What to Do With Old Lacrosse Equipment? Best 2023 Answers!

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As a lacrosse player, you know how important it is to have the right equipment to play your best on the field or court. But when the season ends or when an item breaks and needs replacing, what to do with old lacrosse equipment?

Instead of just throwing it away, why not get creative and find ways to upcycle and reuse that outdated equipment?

Here we'll explore awesome ideas for utilizing all those forgotten sticks, pads, cleats, and more.


Take Away Key Points:

  • The most popular ways to cope with old equipment include recycling, reusing, repairing, selling, or donations
  • Various organizations are dealing with these activities, so find the best places to make your objects usable again

What can you do with the old lacrosse sporting equipment?

After the lacrosse season ends, you might want to do something meaningful with your old lacrosse gear. Instead of throwing it away, you can recycle, recuse or donate equipment and support kids in need of sports equipment.

And how to do so? Read below.

1. Donating sports equipment

Donating sports equipment in general, not only lacrosse equipment is an enriching way to give back to the community.

Begin by ensuring that all sticks, pads, and other gear are in good condition, as no one wants to receive entirely unusable donations. Then, after you've gathered the right items, find a nearby school or youth organization that can utilize your donation.

You can also contact programs that donate used sports supplies if local organizations don't need them. GreenDrop is one of these charity organizations supporting kids and people who cannot afford to buy brand-new sporting equipment.

The charity also accepts your old tennis rackets, soccer cleats, and other stuff necessary for various sports and games. So, if you have more gear to donate besides lacrosse, you will help more kids in need.

Then simply drop off the items or organize shipping - it doesn't take much time for a big impact! In addition, donating lacrosse equipment is an incredible way to promote activity within the community and helps get kids involved in healthy sports lifestyles.

2. Re-selling high-quality items

where to sell lacrosse equipment

Selling lacrosse gear can be a great way to make some extra money, but knowing where and how to sell high-quality sports equipment is essential.

The first step is to find and purchase the best lacrosse equipment. This often means searching online or at physical stores specializing in lacrosse products.

Once you have the right gear, select a reliable marketplace. Many sites, such as eBay and Amazon, offer excellent opportunities to list used items while quickly reaching buyers around the world.

Finally, set your prices competitively and include detailed product descriptions with each listing to give interested shoppers accurate information about the gear you're selling. Following these steps should help you sell your lacrosse gear quickly and effectively if the donation is not your first choice.

3. Upcycle or trash the broken gear

With the popularity of lacrosse growing, it is now more important than ever to learn the responsible techniques of trashing or upcycling broken gear. If items like nets and sticks are broken, they should be safely discarded in a trash can, not on the ground.

However, other components of lacrosse gear, such as gloves and helmets, are great candidates for upcycling. This is because a broken glove could be restrung as a wall hanging, or a helmet could be made into a unique planter.

By reusing and repurposing old sports equipment, you can provide an individualized touch to your home while also taking care of the environment.

4. Re-use the old equipment

Re-using old equipment is an effective way to reduce waste while obtaining necessary supplies at a lower cost.

One great way to do this is by donating previously used equipment to associations or sporting services that refurbish and repair them. This ensures a longer lifespan for the same product and allows someone else to benefit from it.

For items you cannot donate, they can still be re-used in other ways. For example, lying old lacrosse sticks can have different plastic or rubber pieces applied to them, such as a scooper kit, turning it into a multi-functional tool for drills and other activities.

Lastly, certain lacrosse-related items could find new life in creative art projects or upcycle for household use. For instance, stick pockets could be turned into fantastic decorative flower baskets around the house!

5. Reduce the sport stuff

Reducing the old lacrosse gear you no longer find useful can be a simple and rewarding process. A great place to start is to donate what you don't need to clear up space in your home and benefit those who are likely unable to afford new gear.

Lacrosse associations and programs around the country often accept gently used lacrosse gear, helping put it into homes that need it more. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from many major sporting goods stores goes towards donating lacrosse equipment. So, if you're looking for another way to get rid of your old gear while still doing good, head to your local store!

Finally, some companies specialize in accepting and purchasing used sports equipment - do research online and see which is best for you. For instance, LAX Jungle is one store dealing with these benefits, and you may get money for your work.

6. Dealing with used women's lacrosse sticks

where to donate lacrosse equipment

Dealing with old lacrosse sticks you no longer need will make those in need happier. The first option is to donate reusable equipment that you no longer need. Your donation will help those in need, so check the locations to help a kid who needs a stick.

Of course, you can head to the local store and see if they're willing to buy the sports objects in donations that are on your radar. You can also check if they could send them to the clubs and organizations needing the sticks.

However, if you want to keep the old heads and sticks, you can always decorate them and find a proper place in your home. Or, you can recycle the stick and make new arrangements out of heads, pockets, shafts, etc.


How do you dry wet lacrosse gear?

You should let it air dry and avoid putting it into the dryer.

Where to sell lacrosse equipment?

You can check various online sites and visit local stores to sell your equipment.

Where to donate lacrosse equipment?

You can visit the LPF, Relax Collections, or Winners Lacrosse official websites to donate your equipment.

Why did Under Armour stop making lacrosse gear?

The company had less than five percent of the market share, so they concluded it was no longer worth investing in equipment.

How much is lacrosse gear in total?

On average, you will need between $400 and $600, but for top-quality sets, you will need around $900.


In conclusion, there are many ways to handle the issue of old lacrosse equipment, but the best option will depend on personal preference.

Whatever method you choose, there are pros and cons, so consider your circumstances carefully before deciding on what to do with old lacrosse equipment.

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