Top Lacrosse Ground Ball Drills to Improve Your Game (2023 Guide)

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If you're looking to take your lacrosse ground ball skills to the next level, you've come to the right place.

Knowing how to win possession of the ground ball is essential for success in lacrosse, and mastering your groundball game can make all the difference between a successful attack and missing out on scoring opportunities.

In this guide, we will look at some of the best lacrosse ground ball drills that you can use today that are guaranteed to improve your game - no matter what level of competition or age group you are playing in!

Keep reading to learn more about these time-tested methods for improving your stick skills, agility, and reaction speed on the field!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Practice scooping, cradling, and passing the ball with each hand. When holding a stick, your bottom hand should be at the butt end of the stick, while the top hand is below the head. Keep your front foot at the side of the ball!
  • Incorporate agility drills into your training regimen to further improve transition time.
  • Always bend at the knees, not from the hips, as you can lose the ground ball.
  • Communicate with your teammates. Two players from the same team are often aiming for the ground ball.
  • Repetition is key; the more you practice these skills individually, the better you will become at playing effective ground balls.

Why Are Scooping Lacrosse Ground Balls Beneficial?

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Scooping lacrosse ground balls is an essential skill that can help players win games and improve their overall gameplay.

 Ground ball scooping allows for quick passes, accurate shots, and the ability to steal the ball from your opponent's other team before they can pick it up. Ground balls are typically found in situations where they have been dropped or tipped by an opposing player, allowing you to gain possession quickly.

Scooping lacrosse ground balls also allows you to clear the ball quickly out of dangerous areas and into open spaces so your team can take advantage of it. Ground balls can also lead to offensive chances, providing a more direct path to the goal than regular passing movements allow.

Ultimately, scooping ground balls is a vital skill that can help players succeed in lacrosse.

Best Ground Ball Drills You Can Master

Ground ball drills are essential for mastering the skill set required to scoop and secure possession of ground balls in lacrosse games.

Here are some excellent drills you can use to perfect your ground ball battle skills:

1. Two-step drill

This simple ground ball drill is best for beginners learning how to scoop up a loose ball, as it involves two steps.

The first step is for the player to use their stick to push the ball in opposition to the direction they want it to go; the second step is for the other player to react quickly and move towards where the ball will roll to pick it up.

2. Spin drill

This easy drill focuses on improving reaction time and accuracy when scooping loose balls.

It involves players spinning around as fast as possible before picking up a loose ball placed on the ground in front of them.

3. Check-pass drill

This drill requires two players and helps improve their communication techniques when dealing with ground balls.

One player passes a loose ball back and forth between them while looking only at each other, without seeing where exactly they're throwing or running the ball - so they must be both aware and accurate with their communication cues when passing and responding.

4. Box drill

This drill helps players improve their ability to anticipate where a loose ball will roll by having them stand inside a square with four cones placed outside its corners, one at each corner.

The player then throws or kicks several ground balls within the box, trying to predict which corner the ball will end up at after it bounces off one of the cones - using this information, they then practice scooping up each ball as soon as possible.

5. One vs one

The drill involves one player and one ball in an open space; the player starts with the ball and attempts to scoop it up before passing it to the opposite side.

Once they've completed this, they switch places with the other person and become the new player with the ball - this cycle continues until one of the players has properly scooped up the ball after three attempts.

This drill helps players refine their reactions, positioning, footwork, strategy, and focus when dealing with ground balls during games - all key components of an effective lacrosse player.

6. Two vs one

The Two vs. One ground ball drill is a great way to improve your focus and footwork when scooping loose balls. This drill involves two players and one ball - one player starts in the middle of the field with the ball, while the other two players start on either side of them, arranged in three lines.

The lacrosse player with the ball then tries to scoop it up and pass it to one of the other players before they can reach it; if they succeed, they become the new middle player, and the person they pass to becomes the player on the opposite side.

On the other hand, if they fail to scoop up the ball, they must remain in the middle until they can successfully do so.


Is a ground ball good in lacrosse?

Yes, a ground ball is an important part of successful lacrosse play. It's an essential skill that players must have to have control of the ball and make quick decisions.

How do I get better at lacrosse ground balls?

The best way to get better at lacrosse ground balls is to practice. You can practice solo or join a team and practice together. When practicing, focus on your form, ball control, and decision-making.

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What technique is the best way to pick up a loose ground ball?

The best technique for picking up a loose ground ball is to get as low to the ground as possible and use your stick like a shovel. Keep your sticks in front of your feet, with the head in line with the ball.

Make sure your elbows are close to your chest and have a wide base for balance. Then, approach the ball, staying low, using your arms to scoop it up, and gain control.

Can the ball touch the ground in lacrosse?

Yes, the ball can touch the ground in lacrosse. The game's rules allow the ball to be played on the ground and in the air.

What does a ground ball in lacrosse mean?

In lacrosse, a ground ball is when the ball comes into contact with the playing surface and must be recovered by one of the players.

Why am I hitting weak ground balls?

Weak ground balls could be due to incorrect stick handling technique, improper weight distribution when striking the ball, or wrong angle of approach when attempting to pick up the ball.

How do you practice ground balls by yourself?

You can begin practicing basic skills such as scooping, cradling, and passing the ball with each hand.

Again, repetition is key here; the more you practice these skills individually and incorporate them into your overall game plan, the better you will become at playing effective ground balls.


Overall, lacrosse ground ball drills are an essential part of training. They help players develop the necessary skills to control the ball on the ground and make quick decisions.

While there are many different drills and other ways that can be used, it is important to find ones that fit the needs of your team and players.

With a bit of practice, your team can master the art of the ground ball drill.

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