How to Be Good at Lacrosse? All You Need to Know (Best 2023 Expert)

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Are you an up-and-coming lacrosse player looking to take your game to the next level? If so, then you've come to the right place!

In this blog post, you'll find top tips on how to be how to be good at lacrosse and put yourself ahead of the competition.

So whether you're just starting or are already experienced in this great sport, there will surely be something here for everyone! Get ready to learn valuable insights and skills that'll boost your game.


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are plenty of strategies to help you become pro player
  • Make yourself stand out by improving your style and proving yourself worthy
  • Be patient, as the best skills take much time and effort; don't give up

Play Lacrosse Game Like Pro Players: What You Need to Know

Here are some of the best strategies to earn more playing time in lacrosse. Read below to learn more.

1. Improving your stamina

how long does it take to be good at lacrosse

Lacrosse requires physical strength. So, your number one priority should be improving your stamina to increase your lacrosse performance. You can achieve this by working on various cardio exercises.

You can jump rope, run, swim, etc., to improve your overall lacrosse game and strengthen your essential skills. Most beginners and advanced players practice these basic skills to advance faster.

Lacrosse also requires a high degree of critical thinking. For example, you want to predict where and how to shoot the ball in the lacrosse net. Weren't you fighting for oxygen, the calculations would be much easier, especially when you're a lacrosse beginner. So, you can perform various lacrosse practice types to improve your cardio.

2. Find the suitable protective gear

Lacrosse includes using protective equipment and a lacrosse stick with a net at its end. The lacrosse stick and net are both regulated by the leagues and require that it meets the set standards regarding the length, size, weight, taping, etc.

However, your lacrosse stick might differ from your teammates' as you might play in the attacking, midfield, goalie, or defensive position. The requirements are not the same for all lacrosse players, so you can find the most suitable equipment to meet your needs and standards.

You can easily practice catching, cradling, passing, and improving your lacrosse stick skills. Once you master the most important skill, you can become a better player and play the game at an advanced level. Meanwhile, you will find the most suitable position to become a better lacrosse player.

3. Learning the lacrosse rules and terms

Lacrosse might be a bit complex initially, but once you master the fundamental knowledge and regulations, it will be easier for you to develop entirely as a lacrosse player.

Not all rules are written in books, so listen to your team members, and you can try various drills and techniques to deceive the opposing team. You can help your team win and become a better player.

Do not forget that fair play is a must in any lacrosse game. The standards will help you when getting ready for high school lacrosse.

4. Improving your lacrosse IQ

To improve your lacrosse IQ, you can watch lacrosse movies, games, and videos to see what you missed, what you did great, and what you need to work on. This way, you can improve your performance and become an even better lacrosse player.

Do not focus on the positive aspects of your lacrosse game, only on the negative ones, and talk to your coach to find the best strategies and techniques to advance them. When learning new strategies, study them with your muscle memory for greater achievements.

5. Improving your weak hand

As you might practice better lacrosse stick skills with your dominant hand, the other hand might create issues, as it's not as strong as it should be. However, to overcome this problem, you should practice repetition. Whatever drills you practice, repeat them as much as possible with both your hands.

Thus, you will make your off-hand dominant hand to practice more drills with both of them. This way, you can also build more comfort with your off-hand, making it as reliable as the first one to catch the ball, score goals, and help your teammates.

6. Practice a wall ball routine

Playing wall ball sessions will help you improve and advance your catching and accuracy. As you play wall ball drills repeatedly, you will also master the stick drills and sharpen your performance. You will need a stick, a brick wall, and a lacrosse ball.

Lacrosse players can try various wall ball routine drills - move the stick around, switch hands while holding it, try different holds, etc. Knowing how and when to manipulate the stick in your hands will gain you better ball control.

You can also practice four basic shots: backhand shot, sidearm long shot, overhand long shot, and underhand long shot. And the wall ball routine will help you achieve these tactics to become a professional lacrosse player.

7. Practice more fakes with a lacrosse ball

Nothing is free in lacrosse, only the fakes are. So, you should use them. Fakes are an easy way to deceive the other players and score more goals.

The two best fakes are the shooting fake and the passing fake. With the passing fake, you are pretending to pass the lacrosse ball to one teammate to make a defender move. However, he will open up and create an open space for you to pass the lacrosse ball to another team member.

Shooting fakes deceive goalies and ease the scoring opportunities and practice. Before your shots, take a deep breath and throw one or two fakes. You will see how the number of your goals increases significantly.

Also, if you find a loose ball, scoop it up and pass it straight away, as there will be another defender trying to pounce near you. Deceive him to support your team better, and perform a better play.

8. Keeping your stick and eyes up

Playing lacrosse requires dangerous players, so keep your eyes and stick up. It will also increase hand-eye coordination, as you can find open teammates and turn the stick to make your next move.

Also, you can deceive the opposing teams - their defender will not attack you once your stick is up - it might look like you will pass the ball to another player.

However, you can try other drills, deceive the players, or make a quick pass to your mate. You can even shoot with your advanced skills if you have enough time and space to score a goal.

9. Practice your recovery

To play lacrosse successfully, you must be in the best shape and health condition. However, when you're injured, you need to take some time off and focus on recovery until you're back in the game.

Firstly, drink a gallon of water daily to prevent your body from breaking down. Secondly, eat protein meals to gain more strength and rebuild your muscles. If you don't eat meat, you can try protein powder.

Thirdly, you must sleep eight hours a day. Sleeping is a crucial part of your recovery, so you need to have enough strength to play lacrosse fiercely again.

10. Talk to your team & coach

Everyone who plays lacrosse can tell that communication is the team's rule number one. No game can be played well unless proper communication between the players. The same rule applies to other sports with more players in a team.

No matter if you're a goalie, defender, etc., you must talk. Always lead your team and tell them the open spaces, positions, and the next step. You will also impress coaches when they see that the other guys rely on and depend on you.

In addition, you can improve your mental health as well. As communication helps you strengthen your important skill, having others leading and supporting you can boost your confidence. Thus it will positively impact your mental health, and you can feel superior when playing the game.

Of course, you can talk to your coach in your free time and propose other tactics and strategies to improve the defense and offense position and help your team win the lacrosse game.

11. Mastering one skill

Best players are superior in only one skill. Knowing all position types and all drills is excellent, but mastering only one will help you play the best lacrosse and take your game to another level.

So, practice your shooting skills more if you want to be a better attacker. Of course, you will also have to learn other strategies, but this one will stand among throw, catch, defense, and other skills.

12. Learn defense

Regardless of position, various coaches suggest you need to know defense to assist your team more and help them gain victory. If you're an attackman, the defense will let you get the ball back. If you're a midfielder or a defender, you will also play more defense and improve your gameplay.

13. Practice ground balls

Lacrosse ground balls are the critical skills players can improve. Becoming a ground ball expert will take your game to the next level, so you can always join others on the field.

A game might be lost or won on a ground ball. So, practice hand and foot coordination - if your right hand is near the ball, ensure your right foot is close to the ball and vice versa. Put the head of the stick parallel to the ground. Place the butt of the stick low as well.

14. Riding techniques for attackmen

Learn the best strategies for attackers. Find them below.

  • An offensive player is aggressive, trying to block the defender from crossing the midfield line.
  • When a defender is on the sideline, the player must push the defender out of bounds while riding.
  • When a player cannot take the ball away from the defender, a ride slows him, preventing a fast break opportunity for the opposing team.
  • High school & college players often attempt one-hand wrap checks during rides. But, this check is usually illegal for younger players, as they might be slashed.

As a Backup Lacrosse Player, How to Get Better?

There are multiple techniques to help you become a better player and advance your play. So, follow the tactics below to help you achieve a better game.

1. Understand your current level of the play

how long does it take to get good at lacrosse

If you don't like your current position, there must be a reason. You must understand that your current level isn't advantageous, so you must improve your skills for better play. Talk to your coach to find the best ways to improve.

2. Continue working on your skills

Practice various drills, focus on your potential with the ball and the stick to increase your overall performance, and become more advanced. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, watch what others do, and how best to achieve your goals.

Try to catch, throw, scoop and cradle the ball and master the stick skills to improve them. Finally, you will know your position and what to master the most.

3. Assist your team

As long as you're a part of the team, you are a valuable player to them. You can be a team player even during practice and form a good relationship with your team members to be even more valuable. Then, turn your help to your advantage, and they will also help you. Once you win, celebrate together.

4. Prepare for the play at all times

Ensure you're always prepared for lacrosse games, as your teammates might get hurt or too tired to continue. So, your coach will count on you to continue.

You must be physically and mentally prepared, as opportunities might always happen. For example, during a warm-up, you must make your body 100% ready.

After the games begin, focus on the situation on the field to continue with the proper game later and avoid mistakes. Your team will count on you, so you should finish the job successfully.

The practice is that all players in the game, even on a bench, will have a greater opportunity to be in the game once something unexpected happens.

5. Be patient

Being patient is a virtue of all lacrosse players, as they must wait for the right opportunity to show their lacrosse stick and ball skills. Then, they must work hard to improve their performance, and eventually, an opportunity will come up.

Patience will also boost your self-confidence, as you know your time will come. You can find a partner to practice the sport, talk to your team or coaches, and find the best opportunities to stand out. You will eventually master the lacrosse sport and prove yourself worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What 3 skills are needed to play lacrosse?

The three fundamental skills needed to play lacrosse include: catching, cradling, scooping the ball.

How can I improve my lacrosse IQ?

how to be a good lacrosse player

To improve your lacrosse IQ, you must watch various films, videos, and similar performances to know exactly what to improve, focus on, and be better.

Focus on the negative sides instead of the positive ones to learn what precisely to pay attention to and how to master your lacking abilities.

How can I improve my lacrosse fast?

You can try various techniques, drills, and strategies to make yourself advanced and master your game.

There are plenty of strategies for beginner and advanced players, and you can stick to them to make your style more advantageous.

What are the benefits of playing outdoor lacrosse in the off season?

Some of the main benefits include:

- getting better exercise

- improving your lacrosse abilities

- enjoying nature

- spending time with family and friends

- getting some fresh air

- meeting people of all ages

How to get good at lacrosse by yourself?

You can try various drills for solo players, and the wall ball drills are the best technique to help you with the process.

How long does it take to be good at lacrosse?

A beginner needs between three and six months to be comfortable with the lacrosse stick and ball and learn the basic techniques to play the game successfully. This time equals one or two lacrosse seasons.

Final Thoughts

Take the time to learn how to be good at lacrosse, whether you are just starting or have been playing for years. Also, perfecting your techniques will make you significantly more confident in your abilities which will show when playing against others.

Remember, becoming great at lacrosse takes time and effort, but it will all be worth it once people start calling you one of the best players.

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