Travel Hacks: Can a Lacrosse Stick Be Carried on a Plane? (2023 Guide)

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Are you wondering can a lacrosse stick be carried on a plane as part of your vacation or business travel?

If so, this blog post is just what you need. Learn all about what kind of lacrosse sticks can be carried on board and various hacks for packing securely and efficiently to make airport security less hassle.

Discover how to save money, time, energy, and other tips while ensuring that your equipment protects against scratches and dings during turbulence.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Check with the airline beforehand to ensure that your lacrosse gear meets size/weight regulations and whether any additional fees apply.
  • Pack your lacrosse stick in a protective covering, such as a bag or case, and ensure it remains within the checked baggage weight limits of the airline.
  • Be mindful of other passengers' safety and comfort when bringing lacrosse gear onto a plane - storing large items in overhead bins may cause space limitations for other passengers' bags or be difficult to lift into position.

Bringing Lacrosse Sticks on Planes: Yes or No?

When it comes to bringing lacrosse sticks and gear on an airplane, deciding whether or not to do so can be a bit of a challenge.

The good news is that while they may be allowed, they must still adhere to specific guidelines; most airlines will enable you to bring lacrosse sticks and equipment as long as they are stored in checked luggage, not brought onto the plane as carry-on baggage.

If you plan on traveling with your lacrosse sticks and equipment, it's essential to ensure that it's adequately packed into the right kind of luggage ahead of time.

Taking the extra steps to ensure everything is securely stored is important for peace of mind during your travels and for ensuring your gear remains intact throughout your flight!

bringing lacrosse sticks on planes

Airline Guidelines on Sport Equipment

Traveling with sporting equipment can be a hassle, but with the right preparation and knowledge of airline rules, it's possible to make your journey smoother.

Most major airlines will allow you to bring some sports equipment as part of your baggage allowance, though there may be restrictions and additional fees for certain prohibited items.

Although lacrosse sticks and similar equipment were not permitted on the airplane, the airline rules were altered in 2013 by the Transportation Security Administration.

In 2013, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revised its policies regarding sports equipment on board flights. The TSA's layered approach changes were made in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization standards, which allows small blades that don't have a lock to be brought inside the cabin.

Sports equipment such as billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, two golf clubs, and lacrosse sticks are now allowed on board when traveling.

The purpose of these adaptations is a part of the Risk-Based Security approach. The TSA rules empowered transportation security officers to hone in on searching for and spotting dangerous items, such as explosives or combustible materials, instead of large equipment like lacrosse sticks. Thus allowing security personnel to be better equipped to safeguard passengers from finding higher threat items and prohibited items, according to the TSA statement.

How to Safely Pack Your Lacrosse Gear for Traveling?

It is recommended to adequately protect and package your sports gear before traveling to ensure that it arrives safely. When preparing lacrosse sticks for air travel, here are some tips you should follow:

- Dissemble the stick into two parts and wrap the head with bubble wrap. This will help protect it from any damage during transit.

- Put each part of the stick in a protective casing, such as a hockey bag or golf club cover, as these provide additional cushioning and protection.

- Secure the case shut with zip ties or other fasteners to ensure it won't open during transit.

- Label the case clearly with your name and contact information if it becomes misplaced or lost during the flight.

- Place your protective equipment, such as gloves and helmets, in a separate bag that is easy to access when going through security at the airport.

- Cushion any fragile items such as goggles with clothing or other soft items to prevent breakage during transit.

- Use a hard-shell suitcase or duffle bag to protect your belongings from rough handling during transits between different flights or carriers.

- Check with your airline for any specific restrictions regarding sport equipment before booking your flight. For example, some may have different rules when carrying large items like lacrosse sticks onto their flights.


How do you fly with a lacrosse stick?

Lacrosse sticks must be stored in approved luggage and can not be brought on board as carry-on items. It's ideal to be mindful when packing lacrosse gear onto a plane, as each airline has its regulations regarding size and weight specifications for any checked bags- some of which may include an additional fee for oversized items.

Can I check a lacrosse stick on a plane?

Yes! You can check a lacrosse stick on most planes when traveling with it, but be sure to check the specific regulations of the airline you are flying with before doing so. Some airlines may require unique packing materials and/or additional fees. It's best to pack the stick in a lacrosse stick hard travel case.

how to travel with lacrosse stick

How to put lacrosse gear on a stick?

To put lacrosse gear on a stick, start by removing any existing strings or tape from the lacrosse head of your lacrosse stick.

Make sure your sidewall and bottom strings are tied tightly to the head of the stick, then slide your pocket in place over the top. Place your pocket in the center of the head and ensure it's tied securely with all parts equally tightened. Once you've got that tied up, tie two additional knots at either side of the pocket to ensure it stays firmly in place while playing or practicing.

How to travel with a lacrosse stick?

When traveling with a lacrosse stick, make sure to securely wrap up your stick in bubble wrap, a lacrosse bag, or similar material before placing it in the checked luggage; this will help ensure that it arrives at its destination safely. You can also store the lacrosse stick in a lacrosse stick carry bag.

How to ship a lacrosse stick?

To ship a lacrosse stick, securely wrap it in bubble wrap, a lacrosse bag, or another protective material.

Place the wrapped stick in a sturdy box with enough padding to ensure it won't move around while in transit.

Make sure to include your contact information inside the package, including a return address and phone number, if possible.

Take the package to your local post office and select an appropriate shipping method according to weight and distance of delivery; most services will offer varying levels of insurance coverage, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Can you bring a lacrosse stick on American Airlines?

According to American Airlines' website, you can bring a lacrosse stick as checked luggage, though additional fees may be associated with its transportation.


So, can a lacrosse stick be carried on a plane?

Overall, you can bring a lacrosse stick on an airplane, but it is essential to read the airline's policies and regulations beforehand. Following these steps will ensure that your lacrosse stick arrives at its destination safely and without costly fees or other inconveniences.

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