Best Lacrosse Scoop Premium Lacrosse Rebounder Review 2023! What Makes It So Unique?

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Are you looking to up your lacrosse game? Perhaps it's time to invest in the latest and greatest lacrosse rebounder.

The Lacrosse Scoop Premium Rebounder has been making headlines lately, and for a good reason. This innovative training tool is designed to help players master their ball control, improve accuracy and develop their passing skills.

So if you're ready to take your game to the next level with a high-quality rebounder, read on for our complete Lacrosse Scoop premium lacrosse rebounder review.

We'll overview all the features of this state-of-the-art product so you can make an educated decision when shopping around for your perfect rebounder.


Take Away Key Points:

  • The Lacrosse Scoop Premium wall is one of the best LAX walls available on the market
  • Although the wall offers only the average design and quality features, its price point and overall functions make it the most-wanted piece of equipment for children
  • You can refer to other high-end competitors - EZGoal and similar units, but the Lacrosse Scoop Premium wall will not let you down if you choose it as the main tool for your skills

Is Lacrosse Scoop Premium the best lacrosse rebounder for your needs?

The Lacrosse Scoop Premium rebounder is one of the most popular lacrosse rebounders currently on the market.

Players like it for its overall performance and the high quality it offers. But does the lacrosse rebounder have other benefits?

Let's find out.

Main Features

- Easy to fold: 5/5 (the parts are easily foldable and movable)

- Easy to assemble: 4.3/5 (there are no clear instructions on how to lock the components properly)

- Sturdiness: 4/5 (prone to damage due to external impacts)

- Affordable: 3.9/5 (too pricey for the overall performance)

Lacrosse Scoop Premium 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder*
  • MASSIVE TARGET AREA: Rebounder is 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall giving over a 25 feet surface area
  • TIME TESTED TRAINING TOOL: Fastest Way To Improve Your Game. 5 different angles allow for rapid training and improvement. Improve your grounders, line drives and pop ups.
  • USA BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, we are not happy. Support a small business located in Charlotte, NC.
  • SUPERIOR VALUE: Priced to deliver value. Enjoy similar quality to other rebounders costing 50-100% more.
  • STRONG BOUNCE BACK EFFECT: Easily adjust tightness to ensure you receive a strong bounce back effect.
This is box title
  • Massive target area
  • Strong bounce-back effect
  • Adjustable frame 
  • Adjustable net
This is box title
  • No clear setup instructions 
  • Prone to damage 
  • Might be pricey for some users

Final Verdict:

All in all, the Lacrosse Scoop rebounder is a good piece of equipment to improve your skills due to different angles. As a result, you can become a dominant player on the field. However, the rebounder might not be the best option for adult players, only children. The bouncing effect is good but not as strong as it should be for adult categories. It's also not of premium materials and durability to last for an extended time.

But, its overall functions and performance match the price points, making it the most popular tool on the market. So, if you like an average rebounder for the given conditions, you can find it on Amazon for less than $150 today!

Is Lacrosse Scoop Premium one of the best lacrosse rebounders?

Let's learn the main advantages and disadvantages the Lacrosse Scoop Premium lacrosse rebounder offers its users.

1. Overall frame design

Once you take the lacrosse rebounder out of the box, you will notice how huge it is. The lacrosse rebounder offers an impressive target area thanks to its dimensions.

The lacrosse rebounder has the following dimensions: 4 x 6.5 feet, offering more than 25 feet of surface area. Thus, lacrosse players can use the lacrosse bounder from longer distances, and the net surface will provide various angles for shots.

For this reason, the Lacrosse scoop rebounder is more valuable than the EZGoal or Primed lacrosse rebounder. The competitors are smaller in dimensions, providing smaller surfaces for different skill levels.

2. Main purpose

The Lacrosse Scoop wall is an ideal part of lacrosse gear for various lacrosse players but is mainly intended for children.

The lacrosse rebounder uses adjustable angles for children practicing high passes, ground balls, playing wall ball drills, line drives, pop-ups, and other rapid training sessions to enhance different skills required for dominance on the field. 

However, the Lacrosse Scoop is not intended for a professional lacrosse player, so he cannot enjoy similar quality when performing different drills.

The Lacrosse Scoop rebounder offers a strong bounce, but only for children; adults might damage the overall construction and netting. So, they should better refer to other rebounders, such as the EZGoal rebounder, for instance

The EZGoal rebounder uses a smaller surface, but it's more composite, with a strong bounce-back effect for line drives, high pops, pop-ups, and different angles for a higher stick skill level and stronger performance.

So, the smaller rebounder, EZGoal, might be your better option on the average size surface area.

3. Quality of materials

Most rebounders are of top quality - made to last for an extended period and improve players' different skills. Thus, the lacrosse rebounders have superior value to make players dominant on the field.

Lacrosse Scoop is a good practice field rebounder, as it contains sturdy and durable materials. Hence, it's an excellent tool for different locations, and the external elements can't damage it so soon. However, the materials are not heavy-duty, which can be an issue. Thus, it resembles the Primed lacrosse rebounder. 

The lacrosse rebounder Primed is the weakest of the three competitors, as it is easily damaged despite the heavy-duty steel frame. In addition, it's not as stable as Lacrosse Scoop or EZGoal rebounders.

4. Durability & sturdiness

The EZGoal wall has a telescopic frame and mat surface for maximum durability and sturdiness. It will resist all external impacts and forces. 

So, the weather conditions might not affect it too soon. It will last longer. The Lacrosse Scoop wall might damage due to external forces and pressure, as it's not as durable as competitors. 

In addition, the EZGoal wall uses a powder-coated steel frame, which the other rebounders lack, so it is the best option in terms of quality and durability. Thus, the wall is weather-resistant, and the powder-coated structure makes it the champion rebounder.

5. Foldability

The Lacrosse Scoop offers lightweight, less than 15 kilograms, so it's easily foldable and ideal for storing away. The construction folds flat and fits smaller spaces and other storage options. So, you can move it when the weather is adverse to preserve its quality. It's easily portable.

Compared to the Lacrosse Scoop model, the EZGoal rebounder is much heavier. The rebounder weighs almost 30 kilograms! So, it is pretty robust, and it may not be easy to move it around quickly. So, it's not the best portable tool

In addition, the folding options are also robust, and it can take some time for you to fold it and store it away when not in use. So, this is not your first choice regarding folding options. However, the Primed lacrosse rebounder is also lighter and easily foldable.

6. Stability

The Lacrosse Scoop rebounder is a stable construction due to the high-quality materials; however, the construction might not be as stable as it should be for a harder lacrosse ball

Although you can manage the lacrosse bounce with easily-adjust tightness for the ball velocity and bouncing effect, the construction might fall with stronger shots. So, it is not recommended for adults.

You might opt for the EZGoal LAX wall that offers the same speed of lacrosse bounce at different angles without moving an inch. The LAX wall is one of the most stable for all players and all stick skills and levels. So, you can use it for other sports as well - tennis, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

7. Ease of installation

Most LAX walls come with clear instructions on installing the lacrosse rebounders and making the best use of them. However, there might be issues with the instructions or package elements required for a smooth installation process. Then, you should always contact customer support to guide you through the process.

The Lacrosse Scoop LAX wall does not contain clear instructions for effortlessly securing the parts together to build the rebounder. Although the rebounder comes with bungee cords, netting, frame parts, etc., you might struggle while setting the LAX wall up. So, you should contact customer service to help you.

On the other hand, the EZGoal LAX wall comes with a training guide and assembling tools to help you adjust the top half of the lacrosse rebounder. So, the EZgoal is one of the best lacrosse rebounders regarding the setup analysis.

8. Price point

Lacrosse rebounders cost between $40 and $600. The price depends on the rebounders' size, brand, model, and overall quality. There is a rebounder made for each pocket, but you should always check the quality first and then look for price points.

In our case, the Lacrosse Scoop rebounder is among the most popular on the market, with an affordable price point, but it offers only average quality. So, it would be best if you looked for other options or a lower price for the given quality. You might not be impressed.

On the other hand, the higher-end rebounders, such as the EZGoal and similar lacrosse equipment, offer better overall performance and quality, and it's not limited to only one category of players, as our main competitor is.

Still, such high-end rebounders might cost more than $200, so they are not affordable to all players. Besides, these lacrosse pitch-backs are usually made of premium-quality materials, which is another factor for a higher price point.

So, if you want an average and good quality, you can pay less than $150 for the Lacrosse Scoop rebounder. It's not the best option on the market, yet it shows certain extraordinary features to be the most popular lacrosse tool. You won't regret its overall quality and the functions it offers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various factors you must consider when choosing the best lacrosse rebounders. From smaller to huge details, each LAX wall offers different potential, and you should consider all the points when selecting the best one.

The Lacrosse Scoop premium LAX wall might not be the top choice for each pocket; however, it is one of the best rebounders currently on the market. So, you should not skip it when looking for the most suitable tools for your youngest players!

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