Can You Play Lacrosse With Glasses? All You Need to Know (Best 2023 Guide)

Do you confidently make your way across the field but now feel like your glasses are getting in the way? Or maybe you are an aspiring player and wondering if can you play lacrosse with glasses on.

Don't worry - we've got you covered!

We're here to help with all of your questions about playing lacrosse while wearing glasses.

In this guide, we will provide the tips and advice necessary for living out your complete lacrosse experience - no matter what vision necessities come into play!


Take Away Key Points:

  • You can wear glasses and be on your lacrosse team, but the glasses must be prescribed and meet all safety standards
  • There are various models to choose from, so ensure you read the guide to find the best models for the sport
  • Make sure the glasses fit your requirements and need for the best performance on the sport field

How do you wear glasses under a lacrosse helmet?

If you want to know whether and how to wear glasses while playing lacrosse, read the guide below. We will answer all your questions on this topic to make you a valuable team member.

1. Can you wear glasses under a lacrosse helmet?

Wearing glasses under a helmet when you play lacrosse is not recommended by safety experts. Lacrosse players in boys' and women's lacrosse risk severe injuries, as the glasses break easily due to fast-moving objects.

However, wearing glasses under a lacrosse helmet is possible with the right gear. To make wearing glasses comfortable and safe underneath a helmet, you should purchase an optically-correct face shield compatible with your helmet.

This face shield will wrap around your head, protecting the sides of the player's eyes and allowing you to wear eyewear without discomfort or fogging and stay safe during the game.

Along with an optically-correct face shield, helmets need to fit correctly and have adjustable straps to ensure maximum comfort while accommodating glasses underneath the protective gear.

When all of these considerations are taken into account, eyeglass wearers can safely enjoy playing lacrosse protected by their helmet and their glasses simultaneously!

Still, as the experts emphasize the protection and safety of the players as the top priority, they recommend you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses for increased visibility and better lacrosse eye protection.

How do you wear glasses under a lacrosse helmet?

2. What are prescription sports goggles?

Prescription lacrosse goggles are eyeglasses designed for safety, comfort, and protection when playing a sport like men's lacrosse. These lenses provide the same clarity and good visibility as regular glasses.

But they offer better protection. The prescription glasses are designed with impact-resistant frames and lenses to protect eyes from any potential harm from an errant ball or stick impact, thus.

Not only are these prescription sports goggles safer, but they also generally allow for enhanced performance due to better vision when tracking the ball or perceiving subtle changes in the game's speed or direction.

Furthermore, the improved comfortable fit that prescription goggles offer eliminates distractions due to eyestrain or uncomfortable frames. The goggles enable players to remain focused on their game and allow them to play at higher levels. Otherwise, the players couldn't play well without the enhanced vision these contacts can provide.

3. Can you wear contact lenses in lacrosse?

Using contact lenses when performing the sport of lacrosse can be beneficial and improve vision on the field. Most lenses are made to stay in place, even during rigorous physical activity such as lacrosse, making them an ideal choice for athletes.

However, it is crucial to keep hydrated and take frequent breaks to ensure that the contacts do not become dry or uncomfortable. For anyone already using the lens pair, consult your eye care specialist about the best disposable options for sports activities such as lacrosse.

Players can confidently wear their lens pair by taking a few precautions during any game.

4. Can girls wear glasses if they wear lacrosse goggles?

Using lacrosse goggles and glasses together can be tricky for female players. At first thought, it may seem counter-intuitive to combine the two, but women have been having success with the double-up look and the eye-guard gear.

Fortunately, many lacrosse goggles companies make glasses designed specifically for female athletes that enhance vision and protect against flying objects during a game.

Thus, the high-quality pair of lacrosse goggles provide the best protective equipment for the players on the field. The lacrosse eye protection will protect the player from hurt and injuries, and the right pair of lacrosse goggles ensure a secure fit and better vision.

The lacrosse goggles are lightweight and comfortable yet offer optimum safety, so you don't have to worry about switching between one and the other depending on your activities. With these specially designed glasses, you can also look good and perform at your peak!

5. How to find the best lacrosse eye protection?

When choosing a new pair of lacrosse glasses, it is important to consider the frame fit and compatibility with your gear.

Frames are traditional glasses with temple arms that fold out and sit along the sides of your head. They come with a frame strap to secure them comfortably on the face and fit under helmets.

Goggles have a headband strap that goes around the head for a secure fit on the face, offering maximum protection without sacrificing visibility.

An interchangeable frame-to-goggle style provides versatility for multi-sport athletes or those playing different positions on the field.

It is also important to ensure that your eyewear is compatible with any required gear or equipment used for lacrosse, such as helmets, eye guards, or headgear.

Regarding lens technology, anti-fog coatings are a must for players, as fogging can be a major distraction. An anti-scratch coating is also important to keep your lenses in good condition and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

The technology offers a range of products designed to protect and improve players' performance. With shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, tints that match varying light conditions, and coatings that prevent fogging and scratching, you can trust the design to provide the best protection and visibility for your game.

Most importantly, the lacrosse eye protection - goggles, lenses, or prescription goggles all meet and exceed the US Lacrosse rules and safety standards. Thus, they are the best equipment for specific players with a higher risk of injuries, verified by the US Lacrosse, and necessary part for sports matches.

Best goggles to protect your eyes from injuries

Best goggles to protect your eyes from injuries

Prescription lacrosse goggles are a great way to protect your eyes during the sport. Several options are available to fit your needs, whether you're a boy or a girl.

Here are some of the best prescription lacrosse goggles for boys and girls:

- STX Focus-S Goggle: This goggle is designed with a low-profile frame and an adjustable strap, making it comfortable and secure for any player. It also features an anti-fog coating to ensure clear visibility during the game.

- Brine Dynasty 2 Goggles: These goggles are lightweight and won't weigh down players during games or practices. They also feature an adjustable strap and foam padding for extra comfort and protection.

- STX Focus XV-S Goggle: This goggle has a unique design that allows it to fit comfortably on any face shape or size. It also has an adjustable strap, anti-fog coating, and foam padding for added protection and comfort.

- Q-Collar: The Q-Collar is designed to reduce the risk of head injuries in players by providing neck support during sports matches. It's made from lightweight material that won't interfere with your performance on the field.

These prescription lacrosse sunglasses provide superior protection while allowing you to see clearly during sports games or practices. With their comfortable designs, adjustable straps, and anti-fog coatings, these goggles will help keep your eyes safe so you can focus on performing your best game!


Can you wear glasses to girls' lacrosse?

Yes, you can wear glasses to girls' lacrosse. All eye protection must meet the ASTM 3077 standard for safety, and many girls' lacrosse goggles are designed to fit over glasses.

The NVYLL has also allowed girls to play with 'normal' goggles worn over their prescription eyeglasses if they fit. However, it is essential to make sure that the glasses do not protrude beyond the goggles or become uncomfortable when playing.

Can you play sports with glasses?

Yes, you can play sports with glasses. However, wearing regular glasses while playing sports is not recommended as they can easily shatter and cause injury to the eye.

Instead, it is best to use dedicated sports goggles or plastic lenses specifically designed for sports. Additionally, Lasik surgery may be an option for those who want to improve their visibility while playing sports.

Why do girls wear goggles in lacrosse?

Girls wear goggles in lacrosse to prevent eye injuries, and the goggles are required pieces of equipment for female players.

Goggles are key to in-game success, as they provide protection from potential injury and help keep players safe while playing the sport.

Final verdict

Wearing glasses while playing lacrosse is allowable if they are the correct type of glasses and meet all safety standards.

Be sure to get a prescription from a doctor and purchase frames that will protect you while you play.

With the right pair of safety glasses, you can enjoy the game without worrying about injuring yourself or losing your vision.

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