Lacrosse Black Eye: Engage Your Warrior Mode on (2023 Guide)

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If you're a lacrosse player, chances are that you've at least seen eye black once or twice while watching your favorite team in action.

But, have you ever wondered:

Why do lacrosse players wear black under their eyes?

While this look may be common among competitive athletes, it can also create confusion as to why someone would paint black streaks underneath their eyes during a game.

Players prioritize the importance of keeping their vision clear and unobstructed on the field— and what better way to do this than by utilizing eye black?

In this blog post, we'll cover the basics of lacrosse black eye: from the design and significance to eye black rules for proper placement on your face for maximum effectiveness and answering if eye black is illegal in lacrosse.

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Take Away Key Points:

  • Eye black is a signature art look for many lacrosse players. Although it might look crazy to novice players, the black eye has a significant meaning for lacrosse players.
  • Lacrosse eye black allows you to play the game without the sun's glare hitting your vision.
  • There are a few lacrosse eye black rules every player must follow in order not to get the penalty!

What is the Significance of Lacrosse Eye Black?

 lacrosse eye black designs


Lacrosse players often take the field adorned in eye black. While it may look like they're channeling their inner warrior, lacrosse eyewear has a purpose beyond just an intimidating appearance.

Eye black reduces glare from sunlight, reflective surfaces, and bright lights allow lacrosse players better visibility while competing on the court.

The eye black also decreases the amount of sun exposure lacrosse players receive, which further helps focus and performance during intense lacrosse matches.

With lacrosse quickly gaining in popularity, eye black is a distinguishing factor for lacrosse players not only as a style element but as an essential tool for better play.

Lacrosse Eye Black Rules

Lacrosse has precise rules for eye black, which apply differently depending on the level of play involved.

Many players wonder:

Why is there an eye black rule in lacrosse, and what is the lacrosse black eye rule?

These following precise lacrosse protocols demonstrate how seriously lacrosse takes its players' apparel, as even something as small as eye black has regulations.

1. Can high-school Lacrosse players wear eye black?

Those who take part in high school lacrosse must have their eye black adhere to specific width and size parameters, meaning that numbers, symbols, and logos may not extend beyond the width of the eye socket or below the cheekbone.

Although this rule is loosely enforced, players who fail to adhere to these regulations could face a penalty during the game.

2. NCAA Lacrosse eye black rules

NCAA lacrosse seemed to be off the hook when it comes to the rules of the lacrosse eye black designs. However, as of recently, NCAA lacrosse players are also obligated to use only solid black colors with no logos, words, or symbols.

3. Can girls Lacrosse wear eye black?

Yes, girls can wear eye black just like men do, meaning that the same rules for eye black apply to both genders.

Although women's lacrosse does not require wearing a helmet which would make the black eye even more fearless, women's lacrosse players are obliged to follow the rules.

Black Eye Designs

eye black rules lacrosse


Although all players must follow the regulations of wearing eye black, they still have a wide variety of design options. Here's an overview of some popular lacrosse eye black designs:

  • Blacked out lacrosse eye black: A classic look among lacrosse athletes is the "blacked out" look. This design is achieved by applying thick, solid lines of black to the area around each eye.
  • Triangle lacrosse eye black: The triangle eye black style features two triangles pointing down towards your cheeks.
  • Messy lacrosse eye black: For a more rugged look, lacrosse players can opt for the messy-style eye black with a smudged and smeared application below each eye.
  • Straight bar lacrosse eye black: One of the most popular styles of lacrosse eye black is the straight bar look— it's simple yet effective, making it a great choice for all players to apply the paint in one solid stroke.
  • Interpretive lacrosse eye black: Those looking to make a statement can opt for interpretive eye black, which consists of unique designs such as arrows and stars.

Proper Placement of Lacrosse Eye Black

Regardless of the chosen design, proper placement of lacrosse eye black is essential to its effectiveness. Effective lacrosse eyewear reduces glare from sunlight and reflective surfaces to maximize visibility while playing.

When applying your eye black, make sure that you place it directly beneath each brow bone and across your cheekbones so that the eye black lines create a "V" shape around each eye socket. This will ensure that the sun doesn't disrupt your vision during playtime.

Finally, apply enough pressure when placing your eye black on your face so that it doesn't smudge or sweat during the game.

Does Black Eye Sweat Off?

Eye black sweat can be a nuisance for lacrosse players, as it causes their eye black to smudge and run down their faces. To ensure that your eye black stays put during the game, use a setting spray or sealant to keep it in place.

The creative eye black can also come off if you are not careful with the application and product selection. We recommend the Farkas Eye Black.

The Farkas Eye Black is made to stay on your face during the game and even fight off sweaty games.

Initially, eye black paint was made from beeswax, carbon, and paraffin. Over the years, manufacturers added petroleum jelly to increase the paint's durability and protection.


Is eye black allowed in lacrosse?

Yes, eye black is allowed in lacrosse, but it has its rules. For example, high school lacrosse players must not draw symbols, logos, letters, or similar under their eyes.

Furthermore, eye black is deemed accepted only when applied in a single stroke and does not extend past the width of one's eye socket or underneath the cheekbone.

Why is there an eye black rule in lacrosse?

Eye black has been an essential part of lacrosse since its inception, and there are several reasons why this rule exists. However, the primary purpose of eye black is to reduce glare from the sun and other bright lights that can cause players to lose focus on the game.

What is the new eye black rule?

lacrosse eye black styles

The new eye black rule refers to NCAA players and states that eye black should not contain symbols, numbers, or logos.

Has the black eye been there since the early days of lacrosse?

The black eye has been a part of lacrosse since its beginning days. It was the most useful device for reducing sun glare, essential for players to see the ball and stay focused on the game during big plays.

Surprisingly, the first known glare-reducing devices were crafted by Eskimos from Alaska, Canada, and Siberia almost two millennia ago.

How do you get rid of black eye in lacrosse?

Eye black paint can be quickly taken off with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol or a makeup remover. Makeup removers are usually oil-based and can take off the paint in seconds.

What are lacrosse mullets?

The 'mullet' hairstyle was popularized by lacrosse players, considering it is the best hairstyle for keeping the hair away from the face while retaining the length at the back.


With lacrosse eye black, you can make a statement with your style and maximize your visibility when playing in bright or stadium lights. But remember to adhere to the rules for eye black and find the design that works best for you!

With these tips, you'll be ready to hit the field in style.

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