Braveheart in Lacrosse: Best Strategies, Tips, and Rules (2023 Edition)

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You're already familiar with all lacrosse variations, but what about Braveheart in lacrosse? If you're unfamiliar with the term, our guide will explain all the details.

So, in this post, you will find:

- What Braveheart is and when it is played

- Braveheart rules

- Strategies to win

- and benefits for practicing.

Let's dive into the topic.


Take Away Key Points:

  • Braveheart is played when the result in lacrosse is a tie
  • The games include four players on both sides to measure their physical and mental strength and determine who is better
  • The games are more exciting and fun to watch

Refer to the information below to know the concept of Braveheart in lacrosse better.

What is a Braveheart in Lacrosse?

braveheart lacrosse florida

Braveheart lacrosse is a one-to-one version of the game, including one goalie and one field player on each team. It's a tie-breaker type here a sudden one vs one victory overtime is conducted. It's a mini-style, fun way of playing lacrosse.

The two field players face off and then fight for possession of the lacrosse ball. Whoever scores the first goal wins. It's a mini-style, fun way of playing lacrosse.

Where is It Played?

Braveheart lacrosse is present at various tournaments and other championship types. It's more present at the summer camp tournament, lacrosse camps, and similar competitions when the stakes are not too high. But, the players can experience the excitement of the play.

Why is It Called Braveheart?

lacrosse braveheart overtime

The name Braveheart is specific for a good reason. The name matches one field player on the offensive side who stands out with his skills, sharpness, and courage. Such a player will determine the ultimate winner.

Why is Braveheart So Popular?

Braveheart is popular as it's exciting to watch players performing their best moves to settle the winner. They master their performance and abilities and show the best results on the field, so they must be 100% in the game. The audience also finds fun when watching the best competition.

What Positions Can Play Braveheart?

Any position can play Braveheart, so you can play the game regardless of whether you are an attacker, midfield, defense, or goalie. Some tournaments allow all-goalie Braveheart, and the audience finds it fun to watch such games.

In addition, if you're new to lacrosse, don't let Braveheart discourage you. All positions should try it, point out their main advantages/disadvantages, and work more to improve the weaker skills.

Playing defense in Braveheart lacrosse

Braveheart Lacrosse is a great way to improve defensive skills and increase performance. Positioning is critical in any competitive sport, so Braveheart focuses on providing players with:

- comprehensive understanding of effective defense

- positioning tactics that can be used in the game.

By learning "defend" movements from the coaches, such as drop-steps and dodge slides, players become sharper when defending their opponents.

The game also provides an opportunity for team collaboration on strategically attacking the opposition. As a result, players not only become better defenders, but they also gain vital knowledge to benefit them in tournaments.

Braveheart in College Lacrosse

braveheart lacrosse orlando

College lacrosse also practices Braveheart to decide the winner when the regular game time runs off. The Braveheart game in college lacrosse is a unique strategy-based competition between two teams, usually played during the final minutes of a game.

It also begins with four players opposite each other on their respective restraining lines and staying in bounds at all times. The goal is for players to outmaneuver and outsmart the opposing team using strategies to score faster.

With strong communication and utilization of skills, teams can score points by passing the ball into the opponent's triangle area or back to their goalie. Although scoring opportunities are limited, careful use of strategies can be critical in providing an edge over opponents and winning the actual game.

Each team has an equal opportunity to make it through these final minutes; however, smart execution of strategies is the deciding factor whether players can master this Braveheart Game.

What Are the Rules of Braveheart Lacrosse?

The rules for Braveheart are specific, and they include the following:

  • The game starts with a face-off
  • The goalie can come out of the crease to the offensive area and shoot at the goal
  • High schools and college students also use Braveheart when the result is a tie. The overtime lasts four minutes. However, the officials can add two more minutes when extra time is needed.
  • In women's lacrosse, Braveheart lasts for three minutes, but if needed, the officials will approve the play six minutes long. Teams change ends after the first three-minute half.

Best Strategies to Win Braveheart in Lacrosse

As the play finally decides who will win the game, both teams must come up with reliable strategies to score and take advantage of the play.

So let's mention some of the most beneficial strategies to win Braveheart.

  • The field player must have excellent face-off skills. Whoever has a position after the face-off will have a higher chance of winning. So, selecting a player who is better in a faceoff than shooting is critical. For this reason, teams whose athletes are better at playing defense give up the ball first.
  • A goalie is a critical player in one-on-one defense and offense play. He will find a shooting opportunity as soon as he blocks the shot from the other team and cradles the ball downfield to shoot. Winning is easier in the two-to-one play.
  • Fight for each ground ball. When playing defense, you must present your best skills to win the one-on-one play. So, your defensive skills are crucial for getting possession and scoring.
  • Communication is a vital factor in deciding the final winner. Communication eliminates mistakes and creates an indestructible offense. Therefore, the goalie must be impressive at giving signals and cooperation. So, if there's a chance for a groundball, do not hesitate; go for it. If you cannot keep the ball in your net, push it to your offensive player, and deceive your opponent into scoring the goal.

Is Braveheart Part of Everyday Lacrosse Practice?

braveheart lacrosse rules

As Braveheart decides the winning moment of the game, many coaches include it in regular training sessions to increase their game to a higher quality level.

Some of the best lacrosse drills and usual training points include the following:

  • One-on-one defense - this trick teaches the players to best intercept the shot and doge other players involved in the play. Coaches often create various one-on-one sessions for players to improve their footwork, speed, and deception.
  • Constant talk and cooperation - this is the best tip for goalies to make them comfortable with the designated lacrosse players. The goalies and chosen players will make another team, so goalies must also navigate them through the game. Thus, coaches encourage the player and the goalie to talk throughout the play. This way, they can improve the team's defensive game.
  • Playing under pressure - a coach should make all players who are weaker in faceoffs play under pressure to improve their abilities and make an honest effort to become stronger. Braveheart adds more intensity and triggers an exciting game. So, the "worse" players can become better soon.
  • Improving dodging skills - the chosen players can practice their dodging skills more, as they will have more space and won't be limited as they might be when playing with nine other players. So they can show the best drills.
  • Widespread practice sessions - numerous professional athletes use Braveheart to improve their game, and Braveheart is also available in multiple lacrosse camps, small organizations, and leagues to encourage players to play better from the start. Thus, they can advance and later master their abilities in no time.

What Are the Benefits of Braveheart?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Physical drills - Braveheart lacrosse is an innovative way to take the game to new heights. It focuses on using dynamic drills, intense cardio drills, and unique mechanics to get maximum results from players of all skill levels.
  • Mental drills - Braveheart's complete coaching program teaches athletes how to create successful points of attack by capitalizing on individual, team, and opponent strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This system emphasizes the mental aspects of gameplay, such as decision-making, quick action recognition, anticipation, and empathy for the sport. As a result, athletes gain a greater understanding of the game, increased confidence, and improved field vision leading to better gameplay.
  • Team building - Braveheart also works on team building too. Overall, Braveheart is an effective way for individuals or teams to become seasoned in the sport and rethink their approach to gaining competitive advantage.

What Are the Cons of Braveheart?

There are several issues involved in the whole Braveheart concept:

  • Coaches and athletes believe that victory cannot depend only on one player. For instance, if one team plays better during the whole game, while the opposing team only relies on a few boys, Braveheart might favor the team with individual players. In addition, this might discourage the team from operating as a whole unit and make them work as individuals. And this is never a good strategy to win a game or a tournament.
  • Putting too much pressure on two players has negative effects on players. If twenty players are on the lacrosse field during the game, it might not give the best results to remove all the others and leave only a few on the field to decide the victory. Additionally, if one guy makes a mistake and it costs the whole team a championship, it might have a huge impact on his career. The player might never recover.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know everything about Braveheart in lacrosse. Though it is not an essential part of the game, Braveheart can be a thrilling way to end a match when the score is tied.

It is important to know the specific rules that are followed in men's, women's, and college lacrosse so that you can be prepared for anything during a match.

Have you ever played or watched a game of Braveheart?

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