Best Lacrosse Stick for Beginners to Help You Accomplish Your Team Goals

If you're just starting your lacrosse career, choosing the right gear is probably your primary concern. After so many hours on the field, professional players get a feel for lacrosse equipment, but beginners and intermediate players unquestionably need some guidance.

Today, I'll share with you my knowledge about the best lacrosse stick for beginners, explaining what the key features are, which brands to trust, and how to select the best stick for unmatched ball control.

Most Importantly, I wrote detailed reviews of the market's 7 best models, incredibly convenient for beginners, and affordable, so stay tuned!


Top 3 Recommendations

Before you focus on the reviews, check out the 3 most reliable lacrosse sticks for beginners, see how the customers rated them, and get familiar with the prices.

The Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks Reviews

Best Feature

Product Name


Best Choices

StringKing Junior Complete

The Best Youth Lacrosse Stick for Defensemen

STX Stallion 200 on 6000

The Best Lacrosse Shaft for Goalies

STX Eclipse Fiddle

Advanced Lacrosse Shaft for Beginner Attackers

Warrior Evo Warp

The Most High-End Beginner Stick for Defense

Warrior Boy's Evo Warp Next

Easy Catching and Ball Control

STX Stallion 50 Men's Lacrosse Stick

Mini Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Youth Evo Warp Mini
StringKing Junior Complete - The Best Complete Lacrosse Stick for Beginner Attackmen

The first product I will review today is one complete lacrosse stick from StringKing, specially designed to help young attackmen get on track. It is perfect for high school players for it is honestly lightweight yet has sturdy construction to support swift actions. But, let's see if it's really that good.

What makes this lacrosse stick, so lightweight is the aluminum alloy shaft.

Namely, the 7150 aluminum alloy has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, thus providing decent durability while weighing barely 105g. This is crucial for young attackers who need to get used to the shaft weight while delivering fast, accurate shots and precise passes.

Furthermore, the broad head allows better ball control, accurate catching, passing, and shooting for entry-level players. Plus, the mid, semi-soft mesh pocket works perfectly for beginners since it can be used on every position and still deliver fast release and impressive catch.

Another neat feature of this lacrosse stick is the stiff, rounded scoop combined with a sturdy side rail for effortless ground ball pickup. Its reinforced structure won't break easily and will support harsher interventions.

Players can have a problem with a head rattle, especially the inexperienced ones, which is why StringKing incorporated a locking bolt to this lacrosse shaft and eliminated the slack.

All in all, it's a pretty decent lacrosse stick for attackers.

I like how optimized the design is for entry-level players, its lightweight structure, reinforced rails, and wide head. It will be effortless for maneuvering yet won't fail to deliver.

  • Wide head
  • Lightweight
  • Rounded scoop
  • Reinforced rail
  • Locking bolt
  • A bit expensive

STX Stallion 200 on 6000 - The Best Youth Lacrosse Stick for Defensemen

In contrast to the previous model, what we have here is another complete lacrosse stick for beginners, yet this time optimized for the defense.

A mid to high pocket placement, lightweight design, and sturdy shaft joined their forces to help beginners maintain a comfortable grip throughout the game and learn how to catch.

This elegant black stick was designed to resemble the Stallion U 550. The head incorporates lightweight, soft materials with high pocket placement. This allows better catching, ball control, and passes.

Beginners are not used to the stick, and defensemen, constantly on the watch, need to maintain a comfortable grip throughout the entire game to be able to react swiftly. This stick is made of Matte-anodized alloy with a non-slip finish that allows players to hold the stick tightly. Plus, the 'memory marker' graphics indicated the correct hand placement for the best handling.

This lacrosse stick has soft mesh stringing, a classic scoop design, and dual brace sidewalls that provide strength reinforcement, ensuring durability.

When we compare this lacrosse stick to the previous one, this model is way more affordable, saving you $30. Customers are predominantly satisfied with the quality, but they complain that the stick is not strong enough. Defensemen deliver fierce checks, and apparently, this stick bends if used a bit more aggressively.

Overall, it's a decent mid-range shaft, excellent for beginner defensemen who need to get a grip on ball control and stick handling.

  • Lightweight
  • Higher pocket
  • Elegant design
  • Non-slip finish
  • Affordable
  • Could bend during checks

STX Eclipse Fiddle - The Best Lacrosse Shaft for Goalies

Next off, we have the best lacrosse stick for beginner goalies. This is a smaller version of the STX Eclipse, the best-selling goalie stick, adjusted to help beginner goalies get used to the shape and weight of the shaft and bring their skills to perfection.

Imitating the top goalie stick's design, this product features a durable chrome-colored metal shaft and a mini Eclipse head. The shaft is genuinely durable and sturdy, offering just the right balance of stiffness and flexibility when combined with the Eclipse head.

STX Eclipse was the first goalie head with open sidewall technology. Oval-shaped head and open sidewalls revolutionized the game for goalies, providing a larger catching surface that resulted in more saves.

The STX Eclipse Mini Stick is made of aluminum, which significantly reduces the weight and facilitates maneuverability. It measures 48" and includes a soft mesh pocket for maximum accuracy.

This model is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your equipment and stay unique on the field. It is unbelievably affordable and presents one of the best offers for youth players.

You can see in the product description that this stick is perfect for the backyard or beach pick-up games, thus for practicing, and the customers are highly satisfied with the quality-per-price ratio, so it's a pretty reliable choice.

  • Affordable
  • Stiff
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Miniature
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Oval shape head
  • Many colors
  • Miniature

Warrior Evo Warp - Advanced Lacrosse Shaft for Beginner Attackers

What makes this next product extraordinary is its advanced design that was specially developed with youth players in mind. It is a perfect blend of accuracy, lightweight, and durability, the key features that make a lacrosse attack-man invincible.

Warrior's complete stick features a standard shaft length, the best for beginners and intermediate players who are just learning the game's fundamentals. What is more, the shaft is made of an alloy blend that reduces the weight and reinforces the accuracy in shooting and passing.

When it comes to a head, this model has a tighter head with a particular intermediate Kevlar pocket, supporting all positions. Due to heavy-duty material, this type of stick remains consistent in all weather conditions, never failing to deliver.

This model is on the higher end of the market; therefore, the price is even higher than the StringKing's. However, it does honesty pay off because the stick is very durable, resistant to weather, and accurately optimized for developing youth players.

With this shaft and head, you will have unmatched ball control and fantastic performance in attack, midfield positions. This is one of the best complete lacrosse sticks for beginners, so I definitely recommend it for high school players and even advanced players who can use it for practice.

  • Standard stick length
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect for shooting
  • Tighter lacrosse head
  • Weather-resistant
  • Complete stick
  • Expensive

Warrior Boy's Evo Warp Next - The Most High-End Beginner Stick for Defense

Complete Lacrosse Sticks range in price from less than $50 to over $100. With a few extra bucks, you get one or two innovative features that could significantly improve your performance in the game. Here we have one such stick - The Warrior Evo Warp Next.

Even though this stick falls into the youth lacrosse sticks category, it promotes elite-level performance and consistent durability. The stick consists of an Evo Warp Next Lacrosse Head and a Kryptolyte shaft, designed to help high school and rising players get a good grasp on the game.

With this complete lacrosse stick, you get untamed strength and fantastic mobility. The stick is designed to allow a quick response, powerful shots, and precise passes.

You won't have to break in the unique WARP pocket, and once you install everything, it stays unchanged. The pocket resists harsh weather conditions and does not wear off quickly.

Young attackers and midfielders love the tight head shape, for it provides maximum accuracy and enhances the invasive actions.

Finally, this stick follows the regulations of the NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men's field, being one of the best youth lacrosse sticks for versatile use.

As for the price, it is one of the most expensive models I reviewed, but stay confident that it will pay off in the long run since it includes only the highest quality materials and optimized design.

  • No break-in
  • Versatile use
  • Excellent mobility
  • Fast actions
  • Lightweight
  • Climate-resistant
  • Forceful
  • Very costly

STX Stallion 50 Men's Lacrosse Stick - Easy Catching and Ball Control

The next model is another supreme men's lacrosse stick, built to make sure players can maneuver the stick with ease and pick up the skills effortlessly.

Stallion 50 is one of the lacrosse shafts incorporating softer materials for forgiving response and a shorter "adaptation period." What do I mean by this? As a lacrosse player, you will carry the stick all the time. If the materials are too sturdy and rigid, you cannot develop a superior tight grip and hurt other players during interference.

On the other hand, as an attacker, you need a stick that will allow the ultra-fast release and powerful shots, and Stallion 50 is definitely the gear that will help you absolutely dominate the lacrosse ball.

Soft mesh stringing and a thin handle are the most powerful assets a young lacrosse athlete can have. The ball will fall naturally into your mesh, and you'll be able to launch it at a moment's notice.

Despite all these advantages, there is one significant drawback. The STX Stallion 50 does not meet the high school or college specifications. Hence it can be used only for training and backyard sessions.

Now, given the price tag, I think this piece of lacrosse gear can be extremely useful. You won't be allowed to use it on the field, but you will build up supreme skills and get ahead of the game in no time.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Softer materials
  • Thin and short handle
  • Quick-release
  • Powerful shots
  • Forgiving weight
  • Does not meet highschool or college specs

Warrior Youth Evo Warp Mini - Mini Lacrosse Stick

The last product I will review today is another mini lacrosse stick-head combo from Warrior, flawlessly constructed to support introductory lacrosse athletes.

I strongly believe that novices should opt for warp heads because they do not know how to effectively string yet. Therefore, products like this Evo Warp lacrosse stick enable the use straight out of the box, without compromising performance.

The stick is thirty-four inches long and very durable. At the same time, the head offers a wider surface for easier catching and the flared bottom rail fast, accurate release.

I like how colorful and bright this lacrosse stick is. You will stand out wherever you appear, and there is a broad range of color combinations to choose from, so you can make sure it is exactly like you wanted it.

While the other item from Warrior is specified for attackers, this one is more versatile and can be used even as a goalie stick for its broader head design. I like how lightweight and easy to manage it is, and I definitely consider the price one of the strengths of this model.

If you need a starter stick to learn the basics and get prepared for your first action, this is one of the lacrosse sticks for that purpose.

  • Affordable
  • No stringing
  • Wider head
  • Durable
  • Large catching area
  • A complete lacrosse stick
  • Only for beginners

Buyer's Guide

Every start is hard, especially in sports.

Lacrosse does demand a lot of equipment, and the gear significantly affects the quality of the game. Since there are different positions in lacrosse, players have different requirements when it comes to the sticks, heads, cleats, etc.

Today I will share my piece of knowledge about lacrosse sticks and try to help you understand better what are the key points you should look for in a lacrosse stick and choose the best lacrosse stick for youth boys.

1. Comfort

best lacrosse heads for beginners

When it comes to youth players, one segment only should be your primary concern-comfort.

If the stick is not comfortable, you won't be able to practice effectively and won't maneuver it with ease. You are not experienced in holding a stick, waving, catching a ball, so it is critical that it feels good in your hand.

2. Length

The next segment you should determine is the length. Depending on the position you play, lacrosse sticks are made in different sizes.

  • Attack-men and midfielders: 40-42 inches
  • Defensemen: 52-72 inches
  • Goalies: 40-72 inches

3. Weight

How fast you can react, catch a ball, or swing depends on the weight of your gear.

Sticks are made of aluminum, scandium, titanium, or carbon fiber composite.

The lightest is alloy and aluminum handles, while titanium shafts are the strongest and the most durable of all. Which one of these you will use is your personal preference, but I recommend choosing the lighter options until you become used to it.

When you choose the material, bear in mind that it should be consistent in different climate conditions, and composite materials are the most reliable when it comes to this.

Tips for Starters

To sum it all up, look at the list of tips for novices I composed:

  1. 1
    Choose shorter sticks as it is easier to control than the longer one
  2. 2
    Choose aluminum shafts as they are lightweight yet durable
  3. 3
    Find a wider head for easier catching
  4. 4
    Flat scoop will help you pick up the ground ball easily
  5. 5
    Practice makes perfect
best lacrosse stick for beginner girl

If you need more tips and additional information about the equipment, check out this section on our website, where we share everything we think could assist you in the field. You can learn how to string a lacrosse head, how to use the lacrosse sticks, how to upgrade your skills, become a pro, etc.

Best Feature

Product Name


Best Choices

StringKing Junior Complete

The Best Youth Lacrosse Stick for Defensemen

STX Stallion 200 on 6000

The Best Lacrosse Shaft for Goalies

STX Eclipse Fiddle

Advanced Lacrosse Shaft for Beginner Attackers

Warrior Evo Warp

The Most High-End Beginner Stick for Defense

Warrior Boy's Evo Warp Next

Easy Catching and Ball Control

STX Stallion 50 Men's Lacrosse Stick

Mini Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Youth Evo Warp Mini

Frequently Asked Questions

Every idea was once a question.

For this reason, exactly, we take all your lacrosse dilemmas, questions, and concerns seriously.

In the following section, I will answer some of the internet's most frequently asked questions about lacrosse sticks for beginners.

What is the difference in lacrosse sticks?

Lacrosse sticks differ from one position to another.

Attackers have opposing needs from defensemen, and the goalie has a very straightforward role. Therefore, the sticks differ in length, material, durability, maneuverability, etc.

As a novice, you should make sure that the stick is comfortable for the practice period before you focus on the details that will equip you for a certain position.

How do you pick a beginner lacrosse stick?

As I have already said, there are a few vital features you should care for.

Firstly, make sure the stick is designed to support the development of youth players. What does this mean? It should be lightweight, short, easy to maneuver, and, most importantly, comfortable.

From there, you should check if the material is durable, water-resistant and if it supports the position you are planning to play.

What is the best lacrosse stick for attack?

best lacrosse stick for beginner boy

Offensive players prefer shorter handles that allow you to dodge defenders efficiently and score easily.

They tend to choose lightweight equipment that does not compromise the velocity and force.

How do you size a youth lacrosse stick?

I recommend choosing the shorter stick, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Once you become accustomed to that one, you can think about upgrading to a heavier one if you are planning to play defense or be a goalie.

What resources are useful for newbies?

In this section, I will provide some useful videos made by advanced players and professionals that could help with your confusion, dilemmas, or insecurities.

Final Thoughts

Slowly we have reached the end of the story about best lacrosse sticks, best for youngsters.

The Game of Gods requires serious dedication, practice, and technique. Since you're just entering the world of lacrosse, it is essential to stay focused on the things that truly matter.

Do not rush into buying professional gear with exceptional characteristics, fancy additions, and a tone of advanced features. Start with the basics, choose a small, lightweight, durable stick to practice with, and you'll be there in no time.

My suggestion is the StringKing Junior Complete. It offers the optimal balance of stiffness and flexibility, does not weigh too much, and is specially optimized for entry players.

Don't forget to check some other fantastic articles or ours, and choose the best gear for your needs.

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