Best Things to Do Before Lacrosse Tryouts: A Comprehensive 2023 List

If you're looking for an edge over the competition in your upcoming lacrosse tryouts, look no further! Preparing ahead of time can help give you a significant advantage when cutting.

With that in mind, we've put together this comprehensive list of the best things to do before lacrosse tryouts. So please read on for our top tips and tricks to ensure you come out victorious when competing against other players vying for a spot on the team!


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are multiple tactics to do before a tryout
  • Follow the strategies to make the coach notice you
  • Don't overthink and stay positive no matter the outcome

Best Tips to Standout in Lacrosse Tryouts

Attending a lacrosse tryout can be intimidating, but with the proper preparation and attitude, you can make an impression and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best tips for succeeding at lacrosse tryouts.

1. Wall ball for improved stick skills

best lacrosse tricks

Playing wall ball sessions is an essential drill to complete before attending any tryout for lacrosse. It allows players to develop enhanced fundamental strength and conditioning by repeating the same maneuver. It is also providing coaches with the opportunity to have players demonstrate their on-field endurance.

A short wall ball session is a crucial pre-tryout exercise. It allows offensive players to build significant muscle memory for using their stick and accurately and strategically passing the ball from one spot to another. This drill will also improve eye coordination skills significantly, aiding each player in aiming precisely when it matters most: during game time.

Ultimately, the wall ball serves its purpose best by preparing players for the physical and mental stresses of competing at a high level. In addition, it helps ensure that professional and college teams can perform at their top level while playing lacrosse.

2. Do not run or lift, or do any other taxing activity

It is essential to arrive at any athletic tryout fully energized and in peak physical condition. If you attempt running, lifting, or any other taxing activity before attending a tryout, fatigue may set in, hindering your performance during the assessments.

Furthermore, intense exertion might cause an injury or muscular strain on your lower or upper body. It could be challenging to shake off during the trial. A warm-up routine with light stretching is encouraged to maintain mobility and flexibility before participating in arduous drills and exercises.

3. Static stretch and foam roll for improving short-term mobility

Before a tryout, it is crucial to do static stretches and foam roll to improve short-term mobility. Static stretching increases flexibility by elongating the muscles for an extended period. On the other hand, the foam roller breaks down muscular adhesions that can cause tightness and decrease the range of motion.

An added benefit of doing static stretches and foam rolling before a lacrosse tryout is that it helps prevent injury. Slowly heating the body's musculature before engaging in the sport's high-intensity activity reduces the likelihood of overworking or straining muscles during the tryout.

Doing these activities also improves performance since joints' greater range of motion translates into faster reaction time on the field.

Therefore, low-intensity static stretches and foam rolling are highly recommended before a lacrosse tryout. They essentially help with short-term mobility and reduce one's chances of getting injured at practice to perform better.

4. Drinking thirty-two ounces of water to stay fully hydrated

Being adequately hydrated is essential for an athlete before a tryout. Staying hydrated helps prevent cramps, aches, and fatigue that can lead to an underwhelming performance.

It would be best if you stayed hydrated, as drinking enough water also keeps your body temperature down. In addition, it's the best way to protect your heart from strain during high-intensity activities.

Thirty-two ounces of water is generally considered sufficient to keep the body hydrated. This amount gives your blood plasma volume a good balance. It also enables muscle movement and oxygen flow throughout the body more easily.

Furthermore, staying well-hydrated not only boosts physical performance but mental performance too. Cognitive ability, like focus, can be decreased when one isn't fully and adequately hydrated.

Therefore, athletes must ensure their bodies are fully prepared for optimum performance at tryouts by drinking thirty-two ounces of water beforehand!

5. Organize your athletic clothing and lacrosse equipment

When preparing for a tryout, organizing your athletic clothing and lacrosse equipment is essential. This will ensure you are ready and equipped for whatever event may come during the tryout.

Being organized sets you up for success, as your essential gear is easily accessible. It also allows you to make a positive impression from the start.

Having what you need adequately stored also prevents distractions or delays due to looking for misplaced items or having your equipment scattered in different places.

Planning by organizing your items helps create an environment conducive to performing at your best. You can also show the coaches just how much potential you have during the tryout. Here is the critical gear to prepare for practice and playing days:

All players must wear these items each time they step on the field or field hockey rink. Playing might be extremely dangerous without the proper safety gear, leading to severe injuries. They could threaten a player's health and well-being for a lifetime. It will also decrease confidence and make the team vulnerable.

6. Organize the necessary transportation to arrive at tryouts earlier

Lacrosse players will have the greatest chance of success at tryouts if they are prepared and arrive early. Organizing transportation to their tryout on time allows them to ensure that their performance is at its peak.

Showing up ahead of time gives athletes a chance to warm up, review drills to boost their self-confidence, and get familiar with the layout of the field. Not having to worry about transportation distractions gives players peace of mind. They can focus on impressing the coaches and giving maximum effort during workouts and scrimmages.

Plus, arriving late or unprepared could make a wrong first impression on coaches, potentially costing an athlete a team placement. The last thing you want is to make your coach replace you.

With proper planning and preparation, lacrosse players can enter a tryout in the best possible condition, maximizing all aspects that contribute to showing their true potential as an athlete.

7. Visualize what a successful tryout looks like to you

Visualizing a successful tryout can be a powerful tool for athletes looking to make the team. This exercise helps players adapt their mental preparedness, but it also increases motivation and reduces anxiety.

Players can use visualization techniques to create vivid images of what a successful tryout would look like. These include accurately completing drills, responding to coaches' instructions, making connective passes, and effectively communicating with teammates.

Visualizing success in this way helps participants become more practiced in their reactions and actions during the common scenarios seen in the tryouts process. Additionally, visualizing these successes gives athletes confidence in their abilities. This positively impacts their overall performance and feeling of accomplishment when they walk off the field.

8. Try passing line drills

Lacrosse tryouts are competitive and require that players quickly process visual information, make split-second decisions, and rely on their teammates to execute passes successfully.

Passing line drills have proven especially effective for preparing players for the challenges of a tryout. These drills involve two offensive lines that move in opposite directions to create passing lanes for the player with the lacrosse ball.

When pursuing a spot on a team, lacrosse players must participate in passing line drills. As a result, they will hone their skills and better position themselves for success during the tryout.

Focusing on developing crisp and accurate passes with the proper form of lacrosse ball makes the difference between making or missing a team.

As such, all lacrosse players should incorporate passing line drills into their pre-tryout regimen to ensure they're ready to impress on game day and improve their hard work. They can also prevent mistakes and have better ball control.

9. Warm-up drills

Lacrosse players need to warm up before a tryout as it prepares the body and mind for competition. Warming up helps reduce the risk of injury by slowly increasing the heart rate and warming muscle fibers.

It also allows players to become physically and mentally prepared for the game's demands and play new skills, techniques, and tactics that may be learned during an intensive tryout session.

Furthermore, having focused, energized, and alert players maximize the efficiency of coaching activities and organized drills during a tryout.

Ultimately a successful tryout begins with strong preparation. Thus, proper warm-up activities are critical factors in helping guarantee a player's success. They can control the ball better, avoid mistakes, practice more, and advance toward victory.

10. Recovering your body by stretching

Stretching before a tryout is critical for ensuring the health and safety of a player.

Stretching helps to increase flexibility, reduce muscle tension, improve joint range of motion and give players ample time to flow into their warm-up process. It can also help prevent potential injuries such as strains and sprains.

In addition, stretching helps to improve agility and overall performance, allowing athletes to showcase their skills at the peak of their abilities during tryouts. You can also adjust your upper back, hands, and head for the gameplay and prepare your overall body for the upcoming games.

Stretching is also the best way to remain calm, as you can perform various exercises and take a deep breath to calm your breathing (in yoga stretching, for instance.) You will keep your head clear for fewer mistakes and better focus in the play.

Ultimately, proper stretching can improve your chances of success in the tryout by ensuring you can perform to the best of your ability without putting yourself at risk for injury from overexertion.

How to Train for Lacrosse Tryouts?

lacrosse tryouts drills

Training for lacrosse tryouts is an important part of the preparation process. It requires dedication and focus. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, there is always something you can do to improve your skills and increase your chances of making the teams.

The best way to ensure success on the field is to create a plan of action and stick to it diligently. An excellent place to begin is by building strength, agility, and endurance through running, weightlifting, and plyometrics.

Training should include strengthening exercises for endurance, agility drills for speed, and proper footwork for quick changes in direction. Additionally, the practice should consist of dribbling and cradling the ball with both hands.

It is important to work on technical skills like passing, catching, and shooting the ball and tactical skills such as communication and game strategy. By practicing these skills regularly, you can ensure that your tryout performance will be at its best.

If possible, joining local leagues or teams will allow players to perfect their skills under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Keeping well-hydrated throughout the training is essential to avoid injuries and ensure peak performance during tryouts. With sound preparation, players can be fully prepared and confident when they step onto the lacrosse field at tryouts.

Additionally, mental preparation is just as necessary as physical training regarding lacrosse tryouts. Knowing the game's rules, understanding team dynamics, and learning to stay composed under pressure give you a competitive edge when it comes time to show off your skills.

With the right preparation and practice, you will give your all at lacrosse tryouts and make a lasting impression on the coach.

Visualize yourself performing well during tryouts and feel confident that you have done all the necessary preparation to become an asset to the team. By preparing mentally, be both physically and mentally ready to face any challenges that come your way during the tryouts.

Finally, don't forget to have fun! Lacrosse is a dynamic, exciting sport, and having fun should always be your priority. Enjoy the process of preparing for tryouts, and remember that it's just one step closer to becoming part of a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do before a tryout?

The main tactics to prepare and play the sport include:

- Planning in advance

- Practicing to improve your body and speed

- Relaxing to avoid mistakes and keep your mind and body health optimal

- Be yourself and have fun. Do not think much about the outcome. Just be you

What do they do in lacrosse tryouts?

what to bring to lacrosse tryouts

Tryouts include the activities below:

- warm-up drill

- passing line drill

- ground ball drill

- conditioning

- scrimmages

- wall ball drill and test

- one versus one dodging drill

- four versus three fast break drill

How to make an impression at lacrosse tryouts?

To make an impression on your coach, you must be dedicated and focused on scoring, passing, sharing, assisting, and performing fair play on the field.

When you do a fair share of your job, you will show the coach that you want to be there and that you are ready for the challenges the game offers.

What do coaches look for in lacrosse tryouts?

A coach looks for a player who has an unselfish skill offer. Regardless of the position he/she plays, only the players who can elevate their team's game can stand out. And it would be best to remain positive, no matter the outcome.

What to wear to lacrosse tryouts?

You must wear your protective equipment, but underneath it, you can wear a T-shirt and gym shorts.

What to eat before lacrosse tryouts?

You can eat: a carbohydrate-rich snack, banana, orange slices, pretzels, toast, bagels, pasta. A small amount of protein, such as a tablespoon of peanut butter or a boiled egg, is also fine.


The varsity lacrosse coach wants to see a strong team playing fairly and working hard. Therefore, he is looking at each player to fill a specific role on the team.

If you want to make an impression at tryouts and have the best chance of making the team, follow the tips above on the best things to do before lacrosse tryouts.

The more coaches know about you before tryouts, the better your chances are of becoming a starter or even captaining the team.

Good luck!

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