Best Lacrosse Movies of All Time! Learn With Fun! Top 2023 List

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Are you a passionate lacrosse player looking for hours of entertaining and educational fun during indoor practice or to inspire your competitive spirit? Our list is just the thing for you!

From inspiring coming-of-age tales, captivating biopics, documentaries that provide insight into some of the greatest athletes in history, plus much more, these movies have story arcs anyone can learn from – all while being thoroughly enjoyable.

Read on to find out which best lacrosse movies made our cut!


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are multiple lacrosse movies to teach you about the game and strengthen your competitive spirit
  • You can learn about the history and modern version of the sport through the big screen
  • Watching films, TV shows, and videos is beneficial since these can guide you through the journey of becoming a professional player

The Most Popular Lacrosse Movies for All Fans

Lacrosse has a long and storied history that has been captured in films ranging from documentaries to feature films.

Here is a list of the most popular lacrosse movies for all fans to enjoy.

1. The Fate of Sport

The Fate of Sport is a lacrosse drama about a professional player who wants to change the sport of lacrosse forever.

The lacrosse movie tells the story of Paul Rabil and his fight to advance the sport of lacrosse. After eleven years as a professional lacrosse player, he decides to be in charge of the lacrosse sport. With his brother Mike, Rabil gets capital, fights lawsuits, and preserves throughout the global pandemic to build professional lacrosse players. Together they formed a new Professional Lacrosse League - PLL.

The documentary lacrosse movie is a valuable story of a man, his suffering, and his sheer will to form a successful lacrosse team and change the game for the better.

2. Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation is a 2017 lacrosse movie about the history of the lacrosse game. The movie tells a story about Native Americans - the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team), and the origins of the sport of lacrosse.

The story follows the Native American lacrosse team and their journey to the World Championships. The story offers a bigger picture of the Creator's Game and portrays characters like Mike Thompson, Lyle Thompson, and other members of the Iroquois community.

Spirit game: Pride of a Nation represents the Native Americans as players of all Native American peoples.

3. Crooked Arrows

Crooked Arrows is a 2012 lacrosse movie about a Native American team making their way through the prep school tournament.

Crooked Arrows shows Joe Logan, a mixed-blood Native American, striving to modernize his reservation. But, on the other hand, he must prove himself to his father and re-discover his spirit. So, Joe leads the high school lacrosse team while competing against the better prep school lacrosse team.

As he better understands the spirit of the game, Joe teaches his high school lacrosse players the importance of tribal pride and how to play the sport of lacrosse unitedly.

4. Living the Dream: A Northwestern Lacrosse Documentary

The lacrosse movie follows the women's lacrosse team and their journey to the championships. The documentary portrays the private lives, struggles, and minds of women's players in elite collegiate athletics.

The lacrosse movie is available on YouTube, and it's a must-watch for all potential girls' lacrosse players.

5. The Medicine Game

The Medicine Game tells the story of two brothers and one drama - lacrosse. Placed in the Onondaga Nation in New York State, a Native American community produces the best players in the world. However, poverty, substance abuse, and reluctance to leave the community keep away many players from achieving their dreams, as they cannot play lacrosse in the collegiate or professional ranks.

However, the two brothers - Jeremy Thompson and Hiana Thompson, set the standards since their main goal is to play for Syracuse University. Although obstacles and suffering are inevitable parts of their lives, the determination to be the best brings the boys one step closer to their dream.

6. The Grizzlies

During the late 1990s, the small Arctic town of Kugluktuk marked the highest suicide rate in North America. When Canadians first made contact in the 1940s, the Inuit culture and traditions were considered ancient, and the new "Western" ways replaced the old ways.

The story follows a group of Inuit students whose life had changed when they were introduced to the lacrosse game.

7. A Warrior's Heart

Warrior's Heart tells the story of healing and finding strength within oneself. After his father's death, a high school athlete turns self-destructive. However, when a lacrosse player discovers a love interest, his passion for lacrosse helps him recover, find the warrior within himself, and bring a new meaning to his life. Warrior's Heart is one of the most popular movies ever.

8. American Pie

American Pie is not entirely oriented toward the game of lacrosse, similar to Mean Girls, Teen Wolf, and other TV shows. But it does include some of the most epic lacrosse scenes of the 2000s.

The film talks about Christopher "Oz" Ostreicher as an easygoing high school lacrosse player and his buddy Stiffler. Although there aren't too many lacrosse scenes, the film is a mainstream one, and it made room for more popularity of the game of lacrosse.

9. Keepers of the Game

The Keepers of the Game is a film about persistence, fighting spirit, and the origins of lacrosse. The lacrosse game originates in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory as a sacred game, traditionally reserved for men only. However, the women's lacrosse team forms in New York, and they want to defend their rivals Massena High and take the championship title away. However, as time passes, the Keepers of the Game - girls must prove that the game of lacrosse is their rightful inheritance and fight for it, as the community in the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory becomes torn.

10. City LAX: An Urban Lacrosse Story

City LAX: An Urban Lacrosse Story is a documentary about a group of twelve-year-old children in the inner city of Denver. The children formed a multi-racial lacrosse team in the elite lacrosse game from the moment they held the lacrosse stick. One child is a musician. Another is a poet. One has a mother in jail. Another one has a father who was murdered. Their teacher helps them to heal and find salvation in the sport.

11. Mean Girls

Although the film is not entirely into lacrosse, specific scenes are connected with girls' lacrosse. In the end, the fans can see some scenes where some players wear the gear used in women's lacrosse.

12. Wild Child

Wild Child is a film about a rebellious girl whose stepmother sends her to the same English boarding school where her late mother went. She finds her passion for lacrosse and leads the team to the finals. And discovers that her mom once also went to the same school.

Best Lacrosse TV Shows

Below you can find the most popular lacrosse TV shows for all fans.

1. Teen Wolf

Even though the central theme is not lacrosse, a few scenes and stories spin around the main sport - lacrosse, especially in the first season.

2. Runaways

The Runaways is one of the best lacrosse TV shows, aired from 2017 to 2019. The show discusses teens and high school students whose parents are supervillains in Marvel's universe. Chase Stein is one of the characters, a high school lacrosse player in the show.

Benefits of Watching Lacrosse Film

There are various benefits of watching different lacrosse movies, and some of them include:

  • Valuable mental reps - although you can improve by paying and practicing, you cannot see what you're doing wrong. So, the film can help you. First, you can pause and look closely. Watch every movement, and see how the play works. Then, you can see the strategies in the movies and apply them on the field.
  • Watching those above you - checking videos and films helps you learn new moves, and you can pick various players to watch their performance. Thus, you can repeat the drills to advance faster.
  • Better preparation - if you read your rival's next step, you're better prepared for the outcome. You can surpass all lapses in skills, strength, athletics, and other aspects requiring better knowledge of the game. The consistent players are always the best, but they are constantly prepared for every step.
  • You should be angry watching your films - neglect all highlights and see yourself at your worst. You will know what to focus on later and practice more to master the problematic skills. The rest is just improving your best skills.
  • Make everyone film you - have more people filming you while playing/practicing to see yourself from various angles. Watching the films will help you change and try multiple strategies and techniques to find the most suitable drills to work on and improve your abilities. You can practice and advance in no time. You can focus on movements and mechanics in different positions on the field.
  • Know the opponents better - once you know the tactics and strategies of your counterparts, you can adjust your game to the same or next level to stop them in advance and help your team win. Look for clues to make them angry or nervous. Put more pressure on them to see who is too tired and who will not try. Use all the downsides against them to make your team better.

Final Words

While you can't always control how your opponents play, watching the best lacrosse movies together can help you learn from their mistakes and improve your game. Watching these films can also motivate players to play harder and show the spirit of the game.

What are some of your favorite lacrosse movies?

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