Fun Facts About Lacrosse: We Bet You Didn’t Know This! (2023 Edition)

Get ready, lacrosse fans! We've scoured the internet to uncover incredible facts you may not know about this beloved sport.

From its lesser-known historical roots spanning millennia ago to recent world record events that have stuck in our heads, we've rounded up all the fun information and exciting facts about lacrosse for your reading pleasure.

So grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable – you're about to learn something new about one of your favorite sports!


Take Away Key Points:

  • From the past to the present, the play has greatly evolved
  • There are various fun facts to make fans like the game even more
  • Know the facts first to understand the game better

Don't Play Lacrosse if You Don't Know These Fun Facts!

Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the nation, but some facts will surprise you. Here are the most popular lacrosse facts:

1. The fastest game on two feet

fun facts about lacrosse

Lacrosse is considered the fastest game on two feet due to the fast-ball movements across the lacrosse field. The fast-paced sport is so active that sometimes you cannot see the lacrosse ball until someone scores the goal.

In addition, Paul Rabil, the lacrosse GOAT, shot the ball at an incredible 111 mph in 2009. However, in 2013, Mike Sawyer smashed Rabil's record and shot the ball at 114 mph.

2. The fastest-growing sport in the USA

Field lacrosse is also considered the fastest-growing sport in the nation, as the number of lacrosse players increased by 110% in the last twelve years. The same goes for women's lacrosse since their number of players also increased by 100%.

3. The oldest sport in the USA

Although no one can certainly claim when exactly the game was invented, some sources state that it dates back to 1100 AD with the Native tribes. However, the first written sources claim that the Onondaga, Cherokee, and Iroquois nations played lacrosse around the 1500s.

The Native Americans held various rituals, celebrated the Creator, and used the game to settle disputes among the Native American tribes & territories.

4. Little Brother of War

Native Americans played various lacrosse games that would last several days, and young men were preparing for the war. There were no rules, and the games were violent, so often, there were dead bodies everywhere.

5. When lacrosse defeated the Empire

In 1763 two Native American tribes formed teams to play lacrosse for fun. However, they wanted to recapture Fort Michilimackinac in upper Michigan and attacked the British soldiers. Unfortunately, it was the king's birthday, so the British soldiers were inattentive and lost the battle. The event is known as the day when lacrosse defeated the Empire.

6. A team sport played by thousands of players

historical facts about lacrosse

When Native Americans played the sport, there were no rules and no precise number of players. Everyone could participate, which is why there were between 100 to 1000 participants on each team. So, when 2000 players fought over a small lacrosse ball, the games lasted for several days.

7. New rules of lacrosse

French settlers during the 1800s began to change the rules since the Indian lacrosse game was too violent. Together with the Natives, they established a set of rules and built the foundation of today's lacrosse version of the rules.

8. Women's lacrosse game & women's lacrosse facts

For years, the game was only a popular spot among men, and there was only a men's lacrosse version of the sport. However, the first women's lacrosse game was played in 1890 in Scotland, in the St. Leonard school. The game was a part of education for young girls.

9. Several sports merged into one

Lacrosse is a game combining basketball, soccer, and hockey. It's played with different sticks - short and long-handled stick types, which makes it somewhat similar to hockey. In addition, field lacrosse is played on a field like soccer, and the lacrosse players must be quick on their feet to catch the small rubber ball and put it into the net, which has similarities with basketball.

10. A popular sport with four different types

The game has four versions, including different rules and regulations.

1. Field lacrosse, or men's lacrosse - includes two teams of twelve players on the offensive and defensive half, using specific protective equipment.

2. Women's lacrosse - slightly differs from the men's game in terms of the number of players, contact, and specific equipment they wear.

3. Box lacrosse - a Canadian and the most popular version in North America. Box lacrosse is an indoor lacrosse game, usually played on an ice hockey rink when the ice is removed. The game includes two teams, each consisting of six athletes, and there is more physical contact allowed due to the standards the game requires.

4. Intercrosse - also known as soft stick lacrosse, is a non-contact lacrosse sport with a specific set of rules and modified protective equipment. The main objective is to increase youth participation in lacrosse and prevent injuries.

11. Lacrosse & Olympic Games

Lacrosse was a National sport in 1904 and 1908 in the Olympiad. Canadian teams won both times. However, it was only a demonstration sport in 1928, 1932, and 1948. There is a barrier to making the sport back in the Olympics. Still, the Federation of International Lacrosse pulls the strings to change the current situation and bring the sport of lacrosse back to the Olympiad 2028.

12. Different leagues & the Major League Lacrosse

interesting facts about lacrosse history

Lacrosse has multiple professional leagues across North America, each responsible for one lacrosse version. The MLL - Major Lacrosse League was established in 2001 as the official governing body of men's lacrosse, but the association merged with the Premier Lacrosse League and formed the New PLL in 2021.

National Lacrosse League - NLL, founded in 1987, is the primary representative for box lacrosse, and the United Women's Lacrosse League - UWLX is the main official body for women's lacrosse, launched in 2016.

Each league has its lacrosse tournament and championship, so teams can compete for the crowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did lacrosse get its name?

Lacrosse got its name after the French word for the stick - la crosse in the 1600s, as the French missionaries noticed Natives playing a game with sticks.

Who is the youngest lacrosse player?

The youngest lacrosse player is Eric Spanos, a fourteen-year-old boy playing at Malvern Prep.

What does lacrosse mean in English?

Lacrosse stems from a French word for stick - la crosse.

What was lacrosse first called?

Lacrosse was first called a stickball and played by Native American Indians.


Lacrosse is a truly unique and distinctive game. Whether it's professional leagues, college teams, or just families playing in their backyards, the sport of lacrosse has been popular for centuries. It's thrilling to watch and offers an intense physical challenge that promotes teamwork as players navigate with finesse and agility through opposing teams.

There's something special about watching an intriguing combination of speed, power, and skill while striving toward the ultimate goal — scoring.

Lacrosse unites its fans together in the spirit of sportsmanship and competitiveness; it will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come!

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