on the head. Thus, its key features are that the head provides maximum accuracy and power when shooting or passing the ball. Therefore, it gives higher ball control.

The head has thicker strings so that lacrosse players can feel the increased durability. In addition, such a design will send the ball straight in the right direction, and you can control the play from the start to the end. 

The mesh pocket is another best advantage of women's lacrosse equipment. The Adidas women's lacrosse mesh pocket uses rubber strings, so it's much stronger than the opponent's head.

In addition, you can use the head to make your perfect stick since the strings keep the face optimal for various play types. It is sturdier than regular heads and offers more control of the shots and passes. 

If your opponents perform various checks with their women's lacrosse sticks, you don't have to worry about the head. Instead, you can attach it to a shaft and create your strong lacrosse stick. As a result, the lacrosse stick will remain sturdy during tough play.

  • for ground balls
  • excellent shots
  • ball control
  • /

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Girls Complete Stick - Best lacrosse stick for defensive players
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 43x7x1 inches
  • Item weight: 360 grams
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: lacrosse stick pocket

This is the best women's lacrosse stick! The STX complete stick is stiff with high flex for defensive players. In addition, the STX lacrosse stick offers a unique runaway pocket. Thus, the women's lacrosse complete stick uses the overlapping system.

The system is specific as it allows the two center runners to scoop ground balls faster and flex out their lacrosse sticks. So, the STX complete stick is accurate with an advanced pocket design to keep the control of the play optimal.

Unlike the STX 700 lacrosse stick, this 00 complete stick doesn't have a deeper pocket. But you will still play the best game each time you're on the women's lacrosse field.

The complete stick is also ideal, as its pocket offers a perfect face shape and string-lock technology. The design will prevent the pocket from bagging, so the lacrosse stick will be optimal for tough play.

Thanks to its lightweight feel, you can perform various operations, and the high-quality mesh will not lose any quality strength. You can catch even the fastest ball, and the mesh will remain intact. The lacrosse stick won't loosen the mesh and pocket so soon.

  • face shape
  • mesh
  • narrow throat
  • ball performance
  • no reverse scoop design

Epoch Women's Purpose Pro Mesh Strung Lacrosse Stick Heads - Best for all players
  • Brand: ‎Epoch Lacrosse
  • Product dimensions: 12.8 x 7.6 x 4.29 inches
  • Item weight: 170 grams
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: advanced technology

The women’s lacrosse head uses the 15-degree bottom rail technology, so the lacrosse head will give full control over the ball when you’re passing, dodging, shooting, throwing, or catching. Thus, the women's lacrosse stick will drive the lacrosse ball high in the head to match the sweet spot. So you will gain maximum ball control quickly.

As the lacrosse women’s lacrosse head uses a brand-new, advanced system and technology, the lacrosse equipment was made in accordance with various guidelines of different women pro athletes. So, the next generation pro athletes can use the advanced version, with stronger spots for overall better performance, different drills, skill improvement, and various actions to perform on the lacrosse field. So, don't worry about the performance.

The lacrosse head features high-quality materials and testing standards to ensure durability, sturdiness, and reliability for lacrosse games. The lacrosse head is made in the USA and underwent different safety tests to ensure durability, sturdiness, and reliability for lacrosse games. As a result, it will remain intact and stable for more robust use.

Due to the purpose-strut design, the head will be effective and minimal. Thus, the system makes it ideal for all positions, so you don’t need to worry about power, accuracy, and speed. In addition, you can use it for multiple gaming standards.

  • stable
  • versatile
  • flexible
  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • durability issues

Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts - Best Pick
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 12.8x7.32x4.57 inches
  • Item weight: 4.6 oz
  • Type: unstrung
  • Best for: accurate passing

What we have here is one elite female lacrosse head, released in 2019 and specially designed for accuracy and precision. Just by looking at it, you can notice how masterfully engineered this head is.

The STX Crux 600 face shape combined with advanced DropRail Technology offers unmatched ball retention, precise passes, and powerful shots. Such a design reduced the sidewalls, making the head lighter and more maneuverable.

Another fantastic advantage of the STX Crux 600 is the patented Speed Scoop that allows an effortless ground ball pickup and topmost string protection.

The STX Crux 600 head's overall shape is unusual and specially optimized for offensive players. You will own the game as soon as you become the owner of this extraordinary piece of lacrosse gear.

STX Crux 600 is available in a wide variety of colors, and it has many string holes offering endless stringing options. You can adjust the pocket height accurately for your positions, yet the head overall supports offensive, fast players most efficiently.

The price is pretty high, but remember you're paying for the quality. Besides this, customers had no complaints or negative reports.

  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Lightweight design
  • Wide range of motion
  • Many colors
  • Speed Scoop
  • Expensive

ECD Lacrosse Infinity Women's Strung Lacrosse Head - Best for intermediate women's lacrosse level
  • Brand: ‎ECD Lacrosse
  • Product dimensions: N/A
  • Item weight: N/A
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: sweet spot technology

The ECD women's lacrosse gear uses the infinity head, strung with the pro-flex mesh. The flex mesh makes the infinity head and the pocket suitable for aggressive play and additional leverage when sending the ball away from the lacrosse stick.

The ECD lacrosse stick head is ideal for collegiate-level lacrosse, giving the women's lacrosse players the necessary finesse, control, and power they need during the women's lacrosse game.

Designed with the seven-diamond flex mesh, the mesh pocket uses bigger diamonds in the central position of the head. Thus, the lacrosse stick creates a sweet spot technology for full ball control, scooping ground balls, and other operations during the game. The pocket will keep the ball in the sweet spot until you change the game.

The head only fits the straight lacrosse shaft to create advanced performance and improve all players - from youth to pro players. However, it is most suitable for intermediate players.

Thanks to the high-quality materials, the mesh, and the overall head are durable, sturdy, and responsive. The head leads to increased feel, total confidence, and faster shots. Finally, the head and mesh pocket is weatherproof for the best performance.

  • weatherproof
  • sweet spot
  • powerful shots
  • durable
  • /

Brine Women's Dynasty Head - Best for new technology
  • Brand: ‎Brine
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 6 x 1 inches
  • Item weight: 0.1 pounds
  • Type: strung
  • Best for: V-scoop system

The Brine women’s lacrosse head will wow you due to its design. The new weight-to-strength ratio will ensure the best performance for all intermediate players. Thus, you don’t need to worry when catching, passing, throwing, dodging, or shooting. The women’s lacrosse head will ensure strong performance and maximum ball control to help you win the game.

In addition, you will like the Brine, the women’s lacrosse head, thanks to the maximum-release system. The new technology ensures increased speed, velocity, accuracy, and power when performing different drills and actions in the game. You can attack, defend, or assist your team members without any issues since the women’s lacrosse head easily adjusts to its working conditions.

Of course, thanks to its composite materials, the lacrosse head will be reliable, sturdy, and durable enough to endure and resist pressure, external forces, impacts, and other tougher playing conditions. In addition, it will retain its quality and shape for more robust use and show great quality features to last for an extended period. So, it will last for more than one season.

The accuracy in shooting, passing, and catching can only be improved, and this is where the brand-new technology steps on. The advanced V-scoop design ensures maximum ball control for ground balls and continual play. Hence, you can start the game effectively and ensure maximum control of the head. Furthermore, it will adjust to the playing conditions, and the sweet spot will keep the ball stable.

  • durable
  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • /

STX Exult 600 Women's Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Superior ball control
  • Brand: ‎STX
  • Product dimensions: 6x6x7 inches
  • Item weight: 4.1 oz
  • Type: unstrung
  • Best for: extra leverage, the sidewall design offers

Next, we have another model from STX, very similar to STX Crux 600. The model is very lightweight yet strong and durable. With that in mind, you'll love this lacrosse head as a versatile midfield, constantly on the watch and ready for action.

What makes this lacrosse head extraordinary is the new shape. It has a higher pinch for superior ball control and reinforced sidewalls for more stability. These innovations are incredibly convenient for swift actions and quick breaks. STX calls this model a ground ball machine.

The reason behind such a name is the Speed Scoop technology that allows faster ground ball pickup, precise passes, and unmatched string protection. When we add the 10 Degree technology to this, we get a head that drives the ball to the sweet spot every time, enhancing the quality of the game.

This Exult 600 model is available in black, white, and gray. It costs a lot, just like every other high-end model on the market. Yet, despite its high price, players frequently buy it for it offers incredible performance in the midfield positions.

Players had no negative remarks, complaints, or reports regarding this Exult 600 model. It is a pretty reliable choice, coming with a two-month warranty. It is not much, yet it gives you a short trial period to try the head out and decide if it works for you.

Overall, this head is very strongly built, optimized, and high-quality. With that in mind, I recommend it to female midfielders for a fantastic performance.

  • Advanced technology
  • Innovative Design
  • Speed Scoop
  • Durable
  • 10 Degree technology
  • Pricey

Choosing perfect women's lacrosse heads: Best women's lacrosse guides

When selecting the best women's heads for the game of lacrosse, there are various factors to consider and refer to. Here is what you need to know for the best choice.

1. Offset

Offset will provide your stick and heads harder shots, passes, and more control.

The offset offers a deeper pocket, driving the ball into the head's sweet spot. So, keep in mind these factors when looking at different heads.

best women lacrosse head

2. Face shape

The face shape ensures maximum performance of the heads and overall women's lacrosse stick. Defenders will use wider heads for better scoops, checks, and interceptions. 

Draw specialists must find women's lacrosse stick heads to fit the opposing heads and focus on grabbing the ball on the draw.

3. Scooping

You should choose heads to make ideal women's lacrosse sticks to perform scooping the balls and create more opportunities for your team.

Different heads provide various scooping angles, and you might want to find women's lacrosse stick heads with an inset string design to the scoop. This will protect the pocket's integrity and prolong the top string's life.

In addition, it would be best to try various heads and lacrosse sticks of your team members to find the best solution for your needs.

4. Durability & stiffness

As women's lacrosse sticks and heads might be expensive, selecting those durable and reliable will have the best impact on your game.

Stiff women's lacrosse stick heads will be excellent for scooping ground balls. A stiffer pocket also means a dependable structure and consistency of the ball in the stick. 

Durable sticks and heads mean you can use them consistently when breaking the bank. Reinforced sidewalls and tough yet lightweight content ensure prolonged life to the overall stick.

5. Pocket type

The traditional pocket types using string and leather are no longer popular, and the significant change was in 2018 when women started using mesh in their pockets

The best heads and sticks use the new form - mesh runner. The mesh runner pockets are similar to traditional pockets but allow more connection between the balls and heads.

You can also find various full mesh pockets that are easy to maintain, adjust and customize for non-experienced stringers. However, the mesh pockets are as good as the mesh runner or traditional pockets.

girls lacrosse heads

6. Price point

This should always be the last factor to consider, but women's lacrosse sticks and heads can be pretty expensive when pre-strung. 

More expensive heads use high-quality materials, and you might not replace them so soon, as you might replace some cheaper versions. If you choose cheaper versions and must return them soon, you will pay the additional cost for the replacement. 

For this reason, more expensive versions are sturdier and worthy investments with maximum durability for different seasons.

So, what's the best women's lacrosse head?

The best women’s lacrosse head is the StringKing Women’s Mark 2 Midfield Lacrosse Head.

The head offers the best performance with increased stability and high-quality standards. It also features an adjustable and resistant pocket and design to ensure durability and different playing styles.

StringKing Women’s Mark 2 Midfield Lacrosse Head Strung with Women's Type 4 Lacrosse Mesh...*
  • Insanely light. -- A lighter lacrosse head means faster hands and harder shots. The Mark 2 Midfield delivers the speed you want without sacrificing strength you need.
  • Balanced performance. -- A moderate face shape and sidewall design help the Mark 2 Midfield women's lacrosse head deliver consistent performance on both ends of the field.
  • A better pocket. -- The side profile and stringing holes on the Mark 2 Midfield help any lacrosse player create the type of pocket that best suits their style of play.
  • Durability guaranteed. -- If your lacrosse head breaks within its warranty period, we will replace it for free.

Final words

With the right women's lacrosse heads, you'll have a better stick that will help improve your game. Be sure to consider all of the factors we've discussed so that you can choose the best women's lacrosse heads for you. 

You can also read reviews from other players to get their thoughts on different heads and sticks. By taking all of this into account, you'll be able to find the perfect solution for you and your game.

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