What’s the Best Place to Buy Lacrosse Gear? Learn Now! (2023 Guide)

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If you're a passionate lacrosse player looking for the best deals on the latest equipment and apparel, then this is the guide for you!

We have done an extensive research to find out the best place to buy lacrosse gear.

So if you're wondering what's the best place to shop for lacrosse supplies, read on!


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are various places to buy lacrosse products, more and less popular
  • You can find online and offline stores near you and examine the quality of products
  • These stores provide both men's and women's accessories

Best place to buy lacrosse equipment 2023

If you're unsure where to purchase protective gear for lacrosse players, you can look for the best lacrosse websites and find many benefits. Such benefits include the best promotions, materials, and other features necessary for an elite player.

Look at the guide below for more information.

1. Best online stores to buy lacrosse equipment

Best place to buy lacrosse equipment

With lacrosse's increasing popularity among college and youth players, it is increasingly important to buy quality lacrosse equipment. There are a few great online stores for those looking to purchase lacrosse equipment.

Lacrosse Monkey, LAX.com, and DICK'S Sporting Goods have features that make them excellent options for finding all the necessary lacrosse gear.

a. Lacrosse Monkey

Lacrosse Monkey is a lacrosse equipment and apparel company founded in 1999. This company features top-tier lacrosse supplies such as sticks, helmets, pads, and cleats for both collegiate lacrosse and younger leagues. With their constantly updating inventory of last items and high-quality supplies, Lacrosse Monkey has something for every player.

In addition to their wide variety of merchandise, their website features helpful tips on when to replace safety equipment or tips to maximize performance on the field. So whether you're a rookie or an experienced veteran in the sport of lacrosse, Lacrosse Monkey helps you focus on a better play.

From features like the Lacrosse Fit and Game Face Apparel to more general items such as gloves and complete stick packages, the protective gear is an ideal resource for athletes, coaches, and other customers looking for safety in lacrosse.

College lacrosse fans, in particular, will appreciate the NCAA and MCLA collections. In contrast, budding youth lacrosse will be thrilled with the wide selection of youth sticks, heads, goalie gear, footwear, and more. With Lacrosse Monkey's exciting range of features, it's sure to become the first choice for anyone looking for the best in lacrosse equipment.

Lacrosse Monkey offers free shipping on orders over $99 with no membership fees or hidden fees, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious shoppers. They also provide price-matching features, meaning you can always get the best deal when buying from their store.

b. LAX.com

LAX.com is the online destination for all your lacrosse needs. The online store was created in 2000. This retailer features both collegiate and lacrosse equipment for younger players. Thus, it is an excellent resource for anyone purchasing the essentials.

Whether you're gearing up for a college tournament or shopping for a little one just learning the game, LAX.com has what you need. They offer helmets, sticks, heads, pads, gloves, and footwear – all at competitive prices that make buying your lacrosse supplies easy and affordable. They ensure the best performance when playing the sport on and off the field.

Meanwhile, LAX.com carries more specialized high-end gear brands and provides an expert team of players specializing in helping customers find the best fit for their game. With features like these, either of these stores is an excellent choice for purchasing your lacrosse equipment online! Besides, you can check the latest lacrosse results, stats, and game dates online at the website.

c. Universal Lacrosse Inc.

Universal Lacrosse Inc. is the premier sports retailer in the United States dedicated to providing athletes with quality equipment and apparel designed specifically for lacrosse players of all ability levels. The market company was founded in 2006 and made a difference due to the premium-quality gear when beginning and advancing the sport of lacrosse.

They specialize in branded goods, such as lacrosse sticks, heads, balls, protective gear, eye protection, and accessories for better control and performance while playing the game. Universal Lacrosse also provides training videos and tutorials that give users helpful information on how to play and keep up with current trends in the sports industry.

With a wide selection of products from trusted manufacturers, customers can find everything they need for their next game or practice. In addition, customer service representatives are available to answer questions about product lines, delivery options, and more.

Universal Lacrosse has a goal to make the lives of athletes easier by providing high-quality products that enhance game-day performance and help professionals and beginners reach their potential on and off the field.

d. Dick's Sporting Equipment

DICK'S Sporting Goods is the ultimate destination for college lacrosse and youth lacrosse fans alike. The brand was founded in 1948, and since then, the brand has had a long tradition of loyal customers and protective gear for the elite player, various coaches, and similar lacrosse fans.

They have everything needed to support your favorite team or join one of your own, from Buy Online and Pick-up In-Store options to exclusive discounts. Whether you are looking for clothes or equipment, such as a quality stick, pad, or other protection, DICK'S Sporting Goods has it all. They ensure playing lacrosse with maximum comfort.

Specifically, they offer an extensive selection of lacrosse equipment across sticks, gloves, helmets, and much more to fit every player's needs on and off the field. Their commitment to quality helps promote the sport at all levels — from high school teams to collegiate lacrosse programs — ensuring everyone has access to quality gear and maximum comfort.

For these growing standards, DICK'S Sporting Goods continues to be a leading supplier in the sport for years to come and change the game.

e. DICKS Lacrosse Stick

The DICK'S lacrosse stick is designed with an elongated handle grip for better control and comfort and comes with a scoop design for easy ground ball pickups. Designed with lightweight materials, this stick is an ideal choice for collegiate and younger-level lacrosse players.

An adjustable pocket allows players to customize their setup, whether using it to pass precisely or crank one into the back of the net. And with its durable design, you don't have to worry about it breaking mid-game due to tough play.

2. Best offline stores to buy lacrosse gear

Best offline stores to buy lacrosse gear

If you are looking for the best offline store to purchase lacrosse equipment, there are various shops to help with your needs.

With multiple stores across the country focused solely on lacrosse gear and accessories, you can find what you need at an affordable price on the lacrosse market.

One such store is Lax World, an independently owned business offering top-quality products from well-known brands like STX, Maverik, and ECD.

Another excellent lacrosse store is Bison Lacrosse, with retail locations across multiple states providing a vast selection of protective helmets, gloves, sticks, and much more.

For experienced players and beginners alike, these stores guarantee that customers have plenty of variety to choose from when finding the best equipment style.

With helpful sales and account, staff can provide education on the latest in lacrosse technology and quality customer service. In addition, they will make sure your shopping experience is positive, making these places your go-to location when it comes to purchasing the finest in lacrosse equipment!

You can find a wide selection of top-of-the-line lacrosse equipment at select sporting goods stores like Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Chalet.

They market quality products at competitive prices and typically offer expertise on all things related to lacrosse. If that isn't enough, they also do special offers throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them!

Another great offline store for great lacrosse gear is Play It Again Sports, which specializes in gently used yet high-quality lacrosse equipment and offers deep discounts when selecting the necessary products.

With these three stores offering unparalleled selection and services, there is no doubt that you will be able to find exactly what you need for yourself or your team! And each parent can check the growing potential of the men, women, and box lacrosse gear the stores provide for the improved game.

3. Where to buy the best women's lacrosse gloves & equipment?

Women's lacrosse gloves and equipment are available from various sources both online and in physical stores.

Well-known athletic retailers such as DICK'S Sporting Goods carry women's lacrosse merchandise, including protective headgear, sticks, heads, mesh bags, shoes, and apparel.

In addition, you can find specialized stores that focus solely on this sport, such as Lacrosse Unlimited, which carries top brands like STX and Warrior.

Online sites such as Amazon also carry a wide range of options for every type of lacrosse player, with gloves made for different levels of play varying in materials and qualities.

So no matter where you go shopping, you're sure to find the right equipment to become a successful lacrosse athlete!

4. Why is lacrosse gear on Amazon limited and often out of stock?

Lacrosse is a sport that has grown in popularity recently, making quality lacrosse gear more sought after than ever before. Thus, Amazon's stock of lacrosse gear often runs out quickly as new customers flock to purchase the equipment they need for their sports season.

Additionally, Amazon typically limits its equipment inventory to a select few brands and styles, causing even greater demand and scarcity. The company might not receive restocked products at a rapid rate. Hence, stores dedicated specifically to lacrosse or sporting goods will remain the top choice for athletes looking for new equipment.

However, you might be able to find different brand types and customer discounts on Amazon Prime Day lacrosse deals. In addition, you can choose various brands and other necessary products for the sport.

5. Finding the best places to buy lacrosse gear

Finding the best places to buy lacrosse gear

When looking for the best places to purchase lacrosse gear, there are a few tips you can use to help make sure you're making the right decisions.

- Choose reliable stores - it's important to always shop with reputable stores that have been known to sell quality items. Asking other athletes or coaches for recommendations can be extremely helpful since they often know which stores offer the most reliable gear.

- Choose safe gear - additionally, make sure all items meet safety standards and requirements before purchasing gear.

- Shop online - finally, never overlook online retailers, as they often offer special discounts on select items. Doing research online can help save valuable time in your search and provide an abundance of choices at lower prices.


How much should I spend on a lacrosse stick?

More affordable sticks cost around $40. However, heads range from $35 to $100, and shafts from $60 to $100 for the higher and average quality.

Where is the lacrosse monkey?

It's located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Where to buy lacrosse equipment near me?

You can search on Google lacrosse stores near you to find the best ones for your needs.

What lacrosse gear do you need?

For the men's version, you need: helmet, pads, gloves, cleats, stick, mouthguards. For the women's version, you need: shin guards, gloves, women's cleats, mouthguards, goggles and stick.


There are many great options for purchasing lacrosse products. Online stores, such as Amazon, often have great deals and a wide selection of products, while local sporting goods stores have more knowledge about the product and can provide customized advice.

Additionally, some brands offer their online store specialized products that aren't found elsewhere. No matter which best place to buy lacrosse gear you choose, ensure you buy the right equipment for your game level and physical size.

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