How Long Are Lacrosse Quarters? 2023 Guide for Lacrosse Beginners

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Are you interested in learning the basics of lacrosse?

In this guide for lacrosse beginners, we'll cover a topic that's essential to understand: how long are lacrosse quarters?

We'llWe'll discuss why quarters and period length vary depending on league rules and playing level. Additionally, we provide general timing guidelines to ensure your team is aware of their expected playtime.

Whether you are just starting or need a refresher course on the different elements associated with engaging in lacrosse, this post will equip you with helpful information!


Take Away Key Points:

  • The duration of a lacrosse game is determined based on the division, age group, and league.
  • A typical lacrosse game lasts for 60 minutes, while the overtime periods last for 5-10 minutes, with sudden-death overtime rules.
  • Unlike a football field, lacrosse players can move behind the goal.

Lacrosse Game Overview

how long are high school lacrosse quarters

Lacrosse is played with two teams comprising ten players with different player positions, each face-off in the center of the field and taking turns attempting to score.

Each team has three attackmen and three midfielders who can play on either side of the ball; additionally, both teams have a goalie in their half and are surrounded by three defenders.

Following a goal, the other team must take the face-off within 10 seconds or forfeit possession to the other side. The game ends with one team scoring more goals than the opposing team.

How Long Do Lacrosse Games Usually Last?

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting game widely popular among athletes and fans.

An important factor in such an entertaining contest is the game's runtime. While the duration of lacrosse games depends on the rules established by their respective leagues or divisions and age group, games generally run for about 60 minutes of regulation time.

This comprises four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes, with 2-minute breaks between quarters other than during halftime when there is a 10-minute break.

Further, teams are allowed up to 4 minutes to use as timeouts throughout the game. Considering these factors, lacrosse games are expected to end in around 78 minutes.

The Timing Structure of a Lacrosse Game

Before diving into the details of this article, let's quickly review the general structure of a lacrosse game. As different competitions and leagues have varying rules and times, we won't provide exact times here, just an outline of how the timing works.

Many new players will wonder: How long is a lacrosse game?

Let's answer all your doubts and questions!

1. Quarters

In most lacrosse games, the game is divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes with a 2-minute break between quarters, except during halftime when there is a 10-minute break.

Depending on the league, game clocks can be managed in two ways - Running Clock and Stop Clock.

When a running clock is used, the timer counts even when the ball goes out of bounds or when a penalty is being assessed. This is common in youth lacrosse games since they are typically shorter.

Stop clock, conversely, stops after each instance and is usually used for high school, college, and professional games.

2. Halftime

The halftime period is a late-game break that takes place after the 2nd quarter and lasts 10 minutes. Coaches may use the halftime period to give their teams a break and strategize their plans for the second half of the game.

Players can leave the field for restroom breaks or medical attention but must re-enter at the same spot as when they left. Halftime allows teams to make substitutions and adjustments to their strategy.

3. Overtime

An overtime period is held if the score is tied at the end of regulation play. The overtime period usually lasts 5 or 10 minutes long, with sudden-death overtime period rules.

This means that the first team to score within the overtime period wins the game.

If teams are still tied at the end of overtime, they enter into a shootout where they take turns shooting at the goal from the same set distance, which varies depending on the age and skill level of the teams.

4. Timeouts

Timeouts are short breaks teams can take during a lacrosse game. Each team is allowed up to 4 timeouts that last 1 minute each. These timeouts can be used for medical needs, strategic planning, and other purposes throughout the game.

How Long Are Lacrosse High School Games?

are there quarters in lacrosse

College lacrosse coaches often target high school athletes, beginning at the professional level. However, there is a difference in intensity compared to college-level play, and the rules remain unchanged.

Lacrosse is a highly competitive sport, and high-school lacrosse games provide much of the same excitement as professional lacrosse games.

Many novice lacrosse players wonder: How long is a high school lacrosse game?

High school lacrosse games involve four quarters of 12 minutes each, with two-minute breaks between quarters and a 10-minute halftime.

If no high-school lacrosse game team wins by the end of regulation, overtime consists of 4-minute periods until one team scores. As to how long the high-school lacrosse games last, that depends on when the goal is scored.

How Long is College Lacrosse Game?

College lacrosse games are often seen as a stepping stone for young players who want to make their name before progressing to the professional level.

College lacrosse games follow a specific set of rules that also apply in the professional game, with four quarters lasting fifteen minutes each, plus two-minute breaks between quarters and a ten-minute break at halftime.

This makes for a total college lacrosse game time of approximately 74 minutes. If there is no winning team by the end of the college lacrosse game, then sudden death over time begins.

Each period will last four minutes until one team scores, the outcome of which determines how long the game runs overall.

How Long Are Youth Lacrosse Games?

Youth lacrosse game follows many of the same rules as high school lacrosse but with some key time differences.

Regulation time for a youth lacrosse game is 32 minutes and consists of four 8-minute quarters with two-minute breaks between each quarter and a 10-minute break at halftime, making the total regulation time approximately 46 minutes.

If there is no decisive winner at this point of a youth lacrosse game, then overtime begins. Each lacrosse overtime period lasts up to 4 minutes until one team wins; this format is typically a sudden-death situation.

How Long Are Premier Lacrosse League Games? (Lacrosse League PLL)

The Premier Lacrosse League (Lacrosse League PLL) still plays by the traditional lacrosse rules.

Differences may occur in aspects such as the field size and distance between goals. Additionally, the professional lacrosse league changed the time from the traditional version of an average lacrosse game.

Regulation time is 48 minutes split into four 12-minute quarters, with each team having three timeouts totaling 4 minutes. Including breaks between quarters adds up to a total of 65 minutes for one game. The teams playing are given three timeouts per lacrosse game.

If regulation time ends with both teams tied on points, then an overtime period will be played lasting 12 minutes and won by the first team to score within it. This brings the length of each game to 78 minutes when an overtime period is included, with 1 minute added for a break.

How Long Are the National Lacrosse League (NLL) Games?

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) games typically last about 60 minutes. All NLL games are played in four quarters of 15 minutes each, with a three-minute intermission between the first and second quarters and between the third and fourth quarters.

How Long Are Women's Lacrosse Games?

how long is a quarter at la tech

Women's college lacrosse game is 60 minutes and split into four 15-minute quarters.

The lacrosse team is given 10 minutes for halftime during the break between halves. If the lacrosse game is still tied at the end of regulation time, an overtime period consisting of 6 minutes split into 3-minute halves will be played, with victory going to the first team to score.

On the other hand, a youth girls' lacrosse game is played within 24 minutes, with 12-minute halves.

How Long is a Men's Lacrosse Game?

Boys' youth lacrosse games typically last 32 minutes and are divided into four 8-minute quarters.

The clock doesn't stop during the game, regardless of when the ball goes out of bounds or when there's a penalty. If a winner isn't determined after regulation time, an overtime period consisting of 4 minutes will ensue, with victory going to the team that scores first.


How long are box lacrosse games?

Box lacrosse games have a duration of 60 minutes, divided into three 20-minute periods. Players must also have the proper safety gear, including a lacrosse helmet with a facemask, protective gloves, and arm and shoulder pads.

What is the longest lacrosse game?

Hill Academy students, located in Vaughan, Ontario, are now proud holders of the Guinness World Record for the longest lacrosse game ever played. The game began on Thursday at 11 p.m. and lasted until Saturday night at midnight – a total of 25 hours!


So, now you know how long a lacrosse game lasts. Of course, it may be shorter or longer, depending on the level of competition and division. But one thing is for sure; it's always exciting to watch!

So, whether you're a fan or a player, get out there and enjoy the game!

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