Best Guide on How to Throw a Lacrosse Ball Successfully (2023 Update)

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Are you a lacrosse player struggling to toss a ball accurately? Whether you're hoping to make the team or want to refine your skills, consistently throwing a good lacrosse ball can seem like an impossible task.

Don't worry - we have plenty of handy tips and techniques on how to throw a lacrosse ball for you in this ultimate guide that will help make sure your throws are always on target!

So don't miss out - read through our guide now and get ready to become the best thrower out there.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Throwing a lacrosse ball requires a firm stick grip and a good ball control
  • Practice the drills and mechanics to improve your throwing speed and accuracy for better outcomes
  • Repetition is the key to success, so exercise a lot to master the skills sooner

Throwing Lacrosse Balls With Your Dominant Hand: All You Must Know

If you need to improve your throwing skills, refer to the step-by-step guide below & find valuable tips to master your performance.

Step 1: Grip your lacrosse stick

proper way to throw a lacrosse ball

When throwing a lacrosse ball, you must adequately grip your stick. Proper hand placement is a basic technique that mainly determines the power and accuracy of your throw.

An overhand grip is the best solution for beginners. It would be best if you placed your dominant hand near the middle of the lacrosse shaft with your fingers wrapped around the back of the shaft. Then, slide the dominant hand down the stick, as you will generate power for your shots from it.

You must place your thumb on the lacrosse shaft's side and your knuckles outward. In addition, you should position your non-dominant hand near the butt end of your lacrosse stick. The bottom hand acts as a pivot point.

To advance your grip, you can tape your lacrosse stick to mark where your hands will be when shooting or passing. Thus, your grip will be firm, and you can effortlessly position your hands during practice and a game.

Step 2: Place your feet properly

The second step is to focus on your foot placement. For beginners, it would be best to place your feet shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.

Don't forget that your legs should be slightly bent, but the front one should be more bent. The front leg should be the leg opposite to your dominant hand positioning. The legs lead your throw, so the step is vital, and you need to place your foot hard into the ground.

For instance, when you practice shooting right-handed (the butt end is in your left hand), place your left foot forward. If you throw a lacrosse ball with your left hand (it's your dominant hand), then do the reverse leg placement. You should place your right foot as the forward foot.

Thus, you will maintain balance while throwing the lacrosse ball. Additionally, you will generate more power from your back foot for the throwing motion.

Step 3: Maintain proper throwing motion

Once you hold your lacrosse stick firmly and reach a proper shooting stance, it's time to focus on the throwing motion. You should swing the stick in a downward motion.

Downward motion

This technique requires you to use your upper hand forward and pull the stick's bottom back. You will also bring the head of the lacrosse stick downward. You must snap your wrist quickly. The power will come from your wrists rather than your shoulders. You can perform swinging straight through the arc into a wholesome follow-through or a crank back.

Push-pull technique

For beginner lacrosse players, it would be best to use an overhead throw. This basic technique requires you to bring the lacrosse ball back behind and above your head and then release it forward. But there's a small hack, so read below to learn more.

Most beginners tend to throw a lacrosse ball with their hands, but throwing a lacrosse ball comes from your wrists. The method is known as a push-pull motion.

The method needs you to pull down with your bottom hand and push through with your top hand. When throwing the ball, your shot's power combines your wrists snapping quickly forward, leg placement, and your torso twisting through the motion. So, while maintaining a proper form, you should follow through with the motion.

Your non-dominant shoulder will go backward, while your dominant shoulder will come forward. Thus, you will generate accuracy and power with your shooting motion. Also, keep your hips forward.

Moreover, it's mandatory to keep your eyes on the target. Beginners mostly look at the ball in their stick as they throw, in anticipation that they might lose lacrosse ball control before release. For this reason, you must learn to cradle a lacrosse ball first to control the lacrosse ball in your lacrosse head better.

Step 4: Follow through

A proper following through is crucial for stick protection and proper lacrosse ball accuracy. However, beginners and even intermediate players may have poor follow-through. The main trick is to let the stick continue at your determined pace.

The best method to follow through is to point your lacrosse head toward your target. Then, you can aim precisely at that area and generate power for a correct throwing. Once the ball leaves the pocket of the lacrosse stick, keep the stick forward in the momentum it has. You won't lose control of the ball or the stick.

Many beginners make a mistake since they pull back their sticks before release. A similar issue is when players follow through to the side of your body. However, you can maintain an overhand release and finish the step with the correct method.

Position your lacrosse head in the primary target's direction. When you finish, the stick's pocket should face your front leg. After the move, get ready for the next play by moving your top hand toward the top or middle of the stick.

Finally, the complete arc of your throwing moves the pocket a diagonal line to the bottom of your non-dominant side from the top of your dominant side.

how do you throw a lacrosse ball

Step 5: Improve your shooting

There are multiple methods to improve shooting lacrosse balls with your dominant hand/non-dominant hand. Read below to learn more.

Drill shots from a sitting position

Drill shots from a sitting position are one of the most effective ways to help you shoot the ball accurately. Your upper body will swing through the shot, and your legs won't be equal while shooting.

The drill is good as it allows you to be in a reasonably close range to the goal and uses less power from the position. You should focus on bringing your arms through the entire motion range and twisting your torso.

Shadow shooting drill

Another tip is to practice your shot without a lacrosse ball. The technique is excellent for beginners since it allows you to get the full motion down, aiming ideally, and no worries about a lacrosse ball placement. You can gain muscle memory for the shot by practicing a few dozen reps without a lacrosse ball.

The technique is excellent since you only need a lacrosse stick to practice and nothing else. However, the main drawback is that you cannot practice aiming or gauge the necessary power as you would with the lacrosse ball. The method is also called shadow shooting.

Shots from different angles

Lacrosse is a highly physical game, so throwing a lacrosse ball from only one position and scoring is impossible. That's why you must learn to throw the balls from various angles on the lacrosse field.

Some methods include shooting from the high over your head, down low, right, and left of the goal. You can practice multiple drills that range only sidearm or aim specifically for the bottom corners or the top corners.

Step 6: Strengthen your body

Keeping your body shape and condition optimal is necessary for a good lacrosse game. You should practice both sprinting and endurance daily. Building your muscles is highly recommended, and you can do a lot of pull-ups, push-ups, and core training to achieve this physical condition.

Your coach can also help you find the best methods to improve your strength in your lacrosse team.

Bonus Tips to Improve Throwing a Lacrosse Ball

how to throw and catch a lacrosse ball

Here are some extra tips to help you master the throwing skills and perfect your performance.

  • Practice with soft lacrosse balls - Soft lacrosse balls are excellent for beginners if they're afraid of breaking fragile objects while practicing. You can practice wall ball techniques with your partners without any worries.
  • Practice with gloves on - It would be best to practice with your gloves, especially in men's lacrosse, as you will wear them during practices and matches. In addition, you will feel better and adjust your performance quicker when you constantly wear gloves.
  • Practice lacrosse with both hands - As you learn all methods with both hands, you will be a dominant player on the field. Switching your dominant and opposite hand when catching or passing offers a significant advantage on the field. You can easily deceive the opponents and lead your team to victory.
  • Practice with a lacrosse rebounder - A lacrosse rebounder is an ideal practice tool that you can install in your backyard and focus on repetition. Remember that repetition is the key to success in lacrosse, so you can quickly advance your throwing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard do they throw a lacrosse ball?

On average, the shot varies between 75 and 82 mph. However, stronger players might shoot even more than 100 mph.

What happens when a lacrosse ball goes out of bounds?

When a lacrosse ball goes out of bounds on the field, the possession is given to the opposite team of the player who touched the ball last.

How far can you throw a lacrosse ball?

You can throw it more than 100 yards if you are strong enough. Many players can throw it between 80 and 100 yards, but stronger ones might even throw in more than 120 yards. In 1982, Barnet Quinn of Ottawa threw the ball 162.86 yards.

How do you throw a women's lacrosse ball?

To throw a ball in women's lacrosse, follow the procedure below:

- bring your body side onto the target

- the back elbow should be ninety degrees

- bring your bottom hand down and across your body, and step forward with your opposite foot

- turn your hips

- turn your shoulders

- follow through as you throw the ball

- bring the bottom hand across your body

Use your wrist to snap the ball and have two actions: push and pull and snap with the top hand. You can find more information here.

How do you throw harder in lacrosse?

You should bend your legs, take a proper stance, push through the ground, and create as much power as possible by pushing through the ground.

First, your lead foot should step hard into the ground.

Next, you should twist your back hip and shoot with your hand. The firmer leg adds more speed and power to your body when throwing.

Find more guidelines here.


Overall, mastering the technique of how to throw a lacrosse ball correctly is essential to becoming an elite lacrosse player. If you are serious about your lacrosse game, then practice makes perfect.

Incorporate a variety of drills as mentioned above and experiment with different techniques to develop a personalized throwing style that works best for you.

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