Best Lacrosse Books to Play Lacrosse Better! A Wholesome 2023 List

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As a lacrosse player, any book you read can help deepen your passion and knowledge for the game. Whether it's improving your skills and tactics or learning more about the history of the sport - there are tons of great lacrosse books for all types of players.

That's why we've researched to uncover some truly best lacrosse books that will add awesome to any lacrosse library!

Here is our ultra-comprehensive list of must-read books on everything surrounding lacrosse. So get ready to begin your journey into mastering this beloved sport!


Take Away Key Points:

  • There are multiple lacrosse books to improve your play and be a better sportsman (top eleven books)
  • The books cover a wide range of lacrosse needs and demands
  • Ensure you read all of the listed lacrosse books to find your strategy and practice more for outstanding results

Most Popular Lacrosse Books for All Players!

Whether you're a young athlete or an advanced player, you can always consult a collection of various books to enhance your game and improve performance.

Here is our list for better understanding.

1. American Indian Lacrosse: Little Brother of War

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The lacrosse book tackles the aboriginal roots of lacrosse written by Thomas Vennum. The 376-page book explains lacrosse's cultural significance and history among Native Americans. The book also describes the game's cultural, spiritual, and religious aspects.

2. Lacrosse Legends of the First Americans

This is another lacrosse book written by Thomas Vennum. The book describes thirteen legends from five Native American tribes, including:

- Cherokee

- Senece

- Ho-Chunk

- Menominee

- Ojibwa.

The book also explains the role of the Creator's game in tribal culture.

3. The Spirit in the Stick

The fictional story written by Neil Duffy tells a story about a fourteen-year-old boy called Robbie Jones who receives a 200-year-old lacrosse stick. The stick has been passed down to several generations. The lacrosse stick takes him on a journey he could never imagine.

4. Lacrosse the Globe

If you read the lacrosse book, you will find what lacrosse might look like in 2030. This is the author's main idea. The author Nick Marrocco asks if the game will be one of the greatest sports in the future.

5. The Energy Bus

The book tells ten secrets to approach life and work to find the best method and accomplish your goals. The author is John Gordon. He played lacrosse at Cornell under the famous coach Richie Moran. A well-known football coach Dabo Swinney claimed it was a must-read lacrosse book.

6. Stay Positive

This is Gordon's other must-read book. The book helps inject your day with positive energy. Collecting anecdotes and various inspirational and motivational quotes will help players during their practice.

7. The Score Takes Care of Itself

The author of the book is Bill Walsh. He was a two-time NFL coach of the year and a three-time Super Bowl champion coach of the year. In his book, Walsh writes that players and coaches should control what they can control. The most famous quote from his lacrosse book is, "Do the right things, and the right things will happen."

8. Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

Phil Jackson, a legendary NBA coach, won eleven titles. In the book, he explains how he managed personalities, handled egos, and took the Lakers and Bulls to history.

9. Talent Code

The book's author is Daniel Coyle, who writes about how top-level athletes develop various techniques and drills to make them advanced. He states that athletes can get to the next level through repetition and practice. Younger athletes should read the book to focus on improvement and become advanced players.

10. I Hope You Will Be Very Happy

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Dom Starsia, a famous coach, writes a series of short essays and anecdotes in his book. He explains how the lacrosse journey made him, Virginia, and Brown's teams successful during his career as a coach.

11. Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition

This is the newer version of the book written by Bob Scott in 1976. The latest version was written by Neil Grauer and Dave Pietramala. The lacrosse work highlights all techniques, drills, tactics, equipment, and similar lacrosse tools to improve the sport and the athletes. If you read it, you will find the pictures.

12. Women's Lacrosse: A Guide for Advanced Players and Coaches

In work, you will learn about differences in men's and women's lacrosse, Janine Tucker is the author, and she provides the best skills, drills, and techniques to make women's lacrosse advanced and more popular. Along with the instructions, you can also find photos and advice from former players and coaches. It's a must-read among female players.

13. Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse

The guide offers valuable insight into the methods to achieve an optimal game shape. The performance in sports is based on the player's position and physical skills, so Tom Howley, the author and conditioning coach, created it to support each lacrosse player. One of the most popular lacrosse books makes lacrosse athletes stronger, faster, and more mobile in their positions. It's a must-read, and all ages must purchase it.


As you can see, many great lacrosse books are available to help players of all levels improve their skills. Be sure to read as many as possible and practice the drills and techniques you learn. With enough dedication and hard work, you'll be an unstoppable force on the field in no time!

Thanks for reading, and we hope this guide to the best lacrosse books was valuable to you.

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